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  1. Hey! My name is JunoUno, (not really) and im looking for some lusy romance partners. I have NO boundaries, and am up for anything. I rp with guys and girls so feel free to become my friend :tongue:.

    Please either reply to this or inbox me if you would like to suggest an rp to do with me or if you would like to have a chat to make sure im if im fun enough for ya! Thanku!
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  2. Hey just wondering if your craving any specific roleplay Ideas let me know I wouldn't mind a romance roleplay. I have no boundaries myself XD
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  3. That would be great. I really like rps where the guy/girl is aggressive with me. Like master x slave, or villan x hero. Its kinkey XD other than that I dont mind any roleplays
  4. Well then lets go ahead and get one started! :D I wouldn't mind the Master x Slave one.. sounds interesting.. send me a message and we can get started after making character sheets! ^^
  5. Ok ill start a conversation with you now
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