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  1. Gideon's Wake
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    An Intricate Letter
    Dear honored sir or madame,

    The Wilkes Merchant Family counts you among our most beloved of friends and most trusted of allies.

    As you have no doubt heard the greatly esteemed Sir Gideon Wilkes and his heroic expeditionary crew have been missing for nearly a year, having never returned from their journey into the Seared Lands. While we have not given up total hope for his survival in that dark place it is only pragmatic at this point to assume that Sir Gideon and those who traveled with him have tragically perished.

    While a wake and passing ceremony have already been performed some of our family members are concerned that the supernatural properties of the Seared Lands may be holding Sir Gideon's spirit to this plane. While we at The Wilkes Merchant Family do not formally endorse such beliefs it is only right to respect the will of our members who hold them. They have volunteered their own personal wealth to the finding and collection of Sir Gideon's remains.

    And that is where you, esteemed friend, come in.

    You have served our family well in the past and we are granting you a chance to serve again, this time on a journey like no other. A quest into the very heart of the Seared Lands itself to save the soul of an adventurer adored by all. We are aware of the great dangers such a task will entail and assure all to take up the quest will be rewarded handsomely. In both gold and whatever material goods you may desire.

    Should you not wish to take up the task we will not hold it against you. Such work is only suited for the truly heroic after all. If you have a heart of iron we look forward to your correspondence.

    From your friends at The Wilkes Merchant Family.

    Almost every mercenary, adventurer or explorer with a connection to the Wilkes Merchant Family has received an identical letter, the only difference between each one being the name on the outside. How these letters managed to be accurately distributed to men and women without permanent residences is a troubling implication of it's own, but ultimately not the point of our tale. No, the point is one of adventure and exploration. Plunder and loot. Battles and glory. Things bards sing about to half-pissed barflies across the continent and perhaps even beyond. Of course, this all assumes one has the gumption to even partake in such quests to begin with. A heart of iron as the letter above so eloquently puts it.

    As you have hopefully figured out by this point the ultimate goal of our little escapade is the retrieval of the remains of one Sir Gideon Wilkes. Simple enough in theory, but possibly disastrous in practice. The Seared Lands is not a place to be easily reckoned with. It is the place where the god Ardectes ascended and slew the pantheon of old. A place where the veil between heaven and earth is at it's thinnest, where the scattered ashes of the old gods are given form to monsters that could shatter the understanding of even the mightiest of dragons. A place where the wailing dead are among the least of your worries. Suffice to say, this is not a quest for the weak of arm, heart, or stomach.
    So, if you have the need for riches and the stomach for unrelenting struggle please join me on a little adventure following in Gideon's wake.

    • Rules:

      (Shamelessly stolen borrowed from @Brovo's Legend of Renalta)

      • No Godmoding: This should be obvious. An act of Godmoding is defined as creating a character who is essentially unkillable unless they are literally fighting a God. You can be a skilled warrior, or a wizened wizard, but please don't go so far off into the power curve that the only thing that could reasonably stop you would be a God.
      • No Metagaming: This is more of a soft rule. This is essentially that you don't automatically know everything someone else knows. That's lame. How can you develop a relationship with someone if you can just assimilate their thoughts like you're a discount Facebook Borg collective?
      • No Autohitting/Hijacking: DON'T write “I hit George.” DO write “I attempt to strike George.” Never assume what the other person will write for them. If you want to write a conversation or a quick set of actions, just do a collaborative post. If you don't know what those are, ask in the OOC.
      • Be Mature: This roleplay features some pretty hardcore grey world stuff. If you can't handle someone disliking your character, or having your character lose some fights, this is not the role play for you.
      • Seriously, Be Mature: If you have a problem with someone or something, voice it in the OOC. Aim for tolerance, forgiveness, compassion, and mutual understanding. If your response to a problem is to rip through the OOC screeching like a banshee and flinging shit, I'll drop kick your ass out of the RP. I don't have time to be your babysitter, neither does anyone else in this role play.
      • The GM's Word Is Law: I'm basically the God above Gods in this role play. At any point, I can do whatever I want. I can break any of my own rules on a whim, as necessary to resolve a situation. If two players can't resolve a dispute, I will, and I have a reputation for murdering player characters by the bucketload, so you probably won't like my solutions. This is also so that I can throw obstacles at you that you will be forced to work around, rather than simply ignore all the time. (Again, only if necessary. If you take losses and failures yourself, I'll be less likely to act against you. This is mainly an anti-Mary Sue measure. If you write a good character that sometimes fucks up, I won't likely act against you much.)

    • Magic and Technology:

      Magic and Technology, as different as these two concepts may seem, one is the bending of unnatural energies and the other the abuse of natural laws, they have found a tenuous balance in the world at large. It was with the assistance of magic that gunpowder was originally discovered and it played a large part in its refinement until a more mundane solution was found, opening black powder weapons to mass production. This is hardly the only example of such a symbiotic relationship, just perhaps the most significant. Other inventions such as the printing press, telescope, mechanical clock, vision-correcting lenses and even contemporary paints and dyes all originally arose as magical products, only to transfer to a more mundane nature in an attempt to reduce their cost.

      And reduce cost it did, as magic is inherently expensive to cast. Apprentice wizards often spend a decade or more just training their body and mind to cast the most basic of spells, and even when they do they have to learn complicated verbal and somatic companants for every spell they wish to learn. And, as a last kicker, all but the most simple spells require often expensive reagents to cast. This often leads casters to focus on a certain 'type' of magic, as spells with somewhat similar effects require somewhat similar ingredients. Despite all of this the path of the mage is one often pursued by academics as a truly powerful mage can bend the very fabric of reality to their will and render legions to ashes.

      (Of course, such power is out of scope of this RP and player mages will be somewhat limited.)

      Creatures with naturally occurring magical abilities are rare and usually the result of tampering by the old gods or overreaching mortals.

      In summary, technology is roughly that of the renaissance and was helped along by magic. Magic is complicated and expensive, but can be extraordinarily powerful.

    • Nations, A Summary:

      Igros: A progressive nation of thinkers sitting on the East of the continent. A beacon of understanding that stands steadfast against the barbarous nations to the West. At least, that's what any scholar in Igros would have you believe. While it is the most technologically advanced Kingdom in the known world with some of the most progressive social and municipal policies, only the elite can really take advantage. The two major cities bare impossible architecture and the Artificer's Guild produces some of the greatest wonders of the age, but the outskirts and fields are still populated by subsistence farmers who see little progress outside of more constrained laws and higher taxes.

      Igros is where the Wilkes Merchant Family is established and where our journey will begin.

      Sciczia: The great Empire of Sciczia holds dominion over almost half of the continent, completely surrounding the Inner Sea and sharing a border with all but Mecrundyr. For centuries this mighty empire has waged a constant war against it's neighbors, it's seemingly endless legions and naval might crushing all nearby states, absorbing them into there ever increasing landmass. It wasn't until relatively recent advancements in warfare did The Empire start getting pushed back, the grueling war with Igros showing that their legions could not rely solely on numbers and martial prowess any longer. Modernization efforts have been slow however, a crumbling political landscape combined with botched logistics rendering the process almost impossible.

      Life for the common man in the Empire is simple, for the most part they are left alone to their own devises. At least until the threat of war looms.

      Mecrundyr: Nestled in the mountains for to the North-West lies the Kingdom of Mecrundyr. The oldest concurrently existing kingdom in all the known world, Mecrundren historians can trace their past up to two-thousand years. Despite this ancient heritage, Mecrundyr is perhaps the least advanced of all major powers, thoroughly stuck in a feudal era other nations find almost quaint. Though as antiquated it armies may be Mecrundyr has yet to be successfully invaded, thanks to it's isolated place in the mountains and the magical energies that permeate the land. Indeed, despite their primitive training regimen Mecrundyrn wizards are among the most powerful in the world, stumping the Scholar-Mages of Igros and Sciczia.

      Perhaps one of the strangest things about Mecrundyr is it's landscape, entire mountains carved into visages of long-dead kings while sallow-skinned peasants work in the shadow of the towering ruins of forgotten cities.

      Oemdyr: Lying just south of the mountains of Mecrundyr lies the great steppe of Oemdyr, extending all the way to the western sea. It is an odd nation formed purely out of convenience and and self protection. On the west coast lies the great port city of Cintru, former self-sufficient city state and now capital of an alliance with the native horse-lords of the steppe. Together they managed to hold off the Sciczian tide and even managed to claim some of the Empire's territory for themselves. However, now that Sciczia has stopped its expansionary attempts elements of both communities cry for independence, a motion heavily denied by leaders on both sides. Oemdyr is stronger together and no one can say when the alliance will pay off again.

      Cintru bares special mention as one of the few High-Elven cities on the continent, the other three all found within Sciczia.

      Hillhome: The newest nation to grace the continent, Hillhome is a heavily fortified city state that sits right on the border between Sciczia and Igros. A former Igrosian city Hillhome declared its independence during the Sciczian war, citing the immense losses and Igrosian aristocracy's lack of concern for commoner life. Though that war has been over for two decades the residents Hillhome still remembers what it calls the 'betrayal' of the high classes and stands to make itself a utopia for the common man. A place were your status is earned with hard work.

      Supplied by an independent dwarf mining clan Hillhome has branded itself as a city of forges and smokestacks. A giant of manufacturing capable of churning out an endless stream of military hardware that it sells to mercenaries without the oversight that other, more invasive, suppliers may demand.

    • FAQ:

      This section will be expanded upon as questions are asked.

    • Character Sheet:

      Name: (Your name, whatever it may be)
      Race: (Standard fantasy fair is present, though note that humanity is by far the most prevalent.)
      Age: (Your age in years. Note that for your character to have received a letter from the Wilkes Merchant Family they would of had to have worked for them in some capacity beforehand. As such some veterancy is assumed and it would be unlikely for characters to be under twenty years old.)
      Sex: (Male? Female? Something else entirely?)
      Origin: (Which of the nations do you originate from?)

      Appearance: (Simply how you appear. Picture, written description or both are fine.)

      Biography: (A summary of your character's history and personality. Include at least a couple paragraphs to help gauge your writing style.)

      Defining Strength: (Your major, defining strength that set you apart from everyone else.)

      Other Strengths: (Other strengths you may possess. Three is standard, but you may have as many as is reasonable.)
      • ???
      • ???
      • ???

      Great Weakness: (Your fatal flaw, something major and possibly glaring that limits and defines you.)

      Other Weaknesses: (Other weaknesses your character may possess. Three is standard, though you may have as many as you feel reasonable. Yes, I will be harshly judging your definition of 'reasonable'.)
      • ???
      • ???
      • ???

    • Current:


      • None.


      • None.

      • Name: Vernon Wilkes.
        Race: Human.
        Age: Twenty-seven.
        Sex: Male.
        Origin: Igros.

        Appearance: Thin and extraordinarily tall, Vernon stands at 6'8" while only weighing 180 pounds. It seems nothing short of a miracle his lanky frame is able to support itself at all, let alone move with the sort of clumsy quickness the man generally conducts himself, his knees threatening to buckle with every step. He carries himself with a slouch, the apparent effect of having to stoop for most of his life. Overall, his build and posture could be best described as 'troll-like', unfortunate, as strong facial features would otherwise make him out to be quite handsome. Fair, unblemished skin and well kept black hair serve as a tribute to a gentle life, though forming stress lines attest that it may have not been as gentle as Vernon would have liked. Soft green eyes over a handsome roman nose are the dominating features of his face, though they don't detract too much attention from a well waxed mustache partnered with a pointed Goatee.

        His clothes are noticeably dark in colour, a departure from the usually bold and bright hues of the Igrosian aristocracy. In fact, most of his clothes are simply black, a black brimmed hat made of felt holds tightly on his head while a black jacket sits on his shoulders, heavy black traveling pound heavily wherever he walks. Of his normal attire all that isn't black is his leggings which are more of an earthy grey. Perhaps the most interesting bot of his attire is the silver signet on his left ring finger, the unmistakable insignia of the Artificer's Guild stamped upon. When danger rears it's ugly head Vernon generally dons a padded buffcoat and heavy-leather gloves.

        A basket-hilt broadsword is almost always found at his hip along with a pair of ornate pistols. These pistols are quite long, the barrels the length of an average man's forearm indicating they're built more for raw accuracy than practical use.

        Biography: A young man of the Wilkes family and member of the Artificer's Guild, apparently assigned to lead the search for Gideon.

        Defining Strength: Artillerist - Vernon knows all there is to know about contemporary artillery. Cannons, howitzers and mortars as well as some more experimental pieces such as simple rockets do not escape the understanding of the artillerist. Both functional sense and an engineering sense. Further more, Vernon brings with him a his own experimental piece from the Artificer's Guild: Simply referred to as The Frontiersman. Quite simply, a smallish chassis 'golem' with four spider-like legs with a four-pounder cannon mounted upon. The golem chassis is only magically programmed to follow Vernon around and listen to simple orders such as 'stay', 'brace' and 'move here'. The cannon is completely mundane and must be operated as such.

        Other Strengths:
        • Artificer - Vernon is a ring-bearing member of the Artificer's Guild of Igros. This comes with the assumption of many skills, such as the latest knowledge in physics, chemistry as well as an extremely in depth understanding of engineering principles and magic theory. However, he is still unable to cast magic what so ever.
        • Sport Shooter - Although Vernon has little to no experience in real combat, he has spent a good amount of his free time practicing with his dueling pistols, earning himself superb accuracy, if little else.
        • Wilkes - Being born in one of the wealthiest families in Igros has its obvious advantages, notably personal knowledge of Gideon and some of the details of his expedition that others may have been left purposely ignorant of.
        • ??? Unknown ???

        Great Weakness: ??? Unknown ???

        Other Weaknesses:
        • Clumsy - Vernon's form is simply too gangly to maintain much balance. While he's learned well enough to conduct himself with a semblance of grace in normal situations, it's a whole other story in difficult terrain or times of stress; Both situations liable to have him literally trip up.
        • Soft - Years spent sequestered in well groomed study halls and workshops of the Artificer's Guild has left Vernon ill prepared for the rigors of adventure.
        • Partially Deaf - Spending a lifetime working with explosives has done little favor for Vernon's hearing. He can maintain normal conversation well enough, but has tenancy to speak too loudly and is generally unaware of his surroundings directly outside of his vision.
        • ??? Unknown ???

      • Name: Joy Pisk.
        Race: Human.
        Age: Thirty-three.
        Sex: Female.
        Origin: Oemdyr.

        Appearance: A broadly built woman, Joy stands 5'10" and weighs about 190 pounds. Her heavy form is a testament to her rough lifestyle and the way she holds her chin a testament to her pride in that lifestyle. Her sun-tanned is scarred by both fire and claw, the most prominent coming down across the center of her face and down through her mouth, leaving her in permanent scowl. The rigors of her profession show in the deep stress lines rifting what remains otherwise unblemished. Her hair is cut short in proper military styling. Despite this a visage of femininity shows through on the structure of her face, though not a pretty one.

        She is almost never found without her dragon hide armor and shield, both clear signs of extreme pride of the woman. She takes great care in preserving the metallic luster of the pearl colored scales doesn't react kindly to those who touch without permission. A heavy pick-hammer hangs on her belt, while a longspear is found in hand, naturally topped off with a wicket dragon's tooth.

        Biography: This hardy looking dragon slayer looks just the type to take on a mad quest simply for the promise of gold, if anything it's remarkable there aren't more like her coming along.

        Defining Strength: Dragon Slayer - A born slayer of beasts, Joy has spent her entire life among some of the hardest men on the continent and has time and time again proven to be their equal. The rewards of this lifestyle have been many, gold beyond imagination, respect of the masses and, one of the most obvious, a set of dragon scale armor complete with matching scale encrusted shield. Aside from a toughness greater than that of mundane platemail this natural hide possesses an innate magical property, a great resistance to fire.

        Other Strengths:
        • Hard - One of the so called tenets of dragon slayers is the endless strive to be hard; Of body, yes, but more important hard of mind. Dragon slaying is a dangerous profession and it is not uncommon to witness the sudden, violent death of comrades, friends and loved ones. To be truly hard is bare witness to such events and feel nothing, aside from maybe some hope to go out in similarly gruesome manner. Joy exemplifies this tenant and seems utterly incapable of showing fear, remorse or grief.
        • Piker - Piker, or picker, is without a doubt the most dangerous role in an dragon slaying band. While most others enjoy the range granted to them by greatbows and bolt throwers, pikers have to close in, trying to pin the dragon down and made more precise attacks to their vulnerable areas. While Joy doesn't bring with her the thirty-foot pike she would usually wield to this expedition, the more common longspear she does bring is wielded with similar skill.
        • Apothecary's Bouquet - The apothecaries who work among the slayers are among the most cruelly practical in the world. While historically brought on to provide healing salves and pin relievers to the wounded, it is the chemical weapons they've devised that truly show their worth to their employers. Throttle gas, Ardectes' fire, Marley's breath and the infamous fish grease are all the work of these moral free men and women. Of course, Joy brings with her a few samples of all of these.

        Great Weakness: ??? Unknown ???

        Other Weaknesses:

        • Slayer's Lung - The vile concoctions employed by the slayers aren't free of danger, repeated exposure to the dangerous chemicals has damaged Joy's breathing, leaving her breathless after almost any bout of physical activity. Not to mention the wispy rasp that taints her speech.
        • ??? Unknown ???

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  4. If I wasn't in three roleplays already I'd make a CS right now. This looks pretty damn cool though.
  5. Name: Gathran 'the Blood Seer'
    Race: Human
    Age: 37
    Sex: Male
    Origin: Mecrundyr

    Gathran (open)

    Biography: Gathran was born to peasants in a small, nameless Mecrundren hamlet and initially seemed destined for nothing more than tilling land for his entire life. However, he was blessed with magical talent, and, having it quickly identified in his life, was elevated to the ranks of wizards and sorcerers; the elite of Mecrundran society. There, Gathran proved a sharp-minded student and quick study, finding nominal success as a healer, despite being held back by his lowborn heritage.

    One day, he saw to a foreign traveler who had been injured in an attack. After healing him, it didn't take long for the two of them to strike up a conversation; the traveler was an Igrosian student of medicine. Gathran was impressed by his knowledge of healing and realized that despite his proficiency in healing, there was much more for him to learn. Not long after, he abandoned his magical studies and apprenticeship and moved to Igros to study medicine.

    Life in Igros was difficult at first. Few schools were willing to take in a foreigner and tuition was steep. Gathran was forced to take many jobs of questionable legality to fuel his studies, often working as a healer or a poisoner for criminals or gangs. One day, the city was in a buzz; apparently a notable merchant had been poisoned and despite the best efforts of the local healers, no one could heal him. Going by the symptoms described, Gathran realized that it was one of his poisons that was being used. Showing up at the Wilkes family estate, he offered his services. Gathran initiated a ritual that pulled the blood from the merchant's body and purged it of the poison before returning it. One of the onlookers remarked later that due to his medieval attire and the nature of the ritual, Gathran appeared to be a 'Blood Seer' of sorts, a cognomen that Gathran found amusing enough to keep.

    The Wilkes Family, grateful for his help, sponsored his academic research and kept him on call as a family physician. However, he still had ties to the criminal underground: obligations which require money to sever. He had been struggling to completely distance himself from them, and once he received word from his patrons that they were offering a sizable reward for a journey to find their missing family member, he jumped at the opportunity to finally ransom himself from his criminal contacts, as well as to ease his guilty conscience from having a hand in poisoning one of his patrons.

    Defining Strength: Blood Healer

    Gathran is an accomplished healer, utilizing both magical and scientific properties to cure nearly any ailment, from trauma and injury to poisons and toxins. He even knows how to treat some hexes and curses, though as they are not necessarily medically related, he is considerably less effective against them.
    His most well known method of healing is by manipulating the blood of the patient, often drawing it out either through needles, leeches or spells, infusing it with tinctures or spells that promote healing and/or cleansing portions of bad blood with magic or medicine, then returning it to the body. Though Gathran knows more methods of healing, his Blood Healing is the technique he prefers and is most used to.

    Other Strengths:
    • Self Defense: His magical education in Mecrundyr has taught Gathran a number of basic self defense spells, which he has been carrying the reagents for at all times, not just for this journey. If given the time and reagents to prepare, Gathran can also use some spells that can do nasty things to a body.
    • Apothecary: Gathran knows much about tinctures and potions and their effects upon the body, and which are best for which situation. He often brews highly diluted variants to use in his Blood Healing, knowing that directly interacting with the blood is a delicate affair.
    • Poisoner: Knowing how the body works also lets one know how the body can break, and as his method of healing is Blood related, so is his knowledge of poison, as they are spread throughout the body via the blood. Gathran knows what reagents can cause damage and how, and knows how to make a wide variety of poisons and their antidotes.
    • Educated: Gathran has received an exemplary education, both magical and traditional. Though his focus is healing magic, he also knows the basics of other magics, more in theory than practically.

    Great Weakness: Squishy

    Gathran is wholly unaccustomed to the use of arms or armor, much less fighting. If his spells fail him, all Gathran has to defend himself with is a dagger and cloth robes.

    Other Weaknesses:
    • Weak: Gathran is unaccustomed to doing anything physical beyond carrying a few books. Neither is he accustomed to taking hits.
    • Arrogant: Gathran has a higher opinion of himself than most others, and though he doesn't outwardly show it through braggadocio, he does think it and his actions sometimes reflect it, sometimes without him realizing it.
    • Self Serving: Working in the Igrosan criminal underworld has taught Gathran that gold moves more hearts than words, a lesson he has taken to heart. As such, he is more concerned with his bottom line than anyone else's interests.
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  6. Name: Ilya Vladimirovich
    Race: Human
    Age: 30
    Sex: Female
    Origin: Mecrundyr
    Image Source is Druzina by Even Amundsen.
    Height: 6’2”
    Weight: 175 lbs
    Hair Color: Black
    Hair Style: Short and cut close to the scalp
    Eye Color: Gray
    Skin Color: Sallow

    Ilya was born in Mecrundyr, yet another peasant seemingly destined to live an unremarkable life working the land in the shade of the mountains. Even though the work was hard and their home was meager, every night Ilya’s father would regale him with stories and legends of chivalrous knights and fearsome beasts before he would go to bed for the night, and Ilya’s desire for adventure grew with every tale. But despite that desire, every morning he would wake up and work the land from dawn till dusk, day in and day out, growing taller and stronger with every passing year. Eventually, Ilya came of age, and with that came a great deal of fuss from his parents about making the right match for him in their little village. Soon enough, Ilya was engaged to the mayor’s daughter, a beautiful girl as precious as a mountain flower, one sought after by many a suitor, but in the end only had eyes for him.

    The day of their wedding was a joyous occasion, with everyone in town showing up to celebrate, with even a few travelers on their way to the capital joining in the festivities. One of these travelers was a Mecrundren nobleman, who insisted on lavishing the newlywed couple with gifts far beyond their station for some reason. Ilya, while surprised by this kind gesture, accepted it happily, knowing fully well that they’d never get a chance like this again. As the festivities went on into the night, however, the true nature of the nobleman’s generosity was revealed, to Ilya’s horror and dismay. The nobleman wanted a night with Ilya’s beautiful bride, invoking an old law giving kings and noble lords the right to sleep with peasant women on their wedding night, and claiming that the gifts he’d given them were more than enough compensation for them.

    Ilya was horrified, as was his beloved, saying that he would return the gifts if that would keep the noble from touching his bride. The noble, however, was insistent on claiming his right, and attempted to have his way with her. When Ilya’s bride refused and struck the man, he was enraged by the thought of this lowly peasant daring to strike him, and drew his sword with deadly intentions. At the sight of this, Ilya made a decision that changed the course of his life forever. Grabbing his father’s old axe, the only memento of the man’s mercenary youth, Ilya killed the would-be rapist, cleaving through his skull in a single swing.

    The next day, after burying the corpse at a crossroads, Ilya departed from his village, in an effort to spare his family and bride from any further trouble caused by his actions, with only his father’s axe and the clothes on his back. While he was saddened that he had to leave them, deep inside, he was excited for the opportunity to have a new life, one filled with adventure, just like in the stories his father told him growing up. That’s the line that he gives whenever anyone foolish enough to ask does so. While the parts about killing the nobleman and his father’s childhood tales are true, the rest of it isn’t the truth. At least, it’s not the truth as it actually happened back then.

    The truth is that Ilya was neither the groom at his wedding nor was he one of many suitors vying for his beloved’s affections. He was the bride being lusted over by the noble, he was the girl as precious as a mountain flower, and he was the one who chafed and squirmed in his mother’s old wedding dress. He’d married the mayor’s son, a handsome lad who was kind and fair, but when the noble had demanded to sleep with Ilya, the boy had done nothing to protect his new bride from harm, showing his true colors as a coward and a milksop. He’d never felt entirely comfortable as ‘she’, but never knew how to convey these feelings to his family, not that he wanted to, certain that they’d reject him. As a result, the chance to leave following the disastrous events of the wedding was practically a godsend for Ilya.

    In the years that followed, Ilya made a living any way he could, even if that meant bending the rules of knightly virtue when he did so. After all, gold kept him well-equipped and well-fed, being a stickler for chivalric code did not. Sometimes he was a caravan guard, other times he was a bandit, as long as the job paid well and didn’t break his chivalric code as a self-anointed knight, he’d do it. Ilya first came into contact with the Wilkes family during a job working as a guard for one of their caravans, where he struck up a friendship with a member of the family assigned to lead the caravan. Over the course of the journey, drinks were imbibed and stories were swapped as their friendship grew, until Ilya finally felt comfortable enough with the man to reveal his secret to him.

    Much to Ilya’s surprise, his newfound friend and confidant didn’t react with hate and disgust, but was sympathetic to his ordeals and wanted to help in any way he could. It was through this connection that Ilya was able to come into contact with a few unorthodox mages who were willing to perform the magic rituals that would change his body into the one he so desperately desired. Unfortunately, the cost for the rituals was an exorbitant sum, one that Ilya could not afford at that moment in time, even with the connections of his wealthy friend. Thus, he continued to work as hard as he could, the goal of eventual transformation always on his mind. But as hard as he worked, no matter how much money he accumulated, it was never enough to pay for everything he needed, and it seemed like he would never be able to reach his goal.

    Fortunately for Ilya, Fate saw fit to send him an opportunity of a lifetime in the form of a missive from the Wilkes family concerning an expedition into the Seared Lands to retrieve the remains of one Gideon Wilkes. The missive promised riches for anyone who signed up and saw the task finished, although the danger would be great. Ilya knew at once that he needed to join in this task, if only for the monetary reward. Sure, the Seared Lands were mysterious and fraught with danger, but perhaps he would find something within those wastes that could change him without the need to undergo possibly disastrous magic rituals. But even if there was no such relic of the old gods lying hidden in the Seared Lands, the money from the reward would be more than enough to pay for the rituals, so he replied to the missive in the affirmative.

    Defining Strength
    Immovable Mountain: Much like the mountains of Mecrundyr that he toiled under during his childhood, nothing but the strongest of forces can move Ilya once he’s rooted himself in place during combat.
    Other Strengths
    • Peasant Knight: Ilya wouldn’t exactly be able to call himself a knight if he weren’t able to properly hold his own in melee combat, now would he? While he doesn’t have any fancy training as a squire or anything like that, he’s learned enough over the years to keep him alive.
    • Endurance: In addition to his heavy armor, Ilya is built to take a hit or two. Simple enough as that.
    • Mighty Thews: Years of endless toil in the shadow of the mountains have left Ilya with fairly decent physical strength and stamina, skills that come in handy when outside combat.

    Defining Weakness
    Flat-Footed: Ilya is not nimble in the slightest sense of the word. Where others thrive in life by staying quick on their feet, Ilya plods along with all the dexterity of a battering ram, that is to say, none whatsoever. As a result, stealth and other such dexterous actions are far beyond his grasp, and he’s perfectly fine with that. He may not be a beacon of light and virtue, but at least he doesn’t skulk around like a rat.
    Other Weaknesses
    • Gold before Honor: Ilya does not live up to the virtuous image of knighthood extolled by most storytellers, preferring to do whatever he can to acquire the gold he needs for his treatments, even if that means abandoning others to save his own skin (not to mention his coin purse).
    • Slow and Steady: Ilya sees no reason to move fast in combat, especially since his armor and shield can take the brunt of most attacks sent his way and respond in kind. It’s not like the weight of his equipment allows for much in the way of swift movement, anyway.
    • Terrible Secret: While it’s almost certain that no one knows of Ilya’s true past, the thought of others learning about it terrifies him and plagues his thoughts. As it stands, Ilya keeps to the story he’s fabricated whenever he’s asked about it. Of course, if anyone were to find out, Ilya would do anything to keep it a secret, even if that means murder.
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  7. Jeez. I'm in if you'll have me. Character sheet coming soon!
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  8. I am quite interested in this.

    No Sappy love stories to detract from brothers (and/or sisters) in arms?

    Sign me up famborghini
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  9. I'll be glad to have both of you.

    And you other guys as well I guess.
  10. Name: Adrian Liadon
    Race: High Elf
    Age: 926 Years of Age
    Sex: Male
    Origin: Sciczia

    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 175

    Biography: They say some are born destined to become great heroes of legend. But they're wrong; Heroes become great through their own hard work and struggles.
    Born almost a millenia ago, Adrian has seen and done more in his life than most could ever hope to dream of. A tinker, a tailor, a soldier, and a sailor all in one, Many would be correct in assuming that Adrian has lived many lives, all done in the pursuit of trying to find his unique place in the world. He's traveled to every nation, learned every art (martial or otherwise), and has payed witness to many things that most humans only ever read about in dusty old tomes. Quite obviously, Adrian is well traveled, even for an elf, due to his wanderlust nature. This has led to him meeting many people over his long life, one of which was a certain merchant baron and fellow kindred spirit, Gideon Wilkes. When they met, the two shared many a story, and Adrian even traveled with him for a while, acting as a bodyguard and confidant. During these years, the two formed a camaraderie that lasted well beyond the day Adrian decided to part ways with his friend. Like always, he knew that there were more people to meet, and more places to see, and Gideon understood that being at the side of someone tied to a merchant family wasn't the best place to be.

    Defining Strength: Swordsaint

    Many centuries spent honing his sword skills has made him into a prodigy of the blade arts. He has seen all the different styles of sword fighting, from the brutish and simplistic styles of the Mecrundyr Knights, to the progressive and complex flowing blade styles of Igros. He's taken this deep understanding of all forms of swords, and the styles associated with them, to create his own unique style that is forever evolving. In addition to being a master at his own blade, he knows how to wield almost every other type of weapon in the world, though not nearly as proficient as his ability in his signature two-handed sword.

    Other Strengths:
    • Military Training: Once a soldier of the Sciczia Empire, he has retained the tactical and martial training of those long gone days.
    • Wilderness Survival: His wanderlust has required an ability to be self-sustaining, and he has learned quite well over the centuries.
    • Iron Will: The only truly tangible piece of his arsenal to benefit from his long age and many experiences, Adrian's will is absolute. Very few things, such as extended and extreme torture or high level magic can break his mental fortitude.
    • Centuries of Experience: Exeptionally long lived, this Elf has done many things in his life, whichmeans he is familiar in most non-specialized fields of knowledge.

    Great Weakness: Various physical weaknesses: Due to his long lifespan, and many adventures, Adrian isn't as powerful as he used to be. His prime has long since passed into the annals of legend and history. As such, he has many wounds, scars, and other weaknesses that, if exploited by a clever foe, could mean his downfall.

    Other Weaknesses:
    • Severely Stubborn: As his centuries of experience couples with his arrogance and pride, he has a will that is, for better or for worse, nearly impossible to budge.
    • Acts on his instinct over plans: Due to his arrogance, as well as experience, he will rarely follow a plan if it conflicts with his personal opinion or instinct on how something should go.
    • Pride and Arrogance Naturally, being a High Elf, Adrian is extremely arrogant, and tends to look down on others. He is also extremely prideful, and will refuse to sit idly if someone were to insult him.
    • Short-tempered and impatient: Normally elves are known for their grace and patience, but Adrian has spent many a lifetime away from the culture, out on his own. This has made him rather easy to anger, and extremely impatient.
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  11. I..I didn't intend for her background to be that long. It sorta just happened and I've no idea how. :u

    Name: Morgana Balinor
    Race: Human
    Age: 24
    Sex: Female
    Origin: Mecrundyr

    MORGANA (open)

    Biography: Morgana's childhood had been troubling, to say the least. The illegitimate child of a high standing member of Mecrundyr's royal family who forced himself upon one of his maids, Morgana was kept hidden away from the public and trained to be a servant girl for her own father. She never got to know her mother, as her birth killed the woman and behind closed doors her father never hid the fact that she was his child but as soon as family members or other officials came to visit she was just another servant.

    One day while a prestigious Wizard was her father's guest, Morgana tripped and spilled red wine all over the older man's cloak. The wizard wasn't too troubled with the situation but her father was furious. She received her first flogging at the age of twelve and was left to writhe in pain in the servant's quarters while her father's event continued on. The Wizard knowing this, found her hours later and used expensive magic to heal her scars. Introducing himself as Corinthus, he apologized for what happened and disappeared back into the party. That was the first time Morgana learned what it was like to be cared for and to this day it's been her most cherished memory.

    A year later she discovered her magical abilities and without telling her father she left their estate. Dressed in run down servants cloth, she made her way across the capitol and pledged herself to Mercrundyr's ranks of sorcerers and wizards. They laughed in her face and turned the servant girl away, calling her foolish. A dirty little servant would never become a Wizard. Corinthus however appeared once again and saved her from a fate of serving her terrible father. He took her under his wing personally and taught her the ways of magic.

    Surprisingly she was a natural at the arcane arts and throughout the years she ascended the ranks of Wizards and Sorcerers. By twenty one Corinthus acknowledged she was his equal and she acknowledged him as her father. But due to her rise in status, her biological father called for her and finally publicly announced her as his daughter to other high-standing royals.

    She hated him and denounced him just as publicly, and he was shamed among his peers. Furious once more, her father hired assassins to kill her and when the time came, it was not Morgana who was killed but Corinthus - her mentor and savior. After watching the man she considered her true father fall to protect her once again, she cut all her ties with Mercyundr and disappeared into the woods of Igros in order to escape her past.

    She spent the last three years in solitude and reflection, whilst living in that forest. Morgana would leave on occasion however whenever she caught wind of dishonorable men harassing the peasants of Igros and she would dispatch of them with her magic. Soon the common folk gave her the title "Witch of the Wilds" and she was considered her a local hero even though many members of Igros's aristocracy considered her more of a renegade.

    During this time, she would appear from the forest to help defend some of the Wilkes family caravans from bandit attacks and when they asked for her name, she gave them it and they striked a deal where she would continue to defend the caravans as they passed through her territory in exchange for reagents to practice her magic. She took it up and a year later received the letter inviting her to journey the Seared Lands. It was not the promise of riches or adventure that caused her to accept the offer, but the chance of company. She had been so lonely the past few years and maybe this mission was the perfect opportunity to integrate herself into society once more.

    Defining Strength: Witch of the Wilds

    Morgana due to her natural affinity in magic and her years under tutelage is incredibly competent with offensive magic, specializing in magic that involves or manipulates nature. Known to have taken out bands as big as eight to ten bandits on her own relatively easily, she is experienced in combat and thanks to her time spent in the woods she's learned a way to cast cheaper (albeit weaker) magic with natural reagents.

    Other Strengths:
    • Survivalist - Morgana's time spent in solitude in the woods has lead her to become accustomed to the activities required with that lifestyle. She is capable of hunting and gathering and knows how to make various herbal concoctions and creams that make life in the woods easier, though she is hardly a dedicated healer.
    • Unbiased - Morgana's time spent as both a servant and a well regarded wizard allowed her to experience both sides of the spectrum of social status. She understands how both sides act as well as operate. As the search for the Sir Gideon Wilkes grows with people of varying backgrounds, the ability to see both sides without prejudice become more helpful.
    • Adaptable - Due to her cutting her ties with the Mercundyr sorcerers, Morgana knew from the start she wouldn't be able to solely rely on magic to protect herself as she'd run out of expensive reagents. During her time in the forest she has learned to use naturally found (cheaper) reagents to cast (weaker) spells.

    Great Weakness: Lone Wolf

    During her time in servitude, Morgana never had the time to make friends. This was one of the few trends that remained as she went under Corinthus's wing. Her dedication to her studies and the advancement of her magic kept her often alone and independent. Now that she's spent the past four years of her life living in a hut tucked away into Igros' forests, she isn't exactly used to interacting with others and might prove to be a difficult teammate simply because she's never been one.

    Other Weaknesses:
    • Self Righteous - Morgana has seen a lot of shit throughout her life and that's lead to her lack of tolerance for things and people who she dislikes. If you do something she considers dishonorable or wrong she won't be afraid to tell you of it and show her distaste towards your actions. She believes in her morals deeply.
    • Light - As dangerous as she can be Morgana is still just a woman who spent most of her later life researching and studying away in grand libraries. She is light and easy to throw and/or overpower in direct combat.
    • Fragile - Hand in with the fact that she very light, Morgana is extremely vulnerable in close quarters if the enemy does not give her enough time to cast.
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  12. Working on a CS now. As the GM is no doubt aware from our brief conversings on the subject, it is to be a wizard specializing in his lack of magical specialization.
  13. I'd like to reserve a spot for an archetypal ranger character to balance out the characters already presented. It's late where I am, so I'll just make a CS tomorrow. Toodles!
  14. Name: Hannelore Salander
    Race: Human
    Age: 21
    Sex: Female
    Origin: Igros

    Appearance: Art by DeVmarine - Standing at five and half feet, Hannelore is a young white woman with long loose black hair. Dressed in what some might call a garishly red and black puffed jacket worn over a leather cuirass, alongside similarly garish red and black hose, a feathered wide brim hat, and fine black leather gloves, her wealthy upbringing is not exactly kept secret.

    The second cousin once removed of one of the members of the Wilkes Merchant Family, Hannelores parents were minor Igros nobles who had been marrying into money for several generations. Their political influence was limited, but they compensated, perhaps overly so, through wealth. Pampered and doted upon, when Hannelore expressed an interest in the soldiers and guards that accompanied esteemed guests, her parents sought out martial tutors to teach her the ways of war.

    It wasn't until she was fourteen that Hannelore experienced her first vision. Grabbing a well worn training sword for her daily practice, she was suddenly paralyzed, her senses pulled away to witness an older man struggling aboard the deck of a ship shattered by raging storms. A couple months later, her tutor took temporary leave to attend the funeral of an old friend, who had died at sea.

    As time passed, the visions grew more frequent. Sometimes she'd she things happening far away, other times into the past. Most times she lacked the context to know either way. It eventually reached the point where she took to wearing gloves and long sleeves at all times to avoid triggering another barrage of visions, letting her control the pace of her exposure.

    Adolescence slowly passed her by, and Hannelore continued to grow more accustomed to fighting with a flamberge (though lacked real life or death experience), directing her visions (though the future continued to stubbornly deny her it's secrets), and enjoying her family's wealth. Her familial ties to the Wilkes Merchant Family, weak as they may be, let news of their more interesting exploits trickle down to the grapevine. Gideon's adventuring ways especially caught her attention, and when the Wilkes began to put together a group to find their lost blood, she sent her interest in helping back up the grapevine.

    Defining Strength: Intuitive Clairvoyant

    For several years now, Hannelore has had a knack for scrying. One that has only grown stronger with time. Through contact with a person or object, Hannelore can see into defining moments in the subjects past, or use a personal belonging of someone to try and see where that person may be during the present. Though for seeing elsewhere in the present, attachment between the two subjects as well as distance both factor into the clarity of the vision, and as such seeing into the past is generally far easier to control and direct.

    Other Strengths:
    • Cleaving Insight - Though she's yet to be in a true life or death situation yet, Hannelore has received training from some of the most sought after tutors in Igros, and is no small talent with the two handed flamberge.
    • A Second Ahead - The future is a nearly impenetrable barrier to attempt to scry into, defined by countless decisions yet to be made. But impending injuries are often soon enough and shocking enough that Hannelore can start to dodge an attack a moment before the attack has even begun.
    • Gregarious - A welcoming demeanor, friendly attitude, and easy smile makes Hannelore an approachable and generally well received personality.

    Great Weakness: Wracked With Visions

    At this inexperienced, tender age, Hannelore has not yet learned to control her visions. Coming into contact with any object with a strong history or connection is likely to set her off, disorienting her. She's taken to wearing gloves to help avoid physical contact, but if something were to pierce her clothes, or touch some of her exposed skin elsewhere, her mind would be sent whirling off to another time and/or another place.

    Other Weaknesses:
    • Naive - Raised in a sheltered and wealthy manner, Hannelore has little experience with the more unsavory elements life has to offer. As such, she is likely to place trust in those she should be wary of.
    • Sticks and Stones - Hannelore's martial skills alongside her reflexes let her avoid most blows, but when hit she lacks the tenacity or armour to try and shrug them off.
    • Superficial - Friendly though she may be, she has not experienced much in the way of hardship. She'll have no words of wisdom for those in need, no clue how to handle those who could use some support.
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  15. Hope you like her! Took me a while to make her.

    Name: Jessica Langley
    Race: Human
    Age: 36
    Sex: Female
    Origin: Igros



    Biography: Jessica had a simple life. She lived on a farm not to far out from Igros. Her parents took good care of her but, her mother soon died after her 4th birthday leading to her father to start drinking. Her father was always drunk so Jessica mostly took care of herself. She befriended a stray cat who she named Mike. He kept her company through her long boring days. Around her 6th birthday Jessica became infatuated with guns. She say a traveler carrying one and was instantly intrigued by how it worked. It wasn't long before Jessica was begging her Aunt for one. Her Aunt told her that come her 18th birthday she would buy her one. So that day forward Jessica trained.

    Jessica focused mainly on speed as she knew she would need to be fast when re-loading and switching weapons. By her 18th birthday Jessica was ready for her first gun. Her aunt gave her two pistols which she still carries to this day. The day she got her guns was the same day she started training. Day in and day out she would be in her backyard training. It wasn't until she was 19 that she had mastered using pistols. On her 20th birthday she got a sniper rifle which she soon after started training with. By age 23 she was able to shoot at far distances.

    Jessica was 28 when she met the Wilkes Family. They were being attacked by bandits when she showed up. Of course at first she didn't know who they where but, after having taken them all down she realized they were the Wilkes. They thanked her for what she had done and told her they would keep in touch in case they needed help again. Upon receiving the letter entailing the death of one of the Wilkes Jessica was instantly packing and on her way there wanting nothing more than to help.

    Defining Strength: Long Distance Fighter

    Jessica works best from a distance using camouflage to her advantage. She's trained to use any type of gun though she sticks to sniper rifles and pistols.

    Other Strengths:
    • Fast - Due to having no hand-to-hand combat skill Jessica trained her body to be fast. She can switch weapons and reload quick thanks to her training.
    • Intelligent - Though she may come off as an idiot she is quite smart. Her parents wanted her to at least have some common knowledge.
    • Sharp Eye - Being a sniper means she needs to have a sharp eye to follow movement and note small details.
    • Light - Jessica is light on her feet which is expected as she needs to be stealthy to not be detected.

    Great Weakness: Hand-to-Hand Combat

    Jessica was never found a need for hand to hand combat as she always stuck to fighting with her guns. So if she loses them she's pretty much useless

    Other Weaknesses:
    • Weak - Jessica never trained her body in strength. She tried to once but ultimately gave up.
    • Stubborn - Jessica is possibly the most stubborn person you will meet. She never gives up and wont back down from a fight. She even refuses to leave a comrade behind.
    • Sarcastic - Sarcasm is like a second nature to Jessica, she sometimes uses it in the wrong situations.
  16. @Grothnor

    The Wilkes family is very large, think almost Hapsburgs lite. It wouldn't make sense that they would have a single family physician. A small detail, but something to keep in mind.
    Again, tying back to the Wilkes family, Gideon is not a top figure in the family. He is a renowned explorer that comes from the family and he is respected within it, but he is far from a patriarch.

    Just a couple little things, just quickly edit these in and you're golden. Welcome to Gideon's Wake!


    While elves are theoretically immortal in this universe, they rarely make it past a few hundred years old. At 926 years would be one of, if not the, oldest living elves. At least the oldest one still actively traveling the world. While this doesn't disqualify the character, it does put a bit of a high standard on him.
    Hah, references.
    As I mentioned for Groth, Gideon isn't the head of his family, or anything near it. He's just an adventurer.
    In addition to the rest of Swordsage this might be too powerful. Depends on what you mean though, is Adrian proficient with every weapon in the world? Or is he just familiar with the basics of usage? If it's the former this ability is a little too strong.

    Considering his age an occupation, this is effectively impossible. While elves do not suffer the effects of aging in a way a human normally might, they are stilled 'aged' by trauma such as injuries during their lives. As an adventurer/warrior that has lived nearly a millennium it's likely he's suffered dozens if not hundreds of serious injuries. Injuries he would be unlikely to fully recover from, even with magical intervention. Realistically speaking, it would be incredibly lucky if he could still walk, let alone be in peak physical condition.

    Right, first off: There's no way Adrian would have lived as long as he has. Every one of these traits would have killed him a hundred times over the course of his very dangerous career. Second, these are all mental weaknesses, which are hard to enforce as a GM. Adrian could get over these at any time. Throw in a couple physical weaknesses just to balance the character a bit.

    That is all for now.


    Not really an issue, but Igros is about as far from Mecrundyr as you can get. She would of had to go through both Oemdyr and Sciczia to get there. Of course, there is no world map ATM so you couldn't have known that. Just something to keep in mind.

    That's an odd combination to have, at least at first glance. It seems Intolerant could use better name, such as Self-Righteous. Otherwise I feel you may need to add another weakness, or at least stronger, more physical ones.

    That's it, throw in a weakness for some balance and you're good to go.


    Mechanically the character works, but I'm unsure you'd be a good fit considering the possible content of the RP. I'm sorry.
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  17. I aimed high because I didn't know the laws on how long elves live.
    I can easily change the strength into a weakness, so I can do that.
    I'd still like to keep the age, since it gives him a reason to be more arrogant than most other elves. If it's a problem, though, I can change it.

    Also, it's more of a basic knowledge for most weapons, especially since he prefers his own signature weapon. More along the lines of "How is this weapon used, and how can I fight that" kind of thing.
    If I wanted him to be a weaponmaster, I'd make him a weaponmaster.
  18. Fair enough. That's what the review process is for.
    Consider that any elf who is a full-time adventure/soldier would rarely live beyond two-hundred years. Living even to three-hundred in such a profession would be good enough reason to be more arrogant than an average elf. As I said, you could keep the age if you want, but it's nothing short of a miracle for him to be that old and still be even marginally effective in combat.

    Ok, that's fine then.
  19. @Snakey I changed her to be more of your traditional, strong but immobile burst mage. She lost the ability to fight quickly and close quarters with her staff blade but learned how to use natural (thus cheaper) reagents to cast (weaker) spells in order to preserve her strongest reagents for enemies more fearsome than forest bandits. Also Self-Righteous does fit way better thematically, I must admit. :p
  20. Well, he wasn't just an adventurer or a soldier for those many long years.
    He led many lives, some mundane, some extraordinary. Not like it's hard to live that long in certain lifestyles.
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