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  1. Ghost Isle Boarding School

    Ghost Isle Boarding school is very... intriguing. Everyone dresses somewhat oddly but in all it's just like any other high school. Except for the fact that cameras are everywhere and there's a cemetery for the backyard. It's in the middle of nowhere and the students are angels, witches, vampires, outcasts and almost anything else you can think of. The people here keep to themselves and have to deal with being an angst-y, supernatural teen and keeping their lives in check.

    Hello new and returning students! Welcome to the one and only Ghost Isle Boarding School where we offer the chance to meet and befriend people of diversity, whether they be vampire, ghosts, angels, witches or more! We are all looking forward to meeting all of you and cannot wait to see you at our orientation! All students are required to live on campus!
    ~Headmaster Bridges

    1: No one liners if you can. Hard to reply to and I love reading long responses
    2: RESPECT EACH OTHER IN OOC. No one likes a bitch
    3: no limits to how long your responses are. I really don't mind.
    4: Make your characters however you want!! Be creative
    5: Everyone LOVES ROMANCE!! It's completely okay here! If things get too steamy though, take it elsewhere. Thanks
    6: You can have up to 4 characters!
    7: Let's keep the level of supernatural characters even. We don't want too many of one supernatural creature

    *When the spots fill up I'll accept more characters into these groups

    Populars (Jocks, Cheerleaders, Rich kids, etc)
    1. Axel Johnson

    Alternatives (Nerds, Goths, etc)
    1. Alexiana Raechelle Cole
    2. Giovanna Coredilia

    Randoms (Chill with whoever)

    Character Sheet

    {Picture/GIF here. Only real people}
    Race/Species: (Human, Vampire, Angel etc..)
    Position: (Popular one, Nerd,.. etc...)

    History: (optional)


    Talent: (If you got in on being rich list it)
    Extra Curricular:
    Schedule: (You have 8 periods in a day, first is homeroom and third is free period if you have above a B-average.)

    Relationships: (Who you hate, love, relationships with anyone)​
  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Blaze Zedekaizer Von Francis III
    Age: Perplexing, he died when he was 17
    Grade: 11
    Sexuality: Straight,.
    Race/Species: Gherst (A ghost without a soul.)
    Position: Popular

    Personality: Unstable, he is a friendly person but he has a dark sense of humor that unsettles some people.
    History: Blaze was living a normal life, he had two uncaring, parents, his mother was a witch and his father is unknown. At the time of his conception and thereafter his mother was married to a vampire, but as vampires (at least this pure strain) couldn't have children, his birth brought some tension into the family. He had a brother, who was adopted, and was a werewolf. His brother was only one year younger than him, and they got along as much as a house cat gets along with a toddler (not a baby, a toddler). He had some of his mother's witch powers, and inherited shifting powers from his real father.
    One night, he was out blowing up mailboxes, and his brother was just beginning to suffer from his powers. One thing led to another, and his brother tore his throat out, then turned into a small lamp post. (The single torched straight kind.) His parents had his body buried, and they erected the lamp post next to the tombstone. Many years later a drunk necromancer was wandering around a cemetery, and brought him back to life, he was angry, he had gotten used to enjoying himself with all the finer things on the other side, and in his anger he grabbed at the lamp post. Interestingly his brother's essence was trapped in it, and came out of it in his hand in the shape, of course, of a lamp post. He used this bropost to scare the necromancer away, who in drunkenness, forgot to set any restraints on him.
    He wandered around aimlessly until he found the school, where he found many other supernatural beings his age. He enrolled himself, seeing how he had existed long enough to be old enough to do so.

    Kicking ass with his bropost.

    Physically Buff
    When he gets angry it tends to stick around.
    Stalking people, causing mischief, playing games, and talking to himself, or his brother lamp.

    Talent: He's got no special skills that wouldn't be attributed to him being a gherst.
    Extra Curricular:
    Weight Lifting

    1st: Homeroom
    2nd: English
    3th: Free Period
    4rd: Weight Lifting
    5st: Lunch
    6rd: History
    7st: Chemistry
    8th: Trig

    Relationships: Has a love/hate relationship with brother, though things are looking up since his brother doesn't speak much anymore. Or really do much of anything. Relationships with other students... none so far, pretty much a hangs with other people kind of guy. I might fill this out more after reading how people be acting in the IC.

  3. girl.jpg
    Name: Jade Ivory Langston
    Age: 17
    Grade: 11
    Sexuality: straight
    Race/Species: Witch
    Position: Alternative- Free flow
    th (1).jpg
    Tattoo appear on her randomly when the six year anniversary of her sister's death came about. She still doesn't know the meaning, but was told by something or someone that the locket would provided a safe haven.

    Personality: Jade is a person of many wonders. She is a hard worker and trained witch. She doesn't care much for other people's opinions nor their attitudes. She is a very sweet girl, but don't mistake that for a weakness because she will be quick to shut someone down who threatens her.

    History: Jade hales from a ancient line of all powerful witches (tracing back to Hakate, Greek goddess of all things witchcraft), allowing her to tape into the powers of the Earth. Her family is very secretive and even hides things from her. Discovering her powers at the age of ten, put her through a disturbing time. Though magic runs in her family, Jades first few attempts resulted in tragedy. One morning Jade was practicing fire throwing, a skill only her grandfather and her possess, but things began to get out of hand and she set fire to her family home, killing her older sister Sophia. This leading to years of being shut out by most of her family except her grandfather. Finding salvation in him and her closest friend, Alexiana, she was able to move passed her heartache; growing her powers into some of the most powerful her family has ever seen.

    *Fire throwing
    *Fire casting
    *Spell casting
    *Voice Manipulation (The ability to manipulate your own voice or copy another).
    *Being a great friend

    *Loving too easy
    *Being late to class
    *Putting fun before work
    *Being somewhat alone

    *Never being on time
    *Practicing Volleyball
    *Making potions
    *Biting Nails
    *Playing with hair when nervous

    *She is a legacy at the school (every female in her family line has attended Ghost Isle).

    Extra Curricular:
    *Knowledge Bowl
    *Yearbook editor

    1- Homeroom
    3-Free period
    4-Creative Writing
    7-AP Biology
    (Note: Math credits have been completed)

    *Has been friends with Alexi since Kindergarten she is her closest friend, but lately she seems distant.
    *Evan(Spends most her time with him) and Declan are her cousins, she absolutely loves them.
    *Rose is one of her best friends, Rose really helped her on making potions and creating spells.
    *Has a crush on James.
    *She tolerates Mercy, she just feels like she doesn't like her.
    *Axel is a good friend.
    *Luka is kinda a new friend to her, but she thinks he is cool.
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  4. dude.jpg
    Name: Lucifer Jean
    Race/Species: Archdemon
    Position: Free to move through groups.

    Personality: Lucifer is almost exactly like who his name belongs to, but with a few exceptions. He cares for the people he considers "friends" and he is loyal to them.

    History: Most could say that Lucifer was a good Christian boy when he was alive. He was born Michael Jean Silva, a human. He was a star athlete, and ASB president, but all those things came because of a deal he made with the devil. Michael had sold his soul for a chance to not be the annoying dork with headgear. Though his rise to local fame was cut short when he was killed by one of THE Lucifer's right hand men, a archdemon. Waking up in hell in a throne room made him realize his mistake, but it was to late, he was to meet his fate here and now. Though Michael was born a human, Lucifer saw a spark in him to do great evil, instead of giving him small demon work, he was afford the chance to be recruited as a new archdemon. Doing what ever it took to stay alive, or semi-alive, Michael took the deal by signing over his name and receiving the name of his new master, Lucifer.
    He preys to god (who will never answer him) that one day he can be saved by something...or someone.

    Immune to spells/charms and curses
    Making friends

    Super strength
    Shadow puppets (warriors of the shadows he can summon)
    Dark orbs (A ball of dark energy)
    Fire teleportation
    Blocked mind

    Being a right hand of the devil


    Painting a masterpiece in hours
    making people forget what he wants them to

    Extra Curricular:
    Basket ball

    3.Free period
    4.Weight lifting
    6.English 12
    7.AP Stats

    Jade and him have a past, after saving her in a fire before his transformation, they kinda became close friends. They are really there for each other.
    Alexiana and him have crossed paths a few times, due to Jade
    War is like his older brother, and he trusts him more than he should.
    Has a crush on Rose, but he hasn't really talked to her.
    Seth seems like a nice guy, someone he could be friends with.
    Mercy and him are pretty close when it comes to being friends.
    OPEN for anything really!​
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  5. Wa.jpg
    Name: War
    Age: 19
    Grade: 12
    Sexuality: As long as I am swinging I am good.
    Race/Species: Archdemon
    Position: Does it really matter?

    Personality: War is a fun guy to be around, but is always hiding something. No matter how close you think you are to hi, he never tells someone everything.
    History: War does not remember things from his past, he has served Satan since about 1990. He has done every deed his master has sent his way, he has never lost a battle against a witch, demon or angel. He is the ultimate warrior, and that is why his master chose to have him run the group of archdemons when he is away. One day Satan ordered him to kill a guy named Michael, (later he became Lucifer) spending many months with him, War began to see him as his sibling instead of coworker.
    More is one the first post of War in the IC!

    Never gets attached to anyone or anything
    Determined worker
    great warrior
    Mind reader
    Electricity ball
    Blood Bending

    Electricity balls
    Electricity bending
    Lighting teleportation
    Burning hand
    Super strength
    Death's blade
    Mind reading
    Enhanced hearing and smell
    Creating Illusions

    Not getting what he wants.
    caring about his car

    Bites nails
    Anger issues
    Tapes his pencil
    Running when mad, sad, or needs to train.
    hating people who mess with his car
    Smiling when someone is mad at him.

    Making a illusion

    Extra Curricular:

    3.Free period
    7.AP Biology

    Lucifer is like his younger brother.
    He has a crush on Alexiana, but doesn't act on it.
    He feels like Jade threatens him.
    He has many feelings for Geo, more bad than good.
    Jonathon is pretty chill, but he hasn't really talked to him
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  6. 10943487_773488096060519_1769973036_o.jpg

    Name: Alexiana Raechelle Cole

    Age: 17

    Grade: Junior

    Sexuality: Pansexual

    Race/Species: Vampire

    Position: Alternative- The Badass

    Personality: Alexiana is a badass. She doesn't much care what people think of her and she often breaks the rules. She does, however, have a sweet side that she shows to really good friends and family. You definitely do not want to get on her bad side for fear of being publicly humiliated. Although she has a tough exterior she can be girly and really sweet.

    History: "I'd rather not."


    * Screaming
    * High pain tolerance
    * Playing electric guitar
    * Good with kids
    * Great listener and friend
    * Good kisser
    * Great cook


    * She's a hopeless romantic
    * Can be lazy
    * Angst-y
    * Night owl
    * A little insecure
    * Impatient
    * Can be violent
    * Trust issues


    * Skip class sometimes
    * Mouths the words to songs
    * Pushing her hair out of her face
    * Cleans

    * Guitar
    * Painting/Art

    Extra Curricular: Volleyball or Gymnastics

    1: Homeroom
    2: Guitar
    3: Free Period
    4: English
    5: P.E
    6: Pre-Calculus
    7: AP Biology
    8: Art

    Giovanna: She's really good friends with Giovanna, they talk a lot and Alexi sees her as a sister
    Axel: Has a bit of a crush on Axel. Just a tiny one that she doesn't show all that much
    Jade: She and Jade had been friends since kindergarten
    Evan: Despises of his very soul
    Roselyn- Alexi thinks that Roselyn is a nice person and she's very helpful. She and Roselyn met during her freshman year through mutual friends and found her to be a nice person to hang around. She thinks she's very attractive
    Luka: Alexi and Luka get along fairly well. She is a bit flattered by his flirtatiousness, but not much considering he does it a lot. The two are kind of the badasses of Ghost Isle. They were also really good friends as kids. She also kinda had a tiny crush on him. c:


    Name: Seth Jacob Lancaster

    Age: 17

    Grade: Junior

    Sexuality: Bisexual (leans more towards women)

    Race/Species: Werewolf


    Position: Random "Believe it or nah."

    Personality: Personality: Seth is very shy but outgoing when it comes to trying new things. He is slightly introvert, but tries to befriend people as much as he can. He can be a little cocky at times, but tries to keep it at a minimum. Considering he did not have a stable parental figure growing up, he is a bit off the wall and tends to push those he loves away.

    History: Seth grew up in a small but happy home with is fraternal twin sister Mercy. But as time went on and the pay for his parents gradually increased, they started working to earn more, and leaving him and his sister alone more often. Since then, he lost parental support and since they were always too busy and stressed to see anything, he started experimenting with different things, such as men/women, drugs, alcohol etc.. As he got older and reached his teens, he started to express himself in different ways, i.e. poetry, writing, guitar. His father owned a law firm and his mother a top rated neurosurgeon, he , so most of the time his parents were away from home. He took this as a sign to express himself even more so he stretched his ears, and got a tattoo of an eagle on his left peck.


    * Singing
    * High pain tolerance
    * Playing acoustic guitar
    * Good kisser
    * Running
    *Talking to girls


    * Night owl
    * Cocky little shit ;)
    * Impatient
    *Spending money
    * Trust issues


    *Running his fingers through his hair
    *Tapping his pencil on his desk

    * Guitar
    * Singing
    * Money

    Extra Curricular: Guitar Club

    1: Homeroom
    2: Choir
    3: Free Period
    4: Geometry
    5: Home Economics
    6: AP U.S. History
    7: AP Biology
    8: Creative Writing

    Giovanna: He thinks she's cool and they hang out sometimes. He also thinks she's really pretty and may or may not have a slight crush on her.
    Alexiana: They have a somewhat close bond considering that they are cousins.
    Mercy: He is fairly close with his twin sister considering he was around her his whole life of course. Throughout their years as kids, they were practically inseparable and they are still very very close.
    Rose: He and Rose don't really talk much and are really only friends because they hand out with the same group of people.
    Ivan: He's alright with him, he doesn't hate him, he doesn't like him.
    Declan: He and Declan, unlike his brother, are pretty close and chill.
    Sydney: Sydney is alright when it comes to she and Seth's relationship. He thinks she's kinda quiet and a bit annoying, but he tolerates her for his sister.



    Name: “I’m Mercy Rain Lancaster”
    Alias: “Call me Mercy”
    Titles: “Uh, some people call me Rain.”
    Age: “I’m 17”
    Date of Birth: “Born on All Hallows’ Eve of 1997! Whoo! Free candy and presents!”
    Zodiac: Scorpio
    Bloodtype: “Why does it matter? Anyway, A positive.”
    Gender: “I’m definitely a female.”
    Sexual Preference: “Love is love babe!” Pansexual
    Species/Race: “I’m a mermaid… Shh don’t tell!”
    Occupation: “Ugh high school student.”
    Languages Spoken: “English and a bit of Spanish.”
    Current Relationship Status: “Single pringle!”


    Height: “I’m a people McNugget! 5’2”
    Weight: “Around 130 or something”
    Body Type: “I’m pretty thin with some curves.”
    Eye Color: Blue
    Skin Color: “I’m kinda tan.” *shrugs*
    Hair Color and Style: “Blonde! But I’m not dumb! I usually wear it down or in a bun”
    Distinguishing Marks (tattoos , scars, etc): “I have two weird scars about two inches long on my hips. Oh and I have one tattoo on my left wrist and another tattoo on my side.”
    Birth Defects: “I have a mild turret syndrome.”
    Usual Clothing Style: “I love sweat pants! They’re so comfy! But I can be girly too!”
    Wearing Currently: “Clothes haha!”


    Hobbies: “I love singing, swimming, writing and playing piano.”
    Strengths: “I’m really smart and I’m a fast swimmer. I’m also kinda good at problem solving.”
    Weaknesses: “Uh…” She’s a hopeless romantic
    Quirks/Habits: “I chew on my lip a lot and uh, that’s it.”
    Likes: “Music! Disney movies! Swimming! The list goes on!”
    Dislikes: “Rude people. Arguing.”
    Usual Demeanor: “I’m kinda flirty and bubbly, always trying to make other people happy.”
    Quick to Anger or Difficult to Anger: “Depends on the situation.”
    Easily Approachable or Not So Much: “VERY EASILY APPROACHABLE! I’m so nice!”
    Introvert or Extrovert: “I’m not too shy haha.”


    Describe your characters History/Background. Be sure to include things such as: “I’d rather not”
    Hometown: Miami Florida
    Parents/Siblings: “I have a twin brother named Seth. My mom, Maria and my dad Daniel.”


    Where are they now? “Under da sea! Haha no just kidding! I used to live in Miami! Nice beaches! But now I live at Ghost Isle.”
    What are their fears? She’s scared of losing the people loves.
    What are their goals? “Not sure what I wanna do yet honestly.”


    • Hydro-kinesis: this is the ability to control water with your mind and hand​
    • Hydro-Cryokinesis: this is the ability to freeze or cool down water
    • Hydro-Thermokinesis: this is the ability to boil warm or evaporate water
    • Aero-Kinesis: this is the ability to control wind
    • Cryokinesis: this is the ability to create and control ice including createing blizzards
    • Pyrokinese: this is the ability to start fire and summen lightning

    Weapons: “Surprisingly enough I’m good with a sword.”
    Talents: “Singing.”
    Social Standing: “I’m kinda popular I guess haha.”

    1: Homeroom
    2: Fashion and Design
    3: Free Period
    4: Art
    5: Piano Lab
    6: AP U.S. History
    7: AP Biology
    8: Alchemy

    Jade: She isn't too fond of Jade and her bitchy attitude. Honestly, she's only friends with her because of Alexi.
    Amy: They were close friends in the past years and recently started dating.
    Declan: She thinks Declan is very cute and sweet, they don't talk much but when they do they have short and sweet conversations.
    Alexiana: They are cousins so they are very close and talk a lot.
    Seth: Mercy has a very close-knit bond with her twin brother. Although, she is the oldest, he sometimes treats her like she is way younger than him and is somewhat overprotective of her.
    Sydney: Sydney is definitely Mercy's best friend. They talk all the time and have a very close friendship. Sydney is definitely the girl Mercy feels she can go to about anything.

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  7. [BCOLOR=transparent][​IMG][/BCOLOR]
    Giovanna (Geo) Cordilia
    Bisexual, but leans towards Men
    Angelic Form (open)


    Alternative- Nerd
    Geo is a relatively calm girl. She is the strong silent type, keeping her mouth shut unless she has
    something to say, and when she does speak, cross your fingers to dear god that you didn't piss her off, because she will not hold back. Her speak is usually harsh or rougher. She shows more though actions than words and she is fairly tall, standing at 5'10". She has had a rough past, and she doesn't like talking about it a lot, since it was
    very emotional to her. On the off chance
    you do get to see that side of her
    Geo grew up in a small family that was very tight knit. Her grandparents lived with her family as well, and all of them loved Geo dearly, and she loved them back. Though she didn't express it much she truly did love them. But before she had an actual chance to say it, there was a house fire. Her grandparents could not escape, and it sent both her and her parents into a deep depression.

    Her mom stayed out more often, going on business frequently. It came as a shock when they got a divorce, but Geo said nothing. In fact, from that day she was a wall of silence.She often pulled things over her face or keep her mouth pursed shut. She spends most of her time, yelling at people in her head or just thinking in general. She bottled up every single feeling that she had ever felt after her grandparents and kept it to herself, and refused to go to any sort of therapy. Since she never actually went to therapy, after a while her aunt, who took custody after her parents divorced and her father went into a drunken black pit of despair, signed her up for a karate class. She soon shot to the top ranks of the class, because she did not have to do more than grunt and let out anger. She fell in love with Japanese culture, their form of fighting and all sorts of weapons from there. She continued to discover things, like she liked driving cars, the occasional drink, and drawing. She was pretty big on drawing, but in secret, she would practice her singing. She would play either her guitar, the cello. She often found it calmed her and helped keep her calm.
    She is found in the Cafe, either playing the cello
    or drawing something or someone.

    At some time while she was recovering, she found a man who she thought was the one, her soul mate. Unfortunately, he was lying. The whole time he kept telling her he was loosing money, and he would go spend it at the clubs when he said he was at work. He mooched off her until she became suspicious, and found his text to one of the three other girlfriends he had at the time. Of course she immediately dumped him, but she did it in public and shamed him. Even now she gets a few whispered about it, and since it was only a few years ago, she is still feared for it.
    She is bullied often by the cheerleaders, but continues
    to bottle it up, feigning neutrality.

    Though no one bothered to tell Geo, she wasn't born with wings. The DNA was infused when
    she was just an egg, and she was placed inside her mother for a large sum
    of money, which she was using to get back at her father
    and cheat on him.
    ~Likes and Dislikes~
    +Alone Time
    +Keeping Calm
    +Her height
    +Spicy food
    +Throwing stars
    +Japanese culture
    +Japanese Fighting
    +Her guitar
    +Piano(She isn't very good at playing it)
    +Soft Jazz
    +Deep Songs
    +Good Lyrics
    +Comfortable silence
    +Holding Hands
    +Stolen Kisses
    +Adorable Moments
    +A good drive
    -Cheesy Puns
    -Broken Wheels
    -Social Media
    -People who can't keep their mouth shut
    -Feeling worthless (Which is almost constantly)
    -Bright Light
    -Broad daylight
    -Broken Bones
    -Getting in Trouble
    -Being beat bloody
    -Feeling sick
    -Rap Music
    -That stupid song called Friday
    -Loosing her Headphones
    -People trying to talk to her while she is listening to Music

    Self Harms
    Feels worthless
    Not physically strong
    Prefers to stay Silent in the presence of people she doesn't know well
    Singing(Keeps it a secret)
    Playing the Cello/ Guitar
    School (comes naturally to her, but she has a few B's)
    Flying (Though she is still learning a bit)
    ~Extra Curricular~
    2-Ap Physics
    3- Free Period
    5- Orquestra
    6- Senior English
    8- Creative Writing

    Alexi: There Homeboys, buds, they hang out a lot.
    Seth: Even better friends than Alexi, they are pretty close. She isn't sure what has been going on lately, but she thinks that there is a little something more than friends there.
    Rose: Home boys, but she can't support her crush. She knows that Alexi has one too, and can't decide which friend to support, so she supports neither.
    Evan: He's cute, like really cute, but she doubts he would ever be interested in her, so she doesn't
    really peruse anything more than friends with him.


    Axel Johnson
    Shape shifter

    Jock- Class Clown/ Swimmer

    Axel is a cheerful young guy. A real charmer, but he prefers to look at the broken girls. Even though he is sought after by lots
    of the cheerleaders, he shows absolutely no interest in those who fawn over him. He is a smiley boy and is pure
    hearted. He is innocent, and sweet, but sometimes he can be a bit naïve and it can cause him trouble. He does have a side that can be a little more
    violent and protective, but it only comes around when someone hurts something he loves. When you do,
    my only advice is to run for the hills

    Axel grew up in a motivated family. They lived in a small town when he was young and since then he has been a class clown. With
    not many people around, he did his best to entertain siblings and what little friends he had. Since he was born, he was cursed
    with being a tiger(Which I will reveal later) and he had a little... accident, which made him
    move from his town to the school.


    +Different Girls
    +Making people laugh
    +Stolen Kisses
    +Pretty moments
    +Someone Petting His Head
    +Spicy Food
    +Baby Animals

    -Bland Food
    -Classical Music
    -Tone Deaf People
    -Over killing
    -Loosing control
    -Loosing Himself

    -Stalker Fangirls
    -Bland Girls
    -Ruining the moment
    -A forced relationship
    -Killing Others
    -Lots of blood
    -Little Sleep

    -Being Mangled
    -Being Bullied

    -Being Hurt
    -Being Betrayed



    A sucker for romance
    A little to pure
    Hot headed when his friends are harmed
    A little spacy

    Biting his lip
    Tapping Fingers
    Snapping latex swim caps
    Bouncing his legs

    Playing Guitar
    Singing a little bit
    Goofing off

    ||Extra Curricular||

    1: Homeroom
    2: Choir
    3: Free Period
    4: English

    5: Science
    6. History
    8: Art


    Rose: She's cute, and he has a feeling she has a crush on him because of the way she acts around him.
    Alexi: Really Good Friends, and he isn't sure if there is something more. He is kind of stuck between her and Rose


    Aria Claire Deralose
    Ice mage
    Popular- The ice queen
    ~Appearance Extra~
    Her eyes when she is resting are a light blue color
    When she is using her powers, her eyes turn bright white
    She has a tattoo on her back, glows when she uses her powers
    She wears her hair up, always
    She stands around 5'8", so she frightens a lot of people.

    Aria acts almost like a princess, though she does not depend on anyone to do her bidding. She is capable of being her own and she
    usually doesn't speak, and the first time she talks to you, she will often be cold and distant. But when you get closer
    to her, she is the type of girl who pretends she is strong, but is actually quite girly and soft,
    and dare I even say, lonely.

    Aria grew up as the heir to her company. She was the eldest to her family, and thought of as sort of a disappointment to be a girl,
    They thought she was worthless, but she tried hard to prove what she was worth, which was a lot. She studied, she
    practiced, she practically slaved over everything to prove herself to her family. She isolated herself,
    fearing friends would only make her weaker. While she was doing this, she became very famous for her
    creative thinking and discipline in playing the violin, and Mixed Martial Arts. She was used to
    winning, and that was the only way she got noticed, by success.
    She helps her young brother manage the company,
    but has been sent to the academy
    in hopes that she will find
    friends, and love.


    Not Strong
    Almost in a state of depression, though she doesn't show it

    She loses control of her power as her fear grows
    Runs her hands though her hair
    Biting her lip
    Scratching her skin when she is bored
    Tapping her fingers when thinking
    Crossing her legs
    Twirling her hair silently

    Cello(Not as good as violin or Piano)
    Mixed Martial arts

    ~Extra Curricular~
    Violin, Piano and Mixed Martial Arts
    1. Homeroom
    2. English
    3. Free period
    4. Weight Training
    5. Math
    6. Music
    7. AP Biology
    8. History

    Rose: Rose bothers her signifigantly. She always calls her a princess, when she is just cold and distant. She is ready to take her down at any time
    Evan: She thinks he is pretty cool, but she doubts he would ever like her, so she keeps it to herself, locked inside with everything else that is there.
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  8. ear-gauges-boys.jpg
    Name: Evan "Phoenix" Wrights
    D.O.B: August 19 1997
    Grade: 11
    Sexuality: Straighter than an arrow
    Position: Nerd & Alternative

    Personality: There is a lot to say about Evan. He is a free spirited guy, and goes where ever the wind takes him. He is a loving and caring guy and stands by his friends no matter what. He is the kind of guy that will take the wrap for your mistakes. He does not scare easy and he hates people who believe they are better than him.

    History: Evan is not a pure breed Phoenix, but what he lacks in purity he makes up in strength. Evan belongs to an organization called The Protectors of the sun, There are 9 phoenix creatures who belong to it, including him. He is the youngest of his kind and will live for almost 1400 years, unless he meets a untimely death. He has not mastered his shift nor his abilities. Growing up he was an outcast because he could never find someone of his kind, but his fraternal twin brother Declan has always had his back. Evan and Declan share a special bond that can connect them together, due to this it landed Evan in the hospital last year. Declan had had an accident, with which Evan absorbed his injuries and put him in a coma for several weeks. Evan truly cares for his brother and seeing him in pain, he couldn't take it and decided to take the pain on for Declan. Though their brotherly bond is strong, they still go head to head on stupid matters of disagreement.
    Side note: Some times his temper gets the best of him, and he can burst into flames. He kind of goes into this kind of spiritual state where he is not conscious to realize what he is doing.
    Lately he really feels alone, ever since he made a huge mistake that he wishes he could take back. People started treating him different because of it and remind him almost everyday about it. His own brother seems to treat him differently and that seriously drains him because of them being connected. The only one that doesn't is his cousin Jade.

    Height- 6,1

    Body type- Athletic
    tribal-phoenix-tattoo-design2.jpg Sun-Tattoo-Designs-for-Men-and-Women-34.jpg
    Scar:the right side of his neck (small and light)

    Strengths: Hunting, Bass, Flying, Energy Wave, smile & laugh, baking, throws boss parties, joking.
    Phoenix abilities:(I just pulled this off a site with a list of the abilities a phoenix has, some are not actiive
    Weaknesses: Trusting to easy, Has a form of achilles heel (its a secret as to where), being a joker.
    Likes: Girls with a sense of humor, Metal, Indie, Friends who are chill, no drama, Photography.
    Dislikes: Drama, Drama queens, Cheaters, some Vampires (Ex was one), country.
    Habits: Playing bass way to loud and in the middle of the night, temper, falling easily for a cute girl, skipping class when having a bad day(almost everyday), blaming himself for things that were out of his control, eating a pile of McDonalds or doritos, running.

    Talent: Bass, Sweet talking, running/flying,video games, driving fast, Photography.

    Extra curricular: Track and Yearbook.

    1. Homeroom
    2. Bass Lab
    3. Free period
    4.Creative Writing
    6.Ap stats
    7. AP Biology

    Declan is his brother
    Jade is his closest cousin (she understands what it is like to be different)
    Alexiana is his Ex, things didn't end on a good note, and he absolutely hates the ground she walks on.
    Rose is a friend, but they mostly only talk when the "Group" hangs.
    Knows more than most people about Lucifer, cause he knew him before his "transformation"
    Has a a minor crush on Aria
    Geo is pretty awesome, he likes her, but he does not know to what extent.
    Sydney and him are best friends, she is one of his favorite people to hang with.

    Open to anymore relationships! :)
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  9. So here is why Alexiana and Evan broke up and don't like each other.

    For half of Sophomore year (even though they went to two different schools) and all of Sophomore summer Alexiana and Evan dated. They seemed inseparable and beyond happy, but one night at a party for Evan and his twin Declan 17th birthday. Evan was waiting for Alexiana to arrive and decided to do what any normal teenage boy does at a party, get high and drink while he can. Though Evan was enjoying his time with his friends, a girl named Marissa started giving him a different kind of attention, one he wasn't mentally there to understand. She began to kiss him, but he resisted, Marissa then mumbled something under her breathe and Evan's mind drifted into the clouds barely able to see, all he could feel was her pressing him to the wall. He couldn't even feel his phone vibrate in his pocket with a text from Alexiana saying her car got a flat and she got a ride from Jade and would be there in a minute or two. As Alexiana arrived, she asked to where he was, Declan pointed her to the back room where some guys where hanging including Evan and Marissa. When Alexiana walked in to see Marissa kissing Evan, all she could do was say his name, which broke Marissa's focus on Evan and his vision and since of mind returned. Turning in time to see Alexiana run out, he followed. He yelled at her to come back, that he could explain, but she didn't want to hear it and kept running asking Jade to drive her home. Evan ran and caught her arm, but as he did Alexiana turned around and ripped his throat out. Evan fell to the ground bleeding, though he couldn't die from this, it hurt. He lied there in the dirt drive way almost life-less as he saw his cousin drive away with his now Ex. That was the last time Alexiana and him talked, and the last time he was treated the same by almost everyone.
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  10. I feel like all of us should have a thing going on again, like a little plot drama~
  11. @Little_Ghost98 and I were talking about that, and she still would like the original one. We all just need to develop it and talk about what our roles would be in it.
  12. Well that sounds just lovely, seems like a good option to me
  13. [​IMG]

    Don't judge me when you can't even look at yourself in the Mirror.

    Roselynn Dunlop






    She has this marking on her back after she finished her training at 6 years old

    She is patient and caring, almost always offering a smile or laugh to a situation. While polite and calm to a fault, she is not the most social person, but when she does become close with someone it is because she truly wants to. She dislikes being patronized and will not indulge others.
    This can make her look like a snob, and her seeming perfection at everything does not help this perception of her. She is a genuinely intelligent young woman, a prodigal violinist and pianist. Her intelligence is also apparent through her spot on the National Honor Role

    History: (optional)
    Rose's childhood from the outside was picturesque in its ways; she had a beautiful mother and a doting father. At the young age of three her mother started her with piano and violin lessons and it was discovered that she had a natural talent for them. So most of her days were spent at school then home to practice. With both of her parents being high witches and an ancient line (descended from one the first witches blessed by Hecate as a daughter.) Rose developed a higher capacity for magic and spells and started her magical training when she was about six years old. She nearly blew up her family's home from a spell gone array but she got a hold of her magic pretty quickly after that; knowing that her magic was controlled by strong emotions.
    Talking in front of people
    Listening to other's problems
    She writes her own music
    School (Pretty much every subject and isn't shy about it)
    A total fan girl of many things
    Dancing (Classical and modern)
    Spell casting
    Spell writing
    Decent at potions
    Limited telepathy

    Letting people in
    admitting she is wrong
    She comes off as cold and distant but its only because she is untrusting of other's especially the popular people.
    Trusting to easily (as well as loving)

    biting her bottom when in thought
    playing with her hair when she is nervous
    Playing with her necklace in uncomfortable situations

    being rich

    Extra Curricular:

    1. Homeroom
    2. Mythology
    3. Free Period (Spends her time in the music room or in the Library)
    4. AP Chemistry
    5. AP Calculus/ Trigonometry
    6. Sr AP Literature
    7. AP German IV
    8. Orchestra

    Crush(es)|| She has a major crush on Axel and she can be really shy around him. She also has a crush on Lucifer and never really gets close enough to him to act any sort of way.
    Best Friends|| Geo her and Geo have been closer than most. They met in the music room of their freshman year while Geo was playing the cello and since then they have stuck together.
    Alexiana and Rose met through groups of friends and have been close ever since.
    Jada and Rose became best friends because they are both witches and Rose became somewhat of a mentor to her even though they are the same age.
    Sydney is considered close to Rose because she feels she can trust her with most of her secrets.
    Friends|| Seth and Evan because they have more or less the same group of friends
    She thinks of Luka as a friend and flirts with him because its fun but she has no attraction to him what so ever.
    Enemy|| Rose can not stand Aria and her princess attitude.
    ((Open to more Realtionships))

    Tutors before and after School
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  14. Character Sheet

    Besides the picture she has noticeably longer ears making out her elven descent. She stands 5'11" Five Foot Eleven Inches making her very tall for a girl.
    Name: Avalia Avenia
    Age: 17
    Grade: 11th
    Sexuality: "What is Sexuality? Mortals and their Terms... Love is what you make of it."
    Race/Species: Young Elven Goddess: Daughter of Freo: (Anglo-Saxon Goddess of fertility. Ruler of the elves. - Daughter of Tyr (Norse god of War and the Sky. -She can call Ethereal Wings.)

    Position: Popular One- Sports. (Particularly Lacrosse and Soccer)

    Personality: Avalia is a very versed individual when it comes to life. Having learned directly from her father the arts of survival she finds life in general rather boring. In all she can be described as a athletic individual. Always found doing something or keeping busy it is rare to find her sitting down.

    All together laid back she is a much more approachable person compared to many others in her Clique. She is a slightly overly talkative individual although she keeps her heredity hidden. She and her father share a close relationship as well as with her mother. With her being a very young Goddess she by now has granted herself the ability to age. Due to her young nature she is still very Naive.

    History: Avalia having been born a Young God, A child of Tyr, Norse god of war and the Sky as well as Freo, Anglo-Saxon Goddess of the Elves and Ferility. Having been raised by a war god she was taught at a young age to begin training to take her fathers place. Her morales shifted in directions as each parent taught her different things regarding her God like attributes.

    Her mother taught her the world and its beauty. Her mother, elven in appearence shares most of the looks as her daughter. Avalia learned how to bend the forces of nature to her will by calling it forth as an extension of her self. She learned the beauty of all living things as well as the harmony at which it must be kept in. Life and ferility come in full circle with death and rebirth. Knowing full well of her abilities that she was granted by her mother she took them all into account before her father began his teachings.

    Her father Tyr, A norse god of high stature was an entirely different teacher. It is from him that she gains her ability to stay calm in nearly all situations even if everything around her was on fire. She was trained in the typrical Norse tradiation. She was pitted against creatures horrible in nature to prove herself before the all father and the other gods. She learned the harsh reality of war within the heavens. In the end she emerged a stronger individual why retaining the innocent look of her mother.

    Her morales were reshaped during the process to create a future God of War and Earth. Combining the purity of the earth with the destruction of war. She was in an essence a walking weapon. Still young, she has still much to learn from all of the others around her leaving her unsure of what to do. Her allignment due to her mother is still tipped in the favors of Neutrality but leaning towards good.

    With that in mind it leaves her open to nearly all influences as she sees everything as a way to proceed forward in a way of intelligence or power. This mindset set into her by her father which has dominion over War and Sky. Her hardened mind not put through fear. Able to stand firm while even ingulfed in flames or stabbed in the chest. Such indoctrination gives her a mentality of all or nothing. That was untill the day she had her first run in with a mortal when exploring the world below at the age of fifteen.


    Avalia lowered to the ground as the ethereal blue wings disappeared into thin air. The sky around her was dark but to her the night was a clear as day. Her hair done in a way befitting an omnipotent individual of her stature. Her features of elven descent showing prominently as they were not hidden by her hair. Having been warned about interfeering in the doings of the mortal world she couldn't help but explore as she was taught to do by her father.

    The sky around her was filled with smoke and soot caused by a nearby gasoline station explosion. Quickly she tracked the location of the explosion using the skills taught by her father and came into contact with the area completely in flames and quickly spreading into the nearby woods. Unsure of what to do at first she began to freak out. Knowing full well if she used her divine powers for intervention her parents would take notice. In the end she used her already divine attributes to her advantage.

    The fire around her seemed to continue to grow as the screams of those still trapped inside were heard. Without even hesitating she took a deep breath and simply began a slow and steady walk through the flame engulfed door way and into the facility that was beginning to falling. Atleast what was left of it. Upon entry she felt the wisps of the flames grazing her skin and only causing mild irritation. The cloth of her clothes having been hued and imbued with rare and divine fabrics did not light on fire from the flames.

    The nosie of the screaming continued untill she heard the voices of two men talking about the fire. "They will think it was a electrical fire." One said before they laughed. The other voice she heard through the wall picked up "They will think she died in her sleep, There will be nothing but ashes at this temperature." The other oen said before Avalia simply put her hand on the door and pushed. The door shattered into two peices even at the gentle force she put on it.

    Both men turned around to see her dressed in all black with her hair flowing down the back of her shoulders. "What are you doing here bitch?" One said before picking up a peice of wood that had fallen. The other man tilted hsi head and looked at her eyes that seemed to glow ever so lightly in the darkness within the building burning. "Ernie..... We should leave... now.." The intelligence man of the two said.

    The other man cursed at his friend "None sense... she saw to much!" He said before going to swing at her. Avalia saw the clumsy strike coming and simply batted his arm away quickly with a noise that can only be sumed up as stomach churning. The mans forearm shattered from the quick reaction force Avalia gave. The man fell onto the ground as his right forearm seemed to flop over like jelly as the bones inside were left in fragments.

    "Ernie! What is going on!" The Intelligent Murderer yelled out to his now screaming friend. "The bitch broke my arm! What are you!" He yelled at Avalia. Avalia knelt down next to him "You may call me Kainen.... I am the daughter of the Earth and War..." She said before with a sickening speed and strength she lifted the man up by the neck. Without any effort she tilted his head back and forth to get a look at his face before clenching her fist causing his neck to break instantly and shatter. She let go and let his body fall to the ground.

    His friend looked over to see Ernie's neck squished to not even a forth of its original size. Avalia then turned her attention to the Intelligent man of the two. He immediately went to untying the unconcious girl they tied to the chair. Once she was free her turned back to Avalia "There! Shes free just dont hurt me!" He cried out to Avalia. Avalia tilted her head "What compensation will that be for those that have already perished." Avalia said in justice before picking the girl up and walking out. Within seconds the room began to collapse in on itself burying the last man under burning wood. Avalia walked out of the building and a safe distance away before setting the girl down and simply disappearing.

    Stregnths: Strength, Survival, Lack of Remorse, Trained by her Father (A god.), Athletic, Martial Master (Training due to her Father the Norse god Of War.), Agility (Parkour and movement.)
    Persuasion: (Due to her mother being an Elven god of Fertility she can use her looks to get by on people.)

    God Attributes:

    Boon of Fertility- Her beauty is beyond Measure.
    Elven Moon Goddess- During the night her eyes seem to glow allowing her to see in several different spectrums. She can change between them depending on what she needs.
    Boon of the God of War: Her strength and toughness are beyond measure. She appears weak but is strong enough to kill with a punch. She can control the strength she wants to put out.
    Young God- Intellectual curisoity- Both a positive and a negative. She wants to figure everything out. It leaves her open to being manipulated and used if she doesn't pick up on it. That being said she is extremely intelligent.
    Boon of the Sky God- She can control the Stars, Moon, Weather and Air. Anything to do with the Sky. With this she can call upon Etheral wings to allow her to fly using Air currents around her.

    Primordial Elements: Being a goddess of the earth she wields the Primordial Elements being able to dew forth water, fire, earth and wind in all of its forms.

    Weaknesses: Quick to trust, Can be manipulated if you figure out how she works, Emotionally unstable.

    Chewing on her black hair when bored.
    Tapping constantly on things around her.

    Gods Footwork: Due to her Omnipotent blood she is overly naturally gifted with movement. She is beyond quick on her feet making her a great Lacrosse and Soccer player.

    Quick thinker
    Excellent perception.
    Skilled Piano and Harp player.
    Great Dancer.

    Extra Curricular: Martial Arts

    OTHER NOTES: Avalia wears her hair in a way that her ears can not be seen unless she moves it out of the way. Her appearence shows no signs of the type of individual she truly is. There are no signs of the God when looking at her as she hides it due to her young age.

    1: Homeroom
    2: Guitar
    3: Free Period
    4: English
    5: P.E
    6: Pre-Calculus
    7: AP Biology
    8: Art

    Relationships: (No one Currently.)
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  15. Hey, so i am thinking about changing Lucifer's cs relationship to having a crush on your character Rose.
    @Poisoned Rose
  16. That is fine lol seeing as she has a crush on him
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  17. No they're perfectly fine!!!!