Ghosts, Goblins, and more!

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    Do you like scary stories?
    Which types of scary stories scare you the most - ones with a monster or one that just has scary supernatural events?
    What's your favorite ghost story? (Kudos to those who can provide a link to it so we can read it too!)
  2. I believe in ghosts, and not so much 'monsters'. A good, scary story has you glancing over your shoulders at the slightest noises, and knowing that 'monsters' don't exist makes those types of stories have less of an impact on me. So in that aspect, I prefer ghost stories.

    I was actually debating on whether or not I wanted to make a thread like this, but strictly for creepypastas. I love reading those, and was curious if there were any fans of those types of stories on this forum. There are too many for me to list a favorite, but here's a link to my favorite creepypasta site:

    I might go through my list and bring up a few of my favorites later.
  3. I love me some scary stories. I read creepypastas as well as similar stories on similar sites before going to bed almost every night. I like the real stories, too. Like stuff written by wack jobs about area 51 and aliens and that one Russian space station and about supposedly real haunted houses, I can't say I believe any of it, but I am intrigued by it. Traditional scary stuff doesn't scare me, I just find it fascinating.
  4. I hate hate hate scary stuff, yet I am totally up for going on a ghost tour! My mom is a fan of all those ghost hunter and paranormal shows and I enjoy them as well. Myths and legends get me excited, pure fiction just gives me the heebijeebies!
  5. I don't really like scary stories. I hate being scared. Hate hate hate it! D8

    I'm not really scared of ghost stories or anything like that. Its more jump scares that get me. So reading stories doesn't really affect me. I need something to pop up at me.
  6. I'm not a big fan of going out and watching a scary movie. I'd piss my pants rather easily and not sleep at all. The things that scare me are well... Everything? I'm a big wuss, a really big wuss. Things that I find really hard to shake off though are ideas. Not a freaky monster or something that has shock value, but true ideas. Like the concept of Matrix? Oh my god that freaked me out.

    My favorite ghost story has to be one that came from a book of Scary Stories that were a part of a series. They were big in the early 90's. Anyways, it had this little kid and his dog and they were out in this haunted house. And they kept hearing this man's voice come out from all corners of the home. Then all of a sudden his dog starts talking with the man's voice and his head comes down the chimney. >.<

    .... >.> I'm good at scaring myself.
  7. Despite the fact that I consider myself to be a scaredy cat, I am rather fond of scary stories, and I often find myself reading creepypasta, or, alternatively, something that makes my back shiver, but most of them tend not to be ghost stories. In fact, I do not know what was the last ghost story that I read, but while ghost stories can be frightening, I prefer more tangible, but completely mysterious entities that can not be harmed in any way, not to mention that one knows nothing of their motivation. For me, they are the scariest, because they do everything for seemingly no reason.

    I do not have a favourite ghost story unfortunately, but my favourite creepypaste of the moment is My Dog and Pacemaker. Feel free to check them out at the creepypasta wiki if you feel you have the stomach for them. Fair warning, they are rather disturbing.
  8. Ted's Caving Page. Ignore the ads (or don't, it's supposed to be a site from '01), but it's a really good piece of... proto-creepypasta? It's good stuff. Read it.