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Ghosts and the Paranormal

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by iMisterH, Dec 26, 2014.

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  1. Do you personally believe in ghosts and the paranormal? Or maybe you have some ghost stories you'd like to share with us? I made this topic for ghost-related discussions.

    I personally have a few stories to tell! When I was a child, I felt a 'force' of some sort pulling on my leg when I was lying in bed. I am certain that I wasn't dreaming or anything. I had to really fight back in order to stop my leg from being dragged off the side of the bed. It was a scary experience...

    Also, I used to sleep with a night light on as a child. One night I was looking at my night light and it suddenly switched off all by itself. No kidding. There was a switch on there and you had to push that switch with quite a bit of force in order to turn the light on/off. I heard a 'click' noise and the light went out right in front of my eyes. I thought the bulb died but nope, I was able to turn it back on afterwards.

    I also occasionally hear footstep-like noises at night, but I blame that on the really old floorboards that we have underneath our carpet at home.
  2. I definitely believe in the possibility of ghost and such, I can't say I've ever encountered one, though. Well... I might've, actually, but I like to remain somewhat skeptical when presented with evidence of the existence of ghosts, because it can almost always be explained by natural sources, but that rare moment when something is truly unexplained... It is absolutely fascinating.
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  3. nah.

    but i wish they were real.

    whatever makes life more exciting.

    or gives me more exp when i kill it.
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  4. Mm, I have never physically seen an actual ghost in person. People always post pictures of ghosts and recordings of disembodied voices, but they can all be faked. It is definitely fascinating, although scary!

    Having said that, I would not like to spend a night alone at a haunted location or something.

  5. i would!

    either i see a ghost and life gets exciting

    or i get to kill a ghost and get more exp!

    win win amirite?
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  6. As a religious person, I certainly believe in the supernatural, but the paranormal? Not enough evidence. I've never had an experience with ghosts that didn't have a natural cause or heard a trustworthy account of one. I love using them in stories (I have an entire character based around the ability to summon them, although he can only talk to them, not command them), though. But they're purely fiction, and if not then they're not anything we can discover or perform reliable research on at our current level of technology.
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  7. Good point there! How does one kill a ghost, though? Aren't they already... dead?!

  8. if theres one thing i learned from d&d, its that everything can be killed
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  9. Yes, highly. My T.V often switches on randomly early in the morning, I took it to the store and no, there is not an automatic setting for it to do this. My best friend also "fell" (I say this because she swears she was pushed, she says she felt hands on the small of her back) down the stairs and broke her leg. Yow. I despise sleeping in the dark, or with doors open. I always see things and am certain something pushed open my wardrobe door and lent over me as I slept when I was 12, to which I woke up screaming at the top of my lungs. :) Fun.
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  12. I believe in the existence of the paranormal and the supernatural.

    I have no personal encounters, though I have my own personal reasons for believing in them that extend beyond simply wanting them to.

    I have known people with personal encounters, including family members. These are all fascinating tales that, while I take as no better than any piece of anecdotal evidence, nevertheless I use as more evidence to my own personal belief in these things.
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  13. Funny story.
    Last Pathfinder campaign I was in I played a True Neutral Cleric of a Neutral Evil deity (one step away alignment rule op) with Command Undead, because in Pathfinder it's a feat that requires Rebuke rather than being dependent on HD, so I just took it at level one. Of course, one of the first dungeons we went through was an undead crypt.
    I cheesed that crypt so hard, and the dungeon after it too because I still had quite a few zombies and skeletons left.
  14. Cause I'm one of those stubborn scientific douchebags, I personally believe it is the fear that makes you imagine paranormal

    As in, if something strange happens, that you don't know how it happened, your brain automatically programs you to be scared, in the wild that sound could be anything, so you instantly take it as an enemy. In our 'primitive' days of living in the wild, that skill would be really useful. So basically, as you are scared, you recieve everything as scary, maybe a branch hit the house on a windy night, and you could think it was a footstep or something.
    But idk, that's just a theory
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  15. i love pathfindnder

    my buddies and i played through home-updated versions of rise of the runelords and curse of the crimson throne (thus was before the true pathfinderized remakes came out)

    we had soooo much fun fighting runelord karzoug. we played the ff6 soundtrack for that game, and Dancing Mad when fighting karzoug
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  16. Final Fantasy VI has so many versatile songs you can use its soundtrack for practically everything. I'm particularly fond of Dancing Mad, Battle to the Death ("Now, puny mortals, GO!" oh Woolsey and his translations), Coin of Fate, Celes' Theme, and the Ending Theme.
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  17. we used all 20 min of that ending theme after we fucking beat karzoug

    and we didnt even actually kill him!

    the gm was an expert wizard player, so he was slaughtering us left and right

    in the end, we won by breaking that eye artifact karzoug was using, because breaking it ended up sealing him or something

    while the barbarian (otherwise useless in a high level mage fight) was wailing away at the artifact, the rest of us were stalling against an archmage

    we were a "for frodo" away from being all lord of the rings there

    best way to go out

    also, ff6 soundtrack has phantom trains. aka ghost trains. aka staying on topic while not being on topic
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  18. YEP.
    Is this the part where we make a "suplex the phantom train" reference? That seems appropriate.
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