Girly Things and Angel Wings

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  1. (Human x Angel)

    Name: Llyriel
    Other Name: Lyra Banks
    Hair: Snow white
    Eyes: Amber
    Age: She says she is 18 when her real age is 222.
    Personality: She is mischievous at times, but the other angels say that is because she is still young and rather childish. She likes to live amongst humans, something that a few of the angels of the heavens disapprove of but don't keep her from doing as she has done well to not intervene with humans and their lives past the point of being a stranger that they occasionally meet at the store or a club- mostly night clubs as she is a minor angel of music and they play the best music. Rarely will someone discover she is who she is, but even then, these people just think they are hallucinating or deem that she is dressed for a costume party- which she catches herself going to if there's good music. Other than that, she can be sweet or a big pain in the feather.


    (Title okay?)
  2. Name: Sarah Jones
    Hair: Black, curly, bangs over right eye, a little past shoulder blades.
    Eyes: bright green
    Age: 17
    Personality: bright bubbly, happy, funny, likes to pull pranks, if you get her mad though she'll whoop your azz, is protective over family and friends, gets depressed easily.
  3. It's getting late, I'm making my way over to my favorite place, I gotta get my body moving, shake the the stress away...
    It was late one night, at a night club no doubt, where Lyra Banks- aka, Llyriel- was jamming out to music yet again. She would dance like a human, something she was not, and wouldn't care how goofy or in some cases where someone would comment on her movements, sexy. She just wanted to dance and listen to the glorious sound that was called music.
    Baby, I must say your aura is incredible. If you don't have to go, don't. Do you know what you started? I just came here to party, but now we're rocking on the dance floor, actin' naughty...
    Strange... She never understood why songs would compliment oneself and then accuse oneself of doing something which oneself isn't even doing. "Humans are so weird." she muttered to herself, deciding she was in need of a beverage. So she left the dance floor and went to what she referred to at first as the 'keeper of human drinking substances' but quickly learned they were called barkeeps, barmen, or bartenders. "Excuse me, barkeep...Might I have the water?" Lyra asked, only to get an odd look. "Water? They have some over by the door in a big cooler. But there isn't any water at this bar area." said the barkeep. Lyra looked towards the door, and sure enough, there was a big cooler with water bottles in it. "Ah...My thanks, barkeep." she said before heading towards the cooler.
  4. [lol iv got nothin :/ ]
  5. (You could have Sarah show up and bump into Lyra as she goes towards the cooler...? ^^ I dunno.)
  6. Hm... The music here is losing it's appeal... I shall go somewhere else. So Lyra went into an alcove like room and teleported to where ever her powers would take her. To her great surprise, her powers took her to a room... A girl's room. Lyra blinked in confusion, wondering where the heck she was.

    (Lyra had teleported into Sarah's room.)
  7. [I'm sorry, I had no idea u replied ^^""
    I sorta forgot the plot of the story a little, if you don't mind refreshing it. Sorry again.]
  8. (It's okay~ And I don't remember either... I just know that Lyra- Llyriel- came from the heavens looking for some great music and then when she tried to teleport to somewhere else, she teleported into Sarah's room... And I guess she can be like stuck or something and maybe they end up as friends...or something. Kinda just planning this as we go.)
  9. [Hmm.. Okie.]

    Sarah walked into her room exhausted from the day. She aldosterone didn't even realize the beautiful women in the room with her as she changed into her pajamas. As she put on her shirt after putting on her pants she shrieked seeing the figure. "Who are you??" She asked wide eyed.
  10. Lyra made a curious face, admiring the pajamas. She jumped a bit at Sarah's shriek, and almost mimicked it when she was questioned. "...I am Llyr-...Lyra! Lyra Banks... Um, who are you and where in the heavens do you get those beautiful garments?" She stepped closer to get a better look at her PJs.
  11. Sarah tensed as the girl walked closer. "U-um..the store.." She said taking a step back. "How did you get in here. Why are here??" She asked.
  12. "Store...interesting." Lyra blinked a few times then smiled. Ah, a good question. "Well, I teleported here. Wasn't planning on it but I'm teleported to anywhere my abilities decide- unless I choose to go home, then it's a one way ticket. I once got teleported to a Nazi camp in the 40s while they were singing some old German song- they were drunk so they didn't mind my presence. And then there was this one time I was teleported to Jamaica- they smell funny, Jamaicans. Have you been to Jamaica?" Chatty one, isn't she?
  13. "N-no.. What are you? " she asked, not to be rude exactly. But the girl said TELEPORTED, no normal person can do that. She relaxed a little, not exactly feeling a threat from her.
  14. "I'm a-...I can't tell you that! Goodness girly, don't you know that there are some questions you just can't ask? 'What are you' is one of them- as well as 'how much do you weigh', 'what's your sign', and 'what's your age,' though I personally don't care if people know my weight... But! I do know what you are- you're human and I have a feeling you have a stash of those shiny circle things that you humans store the sounds of music on. Am I right?" She seemed rather excited about the shiny circles- I mean, CDs- idea.
  15. Sarah was confused, she knew she meant CD's, but confused why she's acting this way. ".. Of course, CD's, why are you talking like that? " she asked.
  16. "Um...It's just how I talk. Can we listen to them? The...CDs?" Lyra tried to slow down a little on how fast she was talking- sometimes she was just a motormouth.
  17. "Okay.." She said pointing to a bookshelf were she had CD's. The lady spoke like she wasn't from there, but not like she was from a different country. Like another world
  18. "...Do you select one and it plays?" questioned Lyra, confused as she looked at the CDs. Like she ever knew how they worked!
  19. "Grab a CD you want to listen to and give it to me, i'll put it in my stereo." She said. Does she really not know that..? she wondered.
  20. "Oh... Yes ma'am." Lyra hopped over to the CDs and looked a few over before bringing one to Sarah. "I would like to listen to this one, please."
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