Girl plagued by overactive plotbunnies, needs guidance (and probably counseling)

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  1. Greetings people of the webverse. I am seeking your help and guidance regarding the matter of constantly needing to do something because my mind just doesn't stop thinking due to the lack of a very vibrant social life. I've chosen the life of a societal recluse but unfortunately I am plagued with boredom.

    I wish to find new friends in this great big world of the internet.

    So, hello. (:
  2. Hello and welcome.

    I'm Tenchi, and its good to have you.
  3. Welcome, welcome, welcome to the world known as IwakuRP!
  4. Welcome to Iwaku!

    You'll find the best friends here, I promise : ) Also the most badass RP on the net!
  5. thank you! :) I've already started in the Jump-in RPs and I think they're great fun! :)
  6. "Spreading and growing in that big pond of the social life eh?" ^^
    "Well that's cool. Glad to meetcha! Hope to see you around whenever if you like to tole play as well as make friends." ^^
  7. hahahaha social life. Oh boy. You're hilarious. hahaha
  8. "Hmmm...can't tell if sarcasim or...
    "Nah well!" ^^ "Thanks for your laughter. It gives me the power to control mah enemies!" ^3^
  9. Sarcasm doesn't really transfer well through the web.

    But I'm glad I helped in your world domination thing. xD