Gijinka High

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  1. Okay so...basically this is just about a modern day high school for gijinkas (half human-half pokemon). Romance is definitely allowed but please fade to black if things get steamy. It is set up just like a normal high school so don't go overboard with the powers 3 maximum. ^^

    Character Skeleton (open)
    Powers (can be made up based on personality):
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  2. Name: Alexandria (Alex/Lexie) Carter
    Age: 16
    Personality: Quiet; Shy; Caring; Protective; Temperamental
    Appearance: image.jpg
    5'4"; black hair down to the middle of her back (unlike picture); fair skin color
    Powers: Manipulate shadows; induce nightmares/take them away; Can make herself a shadow
    Other: Has a pet bunny named Lana
    LOVES the colors yellow and black
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  3. Name: Crescendo
    Age: 18
    Personality: With an outward appearance of being cold and dark, and a ever present stoic expression people get the wrong idea of Crescendo being a jerk. But in all honesty he is the kindest most caring Gijinka there is espically to younger Gijinka.
    Appearance: Absol.png
    Powers: Fire Blast, Perish Song, Shadow Ball
    Other: Crescendo doesn't really fit in, due to most the gijinka blame him for the disasters. He also attends the school with his brother Eevee, since Adagio (A pichu) is to young to attend HS. Crescendo suffers from Pokérus.

    Name: Falsetto
    Age: 16
    Personality: Falsetto is playful and trusting, he loves getting to things and is most likely to be seen starting fights.
    Appearance: 871b118bf23b17357449950286380696.jpg
    Powers: Charm, Quick Attack, Iron Tail
    Other: Falsetto is the second brother to Crescendo, leaving Adagio, the pichu to be the youngest, despite the odd family they look out for one another.

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  4. Alexandria stepped off the bus with her suitcases in hand as she stared up at the large building. Smiling to herself, she looked down to her left shoulder and giggled softly at the small sleeping ball of fur. Her tail swayed gently as she carefully walked through the entrance and up to the lady at the desk. "Alexandria Carter," she said quietly as she moved Lana from her shoulder. The woman smiled and handed her the key to her room. "Room 139," she said with a polite smile before Alex walked away with her luggage in tow. After traveling up to her room, she unlocked the door and walked in, sitting the bunny on the bed as she pulled out a food and water bowl. Once she filled them up, she sat Lana on the floor and unpacked her things rather quickly.
    After she finished, Alex adjusted her black skinny jeans and her yellow tshirt before kneeling down and tying her matching yellow knee high converse. Picking Lana up, she made sure she had her leu mad walked out of her room, gently scratching the baby bunny's chin. Walking back out of the entrance, she made her way over to a tree and sat down in the shade as she watched others show up in silence.
  5. Name sasha carter
    Age 17
    Personality quiet shy reserved.
    5" 6' with short pink hair like in the picture
    Powers: she can read minds and hypnotize people.

    Sasha had stepped off the bus with her sister Alexandria. After going to her room she changed into a purple blouse and a matching skirt. She added her matching dc's and made her way outside to the tree where her sister was with her rabbit. "Hey sis. Hey Lana ." she pet the bunny under the chin.
  6. Crescendo stepped off the Charter Bus carrying two duffle bags, he turns to the open bus doors and motions with his head to hurry up "Falsetto, hurry up! We still need to get our room." The Absol called.

    A small gray Eevee gijinka hops off the bus, his ears twitching as the sounds from all around, his eyes fill with excitement "This is awesome,vee!" He shouts as he runs to the doors.

    "Falsetto, chill out!" Crescendo cried out exasperatedly as he follows the Evolution Pokémon.

    He walked up to the desk in the front "Crescendo and Falsetto Winchester."

    The lady at the desk handed Crescendo a key "Room 304."

    He took the key thanking the lady and walked towards the elevator.

    Once the brothers reachd their room Crescendo simply dropped the bags once inside. Crescendo collapses on his bed huffing.

    "Big brother, there are Eeveevolution outside!! Can we say hi! I wanna get their opinion on being an Umbreon and Espeon,vee!"

    Crescendo sighs and nods.

    The brothers walked out of the room and out onto the lawn.

    They weren't even out there for a minute when Falsetto took off running calling to the sisters.
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  7. Alex glanced up from her furball, her eyes landing on another. A small smile came to her face as she saw the Eevee run to her and her sister. Sitting Lana down in her lap, she sighed internally and looked up. "Oh hello," she said softly, a smile still on her face as her ears perked up.
  8. sasha looked up at the little eevee. "hello" she held out a hand. she sat down next to her sister. "im sasha carter, whats your name little one." she didnt need to ask to figure any of this out but it was polite not to intrude on random peoples minds.
  9. Falsetto smiles "Hi! I'm Falsetto! And that's my brother, he's name Crescendo!" He said pointing at the approaching Absol.

    Falsetto couldn't help but admire the sisters "Wow, it must be fun to be a Espeon and Umbreon, vee!"
  10. Alex looked up at the arbol the boy called Crescendo and gave a small, shy smile. "I'm Alexandria but most call me either Alex or Lexie," she said, her eyes focusing back on the boy. "I can't speak for my sister, but I like being an Umbreon. It just...fits," she said with a smile and a small shrug. She ran her fingers through her black hair before moving them down to stroke the bunny's fur.
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  11. Falsetto grins even wider, Umbreon as one of the coolest of the evolutions available for him! He espically loved the rings that will appear and the piercing red eyes!

    Crescendo nods a hi "Alex, what a nice name." He said smiling.

    Falsetto suddenly squatted in front of Lexie and said "Ah! What a cute bunny, vee! I always wanted a bunny, but Crescendo says no."

    The Absol gijinka shakes his head "Because the pets I let you have you killed! Those fish? Those insects? I even gave you a virtual pet!!" He said.

    "The fish were dead when we got them, they would just stare wide-eyed! The bugs scared me and got into my tail, and my Tamagotchi ran away!"
  12. Alex smiled a bit more at the compliment and quickly forced her threatening blush away. Her red eyes darted down to Lana then back up to Falsetto and smiled a bit as she leaned in a little closer. "I'll tell you a secret. I'm scared of bugs too," she whispered before pulling back. "You can't tell anyone," she giggled softly. She had to admit. She loved that their names were also music references. She sat Lana down carefully in the soft grass and watched as she started hopping around, obviously happier with her newly-given freedom. "Her name is Lana," she said as she looked back at the two.
  13. [​IMG]
    Name: Mew
    Age: 12
    Personality: Fun and jumpy
    Powers (can be made up based on personality): She create force fields..... Here not much but it her powers their like three >.>
    Other: loves her brother very much MewTwo (Like a brother! no Romance between them!) (and yes someone can play him if they want to ^^)

    Mew walked into the new school scared but very happy! She couldn't wait to meet some new people ^^
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  14. Falsetto smiles and lays on his belly tail wagging as he watches little Lana.

    Crescendo smirks as he watches the others .
  15. Sasha looked at falsetto. "I enjoy being an espeon." She looked over at her sister "my sisters not always shy she usually bullies me cause of type advantage."
  16. "Shut up. I do not!" Alex nearly yelled but couldn't help the small smile on her face. "You of all people know how shy I am," she pointed out, a light blush coming about as she glances up at Crescendo.
  17. Falsetto was now wishing their was a Eeveeloution that was made up of an Umbreon and Espeon "Oh! I wish I knew which one I want to be! How did you guys choose?"

    Crescendo looked curiously at Alex still smiling "So, what classes do you two have?" He asked.
  18. Alex smile at Falsetto and thought for a moment. "Well it was mainly based on what I liked. Darkness and shadows interest me so I chose an Umbreon because that's what they remind me of. And because I like the yellow rings," she said, blushing at the last part. "I have math, English, science, history, gym, and the rest of the time free time," she said, answering Crescendo's question at the looked at him.
  19. Sasha looked over at Lexie. "I figured it fit my personality more than the others. I also like the psychic type more than any others." She looked back at falsetto. "I'm sure you figure out which one you want to be."
  20. Falsetto thought for a moment "Going based of my personality, I think I would be a Jolteon." He said becoming fast friends with Sasha.

    Crescendo looked at his schedule and his eyes widen "My schedule is in that same order!" He replied.