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  1. I have attempted using a .GIF post in a post, but neither the Edit Image nor Character/Media option works.

    This is the .GIF: Imgur GIF

    Inserted as an image: [​IMG]

    If inserted as Media, I am told the following URL can't be embedded as media.

    Is it a paid feature, or...
  2. When I right click on that image it says something in style with "Copy video url" instead of the usual "copy image url". Since it's counted as a video image instead of a normal gif image, you cannot use an image code or the insert image feature for that gif. But since it doesn't seem to be hosted by a video site our video uploader supports, you cannot use the media (named: character) feature either.
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  3. Thanks a lot! Do you know of any supported video hosting sites, by any chance?
  4. [​IMG]

    Nevermind, Imgur had a BBCode option.
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