Giantess Roleplay anyone?

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  1. Alright, so here’s the basic idea:
    It’s the near future (like the early 2040’s). An alien race (who call themselves Erusians, pronounced ‘err-OO-see-aans’) arrives in the Sol system in a high-tech exploratory space vessel equipped with a very advanced cloaking device that renders the ship non-existent to sensory equipment and almost completely removes the vessel from the spectrum of visible light. (The crew is also mainly made up of females, for the reasons of: I said so.) They come and land on Earth undetected in middle of the night and some go out to take a look around. They are initially unaware of the humans living there but eventually find some, bringing both species’ to a startling discovery. The Erusians and humans are almost exactly identical, except that to us the Erusians are around 150 feet tall. (To them we’d be about two inches tall, just a little larger than a AA battery.) Then something happens to the Erusian’s ship that leaves them stuck on Earth.
    Comments? Suggestions? Anyone interested?
  2. I'm interested that sounds cool! So would the rp be about the Eursians trying to find away back home or are some of them thinking of enslaving/destroying the human race once said race is discovered?
  3. Sweet, glad to hear someone else is interested! There might be one or two of the Erusians that might want to enslave the human race, but I'd be a pretty overwhelming minority. Most of them would be nice and gentle and mainly just trying to either figure out a way to get home or work out a way to live peacefully on Earth with the humans in case it's determined that the damage isn't repairible and that they're pretty much stuck there for good unless someone comes to get them. (Spoilers, they're really stuck.)
  4. I am interested in this.
  5. Sweet, that makes three!
  6. Can you set up the thread? Because it would be very sinister to keep us waiting...just reference our names like so.

  7. I'll do this for a 1x1!
  8. Alrighty then, folks, I'll work on getting the OOC thread up soon! I don't think this'd be a 1x1, since we've already got four people interested including myself, but it should still be pretty fun and interesting. I've already got some pretty evil plot ideas in mind, mostly because this is an expansion of a RP I've been doing for a while now on a smaller site with more strict rules than Iwaku's. I wanted to expand the field of players and get a little more... mature... if you know what I mean.
  9. @Trainbrain16 You DO know that for anything that has anything sexual it is to be in the libertine/liberteen section right?
  10. That was not my understanding previously, but I have gone over the sexual content rules more thoroughly and have made some changes since then. I hope that is enough to fix the issue and I hope I haven't discouraged your interest in joining with this little incident.
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  11. If you want to do a RP like that, PM me and we can do one...maybe?
  12. Why couldn't you just sign up for and join the one that I'm already starting?
  13. ಠ_ಠ I will

    Its just that. I've never done a 1x1 with a female giant, ya' know?
  14. Sweet! Well I have done this in a 1x1, (with somebody else on a different site) and I think it definitely has the potential to be a lot more fun with more than just me and one other person. And by the way, I'm not the only one who gets to have a giantess for a character (just in case that was unclear), though I would prefer that you have at least one or two human characters as well. Its not a requirement, just a strong suggestion.
  15. So, you will do a 1x1 with me?! (⌒▽⌒)
  16. Why don't you make some characters and post them on the OOC thread I've started and we'll see where this thing goes. I would definitely be interested in doing a 1x1 with you if the group RP doesn't get going on it's own, but for now I say let's give it a day or two and we might be able to do it with more people. :smile:
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