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  1. ⊗(Hi..Im new on here.But I have been roleplaying on instagram or kik for years.)⊗

    A girl with long-black straight hair,deep-black eyes.Rides her motorcycle.Everyone calls her R or Rael.No one knows her true name,or her past..Maybe because she is one of the worlds best detectives!And she is afraid of nothing but socialty..?Oh,and,she is a phone and strawberry psycho.And she is carrying a pistol hidden on her jacket..How 'great'!..But no matter who you are,she will hunt all the bad guys..Or at least some of them?..

    ⊗(name,style,character,bio if you want)⊗


    She kept pushing her motorcyle down the street.Her facewas full of motor-oil and she was really tired.She looke around and saw someone walking.She yelled to person with her classic monotone voice,
    "Hey,Can you help me?"
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  2. Walking down the road when some girl working on her bike yells out for help, looking around i see no one but me well besides your local bums, junkies and (thug life wanna bees) "hey you talking to me?"
  3. She sighed,
    "Yes!!Can you see anyone around here?!" She pointed her motorcycle to him,
    "I need help,really."
  4. Half smiles at her response as he walks over to her wearing a pair of used up work boots, carpenter jeans and a fitted T"Okay well what seems to be the problem?" Reaching her he bends down to take a closer look at the bike
  5. she groans,
    "it suddenly stopped and now,I can't make her move..."looks down,"I knew that I musn't took angelica.."mumbles.Looks at him,
    "by the way,what's your name?"
  6. Looks up "Oh sorry about that you can call me Roy, Roy Ackermon." looks intently at the bike " how long you been riding her she looks a bit beat up, i'd say you might have to change you're timing belt to get the motor running again"
  7. "Ok,Roy.You can call me Jess than.."Smiles sadly to motorcycle,
    "She is actually very old..I'm rarely riding her...and,uhm..I'm not very good at that motorcycle models.." Looks at him,
    "Do you know anyone that can help me,"grins,"Roy?~"
  8. "Well i can point you to the nearest auto place, as a matter of fact i'll take you there its just a couple blocks down" takes a hold of the bike then starts walking and talking " so how long you had the bike? Give or take 10-12yrs at best given the shape its in and you must travel, so where you been to and why are you in place like this?"
  9. Looks at him carefully,her eyes suddenly becomes colder and darker,
    "I can answer the questions about motorcycle or things like it..." Pulls his t-shirt down and looks at his face emotionless,
    "But I'll never answer anything about my self.You are too young for that.Live your life." let's him go and keeps walking.
  10. Looks dumbfounded as she walks away wondering where that came from "you think i'm young? what about you? you look what 19-20 at most and i'm young okay." walking faster to catch up with her, bike in hand "all i asked was if you traveled a lot, no need to get snippy." Looking at her with an inquisitive face "but alright no questions about you, but can i ask one thing?"
  11. Looks down,'I can't let him learn..' Sighes,
    "Yes,You can,Roy.." Looks at him,thinks about possibilities what can happen.
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  12. Stands still and waits for her to get ahead a bit before asking so he wouldn't get grabbed at again"Why do you carry a gun?" flinching slightly expecting either an attack or worse a gun shot to chest
  13. Her eyes gets bigger,"H-How..." Smiles,"You are clever,aren't you?..Well,"gets closer to him and whispers,"Because there is a lot of people wants to kill me.Like the man thats following us."Looks behind and turns back,"Act normal,or you will have to learn what is this gun is for.."
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