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  1. OOC

    Alexiana Cole – The Badass Vampire

    Ghost Isle Boarding School is very… intriguing to say the least. It’s practically in the middle of nowhere and the students are angels, witches, vampires, outcasts and just about anything else you can think of.

    It was the morning of September 6th and after a somewhat amazing summer with a few of her friends and family, Alexiana made her way through the hallways of Ghost Isle to room 106C for Orientation/Homeroom, She honestly didn’t want to go back to Ghost Isle, but she couldn’t just leave all of her friends there alone with all of the stupid. She sighed as she rushed into the room full of new and returning students, combing through her hair with her fingers due to being late. Why am I always freaking late? Lexi thought to herself. She quietly made her way to the back of the room, listening in on the manly Miss. Crake talking about the Dos and Don’ts of the school. Almost everyone’s clothing is black except for a few “rule breakers” and as the woman speaks, she holds out a box labeled “HAZARDS”. People began dropping things into it and Alexi scoffed. One girl pulled out a pink Swiss Army knife and tossed it into the box. Another boy pulled out a lighter, cigarettes and several books of matches then threw them in. She and her friends weren’t really weapon savvy. Not at Ghost Isle at least. The box came to Lexi and she chuckled. She didn’t really have anything to put into the box, and if she did, she knew people who could sneak some stuff in. Most of them were supernatural for Christ’s sake! The woman nodded and went over to the next person.

    She noticed a few people that she had a few classes with last year, and smiled knowing that she would still be going to school with them a bit longer. Alexi spotted her best friend/sister Jade and walked over to her. “Hey bruh. Are you excited for the school year? I don’t know why we all had to come to orientation when classes don’t start for another week.” She and Jade had been friends since Kindergarten. Long before Alexiana was turned into a vampire and Jade discovered her powers. “Have you seen Axel today yet?” She spoke as she looked around the room for him. Alexiana had a thing for Axel since they met Freshman year, but Alexi was always too chicken to say anything about it.
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    Alysette Croft – The Cheerleader Demigod

    Aly was one of the first people to get into the room for orientation. She held a Green Tea Frappuccino from Starbucks in her hand as the dreadful Miss. Crake spoke about the school. Alysette began texting on her phone as the woman talked and Miss. Crake walked over. “Alysette! What did I just say?” She smirked hoping that she would mess it up. Lys rolled her eyes and scoffed. “Don’t get kicked out, it’s a privilege for you supernatural delinquents to be here and it’d be a shame if I didn’t have to teach you. She said sarcastically. Blah blah blah, I’ve heard it all before.” She spoke. Alysette usually wasn’t this rude, but she had been woken up at 3;30 to make the drive to Ghost Isle from New York and she was tired as Hell. “Keep your phone away Croft.” Crake walked away and continued talking. Aly took another sip of her drink. I swear to God if I see Vinny I’m going to vomit. She thought to herself when she saw one of his good friends Jeydon walk in.

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    Jeydon Moore – The Jock Banshee

    Jeydon walked into 106C for orientation a while after everyone else had gotten there. He had slept in because he stayed up all night with his younger sister. He sure would miss her and he couldn’t wait until he graduated so she could live with him instead of with their grandparents. Jey walked into the room and sat down at an empty desk, hoping to see a few of his jock buddies.

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    Stella Chase – The Flirty Were-Jaguar

    Stella woke up early in the morning to take a shower and get dressed for her first day back at Ghost Isle. She was pretty excited to see all of her friends and possibly meet some new people that they had at Ghost Isle this year. She hopped in the shower before blow-drying her hair and throwing on her outfit for the day. After getting dressed, she made the commute to the boarding school and to orientation/homeroom. Stella loved the first week back at Ghost Isle because it was all play and no work, There was always a party or two and people had time to just chill with your friends. This year is going to be amazing, It better be amazing, I’m finally a Senior! God time flew by. She thought to herself and smiled. She was determined to pass this year with flying colors, Senior year was not the time to fuck up. Stella pulled into the parking lot before walking to the room for “orientation” where everyone got their schedules and room assignments. She didn’t mind being late because she’d been through all of it before. Stella gasped when she saw a familiar face across the room. Oh my God is that her? No it can’t be her. She goes here now. Maybe I should go say hi. Stell thought to herself as she slightly stared at the one and only Ariane Kiotanobi.

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    Liberty Oliver – Bitchy Cheerleader Mermaid

    Liberty had finally gotten to Ghost Isle after packing her huge amount of clothes, handbags, shoes and other things then headed back to Hell. She wasn’t too excited to leave the beautiful sandy beaches of Hawaii to come back to a place like this where she had the potential to be killed or kidnapped or worse, have her reputation ruined somehow, but at least she didn’t have classes the first week and there would be a party sometime during the week. Before she left Hawaii to go back to Hell, Liberty made sure to shower and throw on a nice outfit and although she didn’t want to go back to school, Liberty was excited to see her best friends and come back to the best week at Ghost Isle ever! She pulled out her phone to text Nyxan. What’s up buttercup! c: I hope you missed me while I was gone, because you’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of me! I can’t wait to see you at orientation! Xoxo QueenLiberty. Liberty smiled and put her phone in her purse, then she made her way to the boarding school. She walked into the orientation room and sat down at an empty desk before emptying her purse of most of her makeup and “fixing” her makeup and hair.

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    Declan Wrights – The Sarcastic Dragon

    Declan got out of bed when his alarm clock woke him up to the words of The Show Must Go On by Famous Last Words. He was scared and excited at the same time for his first day at Ghost Isle. Although he would be going to school with his brother, cousin and a few friends, a wave of nostalgia from being the new kid in middle school flushed over him and made him not want to go. Declan thought about it for a second and since his cousin and brother would kill him, he decided to go. "You're lucky I love you. That's the only reason I'm going to school." He yelled to his brother Evan

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  2. A girl walked into Room 106C, wearing an iPod blaring Madonna's "Material Girl". This was unique for two reasons. First, she had walked in through a solid wall. Second, the girl in question was not, in fact, material.

    Helen Black found a seat in the center of the room and floated just above it. It was difficult for ghosts to interact with solid matter, unless, like her music device and other items, it had been previously enchanted. Other students started filing in. Helen didn't really know any of them personally, but she did recognize some of her fellow witches. The witchcraft community was fairly close-knit, and everyone at least knew who was who.
  3. Ari The Werecat
    Ari was one of the last people to walk through the doors, he slouched into the room, barely even noticing the number and went to an empty desk as close to the back of the room as he could get. Yawning he looked around, noticing faces and the smells of his classmates. Some where vaguely familiar, but he wasn't really sure he had spent most of his previous years asleep. He probably would spend a good amount of this year sleeping too. With another yawn he rested his head on the desk and promptly passed out not seeming to care that he was currently shirtless and shoeless.

    Matthew and Micheal the Twins
    "are you ready for a new year bro?" Matt whispered throwing an arm over his twin brother. It was their third year here, they would be seniors soon, and he was determined to make it a great year. "Its gonna be great, right Mikey?"
    "Yeah, sure" he was kind of excited to meet new people, maybe finally find the love of his life. But he was also terrified, there where so many people in the room. Luckily they found two desks near each other and pushed them together to make one. Mat on the Left, Mike on the right as they leaned together their tattoos brushing as they so often did. The twins leaned their heads together and whispered to each other while their hands clasped openly on the desk. They always had an urge to touch each other, make sure the other was truly there and not just in their imagination. Anyone who listened could hear that they were talking about one time when Mike was bullied and Mat turned into an angry bull to chase the meanie around until the poor kid collapsed. When the box came around Mike took something suspiciously banana shaped from his brother and tossed it in.

    Sibyl her homeroom, she was already furiously taking notes out of one of her many books, on what? Who knew. She ignored everyone, save to shoot a glare behind her in the general direction of Ari. They had met last year, and she had hated his guts since the moment they first talked. He was arrogant, slept through most of his classes, and apparently believed in Nudism.

    "Hey man!" he called to Jeydon as the fellow Jock sat down. Nice to see at least one familiar face.​
  4. ~ Nyxan Davenport - Pureblood Vampire Queen ~

    "Straighten your back immediately , Girl. " Those were the first words to pierce her ear's as she remained seated by her father within the confines of the car as the driver turned threw the opened gates towards the school." Yes Father.." Nyxan spoke as she straightened within her seat as her father continued his constant lecture. She eased her sunglasses back into place as she focused her gaze out the window." Remember full well my warnings , Child.. You would do well in learning to follow direction this time about. These are your final Schooling years and I expect you to surpass all here without a single glance to those stationed below you. As long as you bare my name you will never bring any dishonor to my title or name." His facial expressions remained unchanged as she merely nodded in response before the school finally came about into her sight. She sighed in relief as her father barked orders at the driver as he brought the car to a halt. Vladimer exited the car as he muttered about the incompetence of the driver. The driver rushed over as he opened the door and extended a gloved hand outwards to her for assistance. She gave a light smile as she nodded thank you as her hand cupped lightly into his as she rose up."Thank you , Jackson.. Do try to ignore my father's idle banter on the trip back to the Estate." He nodded quick as she brushed her hands lightly over her clothes as she drew her jacket in closely to her body. With that she snapped her fingers as the men in the car that neighbored behind them began to unload her luggage onto the carts left about for everything to be hauled upon. She heard her father as he began to talk with what she supposed were other" Noble Blood" families. She all but rolled her eyes as she directed the men as to where they should haul her things to. This was her home... Her domain that she could have fun in without her father's control.
    With that she flickered her gaze over the passing people at hand... So many of the little losers and utter freaks had come back. She grinned wickedly at the thought of fun to be had with them under her finger again. Suddenly , the smell of wet dog filled the air as she sneered at the very stench filling the air. Werewolves... Damn creatures and their filthy blood always irritated her and what a disgrace of life they were amongst her kind. She gave a growing sneer as one passed by as the student all but evaded getting near her.. She grinned wickedly as she muttered."Filth." as she proceeded to walk up the steps as her heels clicked against the aged stone.
    She walked down the crowded halls as Nyxan passed several students and their families as they helped them settle in.. She continued her trail down the hall as she paused watching a very familiar teacher gathered with a few others. Warren... It became harder and harder every year he was around. Loving and never having were two of the hardest things to live with in life. All he could ever see was her bitchy side and how she controlled anything she attempted. She sighed softly as she broke her gaze away to keep from him noticing. Not as if he saw her as anything more than a student. She did have a kinder and softer side... It was just something she rarely showed or allowed to be seen. At that she nimbly slipped through the crowds as she came to the sign in tables. Nyxan nodded a bit as the girl handed her off some paperwork to fill out as she dipped down to begin signing off signatures before passing them back as the girl handed her back her keys from the prior year. At least she had her best friends and friends here and they weren't ever complete losers like those that mainly filled the place. Lunah , Liberty and the others would soon be here and she could focus all her thoughts away from the past months of being back home in France. As she made her way down the halls she came to a halt as she looked down at her blinking cell phone with a playful grin to her lips as she texted Liberty back." Hi Darling! I missed you and I can only guess you went missing me to! I'm here and heading into Orientation as we speak , catch you there! xoxoxo" With that she clicked it off as she opened the doors widely as a few gathered boys at the desks all but whistled as she flipped her hair over her shoulder as she caught sight of Liberty and slipped in beside her with a grin." Told you I'd be here in a few , Darling." She flashed her a playful smile before hugging her tight

    ~ Kali Maria Tadachi - Artsy Kitsune ~

    Kali watched out the backseat window as Ghost Isle came into her line of sight as her parents chatted up front they drove down the winding road. She dipped her head down a bit as she looked to all the car's winding around in a small circle through the large open area. This was to be her first year attending this school... Beforehand she had been studying at Salem Prep and it had been a simple time there. A few friends , barely noticed and perfect grades as an Honor Student.. Everything seemed like it would be the same at least until Fall Break came around. She had gone out with her closest friend , Yukari from school to a local band's concert. It was there she'd met a person who would change her life that year , Kellian. Kellian was outgoing , caring and loved to keep a smile lit to her face. She had always been worried to get overly close to anyone due to her Grandparent's warning that she would return to the Mountain Shrine in her mother's stead. Yet , Kellian had changed her views on her worries and keeping from her true feelings. Exchange of numbers and one coffee meet later , she was happily dating Kellian for nearly six months. She had already been planning to transfer to Ghost Isle and was lucky when she found out he attended as well. She knew of his background and what he was.. She had told him of her Kitsune heritage with much fear... She had always found judgement for what she was and with him , he never did such a thing. He held her close and smiled a plenty reminding her he wouldn't go having her any other way.
    She smiled softly to herself with a chuckle as her mother glanced back to her." Excited to finally be here sweetie? Just think you'll finally be attending the same school I did!" Rose grinned at her mom as she swiped her hair back from her eyes. " I know , I know... You have told me almost a thousand times since we started traveling , Mom... Rest assure that I know it." Her dad laughed heartily as she but grinned playfully at her mother as she rolled her eyes ever so slightly. At that they parked behind several other cars as families unloaded luggage , settled in and said their goodbye's. She unbuckled from her seat as she popped open the car door as she stepped out with a click of her boots onto the concrete. She stretched her arms high above her head before adjusting her shirt back into place as she swung her satchel over her shoulder as she looked around for any sign of Kellian. With that she glanced to her parent's as her father began to unload her luggage from the back. Her mother caught her looking around as she laughed a bit." Honey , we love you and we will make sure your luggage is taken where it is needed.. Love you , Sweetie!" With a brightened smile Kali nodded before tugging her beanie closer down over her head as she felt her ear's attempt to peek out. She gave her parents a quick wave before delving into the gathered crowds. All the while her mother blew kisses along the way.
    She pressed her hand light to her satchel to keep it held to the side of her hip as she maneuvered through the crowds .. Only than did she cross quickly to walk up the entryway steps of the school as she stood at the top and locked around for Killian before sparing a glance down at her Iphone grasped in her hand. She might as well go find a seat in Orientation.. With that she trailed into the building as she went through to wide open doors as she found a seat semi near the front as she settled down in it.. Killian would be here and a few of her old friends... She smiled softly as her excitement remained contained.
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  5. [BCOLOR=transparent]~Kellin- Semi-popular siren angel of awesomeness~[/BCOLOR]​

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He was running late and only saw it fair to let Kali know. "Running a bit late, will be there soon. x" he texted her before sliding his headphones into his ears and walking out,hopping on the back of a motorbike with some girl who offered him a lift to the school. He vaguely remembered her from last year, Layla or something.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Soon he was at Ghost Isle, Lyla having let him jump off before she went to find store her bike. "Finally, time for another year of school." He said to himself, making sure he had everything in his bag. Phone, CDs, quite a few notebooks, pens, two ipods, many headphones, everything seemed to be there. He grinned slightly, excited of get back to his friends but more importantly Kali. it would've been six months in three days time since they started dating, and he couldn't turn up empty handed for that (Although by no means was he going to.) He hurried to the orientation,opening the door and looking around with a smile, noticing many of his old friends, and Kali of course. He still had his headphones in, dropping a small black combat knife tucked inside his boot into the hazard bucket. He didn't need it anyway, he was good at unarmed fighting, but kept it in the human areas more as part of a disguise.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]As soon as that was done, he weaved over to the seats, taking one next to Kali. He looked around, glad that last year he hadn't gathered many enemies, and was actually on fairly friendly terms with most of the fellow students.[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]She sped her motorbike into the school grounds, slowing slightly so the boy she gave a lift to, Kellin she thought it was, could hop off before finding a nice hidden spot she had noticed last year at the end to hide her bike.Once there,she took off her riding leathers so she was in her normal clothes that were underneath, putting them into a compartment under the seat before heading through the courtyard, her hood of her black hoodie she wore in the daytime up to keep the evil sunlight off of her skin. Soon she found her way to the designated room, having nothing to drop into the hazard bucket before finding an empty seat with empty seats all around. As she made her way to her chosen area, she traded many hate fueled stares with people, the populars in particular. She wasn't a very likeable person to say the least, but was prepared to get into someshit withsome of the populars because of their distastes for each other, especially that snobby rich brat Nyxan.[/BCOLOR]
  6. The Friendly Half-Dragon and The Talented Siren Hybrid

    "C'mon! You'll love it here." Isaac said, entering room 106C. He carried bags behind him, where inside, the clothes were neatly packed and organized. After doing this for two years, he finally perfected the way he did things here.
    Slowly behind him, his distant cousin was yanking her overstuffed bags through the door of 106C. "Nggh!" She pulled on her suitcase that got caught in the doorway. "I REALLY doubt it." She responded, tugging on it again. A loud rip could be heard throughout the hall. A bag suddenly started cascading books, mainly fantasy and manga books. She closed her eyes and sighed, pulling the other luggage to the side, then going back to collect her books before someone else entered. Isaac also helped her.
    "Bekah, you really shouldn't overpack like this." He said, helping her carry her books back to the baggage.
    "But if I don't, I'll end up missing stuff." Rebekah explained, the pile of her books up to her chin. She sat them down next to her stuff, then dug through a string-pull bag. She pulled out yet another bag and put the books in it.
    The two stood around for the orientation and then the box came to them.
    "I'm clean! No need for that." Isaac said with a smile. But bekah turned bright red. She pulled out many miscellaneous blades and points. Isaac stared at it in awe.
    "I don't trust people." Bekah said to him. "I like to have some sort of protection around them, especilally the ones who have built-in weapons." She crossed her arms indignantly.
    Isaac rolled his eyes and picked up his baggage, waiting until they said that the students could go.
  7. Warren Justice
    Warren’s morning was as usual, except the fact he was going back to teach again this year. He had been teaching at Ghost Isle for five years, he picked up the job fresh out of college. Though this wasn’t the part that upset him, he was going to be staying in the dorms this year with students, as a dorm adviser. Sitting in his car, he was on the highway going to the school. The highway wasn’t the nicest on his car, but he shrugged it off and continued driving.
    It was about another hour before he pulled up into the parking lot of the school. This year he was teaching Homeroom, which is Battle Training for everyone. Other than that, he taught Simulation for the kids who didn’t know what powers they held. Parking his car, he turned it off and got out. Popping the trunk, he got out his bags. “This kids are about to piss me off.” He said aloud. Looking up at the dorm. If he had his own room, he wouldn’t mind, but it was the fact he had to share with some other kids is what pissed him off. He sighed and went to put his things away.
    After which he went out into the hallway to only be crowded by some freshman girls asking who he was, and some track boys wondering if Warren was coaching tracking this year. The boys chuckled at the girls. “That’s Professor Justice.” They laughed a little bit. Warren flashed them a smile, before they asked why he was staying in the dorms. “Well some idiotic students last year trashed the dorms, so they put in the battle training teacher to keep things inline…hopefully.” He grinned. Just then he felt someone’s gaze on him, and it wasn’t anyone in the small group. Slightly looking up, he saw Nyxan disappear into a room, though he knew it was her starring like always. He chuckled.
    Later on, Warren found his way to a classroom for orientation, he walked in to see a whole bunch of students sitting down. Mrs. Crake was in there taking students property. Personally, he didn’t care what the students had as long as they listened to him in battle training. No matter where they came from or who their parents are, learning from a horseman was vital, hints why he was hired on. Taking a seat behind a desk, he put his feet up on the desk and ate an apple. Spotting Nyxan he grinned a little to himself. Her dress really was doing her justice today, though he looked back to Mrs. Crake to take his mind off of it. Remembering there was to be no student teacher relations happening.

    Jade Langston
    Jade had her things packed and ready to go a few days before she was to leave. She woke up earlier that morning and got ready, piecing together her outfit, doing her makeup, and having her grandfather drive her to school. Over the summer, Jade had frozen her car when her Ice powers came in. Loading her things into her grandfather’s truck, she got into the front. “Okay, everything is ready to go, Grandpa.” She said as she buckled in.
    A few hours after her Grandfather pulled out of the drive way, he pulled up to the dorm rooms. No one was there yet, so she dropped her things of in the room and made her way to orientation. Walking in, she noticed no one was really there so she took a seat for a moment. After orientation started, she saw Alexiana come in, late as always. “Um, yeah kinda excited. And I know this is some B.S, why couldn’t we come next week.” She said, right before Alexiana asked about Axel. “No haven’t seen him, though I got to ask: Are you going to ask him out already?” She chuckled. She hadn’t told Alexiana that her aunt had transferred the boys over to Ghost Isle, and well she hated having to be the barer of bad news. “So um, I got to tell you something, and you might not like it…my aunt transferred the boys here.” She said.

    Evan Wrights
    Evan really didn’t like the idea of going to school, let alone seeing his Ex, but it was whatever to him. The summer basically started with a bad break up and well Evan didn’t enjoy most of it. Some of his friends ditched him, but he always had who he wanted there in the end, Declan and Jade. Evan spent his last night at home, sleeping in his bed with a fort of pillows surrounding him. Their house was colder lately, and with the pillows around him, it kept his warmth in, especially since his mother made them fireproof, just for him. Since Alexiana ripped his throat out, his powers were on the fritz, he started to burst into flames as he slept. Hearing the brutal sound of his alarm clock, he got up and threw it at the wall. Pulling on some shorts, he walked out down the hall to the bathroom, did his thing and got ready to go. Hearing his brother yell at him, he laughed. “Hey, I don’t want to go either, yell it at mom!” He chuckled, as he went back to his room. Grabbing his few duffel bags and his suitcase, he took them to his mother’s car. “Can we just say I died? I got shot down out of the sky, I got hit by a freight train, and poisoned all in five minutes.” He joked. He completely thought school was over rated, and that it could burn in the darkest pits of hell. Looking over at his twin he laughed. “You ready for death to overtake us, and feel the burn of glares? Isn’t school the best?” He asked sarcastically.

    Lilith Price
    Looking around, Lilith side. Getting out of her car, she kicked the tire. “Stupid piece of crap!” She yelled, before looking up the nearest Auto-repair shop. Lucky for her, her car broke down in the small town just outside of Ghost Isle Boarding. She was also lucky in the fact she could push it herself. Getting up behind it, she started to push and the car started to roll. It was about another twenty minutes before she reached the Auto-repair shop. Moving it up onto the parking lot, she wiped her hands on her pants. Walking into the shop, she smiled at the guy behind the counter. “Could you get her fixed up? I need to be going to school, and well I can’t do that without her running.” She laughed a little bit.

    Lucifer Michaels
    Shut up, dad!” Lucifer yelled from his room. It was about one in the morning in hell, and Lucifer or Luke was getting ready to leave for his last year in high school. His father, Lucifer Sr. was being an apparent jerk talking about all the things Lucifer had done in the past.

    Do NOT tell me to shut up, boy!” His father yelled out from the hallway. Lucifer had changed the locks the night before, and made sure that only he could get into his room. “Get your crap together, and let’s get on the road.” He yelled through the door.

    Lucifer sighed and put on a gray t-shirt. He wanted to tell him that he wasn’t his father, but that would be a lie. Having his DNA stripped of his actual father, and then replaced with Lucifer Sr.’s DNA made sure that all traces of his father was changed. Throwing his basketball duffel bag over his shoulder, and grabbing his large suitcase, he opened up the room door to see his butler there. “Just go the hell away, Justin.” He said walking away from the butler. Lucifer had nothing against his butler, but when he got into one of his moods, which was every day at home, he disliked everyone and anyone. Walking up to his car, he saw his dad sitting in the driver’s seat. “Seriously, I can’t even drive myself to school?” He complained. He then heard his father pop the trunk. “Whatever.” He said. Walking to the back he tossed in the luggage, and closed the trunk. He then got into the passenger side seat and his father started up the car. Leaving the garage, he went down hells driveway, straight into a wall at high speed. Normal people would be scared to drive straight into a wall, but well they weren’t. The wall was a portal between hell and the Earth. After going through the wall, the car appeared on the highway.

    You know you really need to start focusing on your demonic studies. If you ever want me to leave you with hell someday, you need to get your head in the game, son.” Lucifer Sr. said.

    Why? Why do you always do this? I start school, and you always tell me I need to get into my demonic studies. Dad, I seriously do not give a crap. You send me here, and then act like it’s my fault. Make up your damn mind or stay silent.” Lucifer said looking out the window. His father stayed silent after that, though Lucifer knew that he would only get a talking to when he got home on break. His father would stay silent for now, but once Lucifer’s foot stepped in the front door, there was going to be hell to pay.

    Rolling up to Ghost Isle, Lucifer looked up. “Thanks.” He uttered. Getting out, he got his stuff from the trunk and left his car and his dad behind. Looking around he was a little sad this was his last year here, meaning he was done getting his ‘get out of hell’ free cards. He sighed and walked to his dorm room. He opened up the door to find no one, which wasn’t unusual seeing he was a half hour late. Dropping his bags on the empty bed, he made his way to orientation. Walking in, he saw Jade and Alexiana. “Hey, how was your guys summer?” He asked trying to take his mind off of his morning.
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  8. Alfie L. Cross


    Alfie was sound asleep in his bed, he'd been that way for well over ten hours now since he really didn't do anything yesterday. His dream was a little off though, actually frightening if you were a small child. He was in a dark room with his two parents in front of him who were surprisingly alive, but still had the stab wounds from when he murdered them. In front of him also was a table that had a medium sized knife placed neatly in the center as if someone had measured the distant from each end and took a lot of time to get it in the right angle. He looked up at his two parents, they had shifted their eyes to some figure that was in the corner of the room. Giving a confused look, Alfie began to turn his head in the same direction to see what was over there. There stood his ex girlfriend in the corner with blood running from her eyes like tears and more flowing from her stomach area to the floor, far worse of a sight than his parents. Jumping up quickly, Alfie turned to the wall and punched it with his fist, "Just go away." he said to them hoping that they would vanish. Despite his statement, they stayed and even appeared closer to him while he was still turned around. The three of them touched his shoulder and started to whisper demonic and frightening things into both of his ears making him fall to the group and clamp his hands on his ears tightly trying to block out the increasingly painful noises. "Bloody fucking hell, shut the fuck up!" he shouted out making them all vanish. Breathing heavily, Alfie slowly removed his hands from his ears and stood up carefully looking around the dark room more. The knife had now turned in his direction and slowly lifted up in the air and stopped directly where the center of his stomach was. It flew forward at top speed, coming right at Alfie and as soon as it was about to pierce his skin, he awoken after being dumped.

    He was away from his room and house, now in some kind of body of water and sealed in with thick glass. He swam up to the top and banged on it a few times trying to get it to break, but it didn't work. On the far side of the glass had huge red letters that said 'Think fast.' on it. Great, another rigorous work out planned by his therapist, which he had forgotten that those would be starting as soon as the first day of school came around. There were a few lights spread across the pool and one plug down at the bottom with a lock on it, immediately knowing that he had to find a key and quickly because he was about to run out of air in his lungs. For a brief second he started to think about breaking every one of the lights until he found which one held the key, but he quickly began to look at the two vents. There was one on each side of the pool the long way, giving Alfie two choices on which one he should go to. He needed to pick one because he only had enough breath to swim to one and back, not two. He quickly turned to his left and started to swim down to the edge of the pool and feel around in the vent to see if the key was inside. After a bit of struggle, Alfie yanked the key out and held it in his hand tightly before swimming down to the lock and unlocking it then forcefully pulled the plug out immediately sending the water down. He then swam to the top and took a long and hard breath, which made his lungs sting and give him relief at the same time.

    His therapist came over and unlocked the hatch then put the ladder down it so Alfie could climb out, which he did. Once the male got out, he fell down to the concrete and took more deep breaths while looking over to his therapist. "Good job but,-" he stopped and came over to Al then pulled out an identical key from his swim suit pocket, "Sometimes items are closer than you think." he concluded before writing some notes down on the clipboard. "Alright, get up. Next workout is going to be getting to school." he told him while walking towards the exit. Alfie sighed and stood up before slipping on the shoes that he left for him then followed up behind him. The man got into the car first and started it up, "Well, this isn't so bad.." Alfie said and tried to open the door to the car. "Oh, I forgot to tell you...You're running to school." he told him before driving out of the lot. "Wait, what? I can't fucking run to school, it's miles away from here!" he said bluntly with an unpleasing look upon his face. "Ooo, missing the first day of school then? That's not a very good impression now, is it?" he asked sarcastically then grabbed his bull horn and turned it on. "Now start running, we're burning time!" he shouted into the device. Grunting, Alfie started to run in the direction that the car was going to get to school. "Come on Alfie, pick up the speed mate! Time is wasting tremendously!" he shouted out. Alfie ran faster, feet slamming against the ground and mind focusing only on getting to the destination. "Not good enough Alfie, have you learned anything?" he asked. Then it clicked, Alfie didn't need to just run the long way to the school, after all he was skilled in free running. He turned a different way and climbed up a high enough building to get a glimpse at where the place was exactly, not too far away. "Alfie, come on! This isn't break time, lets go!" he shouted out. He ran as fast as he could and jumped from building to building, surprisingly going faster than before. "That's it! Keep it going, you're almost there!" he shouted again. After about thirty minutes, Alfie jumped down from the building and ran through the gates of the school before falling down on the grass. "Holy shit..." he said while catching his breath and laughing a bit.

    The man had soon drove the car into the entrance, "To the courtyard, meet you there." he told him before driving on. Alfie was shocked that there was more, he usually only had two challenges for the workout. Even though it was true, Alfie understood that this was his last year here so the man was going to have to push him harder this year then the last few years. Jogging to the courtyard, he saw that his therapist was standing in the middle of the field and motioning him to come over, only a few other people were around. He looked at his surroundings for a minute, the fountain and the birds added a soothing touch to everything, definitely a place he would be coming back to later on if he ever needed to. He jogged up to the man, "The next lesson is testing your temper, seeing how far you go. This is also a test of combat skills..." he told him before swiping his feet causing Alfie to fall. Al quickly got up and hesitated a bit before fighting back, "Oops, missed." he said testing his temper. Alfie grunted and swung again a different way, the man dodged once again. "Come on, I know you can do it." he said a fought back knocking Alfie back a bit. After a few minutes, Aflie was beaten and bloody with black eyes from him being enraged. "Lets go Alfie, throw me off!" he yelled twisting his arm. Alfie made pain sounds and tried to throw him off and fight back, but couldn't quite get it. "You're almost there, do it!" he pushed harder. "Ahh! Fuck it, I can't do this shit!" he confessed his defeat. "Is that quitter talk? I said fuckin' throw me off!" he shouted again twisting Alfie's arm further. "I'm not getting off of you till you do it Alfie, try harder!" he shouted as he continued to stay put.
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  9. Alexiana Cole - The Badass Vampire
    Alexiana nodded. "School would be much better if it started at like 11 o' clock in the morning. I'd kinda be okay with it then." She laughed a bit. "I don't know about Axel. I might ask him or something but then again, I'm an awkward potato. It if weren't for that little tiny fact, I totally would." She chewed on her bottom lip and thought about how it would be if she and Axel were a couple. She'd probably be one of those sweet, cheesy girlfriends. Alexi was lost in her cute little world of Alexi and Axel when she heard Jade speak of the devil's spawn himself. Well not literally, that was Lucifer, Alexiana was talking about Evan Wrights. Jade's cousin and Alexi's ex boyfriend. One could say that they didn't end well. "Ugh. I hate everyone in the world and I'm moving now. Bye everyone!" She waved and rolled her eyes before going to walk out the door. She got halfway down the hall when she turned around and walked back in. "Just kidding I need an education." She sighed and sat down on a desk. Alexi did kinda hate school, but she was definitely hate it more now that Evan was coming here. "Why does it have to come here? I mean I'm kinda okay with Declan I guess, but Evan... How about nah." She shook her head. "Hey Luci. How was your summer?" She smirked at the nickname she'd given Lucifer a while back.

    Jeydon Moore - The Jock Banshee
    Jeydon smiled when he saw Jeremy, a buddy of his. "Hey dude! How was your summer? I'm sorry we didn't get to hang out really. I was spending most of the time with my sister." He nodded a little bit. It was nice to see a few familiar faces at orientation. It really wasn't like they actually did anything at orientation; it was just an hour "class" on the first day to get your schedule, meet some new people and get your room assignment. "

    Liberty Oliver - The Bitchy Mermaid
    Liberty smiled and hugged Nyxan back tightly before she put her makeup away. "Oh thank the Gods you're here. Things were getting waaay too unpopular for me. I missed you so much doll. How was your summer?" She smiled and looked over at her best friend. Liberty couldn't believe how many unpopular people would be going to the school this year. That meant that she'd have to try even harder to look her best and make sure no one got in her way. If there was one thing she wasn't going to do, it was let anyone get in the way of her getting with Vincent Monroe.

    Laying in bed she exhaled heavily. A cloud of smoke pushing towards the ceiling. This was it. This was the last year. After this it would be back on the road, moving from city to city, town to town, village to to country. She was surprised that the school had kept her safe...or, well...that they couldn't find her at the school. Sitting up she swung her feet off the side of the bed. She had worked out a deal with the school. Seeing that she had nowhere to go, they let her stay all year round for the last three years and this would be the final year. Therefore Rayne had made her room fairly comfortable, knowing that the dorms would probably remain the same for the entirety of her life at Ghost Isles.

    She had ignored most people, a select few becoming friends after time and she didn't really have many enemies. If others chose to hate her, well, that wasn't her problem. Taking another drag of her cigarette Rayne exhaled and butted it out. She really didn't care if the others were bothered by the smell of her smokes.

    Sighing heavily she kicked her shoes off and plopped down on her bed again. She was pretty positive that orientation hadn't changed at this school for the last century. Besides, if she needed to know anything she could simply ask Rose or Draven. Picking up her phone she began typing out a text message.

    'Yo...has the crow stopped cawing? Or is Crake still going on about safety?' Clicking send her phone beeped as her message was delivered to Rose.

    Tossing her phone on her stomach she sighed and closed her eyes. She had to mentally prepare for the 'unholy trinity' as she liked to call them. As soon as they walked in she knew it would be bitching and complaining. Rayne had gotten pretty good at tuning them out, the only thing that irritated her was when they assumed that they were all better than her, the worst was that pompous vampire bitch, Nyxan. Just the thought of her irritated Rayne. Taking a deep, steady and calming breath she smiled to herself. Last year she threw a door at them. It hadn't been intended, she was trying to close the door to her separate bedroom and in her anger she slammed it so hard that it flew off it's hinges. The school wasn't happy about that one, but the 'unholy trinity' should've known better than to annoy her while the moon was out, especially the second night.

    Rayne couldn't lie though, she really enjoyed watching Liberty get irritated and defensive, it was cute and the werewolf was positive that the mermaid had a part of her that she never showed anyone, not even her 'girls'.

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  11. Dakota O. White

    Dakota had gotten up hours ago, around four or five in the morning to be exact. His father always got him up early to go surfing and just talk about different things before he headed off to school, it became a tradition over the years now. They were strolling down to the beach now, which was only a few blocks away from their house. They both had their surf boards on top of the car and had already changed into their suits back home, so all they had to do was run out into the water and wait for a perfect wave. "So, are you excited for school Kota?" he asked looking over at him briefly before focusing on the road again. Dakota smirked, "I don't think any really is excited for school, school dad. Hanging out with friends, yes, but actual school...I'd give that a no." he told him and shrugged. His father laughed, "Yeah, I don't think I was ever excited for school either... Even though I did some fucked up shit back then." he said making Dakota laugh shortly after. "We all know those stories dad, I don't think it's any surprise anymore." he said laughing a bit more before sighing with a smile and looking out the window. The sun was coming up, which made the water look fascinating. Upon his father pulling into the empty parking space, Dakota took in the ocean air and was about to get out until his father told him to hold up. "What do you see out there?" he asked him pointing at the huge body of water. "I don't know...lots of water and people?" he said. "Look closer, what do you really see." he told him again. Dakota blinked and tried harder, "I don't really think I-" he turned around and saw that his dad was already halfway to the ocean. "Hey, cheater!" he called out and ran out of the car with his surfboard in hand.

    Kota had finally caught up with his father and ran into the ocean before hoping onto of his board and swimming out to sea. "You're pretty fast for your age dad." he said and smirked. The man laughed, "Ahh, I am getting old though." he told him before swimming out further to catch the upcoming wave. Dakota wasn't too far behind, also trying to catch it with him in time so he wouldn't wipe out before he even got the chance to surf. Standing up on the board, Dakota surfed not too far away from his dad laughing, "Last one standing wins!" he shouted out while riding the wave. A few moments after, the male watched as his father went down first and swam to shore shortly before Dakota did. "Alright, you win that one." the man told him and looked down at his watch. "Oh shit, she's gonna kill me if she knows I made you late for the first day back at school." he said and told Dakota to hurry up and go change in one of the booths. "Ugh, it's your fault your always not keeping track of time." he said bluntly and grabbed his bag of clothes and such before going to one of the shower/changing rooms. After an hour or so, Dakota stepped back out on the sand and walked over to the car where his father was waiting somewhat impatiently. "What took you so long?" he asked starting up the car. Dakota puffed out his cheeks, "Not really in a hurry to get to school. Calm down, you're not gonna die because I'm late to school... Half of the people that are gonna attend the school this year don't register in till two or three weeks from now, so I'm sure I'll be fine for now." he explained to him and laid back in the passenger side of the vehicle. "Well, I for one want you to at least be less than thirty minutes later... I don't really care after the first month goes by." he told him and drove off a little fast to get there faster. "Slow down before you hurt someone." he halfway joked. The man smirked and slowed the speed down just a tad, "There, problem solved." he said. Dakota looked over at him and smirked before shaking his head and looking out of the window some more.

    It was a bit of a ride, but the two had made it down to the boarding school. Dakota and his father had already brought his stuff into his dorm earlier, so there was no need for him to drag along bags. The older man shook Dakota, "We're here, time to get going." he said. Dakota woke up slowly and sat up, "Ugh, you need a new car too." he said. "Hey, this car holds a lot of memories. I wouldn't sell or give it away for anything, even if it gets really old." he said. Dakota rolled his eyes, "Whatever you say." he said while getting out of the car and grabbing his surfboard that was on top. Once they traded their goodbyes, Dakota headed towards the dorm building to put his board away and maybe actually put his things away. For a few minutes, he started to look around for his girls who usually show up before him. Not finding them anywhere right now, the male continued on to the dorms and reached his then unlocked it with the key he had gotten before school officially started. He then entered the room and hung his board up on the wall, which was supported by the three hooks under it. He basically just tossed his clothes into the empty drawers as neatly as he could before pushing the suitcases under his bed and leaving the room since there wasn't anyone up there really. Crossing over to the school building, Dakota entered through the doors and looked over everyone who was already there. "Hm, early birds." he said to himself and began to walk down the hall to home room. To be honest, Dakota didn't really get that New School Year vibe anymore like he use to, he saw almost everyone's faces before so there was really no use in getting all excited unless he ran into the girls anytime soon. It was just another school year, except after this one he wouldn't be going back anymore. Ah yes, graduation was always something he looked forward to. Smiling to himself, he began to think about what he would wear that day and what other people would be wearing, that was one thing he couldn't wait for.

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  12. ~ Rosalie Lovett - Wicked Prodigy ~

    Rose lounged back in the desk chair as the heels of her boots were propped against the edge. Same old blah blah nonsense from the cackling crow as always. She rolled her eyes slightly as she went on about the safety of boys and girls never being alone. You'd think the teacher would realize those weren't the only kinds of pairings now a days... She glanced off at the side at a few random guys and girls watching her as she flashed them a wicked little grin as she winked. She laughed to herself to watch the girls flush as the guys just grinned. This was her final year and a chance to continue making an impact and having the last fun she was to have here. Rose had just refocused her attention on the crow when her Iphone buzzed on her lap. Her eyes flickered downwards as she all but rolled her eyes once again with a smile as she texted Rayne back.

    " Unless hell has frozen over the crow still cackles... Your missing her great speech on why boys and girls should never be alone.. Damn.. Don't go leaving all the fun to me. Are you planning on gracing us with your presence soon? Because I haven't seen you since I took off in fall.

    With that she clicked send as she whipped her long pastel pink locks back over her shoulder's as a bin came around for collecting all the supposed dangerous goodie's. She didn't have any of the unnecessary stuff on her anyway as she passed it down the row. Finally , the orientation was letting up as several stayed behind to chat away. She rose up quick from her seat as she straightened her clothes and made her way up the steps back to the open doorway. She took notice of the " Hags from Hell" as she sneered at Nyxan, Liberty and all the other's in their group. They were the one thing that brought her true joy in annoying the hell out of for sure. At that she pushed her sunglasses back up and wandered down the dorm halls in search of something to at least do.

    ~ Nyxan Davenport - Vamprye Queen Bee ~

    Nyxan grinned widely as she pressed a few quick pecks to her bestie's cheek's." Thank the Gods indeed... One more minute with daddy dearest and I was going to go insane.. Well we so can't have things being un-popular where is the fun in that , Sweetie? I missed you so much to and a summer in France felt like being chained up in the damn crypt.. How was your's , Still going all lovey dovey over Vincent?" Nyxan kept her voice hushed during the final bit as she playfully nudged Liberty's side as she withdrew her lipstick from her purse as she slowly re-applied it to her curved lips as they held a continued smile.

    Her gaze flickered upwards for but a mere moment as she caught Warren looking at her with a grin from his little spot. She all but laughed softly as he glanced away. Student and teacher relationships were never allowed.. Even though in certain terms she would be defined as an adult. She glanced away hoping Liberty hadn't noticed only to meet that of Layla's glare as she smirked at her. Low level vamprye's.. Which led her to glance at Alexianna at a moment. Just more fun to be had at taunting those two as a grin grew wide against her lips. . Nyxan noticed Dakota walk in as she waved him over to Liberty and her to come and sit as she smiled quite happily at the very sight of him being back.

    ~ Kali Maria Tadachi - Artsy Kitsune ~

    Kali glanced over to her side as she watched Kellian slipped down into the seat beside her as she chuckled softly. "Either... You still love to be late or you like to make an entrance." She tilted her head casually off to the side as she smiled teasingly at him. This was going to be an interesting year for sure with him around. Her ear's suddenly twitched beneath her beanie as she quickly drew it down closer over her head to keep their attempts to pop out avoided. She listened as the teacher began to bring things to a wrap... Which she could very much say she was thankful for. At that , she slipped her hand up to rest light atop of Kellian's. She wasn't going to let him see that she was a bit worried with her first time attending.. Not to mention today would mark six months with another and an entire free week to get used to this school and learn her place within it.. Kali glanced at him as she spoke up softly." So what does everyone usually do after these things?" Her eyes lit with curiosity matched by that of a sweet smile.
  13. Vincent C. Monroe-The Hot Headed Demigod Jock
    Vinny was in his room, he had woke up late, but he didn't care. Everyone knew that he got up and ready when he wanted to. Getting his Red and Gold chucks on, Vinny stood up yawning. "Time to give the people what they!" He checked himself out in the mirror, fixing up his hair. He closed his door behind him. He got into his car, after staying goodbye to his family. Vinny was on his way, back to Ghost Isle. After parking in his reserved spot, he got out and walked into the school.

    Making it to the room where everyone was, getting dirty looks from the geeks and the outcasts, Vinny just smiled his dazzling smile their way. When he saw Alysette he waved at her, knowing she would squirm at his annoyance. When he saw his boys Jeydon and Jeremy, he hopped in the seat next to them. "Yo, my boys! What's been going on?" He smirked, leaning back in his chair.

    Interaction (s): @Little_Ghost98 @Juralyn

    Lunah G. Carrington-The Witch Princess
    Lunah was in her bedroom trying to pick the right outfit for orientation or whatever. She had taken pics of three outfits she liked and she had put them on her Instagram. She got a Bing! From her phone they had picked an outfit for her. "Perfect!" She used her magic and prest-o chang-o, she was changed just like that. A classy, yet young look, it was a entrance outfit like no other. She didn't need a car or anything, she zapped herself to the school.

    Violet smoke formed around the area where Lunah appeared in the room, she gave twirl and a wink...she was a natural perform. Making her way over to her "It Girls", she flipped her platinum blonde hair over her shoulder. She sat down and gave a sigh. "Ugh I missed both of you. How's my Beautiful Mistress Of The Dark and my Sea Goddess?" Lunah truly wasn't herself without her girls around...she missed them dearly.

    Interaction (s): @Little_Ghost98 @Shayla

    Plastica H. XOXO-The Air Head Cheerleader
    Plastica had gotten lost in the halls several times, she couldn't find the room...which was sad since she's a damn Junior now. Thank God she found a freshman and she followed him. Making it to orientation, she sat in the far back. She was exhausted, she would talk and catch up with everyone later. Right now the Living Doll needed rest. She closed her big doll eyes and dozed off...

    Patrick A. Vanderpump-The Gossip Fairy
    Patrick was part of the Welcoming Committee for The Orientation of the Freshmen. He sat on the stage, watching new and old students enter the room. He sat there and smiled, waiting for everything to commence. He waved at everyone as they entered. He loved how Lunah entered the room, just amazing like always.
  14. ~Kellin- Semi-popular siren angel of awesomeness~
    Kellin looekd at Kali as Kali as she spoke to him, a smile on his face for finally getting to see her again. "It's called being fashionably late." He joked, squeezing her hand lightly. In reality, he had almost forgotten something and had to hurry aroundto get it, lest he be forgotten by Layla and would've then had to walk all the way to the school, which would've delayed him much further. "There's usually a party some time in the first week before lessons start or something like that." He said, only then taking out his headphones from both ears. Using his free hand, he wrapped them around his phone and dropped it in his bag. "Last year I ended up playing a few songs there, and it's a nice way to get to make friends and such." He said, remembering back to last year's party and remembering it as being the time when he started making friends with what some would call the 'popular' people, although tohim they were just other people. He had played some covers of popular requests, along with some original works, but since then his musical carrer and such had grownonly bigger, and he thanked it because it ended up with him meeting Kali. However, upon noticing her pull down her hat, he squeezed her hand again and said: "There's no need to hide your ears here. Everyone is like us in one way or another."
    Layla met Nyxan's glare as she went to sit, noticing the grin on the vampire's face as she looked over at Alexianna. Someday, she would knock out that bitch's teeth and bloody up her face, and then they could see who would be smirking and badgering on aboutthe class system then. Layla balled her hand into a fist as she sat, her nails diggingintoher palm at the instant hate and anger she held towards the populars. One comment or insult and she would gladly teach them all that being popular doesn't matter if you don't know how to fight your own fights.
  15. ~ Nyxan Davenport - Vamprye Queen Bee ~

    Nyxan had been frowning slightly at Layla as she and her clenched fists retrieved to a desk further down in the rows.. The girl had quite the nerve to believe herself overly more powerful than she herself. She knew all to well that she was the most powerful vamprye here. She had never asked for such powers and abilities yet , she accepted them for what they are and only improved further upon herself. Suddenly , from behind she heard a poof of smoke as she turned back to catch the violet smoke fill the small area... That could only mean one person. She grinned widely to see a bounce of Platinum blonde hair bounce slightly before taking the seat down beside herself and Liberty. She turned a bit in the seat as she hugged Lunah tight." Doing marvelous and how is our Wicked magical goddess?" She all but smiled a bit softer.. Finally she had her girls back around..

    ~ Kali Maria Tadachi - Artsy Kitsune

    Kali all but smiled further at just having him there as she squeezed his hand ever so softly within her own. She than chuckled at his statement as she grinned widely at him."Consider that noted than , Mister." She didn't mind whatsoever that he was late... He was finally here and that really was all that truly mattered to her when she considered it. At that she leaned to the side a bit as she pressed a lingering kiss against his cheek as she smiled a bit as she listened. Parties with all these new people... She wasn't positively sure exactly how she would handle having so many around her. Than again it would mean a chance for her to hear Kellin play more often and she could take up this chance to push herself into meeting more people." Well it does sound fun and a little fun never hurt anyone.. I will have to so make sure I am there." At that she grinned playfully to him only to have him squeeze her hand enough to catch her attention as she edged her beanie back down within place.. Kali knew he was right on not having to hide anymore while here. It just had become a daily habit for her to do so. With that she slowly withdrew her beanie cautiously from atop her head as her soft white ears began to twitch at the sounds about. She glanced down at the ground a bit as her cheeks flushed."They usually stay down when I cast the spell but lately they have been so adamant on staying up.." She sighed a bit before chuckling as she glanced up at him with a smile held in tack.

  16. Charlotte Richmond, The Golden Fairy

    Charlotte didn’t even bother to attend homeroom nor acknowledge those who greeted her as she went up to the botanical gardens atop of the library. She doesn’t want to associate herself with her classmates due to the fact that there’s a new shipment of books for her to memorize and read. Charlotte prefers to read books than socialize with others, but sometimes she needs to due to her brother’s persistent and annoying requests. Anyway, she quite popular among the students for she’s a walking Dewey decimal system: she knows where the books are located and who their corresponding authors are. She also knows every page by heart and could tell its contents with just a drop of a hat.

    Reaching her destination, she sat comfortably on the floor near the window, letting her black dress pool around her while her golden blonde hair sways with the soft breeze. She then reached at the cart filled with books besides her and started to read, smiling softly at the peace and quiet.

    “There you are, my beautiful golden fairy of the library” a familiar voice called out, followed by heavy footsteps coming towards her.

    “Golden fairy, such an interesting title.” She mused, her eyes not leaving the book she’s reading. She was called the golden fairy for she greatly resembles the French story La fée dorée de la haute tour where a fairy that possesses a wealth of knowledge that she shares to the troubled person in exchange for that person's soul. Of course, she will be called like that for her mother used to be the golden fairy.

    “May I ask what you’re doing here, son of Eros?” Charlotte asked, finally finishing the book she was reading and closed it before letting her crystal blue eyes gaze on him. “It’s quite unusual for you to be here. Is it because you need to hide from another girl? Or perhaps you're here for morning tea?”

    Sebastian Chambers, Son of Eros

    “May I ask what you’re doing here, son of Eros?” the golden fairy asked, her crystal blue eyes gaze on his well-built figure. “It’s quite unusual for you to be here. Is it because you need to hide from another girl? Or perhaps here for morning tea?”

    Chuckling at Charlotte’s question, Sebastian showed off his sweet smile before answering, “Well, I came here for you my dear. I figured you would be spending the whole day here because of the new books, but I’m afraid I cannot let you. Now come, let us go to homeroom.”

    He then grabbed the poor girl and hoisted her up to his shoulders, carrying her like a sack of potatoes.

    “Put me down you incubus” Charlotte shouted as the girl squirmed and flailed herself, trying to escape his grasps. He just ignored it and chuckled, trying his best to hold her tightly as they headed towards the homeroom.

    Sebastian and Charlotte’s relationship are an odd one. Because of his seductive powers, Sebastian barely had any female friends, but not until she met Charlotte. It seems like she’s the only one who wasn’t affected by his charms. Perhaps it’s because she’s a fairy or perhaps she never felt love before? This question always boggles his mind, but he didn’t care for now. Having her as a friend is fun, and he wouldn’t change it for the world.
    Feeling the little minx finally stopped squirming, he gently put her down to reveal their arrival at room 106C, just in time for homeroom. “Here we are Mallows, now go and socialize before I steal all of your marshmallows under your bed. ” he whispered teasingly before heading off to an empty seat in the back, a perfect smile not leaving his perfect face.
  17. Blaze Dunham~

    The employee picked up a piece of paper and wrote a simple note of only two letters, H and G. Giving her a soft smile the male pointed to the door to the left and spoke kindly "We only have one guy working in the shop. Just head out that direction and he should be working on a Green Cadillac, Name's Blaze. Just tell him what you need" the man ruffled his hair and typed on the computer for a few moments "Ah, watch your step out there, he likes it dark" He continued on the computer until the girl had left through the door he said. "He likes it dark" was an understatement, Blaze kept the garage chilly and pitch black, it was easy to get lost without the light leading the way. Cars lined up which way and parts where scattered about on tables and some on the floor next to a beautiful Cadillac of forest green color and white wall tires, it was running and the headlights and indoor lights added enough light to see but nothing more. As expected, a high amount of music was coming from the car stereo as a young man's voice followed suit with the words to 'Untouched' by The Veronicas. The clanking of metal could be heard from under the car as as if by magic or steps could be heard by the girl. But Blaze stopped singing to the presence in the darkness. While something moved about within the darkness, cackling like one of those old ladies from the horror movies or the evil queen from Snow White.

    Blaze rolled himself out from under the car, a few smudges of car grease on his cheeks, he clicked his tongue and the loud music turned down slowly as if someone was in the car itself turning the knob when nothing was there. Blaze set the wrench on the trunk cover and wiped his hands with a small towel hanging there as well, draping it over his shoulder. His eyes scanned over a beautiful girl and his interest was peaked, by his own fault. "Can I help you?" Wasn't a hard question, but it was one he had to ask with everyone who came in.


    Draven Bradlen~

    There was no wind, at least, not by what a horse could feel. He couldn't feel the the slight wind blowing through the leaves of the trees, nor the grass under his hooves, thought that never seemed to matter to him. His eyes focused on his early meal, his teeth ripping the grass out while his sides and back, soaked up the heat onto his raven black coat and even reflected some light back into the air. He was glad to be back with humans of all sorts, glad he could be back in the open and away from the other horses who were short and never were good conversation starters. The morning had been hectic and it seemed like all the time had passed and flowed into relaxation. He stepped over the wet grass, his head lifting to smell the pure air from the sky, his eyes peering into the clouds which promised him freedom as it did ever other day and night that he was on the ground. Draven snorted and shook his mane out, flicking his tail about in amusement that he was alive now and back at school. He had met a few new people when he was setting up his dorm, the dormmates that he would most likely be avoiding. He liked being alone from time to time.

    New faces gawked and pointed at him from a distance, amazed that a horse like him was allowed to graze freely when the rest of the horses had moved from the field and into the stables for the morning classes. Little did they know he was human. He wasn't big like a mountain but the new students acted like he was, wide eyes and laughter at his expense. If they were closer, he would have kicked them. He liked his horse form the most, it was the most free, the most comfortable to how he actually was. His human form limited most movement. A few students and teachers had come out into the wide courtyard to catch a break before classes started, most teachers knew it was Draven, they drew the attention back to themselves when speaking with students which Draven liked, as much as he liked being called beautiful or majestic, he liked peace as well.

    A small scuffle drew his attention from his meal, it seemed to be a blond male with a man who looked like a teacher, though from what he could hear when turning his ear was that the argument was not about homework. The blond boy was yelling and rather distressed which the older male discarded and continued. Draven lifted his head fully from his grassy meal and snorted, having seen enough and heard far more than he wanted to. His tail lifted as his legs majestically carried him proudly in the direction of the blond and his older friend.

    He broke into a gallop, using his strong muscles to loosen and contract which carried him further until he slowed to a frustrated walk and lowered his head to forcefully step his body in between them and nudge the older man hard, pushing him back a few feet. Draven snorted and shook his head angrily, not fully able to speak human in his horse form, he showed his own frustration and lowered his ears and rammed his head right into the face of the older male. Hearing a loud snap when Draven had used more muscle than he intended to break the nose of the teacher. He accidentally had used too much force, sometimes he thought little of his strength as a horse. When both men had stopped talking he lifted his neck and held his head up high, nickering in disappointment that such a handsome boy was being bothered by a teacher of sorts.

    That wasn't enough, for the man still held the boy in account, Draven began to rear, but something changed. His form. Once a strong black beauty was now a buffed up man, the annoyance clear in those deep blue eyes "I said leave the kid alone! He's got enough things to worry about without you hissing at him like an old Goose. Now get out of here!!" Draven usually was a calm boy, but something about this stranger being bothered, upset him more than it should have. Draven held his ground until the man with the nice suit and the bloody nose was walking back to his car. Draven's chest still puffed up, ready to take action, but his now soft cerulean eyes were on the guy he had saved. "Are you alright?" He asked gingerly, now fully aware of what he had done, he hoped the man at his side wouldn't be upset at him for butting in where he didn't belong.

    T E R R O R

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  18. ~Kellin- Semi-popular siren angel of awesomeness~
    He put one arm around her back after she kissed his cheek, smiling. "I wouldn't let you miss the party for any reason. You'll make plenty of friends in no time." He kept his otherhand holding hers, finally enjoying time with Kali, despite being surrounded by people. Eventually, he saw Kali take her beanie hat off and let her ears out. "See, you look much better with your ears not hidden." Kellin smiled, chuckling slightly at her comment afterwards. Honestly, he thought she looked much nicer when she let her ears out, like a different person, but in a good way.When she smiled at him he smiled back, but couldn't help himself as he gave her a quick peck on the lips. "Maybe you could help me pick out some songs toplay at the party, after we're done here?" He smiled.
  19. Tobias E. Jylan

    Tobias had tossed and turned throughout his entire night trying to find the perfect spot for him to fall asleep. It had taken a while, but he finally found a great position.. even if he was hanging halfway off the bed tangled up in covers. Yesterday, him and a few other guys had partied almost all night, so he knew in advance that he'd regret doing so. Toma was there as well, but didn't drink as much as he did. He remember having to use his powers to get Toma to sleep since he was in the exact same state of tossing and turning all night long. The alarm went off while Tobias's ear was close to it, causing him to jump and fall onto the floor head first. He cursed and mumbled to himself before turning a bit then getting up. "Wow.." he said in regards to how much his bed was messed up from all the movement. He sighed and quickly fixed it before looking around the room, "Oh come on, don't tell me I lost it again..." he said to himself before digging through his drawers and going through his closet. His necklace, he always wore it whenever he went out or in this case, whenever he was gonna head off to school. Just as he was about to go wake up Toma and see if he could help him find it, the male spotted it laying right on the nightstand. "Of course." he said before grabbing it and placing it somewhere where he could find it after he finished getting ready to head out. The necklace was pretty unique to him even though he barely remembered who he got it from. Though this was true, he had a pretty good theory that lead to hims Grandfather creating it and giving it to him. He remember him saying that this was different than Toma's since he actually needed it more, it made him change into a dragon whenever he wanted to. Though without said necklace, without it's power the male would only be able to access the powers that were passed down from his mother on to him. Yes, he understood that he was a successful spawn of both parents, but it would have been a lesser pain in the ass if he could change without having to wear the thing.

    As he was deep in thoughts, he barely noticed that he had already dressed up in the process. He didn't complain though, less time taken if he actually parsley focused on something else while doing something different. It was confusing to some, but manageable for Tobias. After cleaning up a bit more, the male had finally opened his door and headed down to Toma's room to wake him up. After knocking, he started to try and wake him up hoping that his voice and loud knocking was enough for him. "Toma, wake up. First day of hell starts." he said and laughed a bit before sliding down the railing for the steps and went into the kitchen. He had thrown something together quickly and ate it, leaving some left for Toma to eat if he wanted to grab it or stay back to finish it a little slower than he did. He really didn't mind if Toma was later than him, as long as both of them got to school at a reasonable time. He placed his used dishes into the sink then grabbed a few things and headed out to his car, "So not waiting for him if he's gonna take forever.." he said to himself and got into the car. Because neither of them wanting to get a head start and place their luggage's into the dorms before school started, Tobias had the duty to take them there, even Toma's knowing that he'll probably forget. After waiting for about ten minutes, Tobias decided that Toma could ride his bike or some kind of small vehicle to school when he was ready to then took off. It wasn't too far away from his house, so his brother shouldn't have to worry about stressing to get there and if he did, Tobias could always go back and get him. Arriving a little slower than he expected, Tobias had quickly placed all of his luggage into the dorm and Toma's into his own. He still had some time to kill, so he wondered who he should talk to in the mean time. There was Rose, but he didn't see her least he thought he didn't. He did get a sight of bright pastel hair earlier and knowing her it probably was Rose, but he didn't want to just walk into the female dorm building, that would just be weird. Figuring that he would just catch up with her later, Tobias entered the school building and looked over the faces to find someone to chat with.

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  20. Caspian Blue the Russian Sea Serpent

    Unlike many of his peers, Caspian hadn't left Ghost Isle for vacation. The reasons being that one, he head been too lazy and two, he'd been too afraid that either his family or Veles would locate him and drag him kicking and screaming back to Russia. So he'd stayed at the school, alternating between sleeping in the dorms and in the school's pool in serpent form. At some point he'd gone fishing at the nearby lake and maybe eaten one too many fish, but it wasn't as if anyone would notice...Probably. Maybe. He'd replace them later. For now all he had to do was attend orientation--Which really, why did he even have to go? He wasn't a freshman or a transfer and he'd gotten the whole spiel two times already. Maybe if the school staff added a twist or changed the speakers every once in awhile he would be less willing to fall asleep in the middle of it each time.

    Entering the orientation room, Caspian made a bee line for the seat in the back corner of the room and slumped into it. He managed to listen to Mrs. Crake go on for about three minutes before getting bored and texting Toma.

    Don't make me suffer through this thing alone. Come join me in hell. <3

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    Josette Malcom the Kick Ass Hedgewitch
    Vacation had been great for Josette. She'd come home to her warm and loving family and to discover that her future was pretty much set! Unlike a lot of her friends and classmates, Josette didn't have any senior stress or worries. She didn't have to wonder about where she was going to end up when she graduated, because unlike some supernatural communities, the witch community was strong and if you had the right connections you could go very far, like Josette who had just been guaranteed a position with the Witch Rangers. The Witch Rangers or WRs were a group of witches with natural affinities who were basically like human forest rangers except Witch Rangers minded magical forests inhabited by magical creatures. So when she left Ghost Isle, Josette would be heading straight for the nearest magical forest where she would be studying under the director of Witch Rangers! It was a dream come true and Jo couldn't wait to tell her friends. She'd thought about texting them over the break, but chose to tell them face to face after orientation, or during even.

    Entering the orientation room, Josette searched the room for any of her friends, but the room was too crowded, so she took a seat instead. Pulling out her phone, Josette texted mass texted some of her friends. It's not that she saw some friends as more important but, obviously, her witch friends would be more excited for her and her other friends probably wouldn't care as much or even know what she was talking about.

    Where are you guys? I have something important to tell you!!!
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    Actual Unicorn Astrid Dalgaard
    Because she knew how bewildered and apprehensive she had been when she was a freshman, Astrid had joined the Welcoming Committee as the sophomore representative. But she did have an ulterior motive. What if one of these adorable little freshman was her true love? She couldn't miss that chance! What if her true love was one of the freshman sitting right in the front row? Or what if her true love was on the Welcoming Committee! Unable to control her excitement, she leaned over to the student next to her, "This is so exciting! Isn't this exciting?" she squealed, a huge grin on her face.

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