Ghost Town

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  1. Years ago, a town began to spur up. It was a small town at first, but soon became a thriving town, for the time. It was self sufficient and quaint at the sight. There were mills for work, a general store, a bar,bank, town hall, and so much more. Then disaster stuck. Sickness came to town that killed nearly everyone. Horses, and live stalk were effected too. So the survivors packed their things and left. It sat there for a long time, empty… A ghost town where only the dead lived. That is, till the people came back, new people. They built it up again and it again soon thrived. It still stands today even, this town may seem small now, but it sits on great history… A much more. The kids go through a portal--the portal is a door in the upper part of the sawmill--in a saw mill in the town they actually live in, they arrive in the ghost town. But when they arrive the door disappears, and they are now trapped in the ghost town. They must find out how to get back to their own town, will they escape alive? Or will they escape a ghost?
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  3. As Auctor walked through the portal he ended up in an old saw mill. "Cool..." Was all the came from his lips as he walked around unimpressed. He dusted off an old table with his hand just for the heck of it and could tell it was professionally made, most likely by hand. "So what is this place anyways?" He said as he walked a little further away from the group. He was a little board which is why he suggested they come here and was hoping to find something interesting among the old treasures... really it was all just junk. "Lets go downstairs." He said finding a staircase leading down.

    Will was the second one to enter behind Auctor letting his jacket, hang on his shoulders, blow behind him like a cape as he walked. He didn't say much just walked over to an old axe and strip of leather. He could tell it was used for sharpening. He turned watching the others walk in and as the last person entered the portal closed. "Guys." He said normally pointing at where the portal had been.

    Auctor looked back "Ahh great... anyone know voodoo?" He joked as he returned his gaze down the stair, followed by the lite taping of his feet hitting the stairs.
  4. "Great... just great Auctor. Now you got us stuck down here! Where the heck are we? Please explain!" Lilly said. "What are we going to do now? I mean, now that we are stuck here." She walked down the stairs, and then saw light. "Hey let's go there, maybe we can find a way out." Lilly shoved Auctor out of the way and ran to the door. "Huh?" she mumbled as she went through the door way into a dark and dreary town. "This isn't my fault."
  5. Stark let out a heavy sigh, "Great..." Another mess that Auctor dragged them into. It was a habit of his. Yet Stark went along with it, every time. "Why do I even hang out with you?" he griped as he passed Auctor and followed Lilly outside. And he was welcomed to a dark and dead town full of dust and tumbleweeds. It strangely looked a lot like a picture he had seen in the town hall of their town. The old crummy picture covered in dust. He remembered that underneath the photo was some inscription or whatnot. He vaguely remembered it reading, 'Kultzvill after the Burden Plague,' or something like that.

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    Lilly started panicking on the inside, but didn't show any sign of it on the outside. "Uh... what do we do now?" she asked. "Maybe look around... I wonder if there are any ghosts here." Lilly joked.
  7. Kiyra was the last to go through. She looks around, "wow this place looks old, and kind of dark." She liked historic places but the dark on the other hand. She coughed as dust was thrown into the air. "D... does anyone know where we are?" Kiyra was the newest member of the odd little group, she wasn't sure about going but when she was asked if she wanted to tag along she just felt rude saying no.
    Once she raliced they were locked in she started to panic, she didn't say anything out of not wanting to bother anyone but it, she simply stood in the corner of the room not knowing what to do to help the situation.
  8. Will side following them outside. He looked around slowly then started to walk to a post office. He went unnoticed until Auctor shouted out at him.

    "Will! Where do you think your going. We should stay as a group!" He said chasing after him.

    Will turned and looked back at the others "To the post office." He said tiredly as he turned back around and walked in. He started to go through some old letters. He took out one and neatly opened it.

    'Dear Suzy,

    There has been a plague going through this town. Unfortunately my husband has died and I wanted to inform you I am moving back in with you. I am heading out in three days, I know you will not get this until a day before I get there but please understand I have to leave as soon as possible. I beg you for your prayers, and send all your blessings. I am sorry for not listening you, I should never have followed him out here.

    From, Jamie'

    Will handed it to Stark and pulled out a book from a drawer. The latest date was '(pick a date)'.
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    Stark grabbed the note handed to him by Will and read it over twice. When he finished he put it aside and leaned over to look at what Will had pulled out. It was a book, maybe a journal. "This place is queer," Stark remarked. He left the post office for the moment to see what all this town had. He was drawn to the General Store just across the street. "I'm going to check out the General Store," he told no one in particular. It was just in case they even care, which he doubted.
    When he opened the door of the store a chilling breeze came out with a puff of dust. It got in his eyes and lungs. He began to cough and cough, puffs of dust blowing out of his nostrils. And over all his coughing he could hardly hear the faint whisper the came with the chilling air. He stumbled back a few steps, bumping into one of the others. He couldn't tell who as tears we forming in his irritated eyes.
  10. Kiyra watched as a cloud of dust engulfed her and Stark, she almost lost her balance as he bumped into her. Asthma made it all the more hard to breath but when she finally did manage to controle herself she looked at Stark, "t... this place hasn't been open in years... I... I don't think we should be here..."
  11. "Guys... hey, hey guys..." Lilly said frightfully, "wh-what's that?!" She pointed to a dust cloud which out of it came a horse an carriage. It was driven by a figure like a person but like a shadow. It came roaring at her. She screamed as it got closer, the horses trampled her and the carriage wheeled over her. But she was not harmed. Holding her head and crying she looked up. She wasn't dead.
  12. Kiyra can't help but scream as she turns to see Lilly trampled, she runs over not thinking about her own safety, "a... are you ok? Y... your not bleeding are you?" She looks up in the direction the person whent... "he... h... he's gone... just... he just vanished..."
  13. Auctor looked back as the carriage vanishes. "What’swith all the screaming. Your such kids." He says as he looked around anddidn't see anything. "Stop trying to scare people." He walks into theold general store. "This place must be really old..." He starts to lookthrough some of the goods and he keeps seeing a repeated date '1853'."This place has been abandoned for a while..." He walks deeper intothe unlit store. "and they need electricity..."

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    Lilly helped self up and then stared at Kiyra. "That was realy weird... What's with this place?" Lilly turned her head to Auctor."Auctor, believe me, it's not ajoke!"
  15. Stark was confused at what was happening. He could hear all his friends around him, but no see them, and it wasn't just because he had dust in his eye. No... There was something... In his mine. 'What is going on?' he panicked on the inside, seeming to not be able to voice it. And then, as almost an answer to his panic, visions began to fill his head. He couldn't understand any of it, as it by so fast. But he could recognize what seemed to be people, horses, and houses. Then death. It felt like an eternity before it released him, allowing him to return to his world. Stark came back just into to see the cloud of dust that had blinded him fade off in all directions, and hear the faint whispers of its passing.

    He tired to ignore it, how ever hard that was, and reintegrate himself with the others. But as they spoke all he could hear was faint whispers. "What did you say?"
  16. Auctor turned around as Stark seemed to ask him what he said. "I said stop playing around." He returned to his exploration of the old store.

    Will came out of the post office. "Look at this." He handed Stark a book he had found. It was the records of the post office mailing and shipment. "Look at the date." He said pointing to 1853 of April 17th. He was curious of what the others would think of it, so he simply pointed it out. The date could have been out dated should the postman be fairly lazy but it seemed like the town was abandoned. Maybe that was when it happened...
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    "We aren't playing!!" Lilly shouted aggressively. "What's going on, this is creepy!" Lilly turned around in circles, looking at the places. So dark and dreary no life what so ever, the only life is of a ghost. "Friend..." a 5-year-old's voice called to her. "What? Who said that?" Lilly asked."Come play with me!" the voice said."Who are you? Guys this isn't funny!"
  19. Stark took the book handed to him and read the date. "That's *cough* quite awhile ago..." he found it curious. This place was most strange and...

    Stark turned at Lilly's shouts. "Whats the matter?" he asked with worry over his face. He went over to her in a relative hurry. He saw her distress and panic, but wasn't quite sure what was causing it. Maybe is was something like he had experienced ... "Lilly can you hear me?" he asked in a small voice as he slowly laid a hand on her should. It was to both comfort her and to be her tether to this world. If she was experiencing what he had, this this place was... Well he wasn't ready to jump to conclusions.
  20. Kiyra looks at the door to one of the houses, it's unlocked; she thinks, making her way inside. The living room is, as with everythingelse, dusty. Whoever lived here last however, kept the place spotless. Apart for the revolver on the small table. It was empty but eight rounds lay next to it. She gatherers them up, putting the weapon in her bag. BANG! Kiyra stiffens as thesound echoes through the empty house, then she realizes... she can'thear her friends. The wind had blown the kitchen door off its hinges. She subconsciously walks forward, her eyes burning and her throat dry with dust.
    She opens her eyes, greeted by the harrowing sight of a man hanging by the neck, swinging in the breeze. She falls to the floor, too choked by dust to scream. SNAP! So engulfed by fear and memories of her fathers death, she doesn't feel the bear trap snap onto her hand l she sees the blood. Is this an illusion? trapped, paralyzed with fear and confronted by a death similar to her fathers, is this real or an illusion of her darkest fears. Mo netarilycoming to her senses she attempts to pull her hand free, she falls to her side, narrowly avoiding another trap. Now she screams, unsure if anyone can hear her. She coughs loudly, almost vomiting until she feints, her body going into shock.

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