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  1. [​IMG] ~Allow me to set the mood~[​IMG]
    Amity Park, Present Day. From the outside, this average looking is just that – an average little town, but Amity Park is far from that.
    This city has seen supernatural phenomena unlike any the world has ever seen. From apparitions invading and wreaking havoc to the king of all ghosts attempting to draw the world into theirs, an area known to us as, “The Ghost Zone”.

    Recently, however, a singularity appeared in the center of Amity Park. A vast green and black portal swirling with energy has grown larger and larger with each passing day. Tearing houses from the earth, ripping the souls out of people’s bodies, tearing the Earth as we know it asunder. The portal seems to be merging the Ghost Zone with the physical world, two planes that could never coincide.

    The role play is started! Go here for the RP thread!


    Civilians: Most civilians have evacuated the area, but some have stayed. Whether they were unable to escape the ghosts or be are foolish enough to believe that they can live in harmony remains a mystery.

    Ghost Hunters: Ghost Hunters are leading the battle in the front lines, trying to stop as many ghosts as they can. Ghost hunters are human, they are trying to close the portal and return Amity Park to its normal state, and seal the Ghost Zone forever.

    The Guys In White: The government has sent their personal ghost hunting service, The Guys In White, to investigate the strange happenings in Amity Park before the singularity appeared. Now, they are working in the shadow of the Ghost Hunters, but here lies a twist. The Guys in White are more interested in capturing and experimenting on ghosts in order to utilize their power for themselves, believing ghosts can be harnassed and controlled.

    Ghosts: Fresh from the ghost realm and they are ready to take over. These apparitions have appeared from the singularity and have only one goal in mind, allow the merge of the two worlds to happen. They use any means necessary to get what they want, and have no problems using “morally grey” tactics.

    Half Ghost: Some civilians were caught in the initial blast that created the singularity. Their forms remained the same, but they noticed they had “otherworldly” powers. They were able to change themselves into a humanoid ghost, an altered version of themselves and back again. These human/ghost hybrids may be the deciding factor in this war. These human/ghosts have their own agenda, and can side with the humans and close the portal, or side with the ghosts and try to conquer it.

    [​IMG] ~Rules~[​IMG]

    1. Do not be an asshole. I shouldn't have to say that, but just so people aren't bringing out of game fights into game. Keep drama out, this is a judgement free zone. Don't bully other players, or their characters, unless you make it clear it's your character, not you.
    2. No Gary/Mary Sues. That means your character cannot be liked by everybody, nor can your character like everybody. That is a frowned upon character trait.
    3. No god modding/over powered characters. Your character cannot be "good at everything" or have "every piece of equipment." Everyone has limits.
    4. Your character is like a newborn here when you start. You do not know other characters, unless previously agreed upon.

    5. Use Brackets for OOC ex. (( Hey im back))
    6. We don't give a shit of you have language, or do mature things, just know that whatever you do, you're responsible for it. We have nothing to do with it.

    ~Character Sheet~

    Iwaku Name:
    Character Name:
    Hair Color:
    Eye Color:
    *Skin tone:
    Weapon Of Choice:
    *Special Skill:

    Everything marked with an * is optional, but it would help us to better understand your character if you gave us more information <3

    Important Note: All known characters in the Danny Phantom universe are off the table and are not available to be role played. Make your own, unique characters, no rip offs from the show, thanks! Also in this role play, the characters we know of in the show do not exist here. All the ghosts are new, all of the characters are new. Please keep this in mind! The character limit is 5 per user.


    We really hope you enjoy this role play! This is the first I have hosted on Iwaku and I look forward to the future of this role play! To join us in the RP thread, click here or at the top of this page. Special thanks to Aazy[​IMG] for helping me make this and who will also be helping me run it. Also, thanks to everyone who joins in! Happy ghost hunting!

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  2. Iwaku Name: Elfie
    Character Name: Jason
    Gender: Male
    Faction: Civilian
    Age: 17
    *Height: 5'8
    *Weight: 164 lbs.
    Appearance: Dark hair and dark eyes, he always wears a blue hoody and a black vest. Dark jeans, and checkered converse.
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown
    *Skin tone: Pale
    Personality: The joker of his class. He always tried to make a joke out of everything to lighten things up a bit, though he can be serious when he needs to be. He hates having to be looked after, he'd rather take care of himself and not be a burden to others.
    *Lover/Mate: N/A
    Weapon Of Choice: He doesn't use any weapons on a regular basis, though he does carry his phone everywhere he goes.
    *Special Skill: Computer whiz
    *Background: Classified as a nerd in high school, Jason was an avid video game player. Rather than deal with the normal world and problems like his normal bullies, he decided to delve into the fictional worlds he loved so much, the only friend he's had up until a couple years ago was his lifelong friend Jude. Around two years ago, he met people he could call real friends, and has since come more out of his shell. A victim of frequent bullying, there are demons he has been dealing with recently and has adversly been affecting him. His parents were able to flee Amity Park, leaving him in the care of his lifelong friend, Jude. Lately, he's been dodging strange men in white along with the ghosts, and has been trying to lay low until this whole mess hopefully blows over.
    *Extra: The Guys in White seem to be trying to get their hands on him as a part of their experiments, why?
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  3. Iwaku Name: Aazy
    Character Name: Jake Florentine
    Gender: Male
    Faction: Halfa (Human/Ghost)
    Age: 17
    *Height: 5"7
    *Weight: 167lbs
    Appearance: Jake wears grey jeans that fit him rather well, a white undershirt and a black over-coat that reached to his thighs. He also has a bullet-shaped necklace that has a bottom that comes off to reveal a compartment that Jason gave him when they were eleven.
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Bluish-Jade
    *Skin tone: Pale
    Personality: Jake is the kind of guy who if fun to be around. He know how to have a good time, and that's why him and Jason are such good... friends. He's easy-going, likes to make bad jokes, and loves to eat (despite never gaining any weight, lucky bastard.) He is a broken person inside, however, and when things turn bad... well he starts to lose it.
    *Lover/Mate: N/A... yet. *wink* *wiNK*
    Weapon Of Choice: Before the incident with the Ghost Zone, he didn't do much fighting, but after, he gained some pretty interesting abilities.
    *Special Skill: He plays a lot of video games, so he has amazing hand-eye coordination.
    *Background: Jake grew up in the suburbs of Amity Park. He never made any real friends until Jason came around, and they were stuck together on a English project in elementary school. By the time they were teenagers, Jake had his seventeenth birthday, which was the unfortunate day that the Ghost Zone Portal opened up. He got blasted along with it, like a sort of explosion that left him scarred. The right-half of his upper body has no feeling, and he has problems with remembering what happened during that time, only the pain stayed. When the portal opened, he remembered Jasons parents leaving amity park, and also leaving Jason in his family's care. This wasn't a problem, because Jason was like a second son to Mrs. Florentine; He had, after all, been coming over every day since they were ten.
    *Extra: Jake has weird obsessions that nobody but Jason knows about. Also, he loves peaches. 10428846_894103877272618_203465637_n.jpg
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  4. Iwaku Name: Ravenbelle
    Character Name: Katrina Hale
    Gender: Female
    Faction: Halfa (Human/Ghost)
    Age: 17*
    height: 5'1
    *Weight: 105 lbs
    Appearance: Long scar down her chest due to heart problems when she was born, bruises on her wrists and ribs. She can usually be seen wearing holey jeans and high top sneakers with varying sarcastic T-shirts. She always wears her black jacket.
    Hair Color: dark brown, sometimes reddish in sunlight
    Eye Color: Blue-gray, like the sea after a storm
    *Skin tone: Pale
    Personality: Katrina is hard to get close to. She's sort of secretive and doesn't like to be vulnerable or weak in front of anyone. She hides behind fake smiles and sarcastic comments but doesn't really have any close friends. She can be stubborn, easily set off and kind of jumpy.
    *Lover/Mate: N/A...yet...wink*
    Weapon Of Choice: Before her 'molecules got all rearranged', she was always good at hand to hand combat. So her fists.
    *Special Skill: Um her awesome comebacks? Plus you know, ghost powers
    *Background: Oh here we go...
    Dad died when she was three. She has a little sister who gets sick easily and so her mother, very protective of the little one, always tried to keep Kat out of her room for fear of contamination. But she was a curious little kid. What would you expect? She didn't listen. She snuck into her sister's room and they talked and loved each other for awhile until they were caught. Kat's mom went ballistic and started mildy abusing Kat whenever she so much as mentioned her little sister. Worse? She actually did end up with Grave's Disease, but unlike what her mother thought, it was genetic. So she has pills she has to take or her heart will start pounding hard, she'll start shaking, bleeding through her nose and coughing.

    When the portal showed up, she got blasted and...changed. Her mother was at the hospital with her sister, both of which had their souls ripped from their bodies when Kat finally found them. She's been living in her old house all alone since then, trying to figure out ehr new powers and trying not to get discovered by the new government officials in town.

    Extra: Chocolate is her ultimate weakness. She loves it.

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  5. We could just start with us three. I think it would still be cool with this tiny group. Anybody up for an action packed love triangle?
  6. We have someone making a character in just a second actually, also I believe Aazy is making another character as well, If all goes well, I'm pretty sure we could start soon tonight.
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  7. Oh cool! That works then!
    Just one question. We can keep this small right? From my recent experience, rps that keep accepting once they've started tend to die.
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  8. Sure! I was actually just about to ask if we all wanted to do this in a chat roleplay, I don't think we'll be getting many more people, if any at all. We al ok with that?
  9. Uuuh...I don't have much experience with chat rps..they make me nervous. Why not thread?
  10. I was just wondering, again this is my time hosting on this site, so yeah we could do a thread. I'm still not sure what's easy, but whatever is easier I can do.
  11. I vote thread. But whatever people are comfortable with I guess.
  12. I'll go ahead and make the thread, I don't see it being a problem :)
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  13. The RP Thread is posted, waitin on my friend :) it is here.
  14. So will tell new profile character be posted here? And how do we get to
  15. Sorry, i changed it. It's a thread, yes new profiles will still be posted here as a base of sorts, the link to the thread is in my previous post.
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  16. Huehuehuehuehueheuheuheuheuheuheuehuehhuehue
  17. What's so funny?
  18. Ohmerglob, Danny Phantom! That's one of my favorite cartoons back in the day! Is there room for one more?
  19. yes, there is! Go ahead and make a character if you want to! We'll be starting soon, but you can join in whenever you please, the link to the RP thread is at the top of the page when your ready and I approve your character.
  20. The sound of a Halfa is extremely tempting, but there's already two characters with that status.
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