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  1. I don't know why I think of things when the sites about to close for maintenance. xD

    But anyway here's the general outline of my idea.

    Fair warning, this rp involves bullying and extreme language.

    Moving on ~

    So this girl, (let's call her Anna but that's not official), Anna is a bit of a socially awkward misfit at school. Okay, not a bit, a lot. She can't hold a regular conversation with anyone and usually finds herself in embarrassing situations. So naturally, because high school kids are horrible, she's targeted by bullies at school. After one particular nasty prank played on her, this group of girls decide to step in and act as her protectors as well as her teachers. While they're fending off her attackers, they'll teach her how to act like a normal person and gain some confidence. (And of course teach her how to kick some ass).

    This group of girls has been friends since middle school and over the years they have formed their own little gang. Not like an 'extort money and harass everybody' type of gang, but more of a 'we're a kind of rowdy group of friends and if people think we're a gang then so be it' type of gang.

    So this will be a real life (as in appearances will be real) and it will take place at an all girl's charter school in Washington D.C. Of course the available characters would be the girl gang and the socially awkward girl. This rp will be kind of comedic with a touch of drama because it will center around the defeat of bullying.

    Posting Requirements:
    Five sentences per post.
    Third person, past tense.

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  2. Possibly interested
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  3. interested.
  4. Oh and can my girl be Hispanic?
  5. Yeah, sure just explain why she's in Japan. Or you know what I might just make it shine themed but set in America.
  6. Okay I will.
  7. Just wanted to let you guys know (since you both expressed interest/partial interest) that I changed the setting from anime to real and it will take place in Washington DC at a girl's charter school called White Bridge.
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  8. Sounds good to me.
  9. Really interested. ^^
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  10. I'd be interested!
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  11. Interested too.
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  12. Oh wow this got interest fast! So I'll be making the sign ups later today.
  13. I can do it.
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  14. Could I join if there is any room. If not then that's ok
  15. Okay, but you're the last person I'll accept. ^^
  16. I'm okay with @Kaykay being the girl who gets bullied
  17. Out of context this sounds absolutely hilarious to me.
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