INTEREST CHECK Ginga Densetsu Weed RP?(Dog RP)

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  1. Essentially this would be after the end of the GDW anime(not the manga), after Hougen and Genba are defeated and Gajou(I hope I spelled that right) is reclaimed by the dogs of Ohu under Weed, Gin, and Akame.

    The idea that I had for it(that I've had for a while) is that two different dog groups that used to be stationed on different parts of Japan besides just the main island of Honshuu want to take Gajou for themselves, and are mortal enemies, that ends up becoming a three-way war between the pack's of dogs.
    Ohu Pack(cannon characters) that'd be available:
    Weed the Akita/Kishu Inu(Leader)
    Gin the Tiger-striped Akita(Leader)
    Akame the Kishu Inu(Leader)
    Kyoushiro Shirogane The Kishu Inu
    GB the Irish Setter
    Mel the Golden Retreiver
    Rocket the Borzoi
    Sasuke the Shiba Inu
    Ryo(the Husky?)
    Ken the Great Dane/Saluki
    Ben the Great Dane
    Cross the Saluki
    Reika the Shikoku Inu
    Hiro the Great Pyranese
    Moss the Tosa Inu
    Muashi the Tosa Inu
    Tesshin(formerly known as Chibi in GNG) the Koga Dog
    +any other surviving characters. I THINK I got them all, but I could be wrong

    Furano Pack(OC's):
    Zaigou the Wolf/Hokkaido Inu(leader)
    Daikuroryuu the Siberian Husky(second-in-command)
    Sasuke the Siberian Husky/Kishu Inu
    Bachaitari the Shikoku Inu
    Momoko the Kishu Inu
    Kuroshiroko the Siberian Husky/Kishu Inu puppy
    Nezumi the Siberian Husky/Kishu Inu puppy
    Akira the Siberian Husky/Kishu Inu puppy
    +any other OC's that people want to make for the RP

    Third Pack(unnamed/made)(OC's):
    -Nothing yet, as I kinda wanted to leave this one open for others to work on and have a bit of freedom with.

    For this RP I'd encourage people to have multiple characters they can play, but at any rate, any interest? =3
  2. I am totally interested!