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  1. Overview

    Project: Specter was just a rumor. A plan to connect certain abilities to children. While the government sought to erase all evidence of the project, the true experiment was indeed being conducted. Five kids, maybe more, had been locked away in the most infamous facility known to man, Otheta. Otheta was considered to be a rumor as well, but the facility was located deep in an underground cavern. The children never saw natural sunlight, never knew of the outside world and never knew of their families. Each child was kept in separate cells where they would be tested daily. Only once a week were they allowed to interact with each other, and that would only be to test their abilities on one another, a cruel game that the scientists would control.

    Although they were children, they knew that something wasn't right. On every interaction day, they'd discuss their thoughts and eventually, a plan to achieve freedom was born. They'd just have to pull it off.

    Character Sheet

    Full Name: [Full name here]

    Gender: [Male or Female?]

    Age: [They'll all be 12 for now]

    Personality: [Not asking much here, just three sentences of your character's mannerisms]

    Appearance: [Three sentences]

    Capability: [Each child can have up to 2 abilities. The first ability is their primary power, be creative. The second is the minor ability, something that benefits the child but not in a powerful way like the first power. Example:
    First: Telekinesis
    Second: Regeneration.]

    Flaw: [Each child becomes weak after overusing their power. Just list two flaws that comes with your character's powers.]

    Other: [Notes.]​
  2. [​IMG]

    Full name: Demetra Aglaia

    Gender: Female

    Age: 12

    Personality: Demetra is a very relaxed and quiet girl who secretly loves to fight and get dirty. She sometimes worries too much about others and has a habit of reading body language too deeply. She doesn't like her capabilities too much because she feels that her powers can't do much for the group, but she would gladly get past her own insecurities to try to be helpful. Also, Demetra is a talented spy and observer because of her quietness and ability to easily understand body language.

    Appearance: Demetra has bright, blonde hair that falls just below her shoulders. Her eyes are the color of Emeralds which compliment her petite figure, small nose, and height of 4' 9". She normally likes to pull two strands of her long bangs behind her head, which normally curl at the bottom.

    Capability: 1. She can create ice and make items freeze over at her will. For example, she can make sharp ice stalagmites form on the ground and completely encase objects within a 5-inch thick ice cube, as well as other things involving ice and freezing. 2. She can lower her body temperature instantly. If Demetra was in a 100 degrees Fahrenheit area, then she could lower her core body temperature to 50 degrees, essentially helping her not die from overheating and constantly being able to make sure she doesn't lag behind because of temperature problems.

    Flaw: Demetra easily becomes tired from freezing objects, and if she becomes too exhausted, then her own body will freeze over in an ice sheet. She cannot control her core body temperature when encased and immobile, meaning that she could easily freeze to death in just 30 minutes. The only way to melt the ice sheet is by naturally having the surrounding temperature warm up and melt off the ice. The second flaw is that she is extremely sensitive to temperature change of 10 degrees after using either of her powers within the last 24 hours. For example, if she were to go from a 70 degrees Fahrenheit area to an 80 degrees Fahrenheit area within one hour, then her body would predict that it was poisoned (much like motion-sickness) and start vomiting, shaking, becoming dizzy, and possibly even pass out.

    Let me know if I need to change anything or if her capability is a bit too unnecessary for this plot!
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  3. [​IMG]

    Full Name:
    Coen Nix (pronounced co-en)



    Coen is charismatic in a somewhat odd way with how he thinks and interacts with others. He has a wayward thinking process and a more whimsical approach to things, rather than an analytical one. For example, when presented with a picture, rather than taking note of colors or texture, he mentally links it with something more metaphorical like a memory or a feeling. When interacting with people, Coen is prone to synesthesia, meaning that he links people with more than one sense (ex: Mentally assigning a "texturized color" to a person, like warm gray). As a sort of result from his abstract ways of functioning, he is also a bit short of memory, though he has learned to normalize his patterns so it isn't overtly evident. Other than that, he has a very gentle personality, with a sheepish nature. Surprisingly enough, he is a fairly decent actor and a compulsive liar when under pressure. And, while uncommon, when he is provoked, he loses his sense of ethics.

    Coen has incredibly curly, light brown hair that reaches about two inches below his ears when completely straightened. His eyes are a pale blue and his skin is a light peach which appears somewhat bleached due to the absence of natural light. He stands at a shy 5"1 (he believes he will grow taller) and his most notable features are his facial freckles and chewed cuticles.

    • Light manipulation - Coen's first ability is light manipulation. This allows him to bend, refract, and reflect light. His most notable usage of it pertains to reshaping how he and other objects appear in terms of physical characteristics (like color) to others, somewhat similar to theoretical shape-shifting. The difference, however, is the fact that he doesn't actually change shape. For example, he can bend light to make himself appear like a very tall person, but he doesn't actually get physically taller (so if you put your hand on the top of his "tall" appearance, it would phase right through like a rainbow). Other usages include concentrating light to blind others, or thinning it out.

    • Empathy - Coen's second ability somewhat compliments the mechanics of his first in a sense. This ability is activation based, so it isn't on at all times, rather only when he turns it "on". When on, he gains a heightened sense of empathy, meaning he can directly feel the emotions of people around him as if they were his own. This ability works within a 20 feet radius on all conscious and unconscious emotions from other sentiment beings. Occasionally, if the emotion is strong enough, or when he is concentrated, he can make out vague words and thoughts, but it is fairly rare and usually incomprehensible enough to keep from relating it to telepathy.

    In addition to getting heavily fatigued by using his main capability, continued usage whilst tired leads to holes in his light bending, often making odd blends of his personal imagery and the actual appearance of the person/object. Coen also cannot use his ability on an object he cannot see clearly, so even if he can see the shape of an object in the distance, if he cannot accurately visualize its characteristics, he can't do anything with it. Another thing to note is that he can't create light. Meaning, if you put him in an area completely devoid of light, then his ability is rendered useless. One last thing about his second capability is that it takes quite a bit less stamina to use in comparison to his main one and can be held up for a couple hours, but doing so can be damaging to his mental health as prolonged usage blurs the distinction between his own feelings and those he receives via empathy.

    Other: [none so far]

    ((I might have beefed up some of the descriptions as I wrote along since I kept getting muses for this, haha. If anything needs editing, please inform me and I'll fix it right away!))
    ((edit: added a picture))
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  4. [​IMG]

    Full Name:

    Speziell Rausov






    Spezi's personality is hard to properly describe. It ranges from quiet to outspoken, innocent to corrupted, probably due to the constant torture he endured, something that broke his mind. Although he is a little mixed up, he still partially takes the role as the leader of the group, refusing to give up his dream of freedom so easily. During conflicts, he tends to silence his thoughts, venturing through his own world until someone helps him snap out of it. His way of speaking is broken up and his voice is quite soft, yelling could quite possibly destroy his vocal cords.


    Spezi has pale blonde hair which stays unkempt and shaggy, reaching down just slightly past his ears. He is rather pale and his eyes are crimson and color, a side effect of the experimenting done on him, the original color was a deep blue. He is small yet toned and stands at 5'3", making him taller than the other kids. He has a thin nose, full pink lips, long thin eyebrows and dimples appear when he smiles.


    • Intangibility: Speziell's first power is intangibility. This allows him to phase through physical matter, ignore physical attacks and ignore gravity, making him almost impossible to kill. He can also share this ability with others by touching them, although he tires more quickly when he shares it. Even with this ability, Spezi was still not able to escape by himself due to a force-field preventing him from phasing through it's walls.

    • Physical Disruption: Connected to his first ability, Spezi can damage tangible matter while phasing through it. Phasing through living, or nonliving, organisms can disrupt, displace or delete them if Spezi has phased and and un-phased through them, making his ability effective at close range.


    Spezi becomes very weak after overusing his powers. Another side effect is that he can no longer control when he becomes intangible or not.


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  5. Both of your characters are great!

    Just need two more people.
  6. Whoop, can't wait ovo
    Also, if you don't mind me asking, does the application imply that they're supposed to age normally, or are we going to approach a time skip of some sort...?
  7. Yay . u .

    Also, I edited my post to include a photo of her appearance and her height, just to add some more detail.
  8. Full Name: Adam Kane

    Gender: Male

    Age: 12

    Personality: Adam is a hot head, he is always putting his actions before any thought. Adam has the hardest time controlling his ability since he is so emotional it often leakes out especially during times of uncertainty. Although he puts up a brave front Adam wears his emotions on his sleeves he has been known to say something tough while having tears in his eyes.

    Appearance: Adam is taller for his age although not by much, he currently stands at 5'2". he has messy black hair, Intense blue eyes and Light skin. Adam has a mark over his left eye from when he was burned by the experiments, he currently combs his hair to cover the scar.

    Capability: Pyrokinesis - Adam can create and control fire although it is completely based on his emotional state. If Adam is calm he can create an even burning red flame that he can control 100%. If Adam is hysterical or scared his flame grows out of control and turns blue. If Adam feels tired, sick, unmotivated it turns into a almost none existent yellow flame that goes out in seconds.

    secondary ability : Lie detector - Adam can tell whether someone is being honest or not by judging the amount of heat the person is emitting. Although this ability is useful it requires intense concentration which Adam refuses to train since he is convinced every adult is lying.

    Flaw: Adam's biggest weakness is his wild emotions. His ability to control his ability is directly affected by his emotional state. If he is hysterical or scarred it will grow out of control. Another flaw is that Adam's flame can burn him if he is not concentrating, which is why he has a burn mark over his left eye.

    Other: Adam is loud and emotional but he is a good kid, he has thrown numerous matches against the other children since he didn't want to hurt his friends.

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  9. Character Sheet

    Full Name: Theo Lockhart

    Gender: Male

    Age: 12

    Personality: Theo is kind of shy. He's a quiet genius, he's always thinking. He daydreams alot and is sort of awkward. He is generally a nice person.

    Appearance: Short, curly blonde hair. Big brown eyes that always seem distant. Short and thin with a cute smile.

    First: Teleportation
    Second: Invisibility

    Flaw: Becomes very pale and drained after using power too much. Looks almost ghost-like, and gets very exhausted.

    Other: [Notes.][/CENTER][/QUOTE]
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