Gimme that thrill

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  1. Hey you, thanks for clicking!

    Due to a lack of (decent) rp lately, I'm in a desperate need for good, detailed and intense rp. I don't have a specific plot in mind yet, though these are the things I'm pretty sure off:

    - Details.... I nééd details
    - Sex. There needs to be some sort of sex in there, but with a nice plot balance.
    - Decent grammar. I'm not a native English speaker, but I can make myself understandable. I will not even try to
    understand what you typed if I can't get it the first time. That being said: feel free to correct me at any time :-)
    - Replies. Obviously I need those. I'm fine with waiting... no.. no I'm not, not of you don't gimme a reason for it.
    I'll give you one in advance. I prefer atleast one reply a day, I surely can live up to that promise.
    - Minimum of three paragraphs. Honestly... use your imagination, it's not that hard. I know I'll give you plenty to
    work with.

    I'm sure I wánt a lot more, but I don't want you running away in horror. One thing that's my number 1 priority:

    I need it to be highly, extremely, insanely emotionally intense rp.

    I'm the weirdo that can actually be either insanely happy or insanely sad about something my rp char has to go through and I absolutely LOVE it. So yeah.... I need that.

    The char personality I normally play:

    - Female
    - Age 24
    - Weakness for bad guys
    - Strong, agile, muscular yet with deliscious curves
    - Redhead
    - Witty, defiant, independant
    - Tomboy

    I prefer modern time rp or fantasy.

    Well, let's see if I can find anyone here that can give me the thrill of rp again! I look forward to hearing of you... through PM please :-)