Girls [VS] Boys: ROUND 3

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  1. A pier across the bay from Anya and Lucius

    The water was static around the pier. The breeze too was still, as Victoria sat atop Gray's shoulder, unmoving as Victoria whistled a tune, rifle leaning against her own shoulder. Her eyes were fixed on the water, observing it for the slightest bit of movement.
    She picked up a contract involving this specific area, something was harassing dockhands, fisherman, and anyone else who made their business on the seafront. Most people dismissed these as common occurrences, but someone that knew of demons and other horrors contacted Victoria, actually claiming too see something moving in the water. She may have dismissed it herself, though the area has had several missing person cases in the last few months.

    Something bumped against the dock, making it creak and shake. Victoria brought the butt of her rifle to her shoulder, and slide off of Grays shoulder, nearing the edge of the waterfront. She continued to look out into the water, her gazing skimming it over looking for the monster. A splash to her left distracted her, and she turned her rifle to fire, the creature no wear to be seen. Instead, the creature surfaced on her right, lunging at her from the murky water.
    Rusalki stand at around 7'0, these demons are one of the few water dwelling in the ranks of Lord Edge. Often seen as low-to-mid ranked, they generally don't see combat, but are deadly in their own way. Often in packs of 4-6, the alpha having black scales and spikes.

    She would've been fish food if it wasn't for Gray, his metal gauntlet wrapped around the creatures throat, grabbing it mid-lunge. His free hand reared back, but a tentacle wrapped around it. A second creature pulled itself onto the dock behind Gray and Victoria, this one larger with black scales coating its body like armor.Turning the rifle onto the one holding Gray back,she fired a shot into the demons tentacle, freeing Gray to punch the demon back into the water. The bullet emitted magic as the engravings emitted a dim blue, and the monster gave a his before diving back into the water.
    "Rusalki.... Great"
    Victoria muttered to herself as she watched the water, which had come to life, a pack of six swarming around the deck looking for an opportunity to strike. Gray drew his sword from his back, and his right arm extended into a shield, as he and Victoria stood back to back.
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  5. Sounds good to me. Also I see that blue flame is rather, coincidently, quite fitting to my character. I have to say I have a running theme of preferring Fallen Angel characters, that is why I'd usually go for black flame. I may eventually post another character of mine here, though I think for the time being I'll stick to one character and one RP.
  6. "Want to drink from my wrist?"
  7. Victoria rolled across the dock, and caught herself before she could fall into the water. These water demons were tougher than she thought they'd be. Gray was a good combatant for them as he easily slashed away their tentacles. One of the demons even got careless, and the metal knight managed to pull the demon from the water, slicing it in two with his blade. The alpha had yet to show his face again, no doubt letting his pack try and finish off the hunter and her protector. Two of the Rusalki sprung on Gray, one wrapping its remaining tentacles around his legs, the other going for his arms as they tried to pull him into the water.

    If he fell in the water, Victoria could kiss his ass good by; there would be no crane operator in the world to lift him out of the water without asking exactly what he is. Victoria sat the rifle on the pier and closed her eyes, focusing on the palms of her hand, she acted as if she was rolling a ball. A small blue light appeared in her hand, and as she rolled it, it grew in size into about the size of a softball. Tossing the ball into the water, it disappeared without a splash. Nothing happened.

    Gray was struggling to get out of either tentacles, and he was losing his balance as a third Rusalki started to pull him into the water. Cursing herself, Victoria rushed towards him, drawing a knife. A black tentacle slapped her to the ground, wrapping his tentacle around her leg. The alpha clawed his way onto the dock, inches away from tearing into her leg.
    Though Gray didn't show emotion, it was clear he was struggling to protect Victoria, but even his strength didn't match three demons. Victoria fumbled with her pistol on his belt and in a panic fired a shot passed the alpha head, who took the advantage of the missed shot and swatted the gun away. It skidded too the far end of the pier, where it sat at the edge, inches from falling. Victoria could feel the unnatural cold emitting from the Rusalki's breath, its teeth hungry for her breath when the water started to ripple.

    The ball of light grew brighter in the water, before exploding. Water went into the air like a mini mushroom cloud, the screeches of the demons were short, as the tentacles wrapped around Gray disintegrated to dust. Four piles of ashes appeared in the murky water before dispersing in the water. The alphas tentacle left a black smear where it grasped Victorias leg, and though it was badly injured, it was still alive. Missing more than half its tentacles, and half its face was burnt to a crisp. It laid on the dock hissing weakly at Victoria and her knight, who readied his sword to finish it. Before Gray could get to it, it slipped back into the murky water, fleeing for its life. Victoria chuckle quietly looking up to her protector, who offered a hand down to help her up. Taking it the chuckle turned into a laugh at the neardeath experience. Grabbing her pistol, and running it to its holster, she reached for her rifle before pausing.
    She could feel something, no, someone watching her. Gray to could sense it as he gazed out into the water, his sword and shield still drawn for battle.

    Lets get outta here Gray, I don't feel right....
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  10. No human, mage or otherwise could tell an angel walking among humans unless the angel choose to reveal herself. Anya wasn't eager to reveal herself to the world that she was the only angel in the world, not a fallen angel but a half angel, half vampire but still filled with grace. Still, for a mere human to sense her presence is impressive to her, further more, the hunter put up a good show. Being raised as a warrior among angels by her father, Anya appreciate people who's not only skilled in combat but resourceful. It's one thing to be trained in combat, it's another to be outnumbered and overpowered. "I wonder if this is my lucky day or yours." Anya laugh to herself as she landed, behind some crates not far from the docks that Victoria is on.
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  12. "Do you have the one from earlier?"
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