{Ginger, Outlaw} Creatures

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  1. I was enjoying the warmth of the sun by sitting in my favorite spot in the kitchen, Charlotte wasn't home from work yet, so I decided to just chill until she got home. I got up and padded over and got a drink of water before returning to my spot in the sun.

    I had caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror that hung on the far side of the room. My strong build was coated by short brown fur, except around my face, which was dark gray/ black. I layed back down and fell asleep, waiting for Charlotte to get home.
  2. Soon, a gingle was heard at the front door, the sound of keys entering the lock soon followed and Charlottes lean, slim frame slid in through the doorway gracefully. She carried a solemn look today and she had dark circles under her eyes, as an ICU doctor she worked long hours and before she got a day off she was extremely tired. She closed the front door and groaned tiredly, weak from exshaution. Unaware of a threat lurking outside, watching her through the windows, she called for her dog, Koda, and smiled when she saw his beautiful brown and black coat. She smiled and gently pet his head before she pulled meat out for their dinner.
  3. I woke up when I heard the jingle of the door being opened. Well, my girl was home. I trotted over to Charlotte and let her pet my head. She set out the meat for dinner.

    Five years, five years I had been with Charlotte. She picked me up from the local pound and decided to keep me. She gave me a new name too, Koda, much better than my name given to me at birth, Cain.

    My sixth sense kicked in, I wasn't sure why, but something didn't feel right. I was standing in front of the front door, and it felt like any moment some unwelcome presence would burst into the house and harm Charlotte. I bared my teeth and emitted a deep seeded growl, my body taking a defensive stance.
  4. She hummed happily as she prepared his meat with fruits and veggies all raw and then prepared her own to cook. But just as she was about to put it in the oven outside, the threat began to move.

    Mark, her ex of almost 6 months had been stalking her, sending her pointless gifts and things she would allow Koda to rip apart. As time went on Mark had become more and more agressive and tonight he had brought a few friebds to take her away from what he believed to be the cause of her not liking him, the dog. The door was flung off its hinges and one man went to tackle the dog as the others went to grab Charlotte.

    She had dropped the tin that held her meat and twisted around, her blue eyes wide with fear. Her long auburn hair was tied up in a pony tail and mark grabbed it and pulled her to the ground, causing her to scream.
  5. Jesus Christ! who the hell are these chumps!? I thought to myself as I lunged right at the neck of Mark's pal.Just as I was about to take a nice chunk out of the creep, I felt myself knocked to the ground and the pinned under the asshole's knee, which was know pinning me to the floor. I tried to snap at him, but he grabbed the side of my head and slammed it the floor. I yelped in pain only to see Charlotte being thrown around by that brute Mark. Don't you fuckin touch her Mark. I thought as I was helpless at the moment to do anything.
  6. She screamed in pain as she was thrown against the wall. She kicked and pushed away from them, finally getting away only to run into the man tackling Koda, releasinghim from the mans restrainsts. She gazed at Koda as if silentley conveying what she wanted to tell him as she jumped up to grab something to defend herself when all she grabbed was an umbrella.
  7. Once I was free from the man'd grasp I went for the neck, Only to bite down on a forearm. I just shrugged and bite down hard on the thugs arm and shook violently. The attack wouldn't kill him, but with a sickening popping sound, I realized I had dislocated the man's shoulder. The creep howled and stumbled back, falling onto the floor. I then turned my attention to Randall, Mark's step brother. He took a step back as I advanced threateningly.
  8. Charlotte angrily began breaking the umbrella on Marks body. She kicked him in the balls and watched him crumple to the ground whacking him over and over again until it was snatched from her grasp by him. He tossed it away just before she kicked him in the face and began pummeling him into the ground with her fists.