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  1. [​IMG]~Ghost Zone Havoc RP Thread~[​IMG]

    This is the actual RP thread for Ghost Zone Havoc, a Danny Phantom RP. Please do not post character sheets here! This is for the actual RP! Click here to check out the introduction page, thank you!

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  2. The portal had expanded beyond all belief, it opened up a huge hole the size of a few buildings, destroying anything in it's way. It was a massive anomaly that nobody had every really seen with their own eyes, which was a scary thing.

    The portal spread its parameters not just to those few buildings, but the entire surrounding of Amity Park. The glow of green that came from the portal painted the sky deep emeralds and bright neon's, leaving almost no natural sun on the town. The anomaly emanated ghostly noises such as wails, screams or something sobbing, but it wasn't just that.

    Images, figures and other things could be seen going in and out frequently of this portal. Things without legs, things with three heads, the vast majority of ghosts was innumerable, but one thing was for certain, it seemed to be there to stay.

    Now, it has been a few days since this portal opened up, and many who were affected have fled. Civilians with most common sense left with their belongings and those who stayed hope to get rid of this not so little problem. Ghost hunters have swarmed as well as government officials, and while the town tried to continued on as normal, the gaping green hole in the center of town just didn't allow that to happen. The local school was shut down, shops, businesses, it seemed like Armageddon, but everyone held in where they were. That didn't stop the occasional pillagers, but what could you do about them? Most stupid enough to be left alone were caught by god knows what ghosts and taken beyond the portals gates into the unknown.
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  3. Jake watched on his television as the newscaster described everything that had happened so far. He admired how brave she was to go out there, god knows Jake couldn't ever since he was.. well.. almost killed. Technically killed. He sighed and pressed the red button that turned the T.V. off, then sat down and pulled his knee's up to his chest. Why was this all happening.. why in their town? They always had problems with ghosts, but nothing like this. Every few hours he would hear someone else scream, or yell to get out, but eventually the noise drowned out and his body went into sort of fluxuations.

    Jake's eyes wandered over to Jason and he creased his eyebrows. He hadn't actually asked his best friend on his thoughts yet. Surely they were something, because Jason always described things or commented on them in a silly way. He always knew how to make Jake feel better. "...Hey..." he barely whispered out, not knowing that he was actually so shaken until then. Jake had to look down at his hands to confirm that yes, they were shaking. After all that, how could they not? He bit his bottom lip in response to the dull frustration of not knowing that he was not okay.
  4. Baek was sitting on the couch taking a sip of his favorite soda. He couldn't believe that the town has fallen this far into shit. It used to be a lovely place with birds and cars and... shit what did this town have besides ghosts before the portal opened up. Baek shrugged, he didn't care he was indifferent about this little shit town with it's shit birds and it's shit cars. God he just realized he hated this place and everything that came with it. Oh well nothing he could do about it because he was trapped, looking for his parents.
  5. Jason was fiddeling with his phone, playing something. He felt safe in Jake's house, he practically lived here for a while. The house seemed to be well enough in tact, despite being only a few blocks away from the singularity. He barely noticed Jake's words, and made a grunting noise to confirm that he heard him.
  6. Jake frowned and looked away. What else could he expect, he knows Jason can be... eh. Instead, he cleared his throat and said out loud in an audible tone, "Jason, lets go up to my room. I don't think I can be down here right now." He felt himself feeling weird again, and the last time that happened, he fell through the floor and almost got caught by his mom. He unfolded his legs and stood up, heading towards the stairs. Jake would go, even if Jason didn't follow, although it was one of those times where he needed some kind of comfort. Taking two at a time, he ran up the stairs and straight to his room. When he reached for the door though, his hand turned intangible, and he passed right through his handle. "Jason!" He yelled a little louder this time, the panic in this throat barely containing itself.
  7. Jason jumped up, shoving his phone in his pocket. "Jake!?" he started walking toward the stairs, "Jake!?" The house started to quake, as if an earthquake was starting to hit. Jason caught up to his friend, "Hey! What's u--" He took notice of his hand, "What the... What the hell...? A-are you ok?" Jason looked incredulously at his friend, extremely concerned and confused.
  8. Jake started to panic, the same kind of panic he had always had. It was deeply rooted, and when it came up it was bad. He tried to swallow it down while retracting his hand, watching it reform into tangible state, and he quickly opened the door to go inside. Jake started to breathe quick and shallow, hands shaking and eyes wide. "....." Nothing came from his throat, because he was afraid that if he spoke, he would lose control and begin to cry. He didn't like crying that much, it didn't bother him so much that he just didn't want to, he was more of the repressive type. The type to file emotions and feelings away for later.

    He pressed his back against the grey/pale blue wall and gripped his hand to his chest. His knee's were the first to go, letting him slide down against the floor. Jake was never ready for this, and for the first day after the 'accident' he did nothing but cry. He wasn't exactly the really strong type, but if he had to be for someone else, he would be. No, Jake was slowly regressing into himself, and didn't know if Jason could pull him out. He desperatly wished that he could, but his doubts had grown too large.
  9. Jason ran to his friend, "Are you alright?" His eyes searched Jake. He held out his hand, trying to help Jake to stand.
  10. Jake's eyes flashed up to him, and he reached out a trembling hand to tightly grasp onto Jasons. "...t...thank you." He tried to stand and failed the first time, but the second was sucessful. The first few steps were wobbling towards Jason, but he got it under control quickly. "...sorry..." He whispered to him. He could already feel his heart slow down little by little, and his body begin to stabalize. It was incredibly frightening to him to know that he was changing into the terrifying things that came out of the hell hole that he called a portal.
  11. Baek got up and walked to the window swallowing the rest of his pop. He crushed the can and threw it on a pile. He didn't know if he wanted to eat, sleep, or go hunt something. He decided to work with the latter and grabbed some gear. Buckling a few straps he headed for the door.
  12. Jason embraced Jake, he was still very confused, "What the hell is going on?" his mind flashed back to Jake's hand stuck in the door.
  13. Baek walked down the street leaving his hand resting lightly on his plasma gun. "Dodadododo duh duh dodo Ghostbusters!" Baek sang to himself while looking for his latest kill... or re-kill. Wait is it re-killing or just killing but you can't kill something that's already dead. Baek shrugged at his thoughts. He decided he didn't care, he was going to re-kill everything.
  14. A few days passed since that mysterious incident. Aneira doesn't remember much of that dreadful day. She was walking back from her part-time job. A flash of neon green blinded her, knocking her clear off her feet. A cold, excruciating sensation clawed at her soul, ripping inside her maliciously. After she regained consciousness, she was laying on the street. A splitting migraine pierced through her skull, leaving her nauseous. After she returned home, Aneira collapsed on her bed, exhausted. Unbeknownst to her, that explosion mutated her DNA.

    A sigh escaped her lips. Aneira was currently watching the news, listening to the ridiculous broadcast about ghosts. Her expression twisted with a scowl. Despite the imposing evidence, she didn't believe in ghosts. Most civilians evacuated the town, leaving only a few brave souls. Her mother was currently on a business trip, away from this madness. Aneira was in charge of protecting her younger brother, Kian. He may of turned thirteen a month ago, but Aneira didn't care. She watched over him, nonetheless. Over the years, they formed a close bond. She practically raised Kian since their mother was always busy. At one point, she was bothered by her mother's schedule, but she learned to endure. Once she entered high school, Aneira stopped caring. Due to her uncouth nature, Aneira didn't make any friends. She wasn't the type to trust easily. After an incident in the past, her trust in humanity dwindled. Family was more important to her than friends.

    "Hey Niri, do you have a s-" he cut himself off.

    Aneira tilted her head back. "What's up?" she inquired.

    Kian stood there, stunned. He lifted his hand and pointed at her body. "W-what-how are you doing that?" he replied incredulously.

    An eyebrow raised in response. "How am I what?" She peered down at her waist. Her eyes widened completely. She was standing in the middle of her kitchen island! It wasn't towards the side, but in the center. A scream tore through her throat. "Vhat in ze hell is zhis!" she snapped, slipping into her accent. Aneira stumbled backwards, phasing out of the island. She remembered pacing around her kitchen, contemplating on the broadcast. She didn't finish watching the news. Aneira inspected her waist. The lower half of her body was intangible. A few seconds later, she returned to normal. Aneira averted her attention to her brother. She winced at his terrified expression.

    "H-how-" he stammered.

    Aneira shook her head. "I don't know. One minute, I was pacing. I wasn't paying attention where I was going," she explained. Aneira brushed past her brother. She needed fresh air. She was panicking inside, but she didn't let it show. Aneira slipped on her signature leather jacket, pulling on a pair of combat boots. Her outfit consisted of a pair of ripped skinny jeans, an old graphic short-sleeved slim tee, and her boots. She ran a hand through her short, cropped hair. What was happening to her? Aneira recalled that ominous light. Did something change when she was engulfed in a sea of green? Aneira exited her house, leaving her younger brother alone. She jammed her hands in her pockets, sauntering down a street. She didn't have a destination in mind. Aneira was trying to grasp her new found ability. Intangibility only occurred in ghosts. That was preposterous, however. She wasn't a ghost! Last time she checked, she was a live, not dead. Aneira grumbled a few words underneath her breath, switching to her native tongue, German.
  15. Jake closed his eyes and took in a deep breath, he honestly didn't know himself, but he knew that he needed to say something to Jason. "...Jason... you know.. I..." He opened his eyes, not sure how to proceed with explaining. "...Jason.. I have a lot to tell you..." His hands gripped onto the others clothing just a little before he let go, stepping away. "...sit down.." This was going to take a minute.
  16. Jason obeyed and sat on the carpeted floor. He eyed Jake, "Yeah, I think I'd like to know why my best friend is PHASING. THROUGH. WALLS." he crossed his legs
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  19. Jake almost cringed at those pointed words. "Yeah. Yeah..." His mind was swimming with different thoughts, and it took him a second to form an easy, coherent thought. He paced around, and then finally sat down in front of Jason. Taking deep breaths, he prepared himself to tell Jason about what he had been so desperately avoiding.

    "Okay... Well where to start..." He coughed nervously into his arm. He didn't know if he could describe this to justice. He would try his best.

    "It started... on my birthday.. right before the singularity showed up. I was near there, at the florist actually when it happened. My mom wanted flowers because the old ones were dying, and so she sent me there to pick more up..." He gulped back the conflicting memories as his face grew concerned. "I remember seeing a bright green light, a big flash of something as a horrible... horrible sound. It was as if there were millions of people all screaming at once right into my ears.. I.." Jakes whole body shivered, obviously uncomfortable.

    "The next thing..." His eyes became unfocused, "...was the pain. The intense pain... It was like getting a tiny piece of yourself ripped off, except all over your body, inside and out over and over a million times until it burned down into nothing. The excruciating pain made me scream until my lungs couldn't function anymore, and my bones felt like they snapped all at once... the feeling... of dying..." Jake had grown uncalm again, hands quivering in fear and remembrance. "...I died. I was pretty sure I died.. but I stood back up with ripped clothes and invisible arms, and i ran all the way to the other side of town. I was so... so scared... and nobody else was around it seemed.. I don't know.. maybe I was the only one that survived, but that can't be right."

    Jake shifted in his spot, constantly moving or blinking, he didn't want to fully remember the incident because it would hurt him in more ways than one. His throat cleared and he choked back the tears that threatened to spill over the corners of his eyes. "...I was so alone, Jason. It felt like I was all alone.. I didn't know if I was alive or dead because my body started to change and turn in and out of invisibility.. or I could go though things.. it was terrifying.. and I tried to ignore it and hope it was just my imagination, but it's here to stay, Jason. It won't go away, just like that damned portal."
  20. Katrina had been moping for the past few days. The portal was a complete disaster on this a town and anyone who stuck around was insane. Her included. She knew she had to get out of Amity Park, but she had nowhere else to go since her whole family had perished. Katrina wandered through the streets, numb and trying to get a hold of herself every time she randomly went transparent. Sometimes it was just a limb, other times, her legs would sink into the ground and she would have to pull herself out with her arms. She trembled even in her trusty black jacket, trying to ignore the screams and wails of the ghosts running rampant around here. Her breath kept coming out blue and she felt like she should be doing something important, but right now, she needed to get to the pharmacy. Find pills. She had lost hers a few hours ago and had to get a new bottle before her symptoms a hit. Funny how she was already half dead and she's had Grave's Disease for years. Haha so funny. Well if ghosts can fly, can she?

    But even nose, remembering the terrible feeling that she got when the singularity opened up made her want to deny everything that was going on insde her. She needed to find someone, anyone. Just to know if she as still alive at all. Maybe this is all a long nightmare and she's going to wake up in a hospital or something after sleeping for so long. Yes. Because that was better than reality right now. That she was in some sort of accident and was in a coma. That would be way better than being stuck in this town trying to find a stupid pharmacy...if it wasn't torn down. It wasn't long before Katrina was entirely invisible again, but this time her legs weren't just a weird moving mass that made her hover. She was walking on the sidewalk, her hair had gone light silver, her eyes were glowing bright blue and she was totally invisible. "Ugh how do I stop this?!" She yelled to no one in particular. But then someone was coming from the opposite end of the sidewalk. Katrina immediately ran towards her even when she was probably still unseen. The taller girl was wearing a leather jacket and combat boots. Cool style, but that's not what she was focused on. "Hey! Can you hear me? Please tell me you can hear the sound that's leaving my mouth!" Kat yelled, not a foot or two away from her. She just wanted to know if she was even real.
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