Gifts for Ryker

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  1. Happy burfday!

  2. I will wish a nectrotizing facitiis upon you.

    *Tackles him to the floor*

    I WUV YOU!
  4. Armageddon's Engineer gets a year older.

    I swear it, the Penguins will pay...

  5. *Snuggles him*

    I hope your birfffdaaay ish funnnnnn!
  6. [​IMG]

    Shall I demolish that armament?
  7. Your art is good and I'm glad you're seeing it >:C

  8. -runs into the thread- Someone said hookers...where...!
    Oh...It was TK! Are you doing favors in the gutter again?

    -hands a army of flesh eating mutant blueberries to Ryker- Happy birthday!
  9. YAY!

    *Snuggles Cor*

    The stripper pole is on the left of the bar in the back, in the naughty bits of the birthday party room....
  10. Hippy birthday, Ryker!

  11. -drags TK with her- DANCE WOMAN. -points up at the pole then runs off ta spike the already spiked punch-
  12. *Whimpers and then tries to dance on the pole, effectively knocking herself in the head with it five times*


  13. -facepalms at TK then dunks her head in the punch bowl to drink-
  14. *Drains the bowl, then starts giggling madly before stealing Cor's top and running away with it*

  15. Oh dear.... SOMEONE GET ME A TRANQ DART! -runs after TK trying to get her shirt back- TK! STOP RUNNING! GIMME MY SHIRT BACK!
  16. *Throws her shirt at the VERY top of the stripper pole*

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  17. O_O" uhh...damnit. -climbs and gets her shirt, spiraling back down with it and ending up upside down somehow- TK HELP! GEMME' DOWN FROM HERE!
  18. *Points and laughs, too plastered to help*
  19. ...

    Ryker, if you would please...

    *Ryker blows the stripper pole and Corvus away with an MGL-140 grenade launcher.*

    Seriously, Ah don' git paid enough fer 'is shite.
  20. I do believe the perfect gift for a man like Ryker would be a woman dressed up as that chick that gives you your debriefings in Red Alert 3, russian accent and everything.