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  1. Hi there,

    Just checking if anyone would be interested in roleplaying as a Cannon-Character in a Gintama based RP?

    I'll write up a short summary of the Gintama-verse so that people who haven't read or seen Gintama, can join if they want.

    Setting: Feudal Japanese City (Ghetto-Area usually) mixed with sci-fi stuff from Amanto (aliens), who have invaded Earth several decades ago.
    Genre: Mixed (Absurd Humor, Action, Drama)

    Basicly the Amanto have invaded Earth and because of their advantage in technology, Earth had few options besides capitulating.
    The Amanto changed the world forever, they now live side by side with the humans and have shared their technology with them.
    But alot of the Amanto still see the earthlings as a weak species.

    In Japan the samurai fought bravely, even after the Shogunate surrendered in the blink of an eye. Which is why the Amanto have put a No Swords-rule in effect. Only the Shinsengumi (Elite police force) are allowed to carry swords, with the exception of a few others.

    Gintama focuses on a trio called the Yorozuya (Odd Jobs), which is basicly a lowly organization that takes all kinds of jobs and gets mixed in with all types of people and events. Run by a former Joi ( Patriot/Guerrila Samurai Hero ) called Sakata Gintoki, who is an unique man in many ways.
    His comrades are:

    - Shinpachi Shimura ( Teenage boy who trains and works hard to become a swordsman but is of low skill compared to Gintoki )
    - Kagura ( Human'esque alien girl who is from the Yato species. A mercenary race that has superhuman strength and skill in combat. Slow regeneration skills to boot. )


    This all sounds weird and too serious in my opinion, especially since the series is made of 80% absurd humor. But this is the general gist of things.

    So who would be interested in roleplaying as the "Yorozuya" ?

    I need at least 2 other people interested in the roleplay to start it off. If more people are interested and willing to join, we can always expand the Yorozuya or if they so desire, they can play as other characters of the series.

    (Cannon or otherwise)

    So let me know, cheers. ^^