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  1. Zoey would consider that for a moment, and then point towards the section that starts with genius-level baby books. Yes, a section for babies that have a high learning curve. That would set Reia on a fast track for getting a general education. Sure, Reia might need to read a few books about useless info to fill in some of the crap that a fast-track tends to skip. But she figure Reia would get annoyed with actual baby books since while she had no memories she was clearly a teenager, and would a least pick up things a lot faster than a true child or younger teen. Later when Zoey came back she would say "Work was a bit slow, but alright. Nothing special besides you. As for the movie...I got a 'Wreck it Ralph' which seems to be a good one..."
  2. "I do not know...but how its eyeing us...I would say it wants to eat us..." with her not liking the fact it tied them up, and not just already eat them. Was it going to torture them? "As for where we are...I think I see a building to the east over probably outside the city around the city limits..." with her not caring why the beast looked away for a moment, and so she freed herself by forcing her back slightly through the tree so the binding was not holding her as good, and she slip down, and started to run. Not before saying "Try to escape, and go the other way while I distract it.."

    Of course no 'plan' made by a 13 year old was going to go perfect. The beast saw one of its 'pray' running the other way, and decided to kill the one still tied up before it escaped also....and Sara seeing the beast was not following her, but raising its claw to swipe at Kyra...well Sara jumped back to take the hit. As for Kyra...the soul reaper the hollow was checking ago just arrived, and quickly defends Kyra while the beast jump back, but not without grabbing the girl it hit, and summing a portal back to the hollow it could it one of its targets before it gets killed here.

    From there? The soul reaper would try to kill the beast before it escapes with Sara, and when that fails...they would try to comfort Kyra by saying that the hollow would eventually be killed by a reaper, and that would release Sara's soul so that Sara could join Kyra in Soul Society or heaven. And that if she wants to see her freind sooner...she best become a reaper herself so she could hunt that hollow that just attacked them. He/she would then send Kyra to Soul Society...normally a soul would lose its memories....

    But Kyra, and Sara were both special girls.

    Meanwhile Sara had the horror of being ate by a hollow yet the happiness to know a least Kyra got resurced in time.

    Of course once Sara was ate...her soul was among the others the hollow ate...and Sara quickly started to beat the crap out of the other souls so that she could hopefully gain her freedom or something... Sara was not sure why, but the other souls seem weaker than her even though a lot of them were older than her.
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    I think we need to start talking more about the next two rps. Especially the beastility one since I am thinking if it turns out good I can use it to reference my style/rp level to anyone else I rp with...
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    and yea people tend to randomly pm me asking if im open to rping and I'm sure its thanks to the posts I did in the forum
  5. Yeah, only the Ricochet, so no help there.

  6. "Yes. It is. So, Hercules, your prowess with grappling is well known, but I wonder... How well do you acquit yourself with the sword?" She asked, looking briefly over at her weapon as it hung on the rack by the door.

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  8. "No did you?" That was all she managed to get out before Sara started to run. How did her friend just escape? These ropes were tight then suddenly they weren't. Kyra pushed against the rope and moved to start escaping, only to see the creature rush toward her. She gave a scream, before this changed to a scream of Sara's name. Her friend had just protected her.

    Some person had come, and attempted to save them, but failed. Sara had been taken and the person was telling her nonsense. If she wanted to save her friend become a 'soul reaper'. Was this guy drunk? He had to be.

    Then suddenly Kyra was tapped and wound up in...well it looked like some town out of feudal japan. It didn't take her long to realize she had changed, her hair color was lighter, her eyes went a bit more green. She touched her breasts before sighing, they had grown from small B cups to large B cups, and something told her that she probably wouldn't be growing much more than that. "Thats no fair." She sighed before starting her exploration of this new area, maybe she can figure out where she was, and more importantly how she can save her friend.
  9. I don't like Gibs THAT WAY. . .

    Besides, wouldn't a zombie...fall apart too easily?
  10. I'm happy that this now really is a Gibs apprecation thread.

    Just as planned.
  12. Well the reason I said it is broken is this image shows it clearly broken and this one seems to be the other side.

    As for whcih you go with, its up to you. The artist has plenty of pictures of most of the girls there (the red haired girl only seems to have this one and one other even on his pixiv page though)

    So yea if you want to look through to see what ones you like this is the search on Danbooru and this is his pixiv (I think you need an account to view Pixiv though)
  13. I will probably just go with the lightning/yellow hair one.

    Since she younger I make her ..what 13 or 14? While your girl could be 18? Or something?
  14. Hmm... Like Yura stuck Layla in the 'sister' position, but my girl has something else in mind, and plans on 'talking' Yura into changing her mind about how she sees Layla.
    (Who is Gibs?)
  16. Gibs is something which only comes out at late, late ungodly hours when all the good little children are asleep...
  17. Kyra was surprised to learn what happened. "Y...your not a monster." Kyra stated with a blush, before saying, "But I dont think I want to return to the human world." She looked toward Sara, before giving a yelp as she was suddenly groped. "D...dont grope me..." She crossed her arms, before adjusting slightly then mumbling, "Your gonna have to let me touch you back. Its only fair."

    Slowly she would get up, "I live over here. And yes, I'm gonna become a reaper. With you here you can become one too~ I could probably make you a sword if you want. I'm not sure how I made these but I'm sure I can make another. Also, the bow is cool. I can shoot things long before they get close, and when they get close I've got these swords." By 'over here' she basically meant her home was a one room building with a small bed, a place to make food, and that was about it.
  18. Shut it, furry.

    Who the fuck is gib anyway