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  1. So if you don't know what this is, a gifted person is a mutated or otherwise altered person who is hunted. This ranges from telepathy to animal mutations. I need at least three people to accurately start.
  2. Will there be a plot of some sort?
  3. Of course. When we get the people we need I'll reveal what I ahve in mind.
  4. Hn.
    You'll need to reveal some small part of what you have in mind to entice people into expressing their interest.
  5. This is one I came up with last night:
    You wake up. Nothing makes sense. You're in a cell with three other mutants like you. All of you are all different, and yet unique. But all you remember is going to bed that last night...and now you're on the row for a dissection. Can you escape?
  6. Yeah, I'm not in until I know what I'm getting into. I don't jump into pools unless I can see the water.

    Late post. XD

    I don't think I'll join this one. Sorry!
  7. The post before yours has the plot.
  8. Alright. I'll be with you if anyone else shows up.
  9. I know Im already in a gifted rp woth you but if you need a last person I would be up for it.
  10. We'll need one more. And also, to the two of you, we can either go animal mutations or go other stuff ie telepathy, control elements, ects.
  11. My vote is in for other things. I have nothing against bestial mutations, but I feel the other option has more potential.
  12. Hm...what about they each can manipulate an element? IE. Fire, Ice, Stone, Air, Water, ect.
  13. I don't know. Elemental powers are so overdone, aren't they?
  14. Well, good point. What do you do? I really do all of them.
  15. Why not give the option to pick any ability you can think of; so long as it isn't overpowered.
  16. Sounds good! Well, we have to wait for the thrid person. I like four people including myself.
  17. Right, I'm curious. Count me in.

    Hello there, oddsox. I don't mean to sound odd but I'd hoped to be tangling threads with you, simply out of interest.
    And you, Kijin, are a new face altogether, greetings.

    Overdone or not, I would prefer to be a healer or a fire elemental or anything else you might suggest. Cast your votes.
  18. Greetings.