Ghostly Divide

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  1. It's still a bit sketchy, but... Heres the gist of it, I guess.

    Many in the world perish, an inconstant death rate overwhelming the population at it's loss. There are more things to death than the living may ever know, however. Every departed soul is given a choice, depending on their judgement. The wicked will become demons. The pure will become angels. It may seem like a typical fight between good and evil in such a situation, but there are differing factors.

    Keep note of the rules which follow.

    They are both given the option to continue occupying the Living Earth. Roam as wandering ghosts, or mischief-making forces; depending on the soul. The Judgmentor, either the good God, or the Devil himself, will give these choices to their side's occupants. These 'people' may show themselves to humans; interact with them even, if strong enough to hold their image. Of course, as usual, they are always visible to each other.


    Once any form of human passes to judgement, their Judgmentor allows them to make two wishes. Some wish for power, which is the source of a passed souls' energy. The powers may differ, depending on the soul.

    Two Sides

    There are two sides. The Damned; demons and melevolant beings, all for the epitomy of evil. To continue their existance, their Judgementor requires them to retrieve three souls a week. As is the toll for their wicked life. The more sould they take, the stronger they may grow. The Damned are at a constant need for blood. It is merely a lust that may wash over them. A given instinct. As this information clearly states, many of them are to be feared, or just simply hated by the other side.
    The Divine; God's subjects. They bear no ill intent, and live as the usual spirit. Their Judgementor requires them to watch over one soul, one who they had grown attatched to in their living days, until they too may cross over. As comes the well-known term, "gaurdian angel." They are not bound, however. They may travel from their attatched one at their free will, but bear a sence which may tell of the whereabouts, and their distress.

    The Scale

    Both sides do not lose themselves, even through the judgement. Dispite the changes given to the Damned, they still bear the memories, the thoughts, the image of the person they were before; same for the Divine. They appear where they choose, and live as they choose, almost as if they had never died. Other than the fact they are rarely seen by humans, anyways. The Scale, which is used to tell which side each one will be put into, may tip. A judged soul may change. Divines may be coaxed to the dark ways of the demon, and overtaken by the spirit of the Damned. Damned may change their ways, also. The Scale is not "black and white," after all. The slight difference, the slight tip may decide which burden they may carry.

    The Protectors

    It is an organization of Divines, solely sworn to protect the living from rampages of the Damned. They use their attatched senses and help destroy the demons who try to harm them, in a group. Thanks to this group, the Damned are forced to live secretively, but the arrogant ones are unafraid, and are capable of taking the blood of the Divines. Such an action will cause them to increase in power, rapidly. They may become a beast, and if they are willed enough to do so they may keep control, otherwise they will mindlessly kill all in their path. These overpowered beings are called the Destructed. They are one more reason the Protectors are committed to ridding their ranges of the Damned. Upon death, a Divine is sent back to heaven, and a Damned is sent back to Hell, neither to be allowed to the Living World once more.


    Around Victorian Age maybe, I like the Lolita-gothic style. Mideval buildings, brothels(lawl), Inns, Kings and Queens, Artisans, that sort of thing.... Or not, whatever everyone else prefers.​

    All criticism is welcome, please help out if it's needed.