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A quick note: If I've role-played with you in the past and haven't responded yet, feel free to send me a bump! I may have forgotten and/or thought I replied but didn't ;~;

Hello, hello! Nice to meet you all! I'm a 24-year-old casual, mostly-literate role-player who is here to make friends and have fun :)

Posting Speed
Between once a week and once every few minutes, depending on my work schedule. I can be a bit sporadic myself, so don't feel pressured to respond every single time! I will wait very patiently for replies. No explanation for "dropping off" is required - please feel free to leave and return to the role-play whenever is convenient for you

Gender Preferences
I can play either male or female myself (usually default to male), and I have no preferences what gender my partner plays. Same goes for romance as well (I'm totally fine with M/M, M/F, F/F, etc., but I don't often RP smut - I usually do fade to black if it comes up, and I will not RP smut with you at all if you are under 18).

Grammar Preferences
As long as I can understand what's going on, I'm not super picky about writing styles or lengths. A paragraph or two is preferable, but I'm fine with longer or shorter!

I'm a huge fan of romance, fantasy, sci-fi, mystery, supernatural, pirates, and adventure genres, but I'm usually not historically accurate. I don't enjoy slice-of-life or modern role-plays as much as they tend to be too slowly paced for my liking.

Role-Play Favorites
If one or more of these are in a role-play, I will be a very happy camper (but they're not required):

- One character is a jerk with a heart of gold, and one is an innocent precious cinnamon roll
- The enemies-to-friends/lovers character arc
- Drama and/or angst seperated by periods of warm fuzzies
- One or more of the characters has a pet
These are some fandoms and movies I'm familiar with (but I tend to put my own spin on them or play as OCs within the world more often than not), though I'm more partial to original role-plays:

- Avatar: The Last Airbender
- Star Wars
- Jurassic Park/Jurassic World/Camp Cretaceous
- How to Train Your Dragon
- How to Train Your Dragon: Race to the Edge
- Rescue Riders
- My Little Pony
- Treasure Planet
- Xiaolin Showdown (Original Series)
- Tangled (Movie and Series)
- Coraline (Movie)
These are a few basic ideas I have, but feel free to suggest your own as well! I could be either Character A or B depending on your preference ^^

A Breath of Fresh Air
Within a sci-fi/steampunk world, there are two major cities - Upper Floaten, which has clean air and a higher class population, and Lower Floaten, which has polluted air and a lower class populace. Character A is from Upper Floaten and somehow finds themselves in Lower Floaten for one reason or another. All they can think about is getting back to clean air. Character B decides to help them, and hijinks ensue.

That's Fishy
Character A is a mermaid who gets tangled in a fishing net. Character B is a human who comes across them, maybe a mermaid hunter, fisherman, lifeguard, or swimmer. Both characters learn that the placement of the fishing net was no accident when the mermaid trawler that set it returns for its prize.

Pet Shop of Horrors
Character A is purchasing a mystery pet (Character B) from a shady pet store or shelter. When it arrives home, however, they discover it isn't exactly . . . normal (may be a werewolf, shapeshifter, mutated animal, talking animal, etc.).

Crash Landing
Character A is a crew member in training, ready to board a spacecraft on its maiden voyage. Of course, Character A is paired with Character B, who despises them for some reason or other. Then the ship crashes. The pair are forced to help each other as they desperately try to repair the ship (or the radio) to get off the dangerous planet they've landed on.

Pirates Ahoy!
Character A is running from something and winds up stowing away on a pirate ship. Character B discovers them, and depending on their rank on the ship, either decides what to do with them or decides whether or not to keep them hidden from the captain.

I just really like cookies!

Wrong Place, Right Time
A city is rife with two feuding werewolf packs/vampire colonies/gangs/Mafia families/etc. Character A is new to one of the groups - maybe they were adopted, or maybe they joined up for another reason. In any case, they're patrolling their group's territory one day and come across Character B. They don't realize B is from the feuding group, and since A is new, B doesn't realize they're an enemy, either, and the two accidentally become friends.

Just a Simple Briefcase
Character A is a private detective who's been struggling to find new cases. Character B is a client who's found an unusual (perhaps) haunted/supernatural/magical/etc.) item of some kind, but they have no idea how they ended up with it, so they're hiring A to find out who sent it to them (if anyone) and why. A doesn't realize they'll get more than they bargained for by taking on the seemingly harmless case.

The Search for the Lost Prince
The prince/princess of a kingdom has gone missing, and the king and queen are desperate to find them. They've hired several people for the job and have plenty of reward posters out as well. Character A is either hired or notices a reward listed, but they know they can't locate the prince/princess on their own. So they visit a seedy tavern and enlist Character B to help them. It's only after searching together for some time that A slowly realizes B is the lost prince/princess. But why were they in disguise in a tavern instead of safe at home in the palace?


Like what you see and you're ready to go? Pick one of these starters and send a reply to it in a message to jumpstart a role-play!

Oliver Burntwick strolled through the park with his hands in his pockets, humming softly. His shoes scuffed against the cobblestone streets, and he flinched as he passed beneath a dim lamp, his glowing green eyes constricting slightly. Except for his eyes, though, he looked mostly human. Orange messy hair flopped over his eyes. Freckles were scattered across his skin. And as he pulled the hood of his baggy sweater up, even the glow of his eyes was shadowed.

Then he heard someone crying. Oliver tilted his head, quietly heading towards the noise. He really shouldn't get involved. His only job tonight was to find more food for the colony, which had been running low, and interacting with humans could mean losing out on a meal. But he couldn't resist the soft sobbing which pulled at his heart strings. He'd been there before.

He walked up to the figure crouched on a park bench and hesitantly stretched out a hand to their shoulder. "Hey. Are you okay?" he asked.
Carson Haze winced as the pouring rain dripped from his pink hair into his chocolate brown eyes. He tugged the hood of his blue sweater closer, mumbling to himself as his tattered sneakers slapped against the pavement. He knew he should've brought a coat. It was his turn to patrol his gang's small territory - only a few blocks - and he was already soaked to the bone, shivering and hoping he didn't run into anyone so he could get back to the gang's hideout.

Currently, the Octopus Gang resided on the first floor of an apartment complex; their leader, Octavius, was close friends with the landlord and even had a little blackmail over them as a backup plan. Carson had his own room on the first floor, and the longer he walked through the rain, the more he longed to be back in his bed, curled up under a pile of warm blankets.

Normally he'd want to be outdoors practicing parkour, but he didn't want to risk slipping in the rain after his last accident. He sighed and slid a hand into his pocket to feel for his gun. It was still there. He'd been trained to use it, but hadn't had a need to yet. He wanted to keep it that way.

Then a loud clatter sent Carson whipping around and pointing the gun straight at the sound. Carson narrowed his eyes, inching towards a messy corner of the alley where there were trash cans and piles of debris piled up in a mountain. "Who's there?" he called out, setting his jaw. He watched intently for another sign of movement, blocking out the sounds of the rain pattering against the pavement around him so he could focus better. If he was lucky, he'd find that a stray cat had knocked over a trash can lid. If he was unlucky, he'd run into the police, or even worse - someone from an enemy gang.

He really hoped it was a cat.
His lungs are burning. Noah Harn coughs and staggers through a pile of copper and metal debris, unintentionally kicking pieces aside before sinking against a nearby wall. Only a few minutes ago, the brunette had been sneaking around an old space cruiser complex. It was rumored to be abandoned. But Noah had seen small cruisers flying in and out of the complex occasionally, and since he lived right nearby, he'd decided to go and take a look.

Then the floor had fallen out from under him. Like Noah, the space cruiser complex was located in Upper Floaten - half of a city that was kept aloft with powerful thrusters and pipeline systems. But the space cruiser complex hadn't had a remodeled base in years, and when Noah tried to walk on it, he'd fallen straight through and crashed into Lower Floaten without even a helmet or rebreathing system to protect him from the polluted air.

Now he's frantically dragging himself through the back alleyways, desperate to find clean oxygen. He pushes himself off the wall he'd been resting on and stumbles out onto a city street. "Does - does anyone know where I can get fresh air?" he calls out. There are only a few people nearby, and unfortunately for Noah, they're farther away than he thinks and can't hear him calling out. The nineteen-year-old's knees wobble before his legs give out and send him crashing to the sidewalk. He coughs and gags slightly, his vision blurring, and he tugs at his coat collar in the hopes of breathing easier. "P - please! Air!" he yells.

Noah can't believe how hoarse he sounds. He grimaces and tries to crawl towards the wobbly shapes that look somewhat like people. He finally thinks to use his shirt as a makeshift filter and yanks it up over his mouth and nose, but it's no match for the thick smog of Lower Floaten, and after a few minutes he collapses on his side with his chest heaving. Everything is spinning. He curls up on the concrete and tries to lift his head to see where the nearest person is. But he's not getting enough air, and as he gives a few more harsh coughs, his eyes start to slip closed.
A trail of frozen, icy pawprints follow the steps of a fluffy brown werewolf. His head is hung low as he stumbles across the snowy mountain terrain between thick growths of pine trees. Both of his ears are flicked back, and his tail is tucked beneath him. Warm tears drip from his eyes and freeze as they trickle down his cheeks, and when the wind picks up, he barely flinches.

His entire pack is dead. He'd left for a few short hours to hunt, planning to snag a few rabbits to bring back for dinner, only to return and find the mangled corpses of his family members. There'd been no blood. That was the strange thing. And he hadn't recognized the scent that was all over the territory.

But now he's alone. After spending most of the day burying his pack, he's chosen to start wandering down the mountain. Maybe there's another pack he can join nearby. He can barely decide how he feels. All he knows is he desperately wants someone to comfort him, and there's no one.

Then he stiffens. His head and ears perk up in alarm as he sniffs the air, quickly scanning the trees. There's a human nearby. The werewolf decides that either means someone is terribly lost, or someone has come up into the mountains to hunt. He stands rigid for another few moments, his tail twitching indecisively. Humans could be dangerous to werewolves, but this scent smells like just one human, and he does want someone to be with, even if for just a short while.

There's a flash of light as he shifts into his human form. He tucks his tail into a pair of pants, and he hides his fluffy brown hair beneath a fur hat. His large winter boots kick up clumps of snow as he skids down the hill, his normally pink cheeks rosy with cold. "H - hello?" he calls out as he wipes his eyes.
Laura Rockwell, known as Lacy by her friends, pops out of the rusty pod that is her transport. She brushes brown-blonde hair from her freckled face and adjusts her leather goggles to fit over her dark, grey-green eyes with a grin. Then she rattles the shoulder of her AI companion bot, Tundra. He's shaped like a white wolf, though of course he has several add-ons and tools built in.

"Tundra, this is so exciting! Our first mission!" Lacy squeals. "I can't believe Commander Turner trusts us enough for a solo mission without even finishing training."

The AI bot huffs and swivels his ears back. "It is . . . interesting. I'll give it that," Tundra says slowly. His eyes turn red as he powers up his scanners, moving the beam across the mostly dirt ground. "Speaking of interesting . . . high signs of biology here, but I'm not picking up any humans right at the moment. And most of the targets are underground."

Lacy tilts her head, sliding off her pod and hopping onto the ground with a puff of dust. "Huh," is her main response. "It's probably just a bunch of worms, Tundra. I wouldn't worry about it." She pulls a paper map from her pocket and flaps it open with one hand. "It looks like we're surveying everything from here to a five hundred feet radius. I guess we'll be here a while," she murmurs, heading off across the eerily barren dirt hills.

Tundra's servos squeak quietly as he pads beside her, ears and scanners constantly on the lookout for danger.
Bennet Tally scrambled over the edge of the nearest ship, his black leather boots scrabbling against the wood as he pulled himself up on a rope. His head whipped over his shoulder frantically. A group of guards dressed in red armor were shoving their way through the nearby crowd on the docks. They hadn't spotted him yet, but they were uncomfortably close. He winced and pulled his satchel closer before hopping over the railing of the ship.

He needed to hide. Fast. Thankfully, the ship already seemed to be leaving the harbor, so all he needed to do was find a good enough spot and he could ride the ship all the way to its next destination. He glanced around to try and find somewhere to settle in, his dark brown hair whipping across his suntanned face. There were a few crew members moving about; pirates, from the look of it. Timothy swallowed and carefully snuck towards a set of stairs that lead below deck.

There he spotted an empty barrel and hopped inside, carefully pulling the lid over himself. It wasn't the best hiding spot. But it would have to do until the crew got settled in and he could find a better one at night. He sighed heavily and sank to the bottom of the barrel, flipping open his satchel. The small, shimmering aqua colored fish statue he'd stolen was still there. He smiled and closed his bag. He wasn't sure what exactly the statue was, but he knew it was worth a lot of money, and once he sold it he'd finally be able to buy his own place to live.
Benoli whines softly and curls up tighter in the small concrete pen, his back to the wire door. His dark brown fur and amber eyes are hard to see; the fluorescent lights above him flicker and crackle, occasionally plunging him and the rest of the shelter into darkness. The sound of barking dogs is deafening, and his chocolate brown eyes brim with tears. He never should've snuck so close to a human town while looking for food. Now he's trapped in an animal shelter, and what's worse, he's on death row because of an overflow problem.

He winces and curls his fluffy tail beneath him. He can't just reveal his human form to the staff, either. Then the shelter might call somebody worse and he'd be dead for sure. He'll just have to try and break out when they take him to be euthanized, or hope he somehow gets adopted in less than a day . . .

He shivers fearfully and drags his head across the metal floor towards the door of his cage. Somebody has to come. They just have to.
Adam Collins paces near the front window of his house, messy blond hair shadowing his blue eyes and freckles. He'd ordered a surprise pet from a nearby pet store as part of a ruse with the cops. They all wanted to see the store shut down. A bought pet could prove the store's illegal activities if it shows signs of abuse or something similar.

From the pet store's descriptions, the pet could be almost anything. A neko, a normal dog, an alligator, a snake. Adam has a slew of supplies ready to be as prepared as possible. There's a guest room set up with fresh sheets, a large heat lamp in the corner, a heated blanket on the floor, a kiddie pool of treated tap water, and a scratching post - not to mention all the varieties of food in the fridge.

Adam sighs and peers between the front door curtains again.

All that's left is for the crate to arrive at his front door.
Moonlight and broken boards floated across the quiet ocean waves as large fishing vessels huddled together in the water. Some were torn in half and partially sunk. Others had been burnt or smashed apart. Nets were strung like spider webs between them, tangled around ships' rudders and through masses of tall kelp that grew in the bay. Every now and then, chunks of bodies would float up through the debris, only to sink back down below the darkened waves.

And through the mess and wrecks a mermaid crept. Their eyes were clouded but sparkling, like opals held just beneath the surface of the water. Their mostly white hair shimmered with highlights of blue, pink, and turquoise as it swirled through the waves. Carefully, they pulled themselves through the broken ships and sunken sails, expertly darting past the nets and the bodies.

They'd heard sounds of a battle hours before. And now that it was quiet, their curiosity had gotten the better of them. They poked their heads through portholes and even grew brave enough to pull themself out of the water onto a small nearby ship. Then they crawled around the deck, dragging their tail behind them; there was no point in transforming when they wouldn't be out long. The gills on their neck pumped as they took a few cautious sniffs. If there were any humans still alive, they'd have to be wary. But they did want to know what happened. Maybe they'd have to ask about the battle if they did find a human, regardless of their pod's rules. They were already breaking several just by being out of the water in a harbor; what was one more?
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