INTEREST CHECK Ghostly horror rp

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  1. I've had this idea for ages now where the people of a small coastal town are trapped by a storm that returns every 50-100 years. The basic plot involves people disappearing and strange supernatural occurrences. Players will be residents of the town or unfortunate visitors who just happened to be passing through.

    Anyone interested in doing this? I'm thinking of running it as a jump-in.
  2. I love me some horror. Go for it, Rammy.
  3. Interesting, but I need more details. Tell me about how the ghosts are portrayed.
  4. Count me in! Sounds like fun.
  5. Think The Ring or Ju-on, SBM.
  6. I'm in. I'm eager to see how you execute this idea.
  7. Ju-On = LOVE.
    * -*
    Horror is a passion of mine that must be satisfied frequently.
    Please. <3 Yes.
  8. Hmm...I suppose I could give this a shot, I'm usually not into horror but I think I could handle a group RP. I'm definitely game for it.
  9. this reminds me of stephen king!! lol but i still like it....i am tempted to jump in for good holiday fun >3 plus i love me a good horror rp
  10. I'd love to get in on this. It reminds me of Spirals (Uzumaki), and as others have said stephen king.
  11. The rp is up now in the jump-in thread under Phantom Tide.

    And you're all right. The major influences I was thinking about going into this were Stephen King's Storm of the Century and the video game Siren.
  12. Replied. I hope it's okay.