Ghoul Chronicles: Blood Rising (A Tokyo Ghoul RP)

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    The year was 2056 and a new genetic research lab had found a way to unlock the adrenal gland in humans permanently. This allowed for more labour jobs to become easier with the ability to control adrenaline levels. However as time progressed the test subjects who were signed up for this experiment began to have children, the genetic changes formed birth defects in children, since the Adrenals glands purpose is to give increased efficiency in humans under extreme conditions, mentally the brain developed a more primal form and this translated into the body by making the stomach only able to digest meat…Its own or others flesh..human flesh.

    This caused several bodily changes once the Adrenal gland was called upon such as the eyes becoming over filled with blood turning the Iris a Bright Crimson Red and the Whites of the eyes going under a state of tunnel vision turning them a blackish colour. Since the new humans were small in number they were unable to breed unless they met in person, under confinement in the facility they were raised on dead corpses from morgues across japan, then in a workplace accident the subjects were able to escape and fade into society breeding like wild fire with the general populous spreading the genetic defect through the country, however the new humans have the ability to blend, causing them to look the exact same to a normal human.

    It has been 80 years since that event and the new humans have been classified as a type of creature known as a ‘Ghoul’. Multiple ‘Cures’ have been tested yet due to the Adrenal glands access to the primary blood stream this has caused the ‘Ghouls’ Immune system to quadruple and so has simply added to the spinal marrow of the new host giving a mutation of a muscle like appendage that protrudes from the hosts back which has been named a “Kagune”. For the first 60 years the Ghoul birth burst brought mass killings and feasts from groups of Ghouls under different names and such.

    A Enforcing group under the name GCB (Ghoul Control Bureau) has taken on the liberty of finding the ghoul groups and exterminating all of them to the last one…that was 20 years ago.

    Japan today is far different from 2056. The GCB is now a federal office and a large investigative force over the entire country. Since the Ghoul Outbreak the entire of Japan has been split into Sections or ‘Wards’ ranging from 1-25, each one holding a large GCB HQ that monitors all civilian activity and watches for any trace of the “Ghoul Gene”. Its been 10 years since the last known Ghoul Attack on any living person, and they have been thought to have been wiped out entirely. Yet the Gene is easily hidden.

    However despite all of this, there is a mass news headline “Possible Ghoul Attack on Company Board meeting”. Now the GCB is fired back up and its up to you to decide…who’s side are you on? Do you dream of a world where the Humans are the only race on this world or do you think Ghouls are just as human as everyone else?

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