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  1. Okay... So something keeps banging on my bedroom door...-is seriously terrified- does anyone other than me believe in ghosts!? I...I've always been scared of ghosts they be creepy... TwT but seriously am I the only one who believes in them on this site?!

    And this isn't the first time something like this has happened to me!! No matter where I go something always seems to be with's so freaky!!!
  2. Well, I don't deny the existence of ghosts, but personally, I just haven't experienced much that would be considered paranornal. The door banging could potentially be caused by a ghost or some other unseen entity, however, before jumping to conclusions, the situation may need to be analyzed a little further; First of all, is there any windows open? Or anything around the room (other than paranormal entities) that may cause changes in the air pressure of the room causing your door to move as a result of too much air attempting, but failing to traverse through your door? Or perhaps something is causing the house to shake? If not, then it's more likely this sort of thing may be caused by paranormal entities, however, that might not be the case all the time, as there are many factors that could have caused what you percieve as paranormal activities. Just remember, assessment of your surroundings is the key to determining the likelihood that you are indeed being haunted, or at least visited every now and then by some being from a different realm I guess you could say.
  3. .................Really? Somehow....never mind. I just wondered if people believed in them other than me, and you're probably right, I'm just paranoid for some reason. Or maybe I like scaring myself? Either way doesn't bother me so much, I'm a take it as you feel it kinda person!
  4. XD sorry about that lengthy wall of text, just me rambling, but, hey, I'm not saying you're paranoid or anything (Tbh, I tend to be overanalytical about these things when they happen). In the end what I meant to say was; I do believe in ghosts, however, I just haven't had any personal experience with them. Though saying that; there have been quite a few incidents where I start to feel more than a little unsettled at times. o-o
  5. That unsettled feeling... Yeah.. I get that one I get it quite often, not sure why. And it wasn't the text that bugged me, I like reading I just I don't know it struck me as funny but also not funny so I didn't know how to respond other than that 'really'.
  6. Say you wish to be left alone out loudly, then act as if nothing is there. More than likely there isn't. But on the off chance there is, you just told it to leave. If that doesn't work then you're just unlucky.
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  7. I have had paranormal shit happened to me all the time in Georgia. ;__; It was awful.

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  8. Thank you! Someone believes me!
  9. Ghost exist my dear...I have both seen and experienced them myself. One even resides within my home. I am sensitive to the other side, so I use that to help when I do Tarot Card readings or wish to try and sense if some place is haunted or not. Spirits are real and I for one will always believe in them.
  10. That's a polite ghost right there. Knock before haunting.
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  11. That's pretty cool, I'm only mildly sensitive to it!
  12. Ah I see. Sometimes it's good, and sometimes its bad for me. All the sensations and feels from sensing spirits can get old after awhile. I do thank it though when I do my readings though, but if I do to many at once I will get light headed and almost pass out.
  13. That isn't good.
  14. Well of course haha, but I haven't read in awhile. The most I've done was three in a row and that gave me a serious headache.
  15. As my prerogative, I try to think of things like this: Nothing's impossible, only improbable.

    Here's a fun experiment to try. I've done this myself, which yielded some... nerve-wrecking results.

    Buy one of the hand-held cassette recorders and a blank cassette. It's not expensive, maybe twenty bucks. Make sure there is no one else around or anything that may make any noise. Either turn your T.V. or a radio (if you have one) to a station that has only static. Turn on the recorder, and start asking questions aloud. Give time for an answer. It's best with these types of experiments to re-ask your questions a few times.

    Questions (ideas):

    Is there anyone here?

    What is your name?

    What year is it?

    What do you want?

    Then, rewind the cassette and play it.
  16. Personally I don't believe in ghosts, especially human spirits. I just don' think that dead people would have been coming back for centuries without one of them leaving some good empirical data. No scientist-ghosts figuring out a way to announce their presence logically? No vain, drama-queen ghosts demanding to be the first ghost voted "sexiest woman un-alive"?
    I'm not saying that there are no mysteries left, but I don't think there are any that big ones mingling with the populace. If ghosts existed, I firmly believe that they would be commonly recognized and studied by now.
  17. There could be someone, even another you, living in the same spot on parallel universe close in frequency to this one. Electronic hiccups between the two realities, or interference from an outside source could cause certain things happening in the alternate world to sometimes cross over. Kinda like when you hear another radio station coming in on the one you usually listen to due to weather.

    And, there's some thing I've heard once saying that the electric signature of someone with a strong emotion, like anger or sadness, gets left behind.

    This subject's not really my strong suite. :/

    But those who devoutly believe in the paranormal say that if you acknowledge a ghost is there, by talking to it or showing you're afraid, it makes them stronger and more associated with you. Which, I mean, I wouldn't blame them. Imagine being invisible for years and years, and suddenly someone sees you, are starts talking to you. Of course you'd try to stick around them.
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  18. B-but emotions aren't made out of electricity and people aren't made out of radio waves. O.O And if something is crossing over, why isn't it, y'know, actually here in all ways for an extended period of time? And, even if ghosts do stick around one person, why can't other people (like, y'know, scientists) detect them?

    IDK. We don't know what they are, or how they work, or even if they exist. Usually when one person sees, hears, or "senses" things that nobody else can the assumption is that xe's crazy. If other people can detect the phenomena, then I would usually assume it's something logical and known (like reflections, bad wiring, echoes, mice, etc.). When you hear hoofbeats think horses, not zebras.
  19. You are very interesting...I keep reading what you've been saying and I think it's neat, I've done that experiment before btw. It gave me some pretty cool results.
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