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    Faraday Cage Investigations dedicate themselves to proving the existence of ghosts and going to places no sane, living soul should ever wander. Experienced in paranormal communications, exorcisms, tech operations, sarcasm, and watching screens for hours on end hoping to catch a hint of the unexplained, they travel the country looking for their next conquest.

    -No one liners.
    -Practice common Roleplay curtesy (no power play, god modding, keeping the attention on yourself, etc.).
    -Everyone will have a chance at a little character arc.
    -No Mary Sues/Gary Stus.
    -You are all human. Psychic abilities are allowed but some normies are too.
    -All ghost-y lore applies including Supernatural, Ghost Hunt, and whatever else you can find.
    -16+ Please

    The Team:
    Lead Investigator - Joshua Evens

    Cameraman #1 - Kaice Timmer - Latent ESP, which means she is able to sense when people and things are dangerous, and has extremely good intuition. When sleeping, she demonstrates an ability to receive visions and have out-of-body experiences.

    Tech Specialist - Hannah Adams

    Investigator/Researcher - Roland Star

    Investigator - Kira Lockwood
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  2. I'll get a reply up sometime this weekend.
  3. Sounds good! How many more people do you plan on accepting? just curious...
  4. I usually don't put a cap on my RPs mainly because a) people come and go, and b) I don't generate enough interest to have to close them.