Gilded Cages

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    The carriage jerked and Anne’s body swayed along with it, she was used to the jerking they had been traveling for at least a day but she would of much preferred if they had ridden horses or at least been allowed to stop so she and her ladies could of stretched her legs. Turning her head she looked with golden orbs at the young women sitting next to her. The women’s face was pale and fear was clearly written all over her face, poor Elizabeth. Slowly Anne reached out and touched Elizabeth’s hand, smiling in a reassuring manner when the girl looked at her.

    Anne could understand the girl’s fears, she too was scared but she had to place a brave face on things for if she allowed her fears to take a hold of her she would break down and cry and then Elizabeth would break down. Tears wouldn't help anyone. Across from the two a middle age women sat napping off and on, this was her governess Catherine.

    A sigh escaped Anne’s lips and she turned to the curtained window and reached out and pushed back the curtain and leaned forward a bit. Peering out she saw woodlands passing them by, a solider on horseback rode alongside them. The sky was dark with clouds and they threatened rain. She couldn't believe she was being forced to leave her father and brothers side, just because the enemy was getting closer. They were placing her in a nunnery, the one place where she would be utterly safe for no man would enter the house of god.

    “My lady, oh my lady get away from the window!” Catherine’s voice broke into Anne’s thoughts and in a flash Anne was back in her place gazing at Catherine. “The enemy could be out there right now!” She cried in fear. “Oh if they got a hold of you my lady…” Her hand flew to her breast and she swayed for a moment threatening to faint. “The enemy is brutal and they are a backward people, very violent as well, it’s even said their leader has many women and that he cares nothing for anyone, a cold and evil man.” She shook her head and made a face. Anne had heard this story before; this was the reason why her father wouldn't give her as a bride to the leader.

    The carriage came to a sudden stopped and Anne’s body was lurched forward. A sudden thud was heard on the carriage side. “The enemy!” One of the soldiers cried and then the sounds of battle could be heard, the women inside the carriage clung to each other in fear.
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    "What do you mean they fled?" Damien bellowed. The older, portly man began to quiver as he noticed that the Prince's grip was beginning to tighten around his wine goblet - they all knew he would have rather it been the servant's neck.
    "S-Sir.. you-your majesty, s-sir... they simply fle-ed... before... before our s-s-s-soldiers could get to them," he explained half heartedly. He switched slowly from one foot to another.
    "Well then you better go find them!" he yelled.
    The man quickly scurried, his legs still shaking a bit as he shut the grand wooden door behind him.

    Placing his glass of wine down, Damien put his hand against her forehead and rubbed it in agitation. Was it really so hard to get decent help these days? He had sent his soldiers to their weaker counterpart's castle, only one mission in mind - to capture the supposedly beautiful princess that laid within and bring her back to them. Damien's father, the King of Sethura, had his own army going to capture the rest of the kingdom. By the end of it all the King was hoping to have himself a larger area to rule, two kingdoms merged into one of his own, and Damien wanted himself a little play toy. His father had set up with a prim little lady from the group of nobles below them, but he never had too much interest to him.

    He tapped his foot impatiently and smiled a bit to himself as he thought of the princess - Anne was her name, so sweet and innocent, as Damien expected her to come to him as. He never had the pleasure of crossing paths with the little lady but he had heard wonderful things. A kind-hearted little thing, which heart shaped lips and a pair of soft, rounded breasts. Damien licked his lips at just the thought of it. He hoped that his soldiers would find the girl at once; he was really looking forward to her arrival.
  3. Anne’s father’s soldiers put up a good fight, but they were outnumbered and soon the enemy had overcome the party. The carriage door was thrown up and the women were face to face with armored enemy shoulders and one reached for Anne. “Get your dirty hands off of her!” Catherine was shouting out as one of the soldiers grabbed a hold of Anne, he didn’t even speak as he dragged the struggling girl out and soon her two ladies were in the same manner taken. Roughly she was put onto a horse and the soldier sat behind her.

    “Release me!” She cried, fighting back hot tears, again the soldier said nothing and with a kick the soldiers were off. Anne had seen the bloodied bodies of the fallen men and he felt her stomach turn and she forced her eyes closed, her slender fingers wrapped around the horn of the saddle. Thunder sounded and soon the rain started to fall.

    It seemed that they road forever, Anne was soaked by the time they had gotten to the castle and again she was roughly handled. The soldiers took the struggling women into the building, Anne wrapping her soaked cloak about her slender body, her rose colored silk gown clung to her body in an unseemly manner. “Your majesty!” The soldier, finally, spoke over and over his voice rising as they came to closer to large doors that were flung upon to reveal a dining hall.

    The soldiers dragged the women to the head table and pushed, more like flung, the women unto their knees. Anne winced as she hit the floor. “My lord we found these women on the road, they had an escort of soldiers…” Anne’s head was lowered; her dark hair was wet and lose and feel about her shoulders. She made sure that her cloak was kept firmly closed so none in the hall could see her soaked gown. Catherine was beside her, trying to explain that they were just noble women trying to get to a convent.
  4. Damien stood by his father as the women were flung before them. Just looking at the three of them though, he knew exactly which was one little miss Anne - one was small and clearly quite young, while the other much older, probably around his mother's age. The young lady in the middle however looked like she fit somewhere in the middle, with a beautiful womanly figure, accentuated in all the right spots by that soaked silk dress. Damien allowed his eyes to follow the smooth curve of her breast and the bend of her waist as they sat before them. There was a faint glint in his eye, and he cleared his throat.

    "Ah," King David mumbled, "yes, noble woman, I am sure the two of you are. However, the princess of your kingdom has gone missing, and I think we have found her."
    The King slowly approached the young lady in the middle, gripping onto her shoulders and pulling her up. David had a track record for being cruel and rough with young ladies, however, that was usually just when he had them under his care. He understood that this one would be for his son to do as he pleased and he was rather careful with her slender form as he raised her to her feet.
    "Now, sweet girl, tell me... are you this Princess Anne we have been searching for?" the King asked carefully, "and don't you dare let a lie fall out of those little pretty lips, because we will surely find out the truth."
    Despite the questions he asked, Damien could tell by the man's tone of voice that he knew just as much as Damien did that this was Princess Anne. Her sweet demeanour and the fact that they had been fleeing the area were a great indication of that.
    Slowly, Damien approached the two of them and rested a hand on the girl's shoulder. He heard the order woman whimper from behind them, and he glared at her. "Tell us," he insisted.
  5. A gasp left Elizabeth’s lips and Anne bit her lower lip softly, these men knew and now she was under their influence and they could do anything to her. Anne grimaced as the King pulled her up and slowly she turned her golden orbs onto the king and forced herself not to make a face. She felt her breath quicken, her chest rising and falling. The corset felt so tight and she felt as if her racing heart would fly right out of her chest.

    Anne stood there like a scared little mouse and her eyes flickered from the king to the man that had approached them, his hand now resting on her shoulder. She shrank away from his touch. What could she do? They knew and there was no lie she could say that would get her out of this mess, in the end they would find out, it would be better if she just told the truth.

    Falling to her knees she grabbed a hold of whom she assumed to be the Prince and kissed the back of his hand and held it tight. “Yes, I am and I beg for your mercy…” She turned her face up and looked at him pleading. She knew she looked innocent and lovely. “I beg for me and my women please protect us and bring no harm to us…” She lowered her head slightly, pressing his hand to her soft warm cheek.
  6. Having her fall down to her knees before him really was not what Damien had anticipated - he thought perhaps she would deny his accusation or perhaps try to run. But instead she fell down before him, pressing those sweet little hands against him and her cheek into his calm. He sighed at her slightly; he had been expecting a fight but perhaps this was better.
    Slowly, the Prince reached down and grabbed the young woman by the armpits. He was not as careful as his father, but he imagined it had something to do with his massive strength and agility. He had trained for war much of his life and it showed in his well sculpted physique. He was thus naturally a little rougher with his movements, often not knowing his own strength.

    His dark, chocolate brown eyes met her gaze and he stared at her for a moment. She was surely a special treasure; a soft round face and gold eyes, a pert nose and warm, rosy cheeks. Damien grinned at her, though it was merely a slight upward twinge of his lips. His eyes flickered to the side and he noted that the other two women were being escorted out of the room. They would most likely become servants of the castle, washing linens or cleaning surfaces. His father did not seem to have much interest in either as a toy.

    Damien returned his gaze back to the young lady and ran his hands down her arms. She was smooth and soft underneath him, and he smiled at that. Ah, yes, she was perfect. "Don't you worry your pretty little head. I am going to take wonderful care of you, and my father your friends. You just make sure you obey our orders, okay?" His eyes darkened significantly and he moved to roughly grab her wrists. He knew she wasn't going to like this, but he had needs that he intended to tend to with her.
  7. Anne couldn’t help but let out a soft cry of pain as he grabbed her, he was so strong! Was he trying to hurt her or was this just his manner? She gazed at him, she had to admit that the prince before her was very good looking but there was something a bit off putting about him. She could guess he could be a bit cold and always would get his way. She could only pray he would protect her and respect her royalty, but she didn’t know. When he smiled it didn’t put her at ease and the fear was quite clear on her features.

    The cries of her women made her turn her attention to them and she saw them being dragged and tensed and started to go towards them, but his hands on her had made her stop. “Where are they going, my lord?” She looked at him, confusion came over her features. “Those are my ladies, I need them…” It was unheard of for a princess to not have her ladies, who would take care of her and keep her company? They were also meant to keep watch over her, she was unmarried and had to make sure nothing happened.

    His rough hands running down her arms made her look back at him. The look he was giving her made her anxious and she tried to pull away from him, but he had her by the wrist. “What are you doing my lord?” She was breathing quickly now as the fear started to rise even faster. “Release me…” Her words were firm; her royal pride starting to come forward no one had ever treated her in this manner. She again tried to pull away from his grasp.
  8. Of course, Damien was quick to restrain her. She could talk back and demand he treat her with respect all she wanted to - but little Anne was on his land now and as far as he was concerned, that sweet little mouth and rounded body of hers was all his. It was not long before her two maids had been removed from the room and Damien quickly yanked her towards the door as well. However instead of venturing up to the servants' quarters he brought her into the royal wing of the castle.
    Now that he had her in his clutches he was rather eager to have her. It felt like an eternity since he had last been with a woman, even if his father had broughten him some poor village woman a few weeks ago. But he was a man, full grown and with needs he needed to take care of. He would surely enjoy having little Anne around.

    He brought her up to his chamber. It was the dark and the walls were made of stone, an older part of the castle that had never been refinished. The flooring was down in a plush dark carpet though, and a giant, four post bed sat towards the far wall. It was impossibly large and wide and covered in a plethora of silk sheets, a little messy from his last sleep.
    Slowly, Damien brought the young woman over to the bed and pressed her down against the mattress. He lifted her hands up over her head and held them with one hand, while his free fingertips began to stroke the curve of her cheek and the soft tops of her breasts.

    "Now, my Annie girl," he smirked devilishly once more, "let me show me what your life will consist of now. You no longer are the princess of your land, but my own personal young woman. Soon you will learn how to service me and my needs. And trust me, by the end, you will beg for it every single night."
    Still holding her hands down, Damien began to untie the front strings of her dress. He grinned as he pulled them loose, enjoying how her breasts slowly began to emerge from the soft silk. He leaned in and kissed her cleavage, "ah, hello there, sweet things."
  9. Anne tried to stand her ground, she tried to plant her feet and not move but really it was useless for she was soon being dragged towards the door. “Release me; you can’t do this to me!” She was screaming now, not believing what he was going to do. Of course she only had a vague idea of what he was planning to do with her, but it had been instilled in her that she must keep herself pure that she shouldn’t do anything until she was married. “I am a princess!” She was starting to cry now, sobbing. She was wet and cold and now she was being dragged to someplace for only god knew what but she didn’t want to find out!

    The moment he had pulled her into the room she knew it was his and knew that he was going to ruin her. She started to struggle against him trying to jerk herself away from his grip. She would flee, but where could she go? Oh she would rather be in a dank dungeon or fall on a sword then to be with this man! “No, oh please no, please!” She was crying harder now as he started to bring her to the bed.

    Anne didn’t make it easy for him, she put up quite a fight, though she was very small she had found inner strength and she had managed to hit him a few times before he got her hands above her head. She squirmed underneath him, her legs trying to kick him off of her. “Monster!” She shouted into his face as he started to undo her laces. “I won’t ever touch you, I won’t beg for you awful touch!” She was trying to glare at him but the fear was clear.

    A gasp left her lips as she felt the cool air run across her chest, and she felt herself turn red as she become exposed to her and her body went tense, she found herself not being able to fight anymore. Never before had she been this exposed to a man and she felt embarrassed, on top of it all he wasn’t her husband. A sob come from her and she turned her head closing her eyes. Her skin was flawless and rosy pinks. She had the skin of a high ranking woman, not a flaw to be seen. “Don’t do this….oh please…” She started to beg again.
  10. Damien couldn't have been happier when the young woman finally stopped her senseless fighting and just turned her head to the side. He imagined that it would take some time to work her in, but in time, he knew that she would be begging for him inside of her, to touch her and to please her as she would please him. Of course, Damien would be patient with that one. Right now he was intent on discovering her beautiful body, perfect in shape, colour and size.
    After he had undone the laces of her dress Damien pulled the fabric of the dress to the side and grinned slightly when her breasts popped out, greeting him with a warm hello. They were so round with rosy pink nipples, already taunt and poking up at him. Damien slowly moved his hand from her cheek and ran his hand over her nipples. He cupped her breast after that and rubbed his thumb over the nipple, admiring the way she squirmed underneath him. Anne's mind might have been screaming for him to stop, but her body surely wanted a lot more than that.

    Eventually Damien managed to slide her dress off, and the corset was next, a garment she would never wear again. Damien hated those damn things with a passion because they hindered a woman's true shape and beauty. He would have dresses made for her true size, not when she all bounded and tied into a corset.

    Once she was shed to just her panties, Damien smirked slightly to himself and released her hands. Before she could move and squirm away however, he had grabbed her legs and pushed them towards her, forcing her to fold at the waist. Luckily she was quite flexible and he was able to press her against the mattress with ease. Damien put her ankles over one of his shoulders and admired the wonderful view from up top. Her lady parts poked at the soft white silk of her panties, and Damien, after a moment, dared to run his fingers down the front of her undergarments.

    "Ah," he grinned, "you are so beautiful, Anne."
    It was not long before he tested a finger underneath her silken underwear, slowly running his fingers over her slit, which was wonderfully wet. "Oh Annie girl," he said, "your mouth says no, but your body is clearly saying yes. Look at how wet you are down here... I would say you are getting a little turned on."
  11. Anne felt his hand slip down her cheek and she made a sickened face as he hand went to her warm soft breast and she hated herself when her body started to squirm a little, a surge of pleasure rush though her. A moan escaped her and she quickly bit her lip, she couldn’t believe she could be feeling any kind of pleasure and at the hands of such brute! ‘Stop, god stop!” She whispered, her eyes still closed as more pleasure coursed through her and she felt something wet start to come from between her legs, what was happening to her?

    Anne’s body felt as if it was on fire, it was as if she now longer had any control over it and as she grew wetter with his touches she began to tingle. He was just playing with her breasts and already her body wanted more. As he stripped her she slowly opened her eyes and saw him gazing at her and she saw how he looked upon her and she started to tremble before him.

    Just as she was about to say something, again begging for him to not do this, he had released her hands and she was surprised and then he was moving and bending her in such a manner that was shocking. She groaned as she was pressed into the bed, her legs about his shoulders. She felt like a whore, he was treating her like some girl off the street and she wished she could have died. The tears were coming quicker now and her body went ridge as he fingers touched her private parts. She whimpered and tried hard to fight off the feeling utter pleasure that had been sent though her.

    “Don’t say that!” She sobbed out; she didn’t want to hear those words from him. She wished she was ugly, wished he didn’t want her. A cry of surprise and pleasure left her lips as he slipped inside her panties and her back arched up. Her hands came down and she grabbed a hold of his wrist. “Don’t touch me!” She tried to yank his hand from her womanhood. “I don’t want you! Get your filthy hands off of me.” Her voice was full of hatred; she had never spoken to anyone in this manner. Oh but hatred ran though her over this man and her grip became tighter as she sat up slightly and glared at him.
  12. Damien was pleasantly surprised that Anne was already wet and willing... Well, at least her body was. And her little protests and yanks on his wrist only propelled Damien to continue to touch her her even more. He was not yet rough with her womanhood but he was definitely hiding back. Her little body was clearly untouched, so smooth and her skin a beautiful flush of pink: he had never seen such a finer young woman before.
    Eventually he shooed away her hand and pulled off those sweet silken panties, now a little damp for her excitement. Damien soon discarded them with the rest of her clothing and admired her pretty little pussy. It was so pink and plump and he smiled as her lips poked out at him as though giving him a warm greeting.

    It was not long before the young Prince began to touch her slit lovingly. It was so wet and moist and Damien enjoyed how she squirmed and tried to stifle her moans. Eventuslly he pushed his fingers in between her slit and found her precious pearl underneath her folds. It perked and jerked underneath his touch.
    "Oh my, miss Anne," he chuckled lightly as he began to circle her nub with his fingertips, "look at that! What a pretty little clit you have down here. How you have managed to fend off men until now will forever to be a mystery to me."
  13. Anne’s fighting didn’t seem to be doing anything to him, it was as if she was a fly and all he had to do was smack her away. Though he hadn’t even been that rough with her, even when she struck out at him. She started to shake more once he removed her panties now she lay naked before him, nothing was hidden and she felt so ashamed and her arm came to cover her naked chest. Her face was burning hot and she sniffled trying to regain her tears.

    Another gasp left her lips as he started to touch her again, she felt her hips rise and fall as that tingling started to grow. She jumped as he touched a certain spot that made her whole body rush with a strange pleasure she had never in her life felt before and god she loved it! She sat up gasping again, her fingers were now kneading at one of her breast, she didn’t even realized she was doing it until she felt her fingers brush across her nipple and she quickly took her hand away.

    Anne’s face was close to his, almost close enough to kiss, her hair was disheveled and it was a very becoming look for her. She had to stop this, she couldn’t allow him to touch her like this nor let him see that he was bringing her any kind of pleasure. She struck out again, her hand coming across his face and then she shifted herself so she could kick him in the chest, trying to move him away from her.
  14. Just from the look on her sweet features, Damien could tell that she was not used to feeling this way, but also that she was wildly turned on. Her bottom was warm and wet and her lips parted whenever he touched her clit, wrapping his fingers around it and teasing it playfully.
    He was rudely awaken from his haze though when the young woman wriggled her way free and rudely slapped him across the face, trying to get him away for her. But Anne was no match for his strength and her slap was merely a touch on his cheek. But her defiance against him angered Damien and his face began to grow hot with frustration as she attempted to fight him.

    With a few quick movements Damien had the young woman pinned against the bed, his large body resting up against her naked form. Her eyes widened in fear as he looked down at her, chocolate brown eyes boring into her, angry and heated.
    "I was careful with you," he muttered, grabbing her wrists and pushing her down into the mattress roughly, "tried to get you ready, make you enjoy it. And you fight me?" He snarled with the last word and then lifted her hands so that she was once again unable to touch or really move. Now that her bra and corset had been discarded, her breasts were on display, perky and round and oh-so-perfect.

    Releasing her for a split second, Damien reached over her and grabbed at one of his belts, which was sitting on the bedside table. He was done being Mr. Nice Guy... if she was going to fight against him that way, she was going to be pay. He reached up and bound her wrists to one of the bedposts, tight enough so that it dug a little into her skin.

    Now that her legs were only left to fight him off, Damien imagined that he was going to have a much easier time with her body. Considering his cock was pressing against the roof of his pants, uncomfortable for him, Damien was quick to release her body and begin to shed his clothes. He felt her gaze on his crotch as he exposed his cock to her, wonderful in length and girth. Finally when he was naked and his clothing discarded, he descended back to her awaiting body. His fingertips ran down her hips and he gazed in admiration at her womanhood, little lips poking out and skin as smooth as silk. Slowly he moved his big hand back down to her pussy, running his fingertips in between her slit before finding her entrance. He began to insert his index finger into her and rubbed her clit with the thumb of the other hand. He grinned at how wet she was.

    "Ah, so tight," he mumbled, pushing his fingers in deeper, "and so wet. Very nice, Annie girl... very good."
  15. Anne was to slow to fight off his hands and soon she found that he was on top of her, his body pressing into hers, her plump round breast could be felt on his chest. She tried hard to not breath to fast and indeed she did stare at him with widen fear filled eyes, he was a terrifying man and she knew she had angered him and now she wondered what he would do to her for that slap and kick. “I am sorry!” She crocked out though tears.

    Though in truth she really wasn’t sorry she wanted to inflict pain on him for what he was forcing her to do. Sobs came from her when he growled out his words and she squeezed her eyes shut not wanting to see his face. “But I don’t want this!” She cried again. “What would you do?” She spat out the question, her eyes opening and she gazed into his dark orbs with her honey colored ones. Hatred and utter revulsion were shown though her eyes for him.

    Anne tried to squirm, but he had such a great hold of her that it was useless and she sighed and the fight went out of her. She didn’t even try to fight when he released her and grabbed the belt. She watched as he bounded her arms with the belt, letting out a soft whimper when she felt the belt bite into her flesh. She knew that she was damned now, he could do anything to her and she would be useless to fight him off.

    The feeling of his body weight being removed from on top of her made her turn and looked at him and saw him stripping and her eyes went wide. She had seen soldiers with their chests exposed, but never had she seen a fully nude man and seeing him in all his nakedness and it made her wonder as she stared at his naked member. She had always wondered what a fully naked man looked like and now she knew and she had to admit he looked quite stunning, his body was well formed and even though he had some battle wounds it didn’t take anything away from how handsome he was.

    Anne forced her gaze away and she stared at the wall, hearing him make his way back. She closed her legs, knowing very well it wouldn’t stop him from getting what he wanted. She started to shake when she felt his hands on her again and she bit her lips scared for what was about to happen. Squeezing her eyes tightly close her fingers gripped the belt as he began to touch her again. She winced when she felt his finger go inside her; it felt unusual for a moment and even a little painful. She felt herself tighten around his finger and the pain was replaced with pleasure and she groaned, biting her lip so she wouldn’t moan and she started to arch her back and her hips swayed a bit as if begging for more of his touches.
  16. “See sweetheart?” he grinned as he watched her wiggle and her face contort in pleasure, “not that bad, is it?” He really enjoyed that she was actually beginning to get used to his touch. He had tell that she was a virgin just from the feel of her and so he knew that this was going to cause her a little bit of pain. But, that was the price she would need to pay...

    Damien smirked as he began to pump his finger inside of her pussy. Oh God, he could not wait to get himself into that warm, hugging wetness! Part of him just wanted to stick himself into her and get himself off, but at the same time, he wanted to enjoy her body for the first time.
    He wiggled his fingers inside of her and soon introduced another, grinning as her face contorted in pleasure. And of course his thumb remained on her clit, rubbing at it.

    He could feel that she was getting higher and higher, almost reaching her peak. But Damien was certainly not that merciful and he withdrew his fingers from her body. Meeting her gaze, he put his fingers in his mouth and sucked the taste of her off of his hand. And she tasted nearly as good as she felt.

    After spitting on her pussy a few times, lubricating it and making it a little more slippery, Damien ascended up her tiny body. His hands found those round breasts of hers once more and he rubbed her nipples slowly. They perked up at attention, and Damien grinned at that.

    “You are so beautiful, Annie girl,” he told her as he began to adjust himself in between her legs. Before he forged himself into her again though he put her legs up on his shoulders again, giving him perfect access and a wonderful view of her womanhood. Slowly he pushed the head of himself into her, but then with one swift thrust he pushed his manhood into her, giving her no mercy as he pushed in and out roughly.
  17. Anne felt her face turn hot; as he moved his fingers skillfully inside her and she couldn’t hold back the moans. Her body rose and fell with the waves of pleasure he caused her and she couldn’t help but allow the moans to flow right out of her. Her fingers gripped at the belts, and her head fell back as her back arched up again. She had the urge to touch her breast but the damned belts made that impossible.

    The pleasure was reaching such highs she didn’t think she could handle it anymore and she thought she would explode and she even cried out a few times. Then it all suddenly stopped and she looked at him, he had stopped his movements. She watched him like the fingers that had been inside her and she couldn’t help but make a face, she found the disgusting but he looked as if he enjoyed it. But why had he stopped? She started to feel uneasy and she shifted herself.

    Anne jumped a little when he spit on her pussy and she couldn’t help but look at him in puzzlement. She felt engulfed when he moved up her body, he was so much bigger then she and she couldn’t help but shake underneath him in fear. She felt tears starting to burn at her eyes as she turned her head and pressed her check into the sheets.

    As he shifted she could feel his dick press into her pussy and she took in a sharp intake of breath. She had no idea how his large dick could ever fit inside her and she knew this wasn’t going to be pleasant. A cry of utter pain left her and she felt her body jerk up as she felt him slide into her and she felt herself start to tear. “Ah god!” More tears started to rush from her eyes. When he pushed himself all the way in she felt something give and some fluid rush out, knowing very well it’s her own blood. She winced as he moved inside her very tight pussy and prayed that he would be finished quickly.
  18. Damien had to fight to get himself completely inside of her; he noticed the blood and just rubbed his fingers against her clit a little bit, ensuring that she was wet and warm so he could slide easily inside of her. He could see the pain in her expression when he forged into her pussy but really, that was the least of his concerns. She was so extremely tight and felt wonderful around his thick and engorged member.

    “Ah, fuck Anne,” he mumbled as he began to pump himself inside of her. She was so wet and ready, and if he didn't look at her face he would have worn that she was willing and hot for him.

    He groped her breasts and pinched her nipples roughly as he began to thrust himself deep inside of her. His member was quite long and her body was small, but it only caused more pleasure... on his part, at least. She was so damn tight and he'd have to make sure she did some exercises to ensure she didn't loosen up. After all, he was planning to keep her around for a long time... especially after feeling her insides. After this, she belonged to him in mind, body and soul.

    As he pushed himself into her a little faster he could feel her pussy gripping around him; she was close. Damien looked up at her face and grinned at the pleasure she seemed to be trying to hinder by pressing her cheek into the pillow case. Removing one hand from her sweet nipple, he tilted her head so that she would look up at him again. He grinned devilishly when she finally opened her golden eyes to him.

    “Come on baby, cum for me,” he told her softly, kissing her eyelids and her mouth as he picked up his pace. She was still bleeding a little bit but that was nothing a hot shower and some new sheets couldn't fix. Leaning down, Damien clamped his teeth down on her rosy pink nipple, “cum for me, Anne. I know you are holding it back. Let your body give in to me.”
  19. As he moved inside her fingers tightened about the belt, a few soft murmurs of pain escaped her pain was fading but it was still there. Pleasure started to form inside her when he started to touch her clit and she started to moan, no longer trying to hide it. This man had ruined her, she was no better than a whore in her eyes. Who would take her as a wife now? So why not get some enjoyment of this, even though it killed her.

    Another cry as he pinched her nipples and her body jerked up, pain and pleasures now mingling inside her body and she was starting to really enjoy the feeling and she started to moan more, over and over. She felt his hand on her face and she didn’t fight as he turned her head, she was still crying but it was silent now. Slowly she opened her eyes and gazed up at him with dead eyes. She slowly slide her gaze away, hating the way his smiled.

    Anne’s eyes closed once more as he began to kiss her, she didn’t return the kisses. She kept her lips still as she felt his upon hers. A cry of sheer pleasure erupted from her and her back arched as she felt herself brake, that one bite drove her over the edge. She was panting now as she felt that wave of pleasure brake and herself tightening about his member and then she felt herself release a surge of liquid and then her body fell back onto the bed, shivering with the aftermath of pleasure the coursed though her very bones.
  20. Damien felt the young woman beginning to give into his body now and he smiled warmly at her moans and wiggles. Her body was so soft and small, and it barely accommodated his large member... but that only added to the pleasure that coursed through him. He groaned out himself as she tightened around him, her climax beginning to take hold of her. She clenched and felxed and Damien gripped onto her hips, trying to hold back his own release. The last thing he needed was to spill his seed inside of her the first time he took her.
    He knew that she was going to need a lot of training to probably (and willingly) please him but he loved her body already. She was soft and round, with white skin. Not to mention her skin was taut and smooth... he loved that.

    When it seemed she had come down from her orgasm Damien withdraw himself and reached forward to undo the belt. He used it to bound her feet instead, not wanting her to try and run, though after that he was doubtful that she would. "Good little girl," he said as he pet her head and squeezed her nipples. She was no doubt fragile but he loved her body.

    Slowly he moved her so that she sat on the edge of the bed, still a little hazy. He stood in front of her and because of his tall stature, his manhood came close against her lips. She was the perfect size and Damien smirked at that; he intended to keep her around after this, which was a rarity, especially with his sex slaves and whores.
    "Suck it, angel," he murmured, pushing her hair back from her face.