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    White Bridge Charter School is an all girl's school for young women who want to pursue careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) based fields. White Bridge was founded in 1927 by Zella Robbie, a prominent, wealthy and influential flapper. The school was originally located in Chicago, but in 1942 it was moved to Washington, D.C where it now remains. The current headmistress of the school is Ms. Amelia Robbie, Zella Robbie's granddaughter. The entire staff of White Bridge is made up of females and has never had a male instructor since it's founding.

    White Bridge gains it's students through three tests; An intelligence test to see if the student will be able to keep up with the rigorous and advanced curriculum. A psychological test to see if the student shows or is capable of being bold, independent and tenacious. And a career placement test to see whether the student really belongs in a STEM oriented environment. Due to these tests and the sexist stigma that females should not insert themselves in the STEM fields, the students at White Bridge tend to be highly competitive and aggressive in order to obtain the best opportunities.

    However, some students although they pass these tests, tend to be on the weaker and meeker side and are often targeted by the more aggressive and cruel students. One of these weaker students being, Lilly Fukui. Lilly has it tough, due to being socially awkward and a bully magnet. Most pranks are usually geared towards her, but after one particularly nasty prank, a group of girls who have been friends since middle school, decide to step in and take Lilly under their wing.

    - - -

    Aria Blake
    Aria had arrived at school pretty early that day, but only because she'd just recently found out that there was a pregnant stray cat living on the school premises and she'd wanted to get their earlier enough to feed it without interruption. The cat was currently residing behind one of the school's many tech garages, and Aria was currently crawling towards it, her skirt hiked up and her socks pushed down so she could avoid getting grass stains on them.

    "Hey pretty kitty," She cooed as she moved forward inch by inch. The 'pretty kitty' in question was glowering at her and it's fur was starting to raise a bit, but it wasn't moving. Aria stopped a bit away from the cat and dumped the contents of the wet cat food can that she had brought, on the ground and slowly backed away. When she was about three feet away the cat cautiously rose to its paws and approached the food, giving it a sniff. The cat recoiled instantly and shot Aria an outraged look as if to say, "Fuck you and your food." before returning to it's original spot behind the garage.

    Aria left then, but her worries about the cat greatly decreased because she knew that soon the feline would be forced to eat the food because she wouldn't be able to hunt much in her pregnant state. And when she ate the food, her immune system would be boosted and protected due to the numerous amounts of vitamins that the food had in it. Aria did a little hop skip, before heading to wait by the front of the school for her friends to arrive, if they hadn't already.

  2. It was midnight. A young girl was typing away at her computer, graphics visible on the bright screen. There were characters, some buildings, and a few bars, likely to measure health and other such things. Lilly was making a game, as was typical for the girl, based on the script she'd spent the previous night writing. She changed a character interaction, added a new event, removed a buggy quest...and before she knew it it was morning.
    "Lilly! Time to wake up!" her mother called, though even she was likely aware that Lilly hadn't had any rest. Lilly went through her morning routine and came down to breakfast reading a book. "Good morning, Lilly," her mother sid to her, but with no response. Not like she expected a response from the girl. After eating breakfast, Lilly left without a word. "Be safe..." her mother whispered after her.

    Lilly started walking to school, hunched over and face stuck in a book. School wasn't her strong suit. She was smart, sure, but people. People were scary. Once she got close to the school, she stood up a little straighter and closed her book, stuffing it into her bag. High school wasn't going much better than middle school had. She'd had a few books snatched by some other girls who claimed they were just borrowing, but she knew better. The same thing had happened in middle school. She did sometimes wonder if they actually used any of the pens they'd "borrowed" from her, or just took them and then threw them away. Hopefully they were at least reading the books they "borrowed." The thought of just trashing her books was not a pleasant one for the bookworm whatsoever. Fortunately ever since she'd started putting her books away before getting to class, they hadn't asked for them. Sighing as she approached the school, she made her way to the entrance.
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  3. Connie Celik

    Connie woke with the grace of a hungover trucker- that is, none at all. How long had she even slept, four hours? Three? She would have tried resisting her alarm for another ten minutes, but she had fallen asleep at her desk last night instead of a bed, and was currently being jabbed in the face with a grease pencil. Ugh, she did not want to face herself in the mirror today.

    Boy was she right. After half an hour in the bathroom doing damage control, she still had pencil smearing her cheek and heavy bags under her eyes. There was no more time to fix it though, she had to be getting to school or she'd be late. Connie hurried downstairs as fast as her sluggish legs could take her and grabbed a granola bar before heading out the door just as th bus pulled up. No bike for her today- she'd probably fall asleep halfway to school. She would suck it up for today, she thoght as she took her seat, maybe catch a nap while she was at it...


    Before Connie knew it she was jerked to a stop in front of the school. She rushed to push her way to the steps while wiping drool of her chin with her uniform sleeve. Ew. Luckily, she spotted Aria by the entrance and made a beeline for the other girl. At least she was starting to feel awake.

    "Hey Aria."
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    Lorene grunted in annoyance as her mom obnoxiously lifted both of her blinds, turned on all of her lights, and yelled, "Wake up! School time! Breakfast is on the table! I'm leaving in 2 minutes!" And swiftly walked out of her room, knowing that Lorene wasn't going to remove herself from underneath the covers until her mom left.

    She grudgingly got up from her covers, staring at the random papers and paint strewn across her floor from the school project she was working on last night. How many hours of sleep did she get? Probably one or two, like always from her constant habit of working for hours on end.

    Lorene only bothered to eat a quarter of her breakfast and got ready in 20 minutes, perfectly timing her arrival to school after messily throwing her work into her bag. She shuffled through the stack of folders that she held in all of her hands, making sure that it was all organized in order of her classes. Lorene absentmindedly bumped into random people, to which she just nervously smiled and waved a 'sorry' towards them.

    From the corner of her eye, she could see Aria and Connie, and she perked up, rushing over to them throughout random crowds of people. "Hey, you guys are looking perfect as always." She adjusted her bag's strap, curiously sniffing the air, "Um, do I smell cat food?" She suspiciously eyed them.
  5. Melissa was mumbling in her sleep. She was having a n other dream that she got stuck inside a game. She woke with a feeling that something warm and fuzzy was pressing down on her head.

    She batted her eyes and felt the top of her head. It was her pet cat Gallifrey. He was often very cranky and didn't like to be messed with. She saw his paw move down to her left cheek. Melissa felt that she was defusing a time bomb. She began to lift the cat off her when she lost her grip. Gallifrey woke and immediately scratched Melissa's face before running off. "Damn it Gallifrey!"

    Melissa went into the bathroom to get ready. She had allowed her hair to grow out. She had dyed it pink last night and it looked really good to her. She lazily put on her uniform. Her father was away on a business trip as he often was.

    Melissa made herself a piece of toast before leaving. She would ride lazily on her skateboard. Gently swerving around the obstacles in her path. When she got to the school she put her skateboard in her backpack and left the top open. She went by her friends and put an arm around Lorene. "Sup noobs. How is everyone this fine morning."
  6. Sam lazily shifted scrambled eggs around a plate with her fork, her other arm propping up her head. Every so often, her eyes shuttered down for a split second before she bolted them wide open again, fighting off sleep. Across the table sat her father, a broad-shouldered figure with a trimmed, graying beard, and a head of short, gray hair, just like his daughter. She hadn't inherited his size, however.
    "Are you okay, Samantha?" He asked concernedly.
    "Wuh? Oh...yeah, just...tired..." She mumbled, taking a long sip of coffee.
    "Your light was on until three in the morning, were you up that whole time? " He raised an eyebrow at her as her eyes widened.
    "What!? Um...I...yeah. " She admitted sheepishly. "I was reading this really interesting book about -"
    "-not falling asleep in class?"
    Her father quipped, raising an eyebrow at her. She opened her mouth to respond, but said nothing, instead awkwardly looking down at her breakfast. Her father rose up as he cleared his plate. "I gotta head to work now, but look, Samantha - White Bridge is the best school of its kind in the country. You've gotta give it one hundred percent." He kneeled down and reached one arm around his daughter to give her a hug. "Have a good day, sweetie."


    As Sam stifled a yawn, drifting up towards the school gates, she couldn't help but remember her dad's advice.
    "Man, why can't there be some way to sleep and read at the same time? Then I could get twelve hours sleep like every night of the w-"
    Her train of thought was interrupted by her head bumping into Melissa's shoulder.
    "Ow." She exclaimed flatly, shuffling around Melissa to squeeze in between the rest of her friends. She sniffed the air suspiciously.
    "I smell cat food. Did someone eat cat food for breakfast? I mean, jeez, I'll cook for you if your that-ahh..." She covered her mouth as she let out another large yawn. "...ah, jeez. Does anyone know if we get, like, free periods? 'Cause I seriously need a power nap. "
  7. Aria Blake

    She didn't have long to wait, as her friends quickly showed up one by one, well not all of them, Sara was still MIA, but Aria was sure she'd show up sooner or later. She hopes sooner, cause White Bridge was unforgiving when it came to tardies, or 'tards as the White Bridge students so childishly called them. Psh, as if they've never been late before. She thought.

    Aria beamed at her friends, her already cheerful mood shooting up and crashing through the ceiling because of their presence. She snickered at the pencil smudges on Connie's face and waved a wet wipe packet in front of her. "Wanna clean that up, or are you going for the raccoon look today?" At Lorene's greeting, Aria gave the girl a wave and a bright smile. "Not as perfect as you, babe!" She chirped, "And yes, yes you do smell cat food. But that's only because you were a Persian in your past life and not because I was feeding the school stray." She said with a grin.

    When Melissa arrived, Aria held her arm out for a fist bump and returned the greeting, "Sup' Scarface, compliments of the lovely gentle-cat Gallifrey, I assume?". At the arrival of Sam, Aria smirked. "Yup, I ate cat food today. It was delicious." She joked. "But seriously girl, you've got to get a handle on your sleep schedule. You too, Connie, Lorene." She said, giving them a pointed glare. "If I see you guys sleeping in class, I'm gonna jab you with a pencil. On another note, where is Sara? First bell is gonna ring in ten minutes, she'd better hurry."

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  8. It was a bright sunny day in Washington D.C, and poor Sara overslept. Ugh....What time is it ? Sara said as she opened her eyes slowly to check the time. When Sara realized what time it was, she hopped out of bed as if a fire was under her. Oh man oh man oh man. Sara said as she ran to her bathroom to brush her teeth. After Sara was done with her teeth, she went to go put on her school uniform. I can't believe this happened to me. She said as she slipped on her shirt. When she got all dressed, she grabbed her brush, and walked out her bedroom door. MOM! I NEED YOU TO TAKE ME TO SCHOOL! Sara said as she walked down the stairs, while brushing her hair. Sara's mom was always an early bird. Every morning she would wake up, after Sara left, and sit at their kitchen table while drinking a cup of Joe. (For those of you who don't know, A cup of Joe is a saying for coffee.) Why are you still here? I thought you went to school already? Sara's mom said as she took a sip of her coffee. My alarm didn't go off, so I overslept. Sara said as shes brushing her hair. Sara's mom sighed. Fine let's go. Sara's mom said as she got up and grabbed her car keys.

    Please don't let me be late. Please don't let me be late. Sara said. It took some time but Sara finally made it, with ten minutes to space. Thanks mom. Sara said as she stepped out of her mom's car. Her mom just nodded, and took off. As Sara looked at the school, she saw her friends waiting for her. Sara walks her BFF'S. Hey guy's, missed me? Sara said as she walked over to them. Sara hated being out in public without even a little bit of make-up, but she had no choice in this situation.
  9. Lorene rolled her eyes sarcastically at Aria, "Oh please, I wasn't a cat, I was a wolf." She softly laughed at her own joke, like always, "A fierce Alpha wolf!"

    Before she could speak again, she grunted in surprise when Melissa showed up next to her, "Jesus Christ, Melissa... Thanks for scaring me." Lorene smirked before responding back to Aria again, "Don't you dare ever stab me, I will claw your eyes out. My sleep schedule does its own thing, and I respect it." She quickly turned on her phone for a second just to check the time, then turning around to see Sara just walking up to them, "Well, Sara, aren't you looking fabulous." Lorene said in amusement, seeing how obvious it was that she overslept and barely made it in time. Now Lorene felt happy and alert around all her friends, all of her grogginess going away.
  10. Lilly briskly walked past the entrance, not stopping to chat with anyone. Even if she did stop, what would she say? "Hi, I'm here to invade your social circle?" Besides, she was content with her own world, her own activities, and her own life. As usual, it was an uneventful day. Listen in classes, take notes, and move along in the halls, ignoring and being ignored by everyone.

    It came around to gym class. Lilly had just finished changing into her gym clothes when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

    That's weird. Who'd want to talk to me?

    She was about to turn around when she felt two more hands on her wrists. "Huh?" she said aloud before her wrists were pressed together and she felt a plastic around them. She heard giggling from behind her, but couldn't turn around since she'd been pressed against the lockers. Though she couldn't see, she heard a zip tie and her hands were stuck together.


    "Hey! Stop!" Lilly shouted at the bullies behind her, but it fell on deaf ears.

    "This is gonna be great!"
    "I call dibs on posting pics!"

    Well, she wasn't getting help anytime soon. She felt herself being lifted and saw a girl opening a larger locker beside her. Her feet left the ground and she was carried towards the locker. "Let me go!" she cried, squirming around, but she got thrown into the locker head first before she could say much else. She stopped struggling for a moment from the pain she felt on her head. The girls took the opportunity to fold the rest of her into the locker as well, closing it and using a zip tie to keep it locked.

    She heard laughter and more chatter getting distant. Were they really gonna leave her here? How was she supposed to get out? Would they even come back for her? Was she safe what if she died whatifevenaftertheycamebacktheydidnthelpwouldherparentscalltheschoolwhatifthey...Lilly blacked out, the anxiety and subsequent hyperventilation having gotten to her.
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  11. Aria Blake

    Aria vaulted over the gym horse in one attempt, and gave a little bow and twirl when she rolled onto the mattress and then jumped to her feet. Her friends cheered while the salty bitches in the room just glowered. One particular group of girls seemed to be in their own little world and were giggling about something on their phones and of course the gym teacher, Coach Murphy was doing everything except for calling their attention back to class. Last year the headmistress allowed them to keep their phones on them instead of keeping them in their lockers, but in place of that, the student's attention was supposed to be guaranteed. Aria shrugged and got back in line with her friends. Some people were just given special privileges because their mommies and daddies made big donations. Often times Aria wondered why a great school such as White Bridge could even allow it's faculty to be swayed by money, but never pondered it too far because somethings will just be the way they are.

    "Ms. Blake!" A yell pulled her out of her thoughts. Aria glanced up to see people staring at her, and she looked around wildly for a second before noticing the rip in the back of her shorts. Guess she had stretched too much. "Oh, whoops." She laughed, and jogged back to the gym to get a replacement pair. She noticed that the group of giggling girls watched her go with wide eyes, but she thought nothing of it. Maybe they just thought she had a nice ass.

    When she got to the locker room, Aria grabbed a replacement pair of shorts and began changing into them, however her attention was diverted to a locker that had a zip tie on it and seemed to be...Breathing? Approaching the locker cautiously, Aria tried to peek through the slats but it was too dark to see anything. She definitely heard breathing though.

    "Aw shit." She muttered, and began fumbling to find something to cut the tie. She tore open her own locker and dug through her bag for scissors or anything, but found nothing. Coach Murphy's office was locked so she could get in there. "Hold on whoever is in there! Say something if you can hear me?" She cried frantically, and quickly mass texted her friends.

    There's someone stuck in a locker, get Coach Murphy!

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  12. Despite how tired she was before, Connie always had energy for gym class. She was hoping they'd be doing some sports or something so she and her friends could team up and crush the competition, but an exercise course day was alright too. She was still waiting for her turn when Aria ripped her pants after the jump. Most people would be mortified and spend the rest of the school year avoiding eye contact. Aria on the other hand, she took it like a champ and strutted to the locker rooms without a shred of embarrassment.

    She was halfway through her turn on the course when her phone buzzed in her bra. As soon as she finished she saw it was from Miss Pants herself. Had she actually been embarrassed and needed some damage control? Did she not have an extra pair of pants?

    There's someone stuck in a locker, get Coach Murphy!

    Well, she could work with that. She quickly texted back before jogging over to the Coach.

    On it.
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  13. Still in uniform, Sam hid at the back of bleachers, engrossed in a history book, only emerging to occasionally watch the rest of class with a feigned disinterest. She had refused to take part in any gym classes since middle school - usually she would fabricate a doctor's note saying she was prone to chronic back pain. To anyone nosy, her default snarky response was a "chronic allergy to wasting my time". Most of the gym staff probably thought of her dismissively as a lazy lump. But the idea of changing clothes, having to run and jump around in skimpy shorts, exposing her body in front of all the other girls...that terrified Sam. The truth was, she couldn't bear to think what would happen if anyone outside the gang found out what her body was like underneath.

    She had always envied her friends because of that. They didn't have that concern. "She always makes it looks easy..." Sam thought jealously, as she watched Aria mid-vault. "Does she work out, like, every day? Where does she even get the energy to do that - DID SHE JUST RIP HER SHORTS!?"
    Sam blushed, almost smacking herself in the face with her book as she tried to pretend nothing happened. Shortly after, she read Aria's text. Her brow furrowed. She could see the text had been sent out to all her friends, and that Connie was about to tell Coach Murphy. She peered suspiciously at the group of girls laughing at something on their phones, then began writing Aria a text;

    Any clue towards who did it?
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