GROUP RP PLOTTING Ghosts and murders, anyone?

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  1. Hello, I'm thinking of starting a little like an IRL roleplay but with one ghost and one murderer + a person that can see the ghost.

    So I only need one or two but if an third wants to be on this one too, please describe what you would want to be, for example another ghost, or an assistant for the murderer, a police or detective, etc.

    This one murderer is a bit different than normal ones that usually are older men that seeks revenge or a lust to kill. I'm thinking that this murderer is going in collage or school but no one knows except one (the rp who can see ghosts) that is a bit suspected of this person, the person who can see ghosts is not entirely sure if the person is a murderer but he/she doesn't trust the person in any way. This murderer has just started in school/collage and tries to get many friends even if he/she hates everyone or is not found of anyone.

    The murderer is also very different in his/her ways of killing (atleast this is my thought, if you want to murder people in another way, please comment. This is just an idea.) he/she kills people by making their victim very depressed and tries to put them down the dirt so much that the victim wants to commit suicide and since the murderer hasn't touched his/her victim, he/she can be safe in that way but even if it's like that, the murderer has still convinced the person to take it's own life and have bullied the victim very badly even if no one has seen that. But one day, the person who can see ghosts has seen what the murderer has done and wants to stop him/her but don't know why until the person meets a ghost (I was thinking of rp:ing the ghost myself.) that wants to stop the murderer at any cost and starts to help him/her.

    I don't know if the murderer can also see this ghost that the person who can see ghosts can or if the ghost friend is invisible to the murderer. You who wants to rp the murderer can decide that.

    My ghost character:

    Name: Unknown

    Nickname: Smiley or the smiley guy

    Age: unknown

    Appearance: [​IMG]


    (He has two different masks as you can see in the other picture, the one who has round eyes is when he's calm and funny, the other one is when he's serious and cold. The masks is his two different personalities in one person.)

    Body/height/weight: He's 1,9cm (1,9m?) tall. His body is long and thin and since he's a ghost he doesn't weight anything so his weight is a mystery. He doesn't like to float around as much so he just walks around on the ground just like a human, why he does that is unknown.

    Others: When he was alive he had a crush on a girl and wanted to ask her out but didn't get the chance before he died, how he died is also unknown since he doesn't remember that. He has always two masks but when he has one on, the other dissapears so he doesn't wear the two together. The masks is his two different personalities, a cold and serious one and the other is calm and funny. He never shows his face since he thinks that if he does, he'll get cursed. The only one who he can show his face to is the girl he loves. You can never see when he changes his masks, in one second he can have his serious mask on his face and in the next second his calm and funny one, how he does that can't even he himself answer too. They just pops up on his face whenever he changes personalities.
  2. May I be the person that can see the ghost? This seems like a really cool idea
  3. Of course!! Would you like to write some info about your character now? Or do you want to wait with that?
  4. f5502b43bf3d1a3fe08e06d5e291caf5.jpg
    Name: Leon Wess
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'11
    Appearance: (picture above)
    Description:. Leon has always been quiet and usually keeps to himself. He's a nice person once he gets to know someone but he doesn't always open up to people right away
  5. Good, then the only one who is missing now is who will be the murderer.

    Do you know who could rp him/her? Since I'm new here I don't know a lot of people. ^^
  6. I'll see if I can find someone
  7. Thank you ^^ If not, I could probably figure something out.
  8. Question *raises hand* did you design your character?
  9. The smiley guy? Yes I drew him myself. Why do you ask? C:
  10. Hi, if no one else has taken it, can I be the murderer?
  11. Thanks!!

    And sure! Do you want to write some info? And tell me if you want to change anything about the murderer, as I've said before. ^^
  12. Thanks :)

    I was thinking someone that is really obsessed with poison and making "beautiful deaths". They would have many different kinds of poison they try to test on people. Maybe some poisons will crystallize people so they look like an ice statue at the end and others cause them to dissolve into shiny powder. I think the style of killing you suggested is great too so maybe they would prepare the victim with that style and the final killing might be a poisoning or the victim kills themselves before the murderer can give it so the murderer has to find many victims at once so they have more chance of being able to test it.

    What do you think? The murderer would have to be chemistry genius with a hidden psycho within to stay out of police radar.
  13. Well that doesn't sound too bad. It could work but don't overdo what you turn the people to with the poinsion because this rp has a little IRL within it so it doesn't turn out too extreme. If you understand what I mean?

    But it sounds good and as I asked before do you want to write some info about your character? You don't have to do so much but so we atleast have a knowing of what the person will be like.
  14. Okay, I think the poison part will be less fancy and more of just she likes to kill people, but thinks its okay because they ask for it since they are so depressed when she is done bullying them. This will probably be more realistic, let me know if anything needs changed.

    Name: Reina Hess
    Age: 18

    Appearance (open)

    Personality (open)
    Seemingly quiet and withdrawn, Reina seems timid at first. Once befriended, her personality lights up and bonding is easy and fast. As time passes and friendship becomes solid, she seems to become more and more distant and it feels like there is another personality taking over. Reina becomes cold and brutally honest to the point of cruelty. Her excessive negativity and unexpected change has varying effects on those that are and were her friends.

    It is unclear whether Reina is like this on purpose or if she herself has no idea. However, her personality changes quickly and it is different depending on how long the person has known her. Most of her social life is one-to-one events and when she is found in a group, her personality is quiet and withdrawn, just like how she was when the person was still a stranger.

    History (open)
    Unknown to everyone, Reina had been poisoned by her stepfather when she was younger since he didn't want to have to care for her. Reina's mother was blind to the abuse because it was mostly emotional and hidden. Also, Reina had no proof to show even though she knew it was him. Luckily, due to her healthy body Reina never died even though each time she was sent to the hospital for weeks.

    The day she turned 18, Reina left for college far away on a full scholarship because her only escape from her stepfather had been through school work and being sick in the hospital.
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  15. Yea, that's good. But if you feel that the posion part sometimes gets a bit boring, you could try with something chemical posioning that can do different stuff with the body. If you feel like it gets too boring when they only die in some minutes or seconds and that's that. If your character is very smart in chemistry that would make things more sence. But if you decide that is yours only since it's your character. But that sounds good. (Y)
  16. One more thing, how will we post? Since we're three people in this rp. Will I go first, then darkness and last you? If darkness is online maybe we can ask him of what he wants to do.

    But I will start with the opening of the rp and think through it for now.
  17. Okay, thanks :)

    And for me I am used to maybe one or two paragraph posts unless it is something trivial like replying in conversation. This would be my first role play that is not one x one :lol:

    And sure, that sounds good.
  18. We go in order unless two characters are directly talking
  19. I will be back in a few hours!