Ghost Hunters

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  1. Joshua hummed at he tapped on the steering wheel to no particular tune. The radio had long been busted but due to lack of funds it wouldn't be seen fixed any the soon. Fortunately the traffic was light and the drive fron Delaware to Maryland was smooth. "So I guess I should tell you why I'm dragging you all out here," he mused. Through the rearview mirror he saw Kaice toss him an unimpressed look. Then again, the stoic always looked unimpressed.

    "It better be for a damn good reason," she replied dryly, careful not to jab her eye out with the eyeliner. While it wasn't unusual for them to go from one case to the next, they weren't allowed much rest from their last Investigation before being whisked away again. The leader of the Faraday Cage Investigations grinned.

    "You offend me! Of course it's for a good reason. A friend of mine is staying with another friend and heard of an old mansion that's due to be torn down within two weeks time. He thought it'd worth a look over before they do and it was only a two hours drive away! Lucky huh?" He earned a disinterested grunt from the nineteen-year-old. She knew how much Joshua loved old houses, but did they really need to leave so soon after investigating a ranch house? She shook her head and moved to applying dark blue eye-shadow.

    Joshua returned to his humming and tapping, keeping an eye put for their exit.
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  2. Name: Hannah Adams
    Age: 18
    Role: Tech specialist

    Hannah tried to drown Kaice's griping, an all-too-common occurrence, by raising the volume of her headphones. She'd only been on Faraday Cage for a week and a half, and the first thing she took note of was not to upset that girl.

    Hannah sat soundlessly in the back seat, huddled up against the door of the rickety van. She wasn't very good with people, but the opportunity to pursue her only interest couldn't be passed up. Besides, Joshua said she could be helpful, and she trusts his judgement. Her bag, resting on the seat next to her, was stuffed with various contraptions and devices along with her trusty red laptop.

    She heard Joshua's explanation, lifted a headphone from her ear, and made her reply, "Are you sure the information is trustworthy?". Her voice was low and unobtrusive, it could almost get lost in the sound of the road beneath them...
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  3. Name Roland star
    Age 20
    Role investigator/researcher.

    Roland sat in the back of the van on his phone. "How about an address Josh so I can see if I can find any history." He looked kaice who was griping like usual and then to Hannah who was trying to drown it out with music.
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  4. Name: Kira Lockwood
    Age: 19
    Role: Investigator

    Kira nodded in agreement with Roland, whom she sat next to. "I agree. Knowing the history before we go in is greatly helpful." She said. "If we know what we're dealing with we can ask the right questions and maybe get EVP or an apparition."
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  5. Roland looked up from his phone at kira and then to Joshua. "I would also like to know when we're going to stop and stretch our legs." They had spent a few hours in the van and needed to stop at a gas station soon.
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    Name: Fiona Harrison
    Age: 16
    Role: Researcher/Historian

    Fiona sat in the back, reading one of her books. She was the runt of the litter, being only 16, but she enjoyed it. She was recently recruited as the team's researcher and historian due to her grades in history class. Fiona was naturally smart, even landing a spot in the National Honor Society. She took out the laptop from her bag and googled the history of the location. A page popped up from the local Historical Society explaining that the house was used as a makeshift field hospital in the Civil War. "The mansion we're snooping around in, it used to be a field hospital in the Civil War." Fiona finally stated to Roland.
  7. Kira rose her eyebrows to the information Fiona had just given the team. "Civil war? Does it say any names of soldiers who may have died there?" Shr asked. Kira was always personal with the spirits. She believed that using names drew that spirit forward and allowed the team to get better results.
  8. Fiona kept browsing around the webpage looking for possible names. She wasn't the "Ghost Hunter" type, but she thought that her knowledge would help the team. "Doesn't say very much except for a certain Walter Sampson."
  9. Kira kept the name Walter Sampson in mind. "Does it say his rank?" She asked. Even the tiniest detailes seemed to help out alot when she made her attempts at questioning spirits.
  10. Trying to avoid conversation, Hannah sighed, adjusted her headphones, and pushed her bangs out of her eyes. Looking through the window, the weary light of passing street lamps was all that could pierce through the slick layer of rain, which persisted to form on the outside. With their voices blotted out, her creepy new-age music seemed to fit the whole scene, and could be heard vaguely by the others in the van.

    She felt comfortable in the confines of the van, with the tyrannous rain mere inches away. Tyrannous because it threatened to destroy most of her makeshift equipment, and when they eventually reach their destination, she would be ready to wrap her sweater around her knapsack.

    With Fiona on the team, Hannah was no longer the youngest. This made her feel slightly more confident.
  11. "I'll get right on that." Fiona replied. She typed "Walter Sampson Civil War" in a search engine. Once she stumbled on a historical document website, Fiona started browsing official Civil War Rosters to find Walter Sampson. "Says here that Walter was a private." Fiona said.