Ghost x Human (multiple slots available!)

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  1. hello all! Wanted to start up another one on one request thread. This one was inspired by another rp I'm doing mixed with some of my own brain power. :3 I wanted to do a rp between a mortal and a ghost. I'm open to hearing your plot ideas but what I had in mind was that there's this terminal person who's going to die soon and for whatever reason a ghost reveals/is seen/falls for said person and slowly as time goes on develops feelings. They stick around the sick person but they know it's inevitable this person is going to die. Here's the bad news. It's very rare that when a person passes on their soul loses their way on the path to the afterlife and winds up as a ghost. So they know even though they love him it's a very low chance they'll see the person again after their death.

    Here's my preferences.

    • I play female
    • Mxf only
    • Fade to black please
    • I DO have multiple slots open to try this.
    • I am not against hearing different plot ideas for this pairing.
    • THIS WILL MORE THAN LIKELY BE SAD. BE WARNED! But I think that adds to the sweet factor of it. :3

  2. I'm interested! PM me :)
  3. K I like it! Pm me!
  4. Me likely like
  5. Pm me lol
  6. If you still are looking, I've been wanting to get another 1x1 going (I have some ideas as well)
  7. Wonderful! Pm me
  8. Ahhhh the angst! If you're busy now that a-okay (if anyone cancels on ya or if you're willing to take me on give me a shot!)
  9. Just drop me a pm
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.