Girls [VS] Boys Volume 1!

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    Boys follow boys counting and girls follow girls counting. You cannot count up after yourself! It must be a different person! The first gender to reach 100 is crowned superior! >:D

    Good Example:
    Asmo: 1
    Diana: 1
    Rory: 2
    Jinx: 3
    Trance: 2
    Rory: 4

    Bad Example:
    Asmo: 1
    Diana: 1
    Rory: 2
    Diana: 2 (no counting after yourself)
    Jinx: 3
    Trance: 2
    Rory: 4

  2. So, that was TC. Before I get into my thoughts on the game, Im gonna talk about my own performance. This was my first game as a Traitor, and honestly, it was fun! It was also terrifying too, tbh. I was panicking about being found out round one lol. I know I messed up by talking WAY too much ooc during the investigation, but meh. I was proud of that kill.

    Im also really proud of my performance in general. I was kinda lost at first, tbh, until around the point where Dio attacked Giorno. Thats where I finally started to figure out a direction-with Noembelu, at least. Birdie was fun, yeah, but the reason I signed up as a duo at all is because I couldn't choose between who I wanted to play as more. By the time the game actually started, I was more into Noembelu, and I think Birdie suffered for that. I may bring him back later, but idk.

    Now, onto the game. It wasn't all bad, honestly. I liked that whole karma thing, but it sucked that it was just kinda...there and didn't get incorporated into the game better. The cast was phenomenal. I loved just about every character involved, as they were all written really well. Except for Deadpool, of course, because, y'know.

    The biggest problem with this game was the lack of organization. Co-GMs would've really helped, I think, because the stuff attempted was really ambitious and a ton for just one person to do. I mean, I get it, executive control of your vision is nice, but at the end of the day, you gotta remember that other people rely on you to get your game done on time. Other stuff gets held up, plans get jumbled, and if it's someones first Murder Game, it could leave a bad impression. As it is, I am kinda bummed that this was my first game to be a Traitor in, because it's probably going down as one of the weaker MGs out there. So that's kinda disappointing.

    All in all, this MG had potential, but the pacing and development issues made it rather weak.
  3. I wanna preface this by restating and reiterating that I do not hold any malicious intent when I give this feedback, but rather out of a genuine desire to see better from future GMs. The problems may seem clear to some, but I may as well put it all on the record officially for others to learn from.

    Alright, so. Time Crisis. I won't lie, it was quite a mess. There's a lot to talk about if I'm gonna be honest, so I'll hop right to it.

    Firstly, as we recently talked about with The Infinity Parable, world-jumping is a tricky thing to do well in MGs because it creates a disconnect with the players and the settings and NPCs, since there's hardly any time to connect at all. There were little NPCs to even connect to in the first place, save for the token cute girl of every chapter (who I assume is the same entity all throughout in different bodies or so), and even she didn't seem to contribute much. Compared to IP, while that world-jumping system was better utilized due to sticking to the theme of Disney and having a number of characters from their respective worlds appear in it, even if only for a little, in TC, there didn't seem to be much rhyme or reason to the worlds. I can give a pass to the RWBY chapter because, well, RWBY, blah, connection to MGs, but then there's Attack on Titan, and then two other nondescript settings I'm not really sure are supposed to take from. This structure also suffers when there's little immersion into each world as well, with all the activities in the chapters being constant fights, with barely even any breathing time for say, NPC interaction for each given world, compared to say, the Darkwing Duck and Gargoyles worlds in IP. It very quickly became an inane thing to have characters go around and help protect the given world they ended up in without much reason or prompt to do so.

    This sort of involuntary "you must protect this world your character has no context for" also played a part in ruining the immersion; in most other MGs, characters are usually compelled to act in their own self-interest, usually of just escaping the Murder Game, which usually works over well because they're not required to go out of their way to anything else. This even made it a little tedious sometimes, for example, to try to decide what to have Shichika do, since ICly, I didn't really see him as having any interest in logically going to a given area or so if it didn't imply escape, like boarding the ship in the RWBY chapter. And either way, it didn't feel like there was much consequence to which area was picked, since it seemed like all of them were inane fight scenes, and little more than that. Variation on what to include in areas in an MG can be difficult, and even more so to make engaging for the players, as I've learned from plotting out like four of them, but it only goes to show how much critical thinking skills are needed as a GM.

    As far as other forced elements went, I also thought the karma / morality system was redundant. The cast was awarded with positive karma for doing what was basically required of us in the narrative, and every time there even was a negative karma point given that didn't include accidentally voting the wrong person out, such as having Shichika kill Birdie, it was just as easily cancelled out by a positive point awarded by doing a thing a player basically was compelled to do in the chapter, making it highly unlikely if not even impossible to get a bad end, even if we did end up voting wrong every time for the Traitors. I know we're hurting for variation in MG mechanics in order to make them fresh, but when you think up new elements, the most important thing one has to consider is the practicality of them; what use do they have? What would the event lose if they were to not be there? These are the sorts of critical thinking applications that are mandatory as a GM, as I said earlier.

    And of course, I should probably address the elephant in the room. I'm sure you don't need to hear it any more, but I need to say it again; York, you were very inactive and negligent of your own MG. I'll be honest, I was worried from the very beginning when you implied that you hadn't even picked out your Traitors and Agents yet after the IC had started. This is a prime example of time management skills being necessary as a GM; if something like, say, Pathfinder or whatever else you're busy with is so important, then be sure to make a post before your so important event comes, so players are not left with nothing to do, especially if they are put in a situation where they can't even interact with each other in the meantime, like in the middle of a fight scene. I cannot stress enough that when hosting an MG, that place is the most important place to post in a given time if there is a need for you to post. It comes off as disingenuous to hold up your own game with the most players because you'd rather post in the Valentine event first, or what have you. I consistently even felt the need to tell you to post in your own MG because I was paranoid that you'd legitimately forgotten about it, coupled with two instances (as in, half of them) where you didn't count the Traitor votes correctly. Your infrequent postings were also a crippling force that reduced interest from the players, adding on to inactivity from it.

    All that wouldn't even have been too much of a problem, at least for the players, if you had a co-GM, but you seemed very adamant on not accepting any help. And take it from me, not just York but everyone here, I do not believe anyone in this group has the ability to competently GM an event without at least one co-GM by their side, unless the game's structure is concise and for the most part keeps players all together, like what Jeremi did in IP. I was barely able to pull through MGIX by myself when I hosted that, due partially to having poorly chosen two incompetent partners to do help with. And heck, at this point, pretty much everything Atomyk and I do is a joint operation now because a game is a difficult thing to manage as it is, let alone by yourself, and sometimes, even the two of us can't handle it by ourselves, and when we're faced with that situation, we called upon, say, Josh, Kim, and Jeremi in Genesis to lend a helping hand, for example. TC's lack of co-GMs, aside from Sav NPCing RWBY characters and Paladin helping out (but I guess only for one area in one chapter?), seriously hurt it, especially when you straight up refused after many offers to help out with it.

    On top of the aforementioned karma mechanic, there were other things you really could have omitted to save time, such as the entirety of the last chapter, especially with the game-killing puzzle you insisted on putting in at the end, especially when everyone was ready for the event to be over after the third chapter was done. Heck, you were technically past your due date already by the time you finished the second chapter. If I'm going to be very honest, I think your decision to implement that last chapter is one of the poorest choices a GM has made in here, and goes to show how a lack of willingness to compromise and gather one's losses can only make things worse. Adaptability in a GM is key, after all, and a GM has to learn to be able to roll with the punches. And that's that. I hope we can all learn to better ourselves in the future when it comes to GMing.

    After all, Atom and I are skin and bones as it is. Crossing fingers that House of M will even turn out okay at all, because as I've learned from Civil War, everything's a gamble, no matter how good you are.


    ANYWAY, so while I know like no one in here has watched Katanagatari besides say, Kaykay, anyone have anything to say about Shichika? Any feedback on him would be appreciated.
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