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    I just wanted to make sure that before you kept reading, you understood that. If you don't know what I mean by "that" then look at the big, bold, lime green words right above this paragraph.

    I also prefer to play BOYxGIRL. It's not that I have anything against lesbians or gays, it's just that I don't feel
    comfortable playing the roles of them.

    I do have a few requirements but not many and certainly not hard ones.

    - be able to make a post to our role-play at least once a day. I know that sometimes things happen and you can't or you forget, but if you don't make a post in a week amount of time, I'll long to assume the role-play is over. If something's going on and you know you won't be able to post for a while or however long, just let me know so that I know you're not totally ignoring me.
    - I want you to be honest. A pet-peeve of mine is when people lie to me. I have had it happen to me so many times that I can tell when someone is lying to me or not telling the truth. If you ever feel uncomfortable with something in the role-play, tell me and we can fix it. I you want to end the role-play, tell me, don't just keep playing just because it's a chore now. I expect honesty and as long as I get it, you'll receive it.
    - don't get mad or upset with me if I make a mistake! Everyone makes mistakes, even you. No matter how much you think you're perfect, I promise you that you're not. I won't get mad at you, so don't get mad at me.

    Those are some pretty basic things and I don't think they'd be a problem, but for some people, maybe they are.

    If you're still reading this, which thank you very much for doing that, then here's just a small list of some role-plays that id like to do. It doesn't go full out and tell the whole plot, but just the overall "name" of what the plots about.

    - step brother and sister romance
    - best friends romance
    - two enemies forced to work together

    These are only a few, but I wanted to get a few of what I'm interested in in your head. As you can see, all of my plots revolve around romance. It's just a must for me. I'm pretty lenient on the role-plays and the plots so if you want to role-play with me, message me. Even if you're not interested in these plots but have another good idea, message me and we can discuss it and see if we should role-play together!

    Thanks or reading these, you don't know how much it means!!!
  2. Hey I would be glad to role play with you I'll send you a PM so talk to you then ^.^
  3. It's Summer on a early Friday morning and Joseph decides to walk down to Jess's house and hangout with her and so while he walks up to her door he gets a little nervous and then he knocks on the door three times and then waits.
Thread Status:
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