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    Inspiration sentence that popped into my head: a maid cleaning service that use their equipment as weapons because they actually fight and exorcise ghosts.


    They are the only people who know ghosts exists. They've each had their turn with trying to convince others of the existence of the paranormal but they all received the same result. Laughter. Cruel, unrelenting laughter.

    They were shunned and ridiculed, but even during all that abuse they could not turn their backs on the ignorant people. They cared too much.

    And so they formed a task force that masqueraded as a Housekeeping service and began taking jobs in households that attracted ghosts. They eliminated numerous ghosts in that fashion, and in the end it all paid off. Their consciences were clear and their worries greatly decreased.

    Even if they still had to clean someone else's toilet.

    They call themselves S.O.A.P.S an acronym that goes by two definitions. To their clients it stands for; Super Organized Aesthetic Placement Service.

    But to them it stands for; Specter Obliterating Assembly Protecting Society.

    Their headquarters is located in a damp, decrepit basement under a dry cleaning store owned by the co-founder's mother, but the members all have their own homes.

    In order to fight ghosts/specters the team utilizes their cleaning equipment as weapons because they don't have enough money to buy actual guns/swords/knives etc.

    - - -

    • Okay so, I only need about hm...maybe five to seven people. It could be less depending on who joins. I definitely don't want like ten people because that is way too much.
    • I need long term dedicated people who are in for the long run.
    • The post requirements are; Third person, past tense, at least one paragraph (min. ten sentences). Medium level grammar and spelling is required. You don't have to be perfect but your posts can't be riddled with mistakes.
    • The appearances will be anime based, but with realistic hair colors. No crayola nation please.
    • Western names.
    • What else...Um...No superpowers save for being able to see ghosts.
    • Also no abused background characters. This rp is supposed to be a comedy like my School Council RP (if any of you are from there)
    • Oh and I don't know what this is really called but absolutely no "parroting". AKA when someone responds to somebody by copying and pasting what they said into their own post. That is not allowed. At all. Ever.
    • The rules are subject to change.
    Please post questions/comments/character sheets in the Sign Up thread linked above.
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  2. Interestingly odd and oddly interesting. I'd like an in.
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  3. Cool, hopefully other's find it interesting as well. :D
  4. Wow, this looks incredible. Who would have ever thought of ghost busting maids? I'm tempted to join.
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  5. Creating a banner right now so I can hopefully get some more people. :D I'm planning to make a really spiffy sign up page too :D Ehehehe
  6. Sounds like fun. I certainly hope it takes off.
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  7. Can I join?
  8. Sure! :D I'll be posting the sign up thread soon.
  9. Loving this idea!
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  10. Awesome. ^^ Sign Up link is in the first post.
  11. Ohhhh I wish I didn't have so many Rps Right now T^T I hate seeing a great rp and no be able to join NO FAIR LIFE NO FAIR!
  12. YOu Know What I think I can do It!
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  13. Can I join this? O.o
  14. @Aka~Kitsune

    Sure, the Sign up link is in the first post.
  15. Hmm... Interested, but I want to come up with a good character before committing.
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