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  1. I have had this plot in my head for a while. It is a action, romance, about a girl and her ghost.

    The plot is going to be based around these two characters, my character is considered the freak of the school, because she has always had these dreams that demons were coming for her. As a way to cope she draws and isolates herself. The weirdest of all is a symbol on her hip that she has had since birth. She meets her ghost, they get along then on her 18th birthday the dreams she starts having come alive. The demons actually start coming for her.

    Long story short you shall be playing the ghost, and they meet because how ever you want it. I want my partner to feel they get say in it as well, so how ever you feel the reason why he wants to stick to her that is all you. My partner gets complete free roam to make there character the way they wish. Any ghost powers you want (as long as they fall under reason for a spirit to have) you can have touching things, moving things. Yet, also because you are on the same spiritual plane as the demons you can touch them, kill them. Whatever you want, that character will be all your's to mold and play with.

    One thing I did have in mind because I do want this this to be explicit is this idea that he can use his energy to enter her dreams. Again how ever you want, he could start doing it to stop the nightmare, but that is where in short they will figure out they can touch each other freely.

    Things I am looking for~

    ~I need a detailed writer who can write about two paragraphs or more. The min is two decent sized paragraphs.
    ~I understand people make spelling and grammar errors so if you do, it is truly fine. I will not behead you and lit you on fire. All I ask is that you do your best. -^^-
    ~ One last thing I want someone who is going to be committed. I understand life gets busy, so all I ask is that you be able to post at least once a day. If you miss a day because of personal reasons I will understand. I Just do not want to start then not hear from you for two weeks. ^^;

    If you are still reading this, yay~ *hugs you tight* Let me know if you are interested, I am perfectly fine changing some things in the plot as long as it stays to my original idea. Message me if you do not want to post here.
    Other than that~ *bows* I will enjoy working with you~ hehe
  2. OOOOOH my goodness. I'd like to give this a go. It's been a while since I've done some really detailed rp especially one that involved ghosts and demons.
Thread Status:
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