Girl Scout Cookie Season

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    My inner fat kid is so excited for this. I don't really care how bad for me they are. I put in an order for 12 boxes of cookies because I like to store them year 'round. Also, I like supporting troops that are local or in the family. :] I was once a Girl Scout and the cookie sales was the only thing I really liked, if I remember right.

    Any other Iwaku people who look forward to enjoying some of these? What are your favorites? Former scouts are welcome to share stories too. Woo.
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  2. Is this something to do with Valentine's Day?

    *narrows eyes*
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  3. I do it too. Then send boxes of cookies the better half when he's working out of town. :p
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  4. This reminds me, I'm heading home soon. Maybe I can talk my mom into finding a girl scout and ordering cookies for me (she works in the schools as a lunch lady).

    Edit: My favorite is the Thin Mints. Specially after they've been frozen and they're cold. I used to be a brownie but I had to leave because my brothers were in wrestling and I could only make it to one meeting a month.
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  5. I don't know if they're different in the States, but Girl Guide cookies in Canada are overhyped cardboard that ranks up there with Krispy Kream doughnuts with shit people wouldn't stop talking about that completely eludes me for appeal.
  6. I'm looking forward to thin mints again. I'm not fond of most cookies, but frozen thin mints are just about the best thing.
    I also store a bunch each year, but they never actually make it through most of the year, heh. Or even halfway.
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  7. As a Ranger I still have cookie obligations (I usually grab one of the Sparks and use them to sell the cookies because they are so cute.) and I will 100% agree that Girl Guide cookies are the shittiest thing in the world. So gross. I always end up with extra boxes lying around and it makes me miserable.
  8. I don't trust the girl scouts in my area.

    I remember seeing this one group of girls, think they were sisters, but they passed my house after I said no. After that I left to the store since I needed some things. I come back and park the car only to see them coming back. They were mad since I said I didn't have money to buy their cookies. Yet I magically had enough money to go to the store.

    Yep don't trust the stalker creepy scouts that will hound me for money. So no, not looking forward for this girl scout cookies season.
  9. Thin Mints are the best.
    Nah, Girl Scout cookies are actually good.
  10. We don't have Girl Scout cookies.... I don't want your processed crap, anyway! >:'(
  11. Ordered my cookies back in November right before Thanksgiving.

    Fives boxes of thin mints.
    Two boxes of lemon cookies.
    Two boxes of peanut butters.

    Most are going into the freezer though and shall make for especially delicious snacks when the need arises.
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  12. You people and your Thin Mints disgust me. That is all.

    (Peanut butter patties for life.)
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  13. Basically what @Fluffy does is keep asking me how many dollars worth of cookies she's allowed to buy until I relent and give her a number she's happy with.

    This year I believe it was $50.

    Next year it will be more, of course. Because her insatiable lust for cookies made out of small children is never ending.
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    I can't buy a bunch of boxes and save them. I have no self control. NONE. No one else in this house does either. We'll eat all those damned cookies in a week.


    We never have girl scouts. >:[
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  15. I haven't bought a box of these cookies once in my life but I've eaten them and they are heavenly. I like the thin mints (as mentioned above, best when cold. <3) and even though I hate coconut I like the ones that have the chocolate and then the coconut crap and then the caramel and shit.

    Whatever the fuck this one is is the one I'm talking about


    Samoa? Something? Idfk. They're delicious motherfuckers.
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  16. dudethesegirlscoutthingstasteawful
  17. Samoas and Thin Mints! I bought 3 boxes of Thin Mints last year coming out of the grocery store, and by the time I got home only one box was left.....
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  18. I myself was a Girl Scout all the way through brownies, but I had to quit because my commitment to swimming was overtaking it and the times just slowly conflicted more and more until I had to pick. It was a bit sad since I personally loved my troop and the really cool things we all did and tried, but then again I had in some ways outgrown the whole idea. I just miss the damn cookies though.

    Man, Peanut Butter Patties are the best. As someone who hates mint in everything but Mentos and is made sick by coconut, I just can't join the hype train on Thin Mints and Samoas. They simply aren't for me I suppose, but eh, not much I can do!
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  19. Samoas are a favorite of mine as well. :D They're so bad for me but so delicious.
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    Everyone forgets the Savanah Smiles.

    I buy a ton of boxes too. I like to freeze the mint ones. Hnnngh so good!
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