Ghostbusters 3.... with WOMEN!?

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    Fucking disgusting, if you ask me.

    Taking a beloved franchise and crowbarring an all-female team in there. Everyone knows women aren't funny. There'll probably be tampon jokes, and one of the women will be fat and that will be the ONLY thing to her character.

    There's a time and a place for women, and it's not in movies. I just hope there's a cameo from Billy Murray or Rick Moranis or someone with a penis so they can steer those hysterical, humourless, faker skanks in the right direction as they shit all over our childhood.

    *retreats to the trenches and loads Koori-piercing rounds into his rifle*
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  2. First it's female Expendables, and now this?

    Let the fappening begin.
  3. Who you gonna cat call?


    We came, we saw, we spent its money.

    Don't cross the streams (of period blood from their vagina, because they're women).

    I'll think of more...
  4. I'm thinking of slime jokes already.
  5. Tegan got this. I don't even know what Powers That Be is but it made Assmo do the T_T face so that's enough for me.

    *signs Tegan up for a lifetime supply of legos as an extra measure*

    Nevermind, I found something more visually succinct.

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  6. Here's what I really wonder: If we're doing genderflipped Ghostbusters then what actor should fill Sigourney Weaver's role?
  7. zuuuuuuul mothafuckaaaa zuuuuuuuul
  8. The question should be who today can look as good as Weaver in a 1980s bat-wing, boat-necked satin nightmare while breathily asking people if they're the keymaster.
  9. So, I take it Rebel Wilson has already been cast?
  10. The sad part is that it's not even because they think having an all-female cast will improve the series, or because of political correctness. It's purely a marketing gimmick - if you type in "all female movie" on Google, you get results for Ghostbusters. Not actual all-female movies that have been made yet, not even porn, but Ghostbusters.

    That film didn't need a gimmick. The formula would have been plenty fine on its own. Ghostbusters doesn't need anything other than ghosts and busting to sell itself.
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  11. Seriously, if Asmo keeps this up he's gonna find himself the leader of a cult of angry teenage virgins.

    And Tegan will be laughing her ass off at him the whole time.
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  12. I'm gonna be honest.....I don't like it. Not because it's a change....but because there's no point to doing an all female reboot. Why not a new one with half the team gals and half the team guys? And NOT put a romance subplot in it? Oh well. Just another movie I won't go see.

    Edit: I see a problem with almost all of the people they joke/say they wanna cast.....They ALL LOOK THE SAME. Same hair, similar eyes, similar long faces. *sigh* gimme some variety.
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  13. What would be really funny is if it turned out that the new cast was secretly just the old cast dressed up as females.

    Wait, no... That's not right. I need sleep...
  14. well, you'd be wrong there

    there's no such thing as teenage virgins anymore
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  15. That's a low blow,
    I have decency!
    ......Though I see where you're coming from ~_~
  16. who said anything about decency or indency?

    just observing

    also, i am tempted to make a pun on being blown low

    but i'm not sure how

  17. If the actors from the original dun make a cameo appearance it'll be kind of sad. D: They only have a few more years to be able to do that, actors are getting old and prolly gonna die. >>;

    I think a female cast is pretty badass... if they don't screw it up with female stereotype bullshit. >:[ they prolly will. Then it'll be offensive to fans AND girls. T____T
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  18. Or, y'know... live-action THIS