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  1. I have almost no inspiration for making RPCs at this point. So I need help. Provide me with a picture (Anime, no real people) and I will make a CS for the image. If I like the character I make, I will be making partner request threads.
  2. so many ways to get around their "No saving" policies. lol, windows computers come with something called "Snip tool" It's like how some phones can take screenshots of snapchat messages without the senders finding out Shhhh
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  3. I just go in, find a pic I like, then save it before they tell me I need to be a member to further investigate.
  4. this isn't what I was looking for. I'm asking for people to specifically give me a single picture and have me make a character for it. I am not really in the mood to search the internet for pictures. Plus, not interested in pinterest
  5. ummmm. could you find a male, perhaps lol. It's hard for me to make a character out of this.
  6. Awww, i thought you were trying to break out of a funk? You shouldn't let yourself get stagnant: pushing yourself to try new things in new ways can open up lots of doors for creativity, as well as be a learning experience and help you grow :3

    but fine, I will find you a male character
  7. edward elric with nyan ears and tail. Cute.. IDk. I wanted to do all of this, but I'm just really upset because (No I'm not otaku or weaboo) but crunchyroll keeps crashing shockwave flash and I haven't been able to watch any anime for almost three days...
  8. OK, so do you want me to close this thread for you then?
  9. yeah I guess...
  10. chia-anime

    closing it <3
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