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    Yo guys, this is Axel Rover speaking, and I am attempting to have a nice-sized Roleplay that could last a while. As the title suggests, all of my suggestions will be Fantasy/Fandom Roleplays, so if you are not willing to RP one of those, I guess we can meet again next time when I am feeling some other genre vibes. Before I tell you guys all of the story outlines I have thought up at the moment, lets get what I am looking for in a partner out of the way:
    - You don't have to be a genius at roleplaying, because I definitely am not, but just please make sure there aren't a heavy amount of grammatical errors in all of your posts, and go into depth with whatever you are describing.

    - At least one paragraph per post, 5 - 7 sentences please. I would appreciate more though!

    - I would prefer a partner who can be active at least every other day. I have a tight schedule like most people here, yet can always at leas get one good-sized post together within 15 - 40 minutes a day. Two or more on weekends or weekdays in which I don't have a ton of college homework.

    - Pick an idea that you really want to get behind, because picking one you are iffy about can lead to ditching it half-way through. I have had a ton of experiences on here where I join a Roleplay but it dies before anything good happens. I don't want to re-live that experience again.

    - Be enthusiastic about the story, because we are both going to be adding onto it as we go. I don't really like to have everything plotted out from start to finish, so yea.

    - Don't worry about male/female pairings, because I am not really focusing on romance in any of these ideas, so we can be both guys, girls, or one guy and one girl. If you do want to add romance into it, that is fine I guess, but just be warned that I am not experienced in that sort of stuff whatsoever.

    - We can work out the geography and culture of the non-Fandom worlds via PMs. Just assume that all of those stories take place in a Medieval/Feudal Japan-like setting. I am not really a Modern Fantasy Fanboy.

    - This is not first come first serve, so don't feel bad if you already see a post on here. I will edit this post with who I am currently RPing with so you will know if there is still a spot you can take. At the moment I will probably take on two partners for a 1x1 each, and later on, more.
    Since that is now out of the way, let's look at the actual story outlines:
    Story 1 (Fantasy) - Two popular Bounty Hunters who have been working together for years find themselves in an abnormal situation when their latest target is a user of an ancient power that has been lost for centuries. Before the two know it, they are working for the dude to hunt others that have ties to him, dead or alive, like they are his own personal Bounty Hunters.

    Story 1 Notes: magic isn't really big in this world, as it is something thought to have vanished centuries ago. I have a great way to introduce it to the Bounty Hunters though, in my opinion. Taken

    Story 2 (Fantasy) - Two Adventurers have been to four of the five continents of their world throughout the years(for this one it could be that they have traveled together or meet just before or just after they arrive at the continent, we can decide on that together), and while their journeys have been very dangerous, they have also been very rewarding. Finally heading to the last continent, the two have disregarded every warning that others have told them about the place. Unlike the rest of the world which had only served up vile and idiotic human criminals, this place was said to be home to millions of monsters that can't even be compared to animals. If there are any humans in the continent, they probably live in fear every day of their lives, or at least all of this is what the rumors say. The duo wants to find out the truth on their own however.

    Story 2 Notes: Still debating on whether or not this one will be focused a ton on magic. With all the crazy creature ideas I have in my head, our adventurers might need it though. Taken
    I will throw down more Story Outlines eventually!

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  2. Alright, finished the WIP. I only have 2 Story Outlines up, but I should have another one up either by tonight or tomorrow.
  3. Oh! I would be very interested! Bounty hunters always do the craziest of things. :)
  4. Alright, we can discuss it after my only class of the day ends.
  5. PM me when you're out of class. It's 1:25 am here and I'm headed to bed soon.
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