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  1. =~Alexi~=
    Ghost Isle Boarding school is very... intriguing. It's in the middle of nowhere and the students are angels, witches, vampires, outcasts and almost anything else you can think of.

    It was the morning of September 6th and Alexiana made her way to room 106C for orientation at Ghost Isle. She rushed in the room, combing through her hair with her fingers due to being late. Why am I always freaking late? Lex thought to herself. Alexi quietly made her way to the back of the room, listening in on a manly woman talking to all the other teens about the rules of the boarding school. Almost everyone's clothing is black, except for a few "rule breakers" and as the woman speaks about some of the rules of the school, she holds out a box labeled "Hazards" and people start dropping things into it. One girl pulled out a pink Swiss Army knife and tossed it into the box. Another boy pulled out a lighter, pack of cigarettes and several books of matches then threw them in. It came to Lexi. She didn't really have anything to put into the box, and if she did she was sure she could just sneak it in. They were all supernatural. The woman nodded and went over to the next person.

    She noticed a few people that she had a few classes with last year, and she smiled to know that she would still be going to school with them a bit longer. Lexi spotted one of her best friends Jade and walked over to her, smiling. "Hey, girly! Are you excited for the new year?!" She and Jade had been friends since Kindergarten. Long before Alexiana was turned into a vampire and Jade discovered her powers.

    Seth made his way to his homeroom class, a few minutes before his older cousin Alexiana had. He had seen her walk in when he looked up from his laptop. The first few days of school were always the worst. Almost all of his teachers gave homework on the first day and expected most of it to be turned in the following day.. Yeah, like that was gonna happen. He waved over at Alexi and continued to doodle in his notebook.
  2. Ivy ran into the school, running late. She overslept. She couldn't believe she overslept on the first day. It must have been all that gaming last night. She let out a sigh as she pushed up her glasses. She ran into room 106C and nodded at the teacher before walking into the back of the classroom and sitting in the desk. She hated being late and it didn't make it better that she got lost on her way. Its been a while since she's been to this wing of the building. She ran a hand through her long hair. She listened to the women speak about the rules of the school. When people were told to put their hazardous objects into the box, she snickered at the things people put into the box. She didn't have anything hazardous on her so she shrugged. It was the same thing every year.

    After his smoke, Jonathan walked into the classroom and tossed an empty cigarette pack into the trash. He would not dare hand over his lighter however. He was late as always but he just let out an exhausted yawn. He was up all night partying. It was the last day before school so of course, him his friends partied all night. There was drinking, and smoking and drugs. He's surprised they didn't get caught. Since his parents pretty much abandoned him at the school, he had to stay the entire summer at this God forsaken school. He rolled his eyes but he was finally a senior. He smiled a little as he sat in the back, leaning back in his chair. He waved to a few of his friends who were very happy to see him after not seeing him for the entire summer.
  3. Jade's summer didn't go too well. Having to live with her parents, who practically told her that they hated her, was not fun. Though she tried to put that behind her, cause she lived with her Grandfather now and came to another place she called a save-haven, Ghost Isle. It was Junior year and she couldn't wait. Making her way to 106C, she thought about all her friends, especially Alexiana and James.. But there was this daunting thought in her mind, Evan and Declan was to transfer here this year. Which wouldn't have been bad except for the incident that happened over summer with Alexiana ripping her cousins throat out for cheating on her. But in his defense he really didn't know cause the girl that he was hanging out with was a siren.
    She had walked in the room to see Alexiana, smiling she gave her a hug. She looked at Alexiana as she spoke and reply with "Yeah I am, well a little, I mean I have to talked to you about something, you might not like it." Jade half smiled hoping it would be easier to say than she thought.
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  4. Sydney hadn't had the best summer like she had hoped... but then again she never really had a good summer either. Although it had been by far the most difficult summer for her so far she sighed and put on a smiling face, walking through the halls at her new school. After being changed this summer Sydney was tempted to just quit high school at only her junior year, but thankfully her cousin James had convinced her to come to Ghost Isle Boarding School. He said it was the school for people like her and him. People that were. . . Different. He said that she would fit in, but she didn't believe him. She had to come and see it for herself. As she walked down the hall and into room 106C she saw people hugging and chatting with their old friends. She simply walked past them towards James who was in a corner leaning against the wall. Sydney walk up to the tall brunette and raised an eyebrow."These are people like us?"she asks surprised, looking around at the group of people in the room. She simply scoffed and took a seat by the window in front of James.

    James sat down behind his blonde cousin, Sydney and chuckled at her. She didn't think that these people were like her... oh how wrong she was. He leaned back and propped his feet up on the desk next to him before he saw a familiar girl walk in and hug another girl. His eyes remained on her as she moved and talked, laughing. He had seen her around before, her name was Jade. He smiled and turned to look back out the window before she caught him staring at her beauty.
  5. ~War~
    War wasn't at all pumped up for school to begin, it meant slaving away at learning the basics of being human so he can fit in to society and manage the curse, he meant power he was given. Many teenage Archdemon didn't show much promise to the devil, but it was War's personality that really gave him the edge to persevere through the racks and become the next head Archdemon. Though he seemed to be great at his job, he thought he might want more in his life, since his "family" was now a bunch of demonic assholes, besides one the only one he truly thought to be his brother, Lucifer. He put in for a chance to attend high school, since he was one of the only Archdemons born into the position, he wanted to experience a normal life, he guessed. When it was granted, the first thing he took advantage of was bringing his brother Lucifer along, since he was given free reign being he was the devil's "new" son. He bought a 67' mercury cougar (well compelled it into his possession) and enrolled. Now it was Senior year, and he hated it, that meant it was almost time to return to the underworld and continue his service. Pulling up he looked over to his little "bro" Chuckling he spoke "Hey so this is my last year, don't screw it up with getting your ass in trouble." He pushed his door open and leaned in to grab his bag.
    It took him a minute to find the orientation room, but he made it, well fifteen minutes late. He walked in seeing like no one he can talk to at the moment, so he took a sit behind a kid with blond hair, he thought it could be Johnathon, but he wasn't positive, cause they didn't talk much last year.

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  6. ~:~Roselynn~:~
    Rose had finally made it to Ghost Isle and practically sprinted through the front doors and down to the orientation hall, 106C, purple curls bouncing about her face. When she enter she noticed the hazards bin and ignored it she did not have anything dangerous on her. She smoothed out her knee length black lace dress and spotted Jade and Alexi and she quickly walked over to both girls embracing them quickly, muttering a quick apology about being as late as she was. Her eyes traveled around the room slowly noticing the black haired boy standing next to Sydney who Rose knew quite well and found her to be entertaining and a loyal friend she gave a small wave to her. Rose's strange blue purple eyes continued their travel around the room mainly to see if Lucifer was there. She was slightly disappointed to not see him there. Her eyes found a few of her other friends but she stayed with Jade and Alexi her two closest friends with the exception of Sydney.
    She sighed and looked back at the Orientation giver as if Rose had not heard this speech before because she had for three going on four years now. Thankfully it was her last year here but she would be leaving behind all of her friends, that made her somewhat sad about this being her last year of school. She took a deep breath and let that thought go halfheartedly listening to the teacher speaking.
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  7. $-Mercy-$
    Mercy had woken up early to take a shower and get ready for the first day of school. She was really excited to see everyone and meet the possibly new people they would have at Ghost Isle this year. She hopped into the shower, being sure to get all squeaky clean and got out, blow-drying her hair and braiding it into the style she wanted after throwing on her outfit for the day. After getting dressed, she made her way to her homeroom, spotting Alexi, Rose and Jade when she first walked in. She wasn't really too fond of Jade, but she decided to go say hi anyway. She walked over, sneaking a hug in for Alexi and Rose. "Hey girlies! I missed you! How was your summer?" She smiled, looking at the three girls. She had been pretty good friends with Rose and Alexi, but Jade, not so much. There was just something about her that made her skin crawl a bit,

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  8. ~Lucifer~
    Lucifer sit in the car after War left, this was his junior year, being he hadn't attend this school the first year War did. He was excited to see all his friends, and especially the one he didn't have the balls to talk to last year cause everything about her intoxicated him, her looks, smarts, smile, everything. This year was going to be different, he was going to talk to Rose. He held his breathe, the thought crossed his mind, what if she didn't want to talk to him? That was a long thought that seemed to haunt him each time he thought of her. He laughed and shook his head, "Well we will find out." He grabbed his bags, made a quick pit stop at his new dorm, and went to room 106C for orientation. His nerves started to act up as he neared the room, was she in there? He hoped she wasn't, his fear was getting in the way again. He turned into the room, his first sight being her. He kinda froze at the door for a few seconds, before cluing back into reality and smiled in her direction. He walked over and looked at Alexiana and said hello, than turned to Jade and gave her a hug, she was one of his closest friends. He kept in touch with her over the summer, while he was touring the world and living in the underworld, so there wasn't much to say. But then he turned and saw her looking at him, and all he could say was "Hey." He than sidestepped and moved passed her, joining his brother in the seat next to him. He slumped in his sit, War looked at him disappointed, invading his head War spoke "All summer talking about how this year you were going to talk to her, and all you say is hey?" War laughed as Lucifer groaned and put his head on the desk.
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  9. ~:~Roselynn~:~
    Rose had barely seen Lucifer enter the room as she hugged Mercy a sweet mermaid that she got along with really well. She watched him approach her and her friends out of the corner of her eyes and she somewhat held her breath and watched as he greeted Alexi with a simple hello and Jade with a hug. His arm had barely brushed against hers and her cheeks grew a deep red with blood rushing to them. When he said hi to her she almost could not speak, "Hello." Her voice came out small and adorable. She bit her bottom lip slightly watching him retreat to his brother War who she knew and was friends with mostly. She looked back at her small group of friends her face still somewhat red from the encounter with Lucifer, but her heart fluttered happily.
  10. Avalia descended from above and landed in the Cemetary behind the school where no one could see her. She was already a few minutes late without even knowing it at all. She entered the school and a decent walk and made her way through the hallways mindlessly untill she happened to stumble upon the numbered room where she had to be. 106C. She walked into the room and looked at all of the people talking amongst themselves. The teacher turned and looked at her "You are late." they said to her making her raised her eyes. Her long black hair parting to reveal her peircing blue eyes. "I was up there." She said and pointed straight up. Obviously the teacher had no idea what she was.

    "Obviously so.. Get your head out of the clouds Miss." She said before Avalia blinked. Avalia had no idea what that meant but just brushed it off none the less. Insults never worked on the girl as she didn't understand the mortal comprehension of such acts. To her they all sounded like babbling words that combined to make a word that she didn't quite get. She knew how to speak every language well enough but never had an application for it. In this case it was a very stupid application she never bothered to pick up.

    Finally she decided to find a seat and sit down quietly. Her footsteps absolutely silent as she made her way through the talkative crowds. She didn't know many of them but recognized them from the few weeks her parents threw her in here for before the end of last school year. She wasn't here to learn at all as she had the finest education possible but was here to observe and figure out what Mortals were. It would take time and she was to be down here incognito for some time.
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  11. As Sydney noticed a few familiar faces walk in she gave a small wave and one of her adorable, half smiles. Looking at her cousin she chuckled and stood, walking over to her small group of friends. She gave Mercy, one of her best friends, a small hug before saying hello to everyone else. She smiled as she saw Roses cheeks turn a deep shade of red and her gaze staring at a familiar boy, Lucifer. Sydney smirked but didn't say anything about it, she figured she'd get Rose away on her own before asking about it.

    Glancing to the side she noticed James talking to a couple guys, but she wasn't sure exactly who they were. She knew that she had seen them around but she wasn't sure what their names were. While the others chatted, Sydney simply stayed quite, listening into their conversation while looking around the room. Sometimes she hated being a werewolf just because of all the power and 'gifts' she received along with being able to change into a huge wolf. Although everyone was talking at a normal voice to their friends all of the voices clashing together sounded like yelling. She hadn't learned how to tone all the noises out yet but she had been more focused on getting her strength under control.

    After Sydney had walked away to go talk to a few of her friends, James stood and decided to do the same. He walked over to a group of guys he was friends with and looked to see Luka and Johnathan chatting. He walked up to them with a neutral face, not very excited for his senior year in school. Yeah, it was his last year here, but believe it or not this place had actually grown on him and he wasn't sure where he would go after his last year being here.

    James glanced around the room he noticed a few other familiar faces walk in and he chuckled. It seemed like everyone was late today. As his eyes roamed around the room he smiled at a couple other friends, but his eyes lingered on the same dark haired girl from earlier. He had always had a crush or whatever people called it but he figured she'd want nothing to do with him since he was considered a 'player'. After turning his head back slightly he chatted with his friends for a bit longer until the teacher told them to take a seat and began going over the rules and everything else she went over while he zoned out.
  12. Jonathan smiled and said to the two guys "hey, how was your summer? My parents refused to pick me up so I stayed the summer here. It sucks having rich parents who could care less about you." He grinned. "But whatever. I still got laid." His British accent was very evident in the way he talked. He smiled softly as he ran a hand through his hair. He acted like it didn't bother him. He always acted like it didn't bother but of course it did. He wanted to have parents who were happy to see him after not seeing him for almost an entire year but instead, his parents thought of him as a nuisance. In their head, they thought their son was better off gone because it was less work. But he was still happy here. It was his senior year and he was going to make something of himself. He was going to major in English and either become a journalist or a professor. He wanted to make a change. He didn't want to sit around and wait for his parents to die so he got their fortune. He wanted to earn money himself. He wanted to be independent so when his parents died, he still got their fortune but he could lock away the money and only use it in emergencies. He had dreams but he wondered how far those dreams would take him especially with his lack of motivation.

    Ivy looked around the classroom and saw everyone talking to their friends. She didn't have any close friends. She had friends but none of them were close to her. She was a loner. She wish she had friends like Rose or James or even Jonathan but alas, she wasn't cool like them. She kept to herself. She wish she had someone whom she could cry to because of how much she missed her mother but as far as she knew, everyone would just think she was looking for sympathy. People were like that. They could care less about anyone elses problems so she had found out. She stood up and left the Orientation room. She slipped off her arm warmers that hid her scars. She walked into the bathroom and threw water in her pale face. She hated orientation and it made her anxiety worst because of it. It was the fact that there were so many people in such a small area and it was also really loud. When she calmed down, she left the bathroom and waited for Orientation to end sitting outside of the room.
  13. ~Jade~
    Jade refocused in on Mercy after hugging Lucifer, "Oh, it was uh...good." Jade had no clue why Mercy didn't like her, but her aura spoke it all when she was around Jade. Though she wondered this, she couldn't really care, cause Mercy seemed like a snob to be honest. Jade almost forgot about Evan attending the school until he walked in. She immediately looked at Alexi, "I was trying to tell you that, Evan and Declan's mother transferred them here when Grandfather talked to her about how well I was doing here, she thought it could improve their...something I don't quite remember." Jade hated this factor in coming back to school. Looking a Alexi's face, which seemed to melt into rage as she looked at Evan showing the teacher his schedule. Jade could see her friend was mad, and stepped out of the group. "Hey, Evan, I will take you to your next class in a little, but for now come with me." Jade took at seat next to James. Hopefully Alexiana wasn't mad at her, she tried to warn her, and she was sorry this happened.

    Evan hated switching schools, especially since this one required in school boarding. But the one factor that got under his skin was Alexiana. Seating next to his cousin, the nightmare of summer flashed in his head, and his scar started to burn. He could feel his anger raising up and he knew he had to get out. He leaned of to Jade to tell her what was going on, but he was met with "Go, I can feel the heat coming off of you, and I don't think I am the only one." Jade pointed to Lucifer and War who was staring at the him. Evan stood, walked to the teacher told her he wasn't feeling quite well and wanted to go to the nurse. Being excused Evan fast paced walked out of the room. Walking down the hall way, his scar began to glow. He had to get somewhere, and fast. Spotting a bath room, he ran to it. As he entered it he checked to see if anyone was in there, nope. And what seemed to be on cue, he was engulfed in flames. What lead next was a shift and him crashing through the window into the sky.
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  14. Ivy saw Evan leave the orientation room and she called after him. He seemed angry. She approached the boys bathroom and she cocked her head to the side, confused when she heard a crash. She threw open the door and saw the shattered window and no sign of Evan. She went to pick up a piece of glass but cut her finger. "Ow!" It was sharp. The blood dripped down her finger rather quickly. She sucked on her finger before leaving the bathroom. She walked into 106C and said "I don't know if you guys should be worried but I just saw... I think his name is Evan. He seemed angry." She looked down, feeling suddenly embarrassed. "I tried to stop him but when I got to the boys bathroom, it was too late. He was gone. I'm sorry." She pulled some hair behind her ear. She had a deep cut on her finger from the glass but it was quickly healing.
  15. Avalia looked up upon hearing a girl talk about someone being 'Gone'. With that in mind she shook her head and walked back the other girl. She walked straight passed her without making a noise and without even considering that it was a 'Boys' bathroom she walked up to the door and tapped it with her finger causing it to swing open like someone shoulder checked it. Without caring if anyone was inside nor caring if anyone was watching she simply walked right on in and looked at the scene. Without anything around her but the smell of Sulfur and fire she immediately knew it had to come form a fire of sorts. She just looked up through the window of the bathroom and tried to figure out what had happened. She didn't know what anyone was or who they were but if someone spontanerously combusted she wanted to know about it.
  16. Sydney's mind snapped into place as she heard that Evan had gotten angry. Evan and her were basically best friends, and they knew each other better than others did so she figured that it was because of his ex girlfriend, Alexiana. Sydney had never really had a problem with Alexiana, and even after she ripped her best friends throat out she didn't dislike her, but she didn't know her either. They just never really talked.

    Sydney turned to look at Ivy, another familiar face, and she furrowed her eyebrows. She knew what happened when Evan got angry and she knew better than anyone that he had a short temper. She figured if she just left him alone and gave him some much needed space he would be okay.... or for now anyway. She promised herself to talk to him later and make sure he was okay after he calmed down and was back in his normal form. Still though, she made sure to keep an eye out the window to see if she saw him.

    Sydney talked with her friends while she say someone she didn't recognize walk out of the room and down the hall. "How was your guys summer? Anything exciting happen?"she asks as she looked around. Although Sydney was happy she got to see her best friends and even her cousin, the one person she wanted to see wasn't quite at orientation yet. She had figured since he was Evans brother he would come when he did. Sydney had always had a small crush on Declan but she just kept it to herself, especially since he figured he wouldn't like her back.

    James looked besides him and saw Jade and smiled a little but it quickly turned into a small smirk."Hey Jade. How was your summer?"he asks with a sweet tone. He looked her over and blushed slightly as he realized that he was actually checking her out. He hadn't done that in a looong time. He turned his eye back up to meet her gaze slightly and was thankful that his tan skin covered up the light pink.
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  17. Jade looked over to James and smiled. She giggled a little "Um, my summer was interesting, I guess." James was always great to see, he always made her happy, though that could be because she had a crush on him. "I mean I have been looking forward to school for a few weeks cause I get to see you...and everyone else." She hurried to mention the last part, when she realized she almost didn't add it completely. Though what she really wanted to say was -My summer could have been better with you there, but I guess I will have to settle for you here school,- but she thought that would never in a million years come out her mouth. Refocusing she just smiled at James, hoping he didn't catch her mistake.
  18. "Yeah me too... It's great seeing you,"James says with a small wink."You look just as great as I remember. So what's up with Evan anyway? Are him and Alexiana still hating each others guts?"he asks raising an eyebrow. He had heard about what had happened, mainly because he was there. He tried to stay out of the drama as much as she could though. The brunette reach his hand up and ran a hand through his thick hair before sighing."So where's Declan? I haven't saw him yet. Did he transfer here too?"
  19. ~:~Roselynn~:~
    Rose's eyes went to the door when she heard Evan storm out of the room her look was one of understanding, she knew what had happened between him and Alexi she heard both sides of the story and felt bad for both of them. There was however still a faint pinkness on her cheeks from her encounter with Lucifer. She pulled her hair over her right shoulder revealing some of her pale skin. She could feel the ripple of emotions in the air just like her friend Jade could. They shared many similarities and knew from experience that they were always more powerful together and that was a scary thought. She walked towards the door and poked her head out and then looked to Ivy and smiled, "Evan will be ok, he is blowing off some steam." She noticed the cut healing on her hand rather quickly and smiled. "I seen the dorm assignments and you are with me and Gio. My name is Roselynn but you can call me Rose."
  20. Avalia took it upon herself to figure out what was wrong with the boy and felt the heat still from the distance. She closed her eyes as two ethereal blue wings formed on her back. She rose off the floor quietly and began to slowly climb in altitude before going out the same way the boy went. She then turned her focus in on trying to find him and help if he needed it. Of course... this meant going against her parental stipulations of not letting anyone know of her heritage and true form. Never the less she had a need to help others and even if he didn't want it she still needed to know he was fine. With that she continued to sense the heat and began to follow the trail