Girls Who Play Guitars

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  1. In the gaps, between words
    Are the things that really intrigue me
    It's the gasps and the sighs
    That say more about what's inside you

    Maximo Park wrote a terrific song about a long term relationship. I want that but with porn. Every girl's dream, right?

    Quick synopsis, two bisexuals, a boy and a girl, get into it and start a healthy relationship. I'll be playing the girl, of course. And she plays guitar - bass to be specific. And she likes to talk about girls who play guitars. Simple, right? But here's the deal - it's not a story without conflict, so if you don't have issues, I got to have them. I'm sure you understand.

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    Name: Sister Bastille
    Age: 25
    Profession: Amateur Bassist/Professional Bartender
    Issues (y/n): That's for you to decide
    Issues Description (if yes): See above
  2. I'm intrigued by this, what do you mean by issues though?
  3. Something that could consider your character 'broken', something that generates conflict, preferably from outside the pairing, or something shady.
  4. So. How do these two meet? (Just learning and getting information)
  5. Sister Bastille is a bassist and a bartender. Either your guy drinks or he's into music. Maybe both. Maybe his buddies drink and he just comes along. Maybe he actually plays an instrument himself. Maybe he has a missing spine.
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    Name: Joseph "Joe" Hollidan
    Age: 21
    Profession: Switching through jobs, dropped out of college.
    Issues: Yes. Trust Issues. Drinking problem.
    Issue Description: He has issues of trusting people, afraid to commit and when people push him for an answer on how he feels. He retorts with anger, and that normally ends the relationship. Not only does he have trust issues, but he has a problem of drinking a bit too much, and it is normally when he is sad or angry. He found the easiest thing to commit to is something that he can ingest and can't talk back or leave him, he might find something else terrible for his body if not helped.

    How is this?
  7. Aww, he's an adorable little delinquent~

    Is he the type to pour his heart out to the bartender, because that'd make it pretty easy for the two to get along.
  8. Hmmmm. Probably if he drinks enough
  9. So, I have work in like....errr...two hours, (We don't have to start now) but if we start, I may not reply until much later tonight @.@
  10. If you want me to start, it's good to know I'll have a wide window to think.
  11. Yeah. I'm ready when you are ^^
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