Gifted, Empowered, and Hunted

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  1. Being GIFTED is dangerous. At one college, the government is about to try and take out two people now...


    Camden was running, running hard. From behind her, three bullies were, once again, trying to get her. She ran down the road and spun on her heel, running across the college campus. She needed a place to hide, or those people might rape her.
  2. Kade lounged against a wall, arms crossed as he listened to the music on his player. His blue eyes watched the people wandering around campus lazily, and he brushed his shaggy dark hair out of his face. It was pretty peaceful in this part of campus. Not many people around, nice and qui-suddenly a woman charged around the corner, practically running him over before he jumped out of the way. Right on her heels were three hooting guys. Kade raised an eyebrow and stuck his foot out, tripping the first one before stepping away from the wall, between the woman and the men. "There's quite a lot of you. Do you really think three men on one woman is fair?" He asked as he lazily pulled the earbuds out of his ears and tucked them into his pocket.
  3. Camben stopped when she heard one of them trip, her long blonde hair flipping around her face. Her blue eyes stared at them as the boy started to protect her from the boys. She started to get a bit closer to him, trying not to be tied to a bed tonight. She hadn't done anything to them; they just were drunk and thought she was hot.
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    Kade glanced back at her. "You alright, kid?" he asked, keeping one eye on the boys. "This shouldn't take long." The boy he'd tripped was dragging himself to his feet with the help of his friends. "Jus' get outta tha way." He snapped. "She's playin' around, that's all. She wants it." He raised an eyebrow. "Well then, let's ask." He said as he looked back at her. "You want to go with them?"
  5. "Stay away from me!" Camden cried, hugging Kade in fear, "Don't make me go with them! Don't don't don't!" She hissed, then backed away.
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    Kade rolled his eyes and shrugged her off of him. "Calm down kid, you're not going anywhere." He looked back at the boys. "Beat it." He nodded towards a tiny building across the street. "That's campus police, right there." The boys looked a little worried now, and were muttering among themselves.
  7. Camden watched them go and shook her hand fiercly, "Thank you! They were drunk and said they were going to have sex with me! Thank you!" She hugged hm quickly.
  8. Kade grunted and shrugged again before nudging her away from him. He wasn't one for mushy stuff. "Yeah, whatever." he said. "Be more careful, kid. There won't always be someone there to trip people for you."
  9. Camden smiled and saw a small plant, "I'll show you a secret for doing that. Watch that plant." She concentrated. The plant caught on fire in a spark, then burned to death. The flames died in an instant.
  10. His eyes widened when he saw the plant catch fire, then seized her arm tightly. "Come on." he said tensely as he tugged her in between two buildings. When he was sure they were alone he released her. "Are you out of your mind?!" He hissed. "You can't just go showing that to people. You're going to get yourself caught, and you'll wish you were dead!" He ran a hand through his hair. "Don't you have common sense, kid?"
  11. Camden shrugged, "I said I had something to show you."
  12. He rolled his eyes. "And if I was some poor broke college kid that decided turning in a gifted would be worth the reward money?" he sighed. "Look, just be more careful. You can't go showing something like that to just anyone. You're too trusting for your own good."
  13. Camden shrugged, "Alright alright I won't. Sheesh."
  14. He ran a hand through his hair as he thought. "No one told you that you have to be careful? Your parents, anyone?" He'd been told from the time he was a young child how dangerous it was to show others his abilities; he was told that he must never share it with anyone unless he completely trusted them.
  15. Camden shrugged, "I was raised in foster care and never knew my parents. You're the first person I've ever showed, honest."
  16. Kade glanced up at the setting sun. "Where are you staying, kid? It's getting dark and since you seem to attract trouble, I'll walk you home." He wanted to talk to whoever was taking care of her anyway.
  17. Camden shrugged, "The A Wing East Dorm."
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