Ghost Stories (ANIME) Script Was So Bad...

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  1. ... the dubbers ended up scrapping the original script and making THEIR OWN LINES UP. This is a real, official anime dub that was released on DVD by ADV Films.

    The highlights:

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  2. I like the Christian Girl, because she reminds me of everyone at the school I go to!
  3. Said it once, say it again... :ferret:

    I fuckin' love this. I might just go buy the DVD's for this, it sounds like an amazing show to watch with a couple friends and some vodka.
  4. Terribly hilarious?

    Or hilariously terrible?

    Not sure. Cracked me up though.
  5. Oh God I love this dub! XD
  6. This is one of the best things I've ever seen. I remember watching it with my friends one time, forgetting about it, coming back to it and realizing just how great it was.

    The best thing is that the dub is more expensive than the original, just because people loved it so much.
  7. This makes me think of the Crayon Shin-chan dubs. Though those dubs were more so that the humor would translate for English speaking audiences.
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