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  1. I have a new portrait request this week! >:3 Yes, I might do this every week. I have a lot of characters. >>;

    Today's request is for GILLIAN. That's her bio! On the bio I have some real life pictures of an actress that I feel are VERY accurate to Gillian's appearance and personality. They can be used as a reference.

    I love full color pictures, but they are not required. And of course, anyone that does a picture for me will get a month-long donator account!

    Gillian is a cold ass bitch. She's very stoic and serious. She would NOT be smiling or looking amused, or cheerful in any way.

    Her hair is very straight. Usually it's pulled up in to a high pony tail. The length is about mid-back. No bangs. No hair out of place. The color would be a faded black or dark dark dark grey.

    Her skin is PALE. Very white, with some bluish hues in random places from cryo-damage. There will be that frostbite blue very prominent around her eyes especially. She would be wearing some heavy eyeliner to try and make it look like makeup. Her eye color is dark blue.

    Her overall body shape would be thin, lanky, and angular. She is NOT curvy and would not have a very large bust.

    Her clothes would be tight fitting. Think the usual sci-fi setting space clothes. Colors would range from blacks, dark greys, navy blues, dark purples. She doesn't wear flashy colors. She doesn't wear skimpy clothes or anything that would show too much skin. (She has issues with her skin damage)

    It is entirely possible that she has a gun on her. 8D Perhaps even more than one.
  2. [​IMG]


    Sorry Diana, I just can't draw ;-;
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  3. You get my love for the effort and excellent use of color!
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  4. Beautiful.

    I may conjure something up, if I feel up to it.^^
    May not be coloured tho. ~.~
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  5. I told myself I would practice how to anatomy but I still wanted to iwaku.

    It is rough and unrefined and sketchy but here you go.

    Gillian (open)

    I swear I'm not sucking up to admins you guys just have the best requests ok >:[
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  6. So lovely, I loves! O_O
  7. oh ty I am glad you likes even though it is a blah sketch :D
  8. Is she dancing? Why do I like this picture so much?
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