Girl Next Door is Back

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  1. [​IMG]Keith woke up Saturday morning to the sound of the TV downstairs and his two younger brothers arguing about what show they should watch. He groaned rubbing his eyes before sitting up to stretch his muscles. He knew his parents had left just by looking out the window so that meant that he had the house to himself...well somewhat. Keith jumped into the shower taking his time as the warm water fell on his skin. By the time he finished his brothers had stopped arguing.

    Throwing on a gray t-shirt and cargo pants Keith finished drying off his hair before heading downstairs. His brothers Miguel and Tyler were fully dressed and looked at him as he reached the last step. " Hey Keith were going to our friends house so don't get too lonely in here". Miguel teased and Tyler laughing followed his brother out the door and on their bikes. Keith watched them peddle off before shaking his head and heading into the kitchen to make himself a bowl of cereal.

    His brothers were thirteen and fourteen, old enough to take care of themselves and he didn't feel like hearing them complain all day. After eating Kieth pulled out his phone and debated on inviting over his crazy ass friend Devin who was more trouble prone then anything else. Sending his friend the message he plopped down on the couch and flipped through the channels.
  2. downloadfile.jpeg Sydney yawned, something that she had been doing for a long while. She rubbed her temples slowly and took a drink of her hot chocolate, looking back at the three week old baby laying in his small car seat. She looked forward again as she turned her car off and slipped her keys in her jacket pocket.

    Today's outfit was black yoga pants, a blue tank top, and a black jacket with tennis shoes on. She stood up and scooped the small child out of her car seat and walked up the porch. She unlocked the front door of her new, yet old house and walked through the door. She looked around and saw the empty house that she had so many good memories in.

    Sydney had grown up in this house until she had turned seven and her parents moved her halfway across the country. Now, ten years later, she came back with her three week old daughter, Elizabeth, and moved back in. She had just gotten a babysitting job so that she could stay home with her baby, and it paid good money because she was watching five kids. She was just nervous about being welcomed back in the town. It wasn't everyday that a 17 year old moved back home with her three week old baby.
  3. Kieth was in the middle of his show when Devin walked through the door with his mouth stuffed with chips and a soda in the other hand. " You really need to consider a lock man". The comment made him turn his head from the television. " I left the door open because I knew that you were coming dummy". Devin who was now looking out the window seemed to be paying no attention once so ever. " Wow and here I thought only old and boring people lived on your block". Keith scratched his head and raised his eyebrow. " They do what the hell you talking about?". Devin merely pointed out the window at the house across the street with a car parked outside. " Some chick walked up in there, think she lives there. ... Hey I thought that place used to be the Jones residence.

    He moved next to Devin to get a better look out the window but his mind was racing. Was she back? No that wasn't possible it had been eleven long years since she left there was absolutely no way that she was back. Keith kept thinking of other possibilities but there really wasn't any that he believed. By now Devin was on the couch chugging down the soda. " I know you wanna see for yourself so you might as well go check and see". Kieth knew his friend was right , there was only one way to see and that was for him to go over there himself and find out.

    Kieth opened the door and stepped out into the light breeze. as he crossed the street he glanced at the car and the car seat in the back. He raised his eyebrow briefly before walking up to the door and knocking and then placing his hands into his pockets to wait.
  4. Sydney heard a knock at the door and was surprised. She placed Elizabeth down in the baby bed as she slept quietly and then walked back into the livingroom. She looked through the peep hole and noticed a familiar boy standing there. She opened it and stepped out on the porch, not allowing him inside until she knew him.

    "Um, hi,"Sydney said slowly."I'm Sydney Jones, do you live around here? I just moved into the house. I actually use to live here when I was younger but I moved away and I'm back,"she says shutting her door. She looked at him and then across the street where her best friend use to live.

    Sydney didn't even realize that her old best friend was standing right in front of her. He was unrecognizable with his hit of puberty. He didn't have the freckles and buck teeth that he had when he was little. She smiled politely, still not recognizing him.
  5. When the door opened Keith braced himself for some middle aged woman or something but what Devin described was a girl around their age. He looked at the girl and the only thing he could think of was wow. I'm Sydney Jones, do you live around here? I just moved into the house. I actually use to live here when I was younger but I moved away and I'm back. Right then and there he realized that she was the girl next door, his best friend Sydney that moved away and had him sad for months.

    He smiled back warmly a little too stunned to speak, puberty hit her good, she was beautiful to say the least and he had to stop starring and remember why he came over in the first place. " Heh, well you sure have changed since we were seven Syd. It's me Keith, Keith Sawyer". He never thought that he would see her again and then here she was all grown up. Keith glanced back to the car and remembered the baby seat in the back and he wondered how much had changed in the last eleven years.

    From the corner of his eye he could see Devin's nosy ass looking through the window with one of his infamous grins like he discovered earth himself. No doubt he was holding back an I told ya so or something else along those lines. Keith refocused his attention back on Sydney as he ran his hands through his hair.
  6. "Huh?"Sydney aske, confused at first. Then she heard his familiar name and a smile split across her face."Keith? You've grown up. You're actually tall nos,"she teased."I wasn't expecting you to still be here. I figured that you'd have moved away by now,"she says smiling still. She leaned back against the outside of her house and looked at him.

    "Wow, I don't know if I'll ever get use to you not having them cute little freckles,"she joked."When my parents moved me away they got a divorce and my dad moved again and I was stuck with my mom. Then she kicked me out and I'm here now,"she says chuckling and looking around the familiar yard.

    "I probably would have came back sometime during the school year but it was just easier to wait until the beginning of summer. Didn't school get out last week?"she asks. Since Sydney was pregnant during most of her senior year, she graduated early online and got her diploma, then spent the rest of her time working around saving money for this house.
  7. Keith smiled at her comment he had hated those freckle and was happy they were gone. As she spoke he listened. It must have sucked having to live with only one parent , he was thankful that he had both parents under one roof. " Dang, wait your mom kicked you out? Why if you don't mind me asking. And yeah as for school we just got out, now its all about the relaxation". Keith chuckled but then regained posture.

    It was hard to believe that her mom kicked her out, Sydney didn't seem like a bad kid at all and when they were kids her mom had been so sweet and really idolized Syd. His mind kept ringing back to the car seat in the back of the car and he wondered if that had been the reason although he wasn't even sure their was a baby in the first place and he didn't want to to start and jump to conclusions.

    Devin who was once peering through was window was outside on the porch with his skateboard and a drink in his hand attempting to do some trick Keith knew he'd fail at.
  8. Sydney chuckled a little and looked past his shoulder and saw the male on his front porch attempting to do a trick on the skateboard."Oh,"Sydney wasn't sure if she should tell him that she had a baby or not, but figured that it wasn't going to be a secret for long.

    "Do you want to come in?"she asks opening the door. She hadn't yet answered his question, but she figured that it would be easier just to show him Elizabeth. She walked back to the back bedroom and walked through the door, opening it up."She is the reason my mom kicked me out. I was planning to move out eventually, I just wasn't expecting her to kick me out,"she chuckled.

    By now Elizabeth was curled up in her blanket and fast asleep in her baby crib. Sydney touched her cheek slightly and she turned, opening her dark brown eyes to match her mother's. She had a small head of dirty blonde hair like her mother's also. The only thing that didn't look like her mother's was her big feet.
  9. Keith nodded his head when she invited him inside and he followed her glancing around the mostly empty house. Damn was she really doing this on her own? He felt bad that her mother would kick their own child out of the house to live on their own. She is the reason my mom kicked me out. I was planning to move out eventually, I just wasn't expecting her to kick me out". He looked over to see a crib in the room.

    He walked over and peered down at the sleeping baby which answered the question he had asked earlier. " She's beautiful...and she looks like you". Kieth smiled down at the baby as she was now awake looking up at them full of curiosity. Keith could only wonder why the father wasn't in her life but he already know that answer so there was no need to ask.

    " Look you know if you ever need anything im right next door. My parents will help you out and you know my mother loves babies". Kieth placed his pointer finger near the babies hand and she reached up grabbing ad gently squeezing the new object in front of her. He didn't know what it was like to have to look after and care for another life but he did mean what he said, he would help her.
  10. "That's okay. It's easier with me graduating early. I'll probably take some online college courses when fall comes around but I have a good paying babysitting job,"Sydney said slowly."So far she hasn't been that bad of a handful. It's mainly just that she doesn't sleep at night much so I usually end up staying up with her,"she says chuckling.

    Sydney turned her head and watched as she grabbed Keith's finger and a small smile split across her face."Her name is Elizabeth Marie Jones,"she says smiling up at him. He was at least a good half foot taller than her, but she thought it was a pretty good height.

    "So I meant to ask.. How have you been? It's been... years since we've actually talked. How is your parents? And what about your brother? I heard you had another one since I've been gone,"she says smiling."He looks like you in the picture I saw your mom had posted on facebook."
  11. Keith lifted up his head when Sydney spoke. " Elizabeth huh? The name suits her". He looked back down at Elizabeth and gave her back his finger as she attempted to place it in her mouth he chuckled. "So I meant to ask.. How have you been? It's been... years since we've actually talked. How is your parents? And what about your brother? I heard you had another one since I've been gone,"

    He nodded his head goodness his mom thought she was " hip" because he had helped h" er make a Facebook and all she talks about it people liking her posts. I've been great, footballs over and I got a scholarship into the University, the idiot out there did too so I'll stay at home a year since the college is close and then dorm. And yeah Miguel he just turned thirteen so he thinks he's grown now and Tyler is just as annoying". Kieth smirked somewhat. He did love his brothers despite them being a handful.

    " Did you want to come by for dinner? I mean only if you want". Kieth scratched his head and looked at Sydney. It had just dawned on him how much taller he was compared to her. She definitely wasn't the two pigtails girl in the sun dresses running around and he wasn't that freckled face kid with the squeaky voice now his voice deepened , his height and muscle all kicked in. He looked down and reached into his pockets feeling his phone vibrate and peered down at the text. " Well it seems my dear friend Devin thinks I lost my way, I should get back and come over if ya like doors open". Keith smiled down at Elizabeth and then pulled Sydney into a warm embrace. " Its good to have you back".
  12. Sydney was surprised at his offer to dinner and chuckled."Oh, um, well I mean if you'd like that I guess we could swing by. I'd like to see your mom and see how she's going,"she chuckled. "And your brothers. He always liked me, it would be good to know at least one family in the neighborhood m,"she laughed.

    Sydney turned towards Keith again as he said he had to go. She chuckled but stopped abruptly as she felt him pull her into a hug. She jumped, not expecting him to, but slid her arms around him also and hugged him back after a minute."Yeah its good to be back. I missed this small town. We'll have to hang out again, maybe even go to the fair when it comes into town in a couple weeks,"she says letting go of him.

    She hadn't realized how amazing he had smelt until she pulled away, but his scent lingered in the room, making her smile a little. She walked him towards the front door and opened the door for him."Thanks for inviting me for dinner. I'll be over later. Same time as usual? I'll see you later Keith,"she says smiling.
  13. Keith smiled when she smiled and nodded his head. " My mom will he happy to see you and your daughter my dad too". He thought that it would be a good idea especially since she just got back and he wanted her to feel at home. When she spoke about the time he nodded, " Yup same time as always". They had family dinner every Friday at eight well most Fridays unless something came up. It was a good way for them to talk and hear about their week and honestly to keep them closer together. As he walked across the street he could see his brothers up the hill playing some kids from the neighborhood and then he looked at Devin.

    " Well you were right Sydney's back". Devin seemed only half satisfied. " Yeah so what happened in there I thought you went on a school trip or sumthin'". Kieth hesitated on the question and changed the channel. He knew Devin was going to find out and he was his best friend. " Well she was showing me why she came back, her daughter Elizabeth". Devin's jaw dropped and Kieth rolled his eyes. " Holy shit really? She's hot man I never would have guessed". Keith understood Devin's shock and he was shocked somewhat as well but its life and life happens. " Yeah the baby is adorable and she's living there by herself so I offered to help and she's coming over for dinner". Devin smirked and Keith regretted even telling him that.

    " Whooo man I can see it now, its that gypsy blood in me and she's gonna have your ass whipped". Devin said in between is laughter and Kevin punched his arm. " Idiot you aint got no gypsy blood in you and that's not happening can't I just be a good friend not everything has to be negative or sexual in your case dumb ass". The two of them played some video-games until Devin left and his brothers returned home and and soon after his parents followed in.

    Kieth greeted his mom in the kitchen and helped her with the groceries. " Hey mom Sydney's back and I invited her over for dinner". His mom turned to him ecstatic and hugged him like he was Sydney. " Really oh I cant wait to see her, my god Iv'e missed that girl". Keith smiled somewhat and let her finished preparing dinner pasta with a side of salad.
  14. Sydney had changed into a pair of shorts and taken her jacket off as she started to pick boxes up and Barry them inside, unpacking them as she went along. By the time seven o'clock rolled around she had Elizabeth's room, the livingroom, and most of the bathroom unpacked. She smiled as she picked her daughter up and carried her to the bathroom.

    She laid her down in her baby bathtub and began washing her up and getting her ready for dinner. After they were both showered and washed up, she got Beth dressed in a white dress with small yellow flowers. After Beth was changed and dressed, Sydney changed herself into a nice, white and blue dress with white sandals. She let her hair down and decided to not wear an over coat, so she only had a spaghetti strap.

    As she picked up Beth and her diaper bag, she walked across the street to Keith's house. She took a deep breath before knocking on the door. She got there around 7:30 so that she could help Keith's mother with dinner, but knowing her there probably wasn't many things left to do.
  15. Keith had come downstairs at the smell of food. His father was sitting in the living room watching a basketball game and his brothers were with him as well watching and mimicking the players on the screen. He was dressed in a short sleeved buttoned up shirt and shorts. His mother was moving about in the kitchen and he knew that the food was almost ready. All his mind could think of was Sydney. He wanted her to have a warm welcome and this was the best way.

    It was 7:30 on the dot when someone knocked on the door. Keith who was already close walked over and opened the door and smiled. " You look amazing, Liz too". He moved to the side so that she could come in and he closed the door behind her. Miguel was the first to look over followed by Tyler who got up and walked over to greet her. " Ty I don't think you remember her but this is Sydney". Tyler looked confused for a moment before his face lit up and he gave her a quick hug before stepping back to observe the baby and Miguel said hello looking at the baby as well. "It-er I mean she's cute". Tyler nodded in agreement before they ran back to the TV and his father approached.

    " It's good to see you again Sydney and I see your cute bundle of joy here as well". He smiled at the baby and gave her a light hug followed buy his mother who was so anxious to see her again. " Oh honey we've missed you, its so good that your here, and what a beautiful baby girl, what is her name?". Kieth chuckled somewhat before he helped placing the plates on the table and cups.
  16. Sydney's face lit up as she smiled slightly and was greeted by Keith."Thank you,"she said softly. She smiled as she was introduced to everyone and she let them see and play with Beth for a few minutes and she began to think about the nickname Keith had called her. Liz. She smiled, liking it a little, and walked into the kitchen to see Keith's mom.

    "I've missed you too. A lot more than you know. Her name is Elizabeth Marie,"she said with a smile. She sat her down in her car seat and watched as she sucked on her pacifier. Soon enough she had fallen asleep again."What can I help with?"Sydney asked hopeful.

    She hadn't had a homemade meal in at least two weeks, but she hadn't helped make one in at least a month. She loved to cook more than a lot of things, aside from her art, but she never got a chance to cook or bake much anymore since she had the baby. She didn't regret having the baby though, she loved being a mom. It was great, bit it was defiantly hard.
  17. Kieth made sure his father had his infamous Friday night cup that he had got him for father's day when he was twelve. The thought that his father cherished things like that made him smile somewhat. After everyone coddled the baby the only people in the kitchen were him his mother and Sydney. " I remember when you two used to run around here and play house, I cant believe it's been so long". His mother spoke placing the food on the table with the help of Sydney. He remembered playing house with Sydney and they were "married". She would give im cookies and in return he'd pull her on his board and share his toys.

    Once everyone was at the table his mom said grace and everyone began eating. Tyler and Miguel talked about their bike race and how their friend fell and skid his knee. His father briefly talked about work as well as his mother who wanted to go out tomorrow. Keith mentioned Devin coming over. " You and that Devin kid. Now he's unpredictable" his father spoke and Keith laughed. " Tell me about it dad, you have no idea".
    He looked over at Sydney and smiled and looked over at Liz to see if she was still asleep. " So Sydney are you glad your back, now you can help with mother's famous cooking". His mother joked but she knew Syd's love for cooking as well.

    His brothers finished their food and excused themselves soon after his dad got a business call and his mother finished as well talking about her show that was coming on. In the end that just left the three of them downstairs. Keith finished his food and put the dishes in the dishwasher. He glanced over his shoulder to see that Liz was now up and squirming around. When he finished Keith walked over and picked Liz up gently smiling down at her giving her his finger like earlier she quickly placed it in her mouth and Keith looked over at Sydney. " I think she's hungry". It took him only a moment to spot the bottle in the baby back and he removed Liz's pacifier before placing the bottle in her mouth.
  18. Sydney finished her dinner soon after Keith and carried her plate to the sink. She glanced over her shoulder as Keith mentioned she was awake, but before she could say anything he already had her in his arms feeding her. She smiled a little, thankful, and started doing the dishes.

    After she finished all the dishes and dinner was put away, she sighed and leaned back in her chair that was beside Keith. She yawned and rubbed at her eyes like she always had when she was a child. She opened her tired eyes again and looked back at Keith and Beth--or Liz, as Keith liked to call her.

    She smiled and reach her hand out to brush her cheek."She's so rotten. I need to start getting her to sleep at night and staying awake during most of the day. Maybe get her on a normal sleeping routine,"she chuckled.

    Sydney yawned again and turned, picking up the diaper bag and looking through it before finding a burp rag."Do you want me to burp her, or do you think you can handle that?"she asks raising an eyebrow as Elizabeth spit the bottle out of her mouth.
  19. Keith smiled down at Elizabeth as she drank the bottle and he looked over at Sydney who was yawning no doubt she was kept awake most of her nights trying to get the little one to bed. Liz was so small in his arms and light he gently stroke the little ones arm with his pinky as he fed her. At Sydney's comment Liz spit out the bottle and Keith placed the now empty bottle back in the side of the bag. " Yeah don't worry I got it he spoke picking up her baby bag and put her bib around.

    He gently placed her upward against his back and began lightly patting Liz's back. " Your right about getting her a sleeping schedule. It would definitely help you and you look exhausted you need to rest. In a few minutes Liz had finished spitting up and Keith wipe her mouth and removed the bib. He walked around the living room with her and looked over his shoulder to see that she was sleeping and gently put her down in her baby carrier.

    " I'm glad you came and you know you can stay the night if you want, there's always an open guest room if things get to be too much and I'll come by and check on you". Keith said smiling as he looked down at Liz.
  20. Sydney sighed,"I would love to stay but she will probably be up most of the night so I don't want to keep you guys up. I'll take her home and try to get her back in bed since you got her back to sleep. But thank you for the offer,"she says smiling. She picked her baby up and the diaper bag slowly, walking towards the door.

    "Hopefully I'll see you around soon. Thank you for inviting me for dinner, and tell your family I said goodnight. You are always welcome over at my house. We have a couple spare bedrooms too if you ever decide you want to come stay over. Come over anytime."

    Sydney opened the door and stepped out, turning back only to give him a small hug, kissing his cheek gently and smiling."I'll see you later. Goodnight."